15 Hottest Pics Of Sitcom Actresses When They Were Young

Sitcom actresses have to be our favorite actresses. They’re not just a one night stand like those movie actresses. Sitcom characters come into our homes on a regular basis. Whether we are watching them religiously once a week, or we binge them on Netflix for hours on end, we go on a long journey with these women and really feel like we know them by the end of the run.

Actresses may disagree though. Most of them want to be in films. They don’t want to go to work everyday and grind out a series year after year. Many of these actresses tried to be film actresses at first and then they failed, so they had to take a job on TV. I guess they can’t be too upset. TV work is better than zero work, and a successful TV show can transition back into film, or at least a shampoo commercial or two.

In this list we have a nice variety of actresses. Some are legends and favorites who have remained relevant throughout a long career, and some are relatively young actresses who still have decades in Hollywood to go. What they all have in common, is extreme beauty, especially when they were younger. Just about every actress in Hollywood is pretty, but we’ve chosen the ones with a huge following, or those that were too wonderful to ignore.

15 Kat Dennings

This first actress is still pretty young, but she’s already been in Hollywood for a long time. Many fans have fallen in love with Kat Dennings due to the 2 Broke Girls sitcom. This has got to be one of the raunchiest shows on TV right now. The show was created by Whitney Cummings, who had a show of her own called Whitney, which was cancelled after two seasons. Here, you can see Kat on the left, with a very sexy cast beside her. There’s Anna Faris, Katharine McPhee, Emma Stone and Rumer Willis. The movie was called The House Bunny and came out nearly ten years ago. It was a comedy about Playboy Playmates and even had a cameo of Hugh Hefner himself. This entry is kind of a two-for-one, since Faris also stars in a sitcom called Mom. Mom was created by Chuck Lorre, another pro of raunch, from Two and a Half Men fame.

14 Drew Barrymore

We all know Drew has been in Hollywood for years. And she’s starred in enough movies that we have had plenty of time to fall in love with her already. What is interesting though, is that she has come to the TV sitcom family for the first time in her career. She stars in Santa Clarita Diet, a zombie horror/comedy on Netflix. The show just came out and has ten episodes so far, but after its initial success, largely thanks to Barrymore, the show will hopefully get renewed soon. Here is a picture of Drew that was taken years ago, and leaves little to the imagination. This was probably taken during her rebellious stage in between ET and The Wedding Singer. Drew got so rebellious in fact, that she flashed her boobs at David Letterman during his late night talk show. Drew stood up on his desk and lifted her shirt. Dave seemed pretty impressed. It was during this stage when Drew posed nude for Playboy as well. Those days are long gone, and Drew is a responsible mom now, but those scandalous pics will live on the internet forever.

13 Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs is pretty new to the Hollywood game, but just like her co-star on 2 Broke Girls, Kat Dennings, the sitcom isn’t her first taste of the camera. Back when she was a nobody, Beth starred in American Pie: Book of Love (2009). We all know this notoriously raunchy film series for having the hottest girls who are always so extremely eager to hop into the sack. Behrs was no exception and after boasting her breasts in this attractive push-up bra, she took her shirt off in a later scene. Back to her part on 2 Broke Girls... Isn’t she the perfect complement to Kat Dennings? Kat is short and busty while Behrs is long and leggy. Kat is crass while Behrs is a sweetheart. A brunette and a blonde. The comparisons could go on, but you get the idea. The secret to the show’s success is that the actresses talents are opposites. It’s like the odd couple for women and it works even better.

12 Kris Jenner

Whoa! Throwback time. Okay, we know that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is not technically a sitcom, it’s a reality show. On the other hand, the reason the show has worked for so long is because we subconsciously recognize it as a sitcom. It has all of the same elements: the comedy, the drama and the conflict. It’s structured that way on purpose so the format is familiar and appealing. Look at The Bachelor or any other successful reality TV series and you will notice common themes. The Bachelor is just like a soap opera, a tried and true formula that graced TV sets for years. Here’s a picture of Kris Jenner when she was young. You can see the features of her daughters in her face, but I’d say she looks the most like Kourtney. Kourtney is the hottest, right? I mean Kim is definitely the most popular, but that’s because of the "tape", and the huge backside.

11 Julia Louis Dreyfus

What the?! Holy crap! Elaine Benes used to be hot! And I shouldn’t say "used to be". Julia Louis Dreyfus is holding it together still, to be honest. She just recently rocked the cover of Rolling Stone to promote her current HBO sitcom, VEEP. Has anybody ever seen VEEP? I’m not sure what demographic that show is geared towards, but I sure as hell haven’t watched it. I did watch a ton of Seinfeld, however, and still watch the reruns now and then. Some of the shows are timeless, but it is beginning to look more and more dated, especially when Jerry talks on his old school wall phone. And so many of the conflicts could have been resolved with a quick text. This photo of Julia was taken way back in the day, probably close to the time that she starred in the cast of SNL from 1982-85. Yes, she’s way older than you thought. This pretty brunette is 56 and looks more like a hot 32.

10 Kaley Cuoco

What sitcom based list would be complete without a nod to hot blonde of the moment, Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco. What is amazing to me is that this girl went under the radar for a LONG time, and she is just now getting the hotness recognition she deserves. This picture is from 8 Simple Rules, which went off the air 12 years ago. Even back then Kaley was smoking, and not too many people noticed. Another unsung hottie from Big Bang is Melissa Rauch. This blonde is also getting some attention lately, even though she too has looked gorgeous for years. Kaley plays a cool person on Big Bang, whereas, Melissa is a total nerd. But as the show has gone on, the scripts have allowed Melissa to reveal a sexier side, which has boosted her popularity.

9 Sofia Vergara

Again, if you are building a list about hotties on TV, Sofia Vergara must be mentioned. And when you’re talking about hotties when they were younger, there's even more reason to google Sofia. She was a model for years before finding acting fame on Modern Family, so there are tons of images of her online. What I was looking for was something that we hadn’t already seen like a bajillion times, and I personally don’t recall ever seeing this image before. In this pic Sofia looks very young, maybe early 20s. She still has a little bit of that baby fat on her cheeks, but her body is properly matured. Sofia had already had a son by this age, she was 18 when he was born. She married her son’s father and was divorced in 1993. Another little known fact about Sofia is that she has a 28 year old sister. Well, actually Sandra Vergara is a cousin, but she was raised in the same home, and is considered much closer than a cousin. And guess what else? Sandra is smoking hot, Just like Sofia. That’s worth a google.

8 Courteney Cox

Ha, love the old phone in this pic! Courteney may not currently be acting on a TV sitcom, but Friends is still getting huge ratings in reruns, so this entry totally works. Besides that, Cox is a TV legend, as are the rest of the cast members of that famous show. We all have heard the trivia about Cox, right? Like she was cast as Rachel, but wanted to be Monica. Or that she was the one who “unionized” the Friends cast so that they all were paid an unprecedented $1M per episode. Did you also know that Cox starred in a Tampax commercial when she was young, and was the first person to say “period” on TV? Or that she starred in a Bruce Springsteen video because the boss himself had picked her out of the crowd? How about that she starred on Seinfeld, Ace Ventura, or the Masters of the Universe movie? Or that she was Michael J Fox’s girlfriend on Family Ties? Yeah, you probably knew all that stuff. She’s a legend, so it happens.

7 Tracee Ellis Ross

If you watch the hilarious sitcom Blackish, then you know exactly who Tracee Ellis Ross is, the funny mom, aka Dr Rainbow Johnson, who steals every scene that she’s in. The show is both topical and clever and if you haven’t seen it, check it out. Ross just won her first Golden Globe for the role, and the series was also nominated. Maybe this win will finally bring the actress out of the shadow of her mother, the legendary Motown singer, Diana Ross. Growing up with a famous mom, it was easy for Tracee to get a gig as a model and this is where the photo above was found. It wasn’t always glamorous modelling for Tracee however, and you can find many pics of her online, modelling outfits that could fit into a Sears catalog. After modelling Ross starred in a few films, including Diane Keaton’s Hanging Up, and Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls.

6 Winona Ryder

We’re not Sure if Stranger Things can be classified as a sitcom, but for Winona Ryder’s sake, we’re going to say yes. The show runs a little long to be a sitcom, but there are funny parts. The whole streaming thing has really changed what show genres really mean anyway, right? Anyway, here is a beautiful picture of Winona looking hotter than ever. This shot was taken somewhere between Edward Scissorhands, and Mr. Deeds. It’s not the Johnny Depp dating Winona, but it’s not the shoplifting Winona either. Maybe it’s the dating Matt Damon Winona. Many people don’t realize that the starlet dated Matty before his star came to full height. After All The Pretty Horses, though, Damon’s ego inflated and he dumped Winona for Penelope Cruz. Winona remained relatively social in Hollywood though. For a while she was besties with Gwyneth Paltrow. She also had a party where Brendan Frasier was introduced to his future wife. Then his wife had his three sons, divorced him and ruined his life. Thanks, Winona.

5 Jennifer Aniston

Here we have Jen Aniston, another TV legend alongside the aforementioned Courteney Cox, who also, with all the Friends reruns out there, deserved a spot on the list. Jen Aniston has arguably had the most successful career post-Friends. She has made a lot of movies, and most of them kind of suck, but she’s hot enough that everybody still likes her anyway. She is also rumored to be one of the nicest celebs in the game. Recently during an interview for Entertainment Weekly, which regarded the flop, Office Christmas Party, Jen Aniston brought a veggie platter with vegetables from her own garden. Aw, how sweet! She was also, at one point, considered to be one of the biggest stoners in Hollywood. When she was married to Brad Pitt, all they would do was sit around the house and get high. Then they’d try to cook recipes from the Food Network. Not sure how they both managed to stay so thin during those munchy days.

4 Julie Bowen

We are getting towards the end of the list and things are getting a little crazy. Here we have Julie Bowen, the mom, Claire Dunphy from the popular sitcom Modern Family. But this is NOT a still shot from Modern Family. Phil Dunphy would be pissed. This is actually a still from the Showtime series Weeds, in which Bowen starred in briefly about ten years ago, her last major acting gig before landing the part of Claire. And let me tell you, she was in some pretty hot scenes in Weeds. In this one her boyfriend (below) services her in the kitchen, something he does multiple times. But who doesn’t like getting busy in the kitchen, right? Always a nice escape from the bedroom routine. Bowen looks like she’s getting into character in this shot, and she does, because she truly is a great actress. Bowen studied at the Actor’s Institute, after studying Italian Renaissance at Brown.

3 Kristen Bell

Thank goodness Kristen Bell started that new sitcom, The Good Place, so that we could include her on our list. Now this shot seems to have been taken during her early days of Veronica Mars, and those days were long ago, since the show was cancelled ten years ago. And already, Kristen looks a lot different. She may even look hotter now, than then. Of course she has been showing off more of her body lately, much more than she did when she was young. There is a spread that she did for Allure magazine, where she is completely naked, sitting on the sand, shot in black and white. The photo is like an amazing and gorgeous work of art. Allure seems to convince many actresses, who wouldn't normally go bare, that do it for Allure. Again, worth a google. And while you're there go ahead and check out her Forgetting Sarah Marshall bikini one more time.

2 Markie Post

Oh boy! Here’s a hottie throwback that made it to the top of the list for the sake of surprise. That is Markie Post, and you have definitely seen her work before. Whether it’s during a rain delay of your favorite baseball team, or if you watched reruns of the show growing up, everybody has watched Night Court. Can’t you just hear the intro music? What was that a clarinet? Anyway, Markie Post plays the hot attorney that came into the mix during the second season, in 1985, and appeared on the show till it was cancelled in 92. She used to have some hilarious battles with that slick, slime ball lawyer played by John Larroquette. And then there was Harry the goofball judge who occasionally did magic tricks, and Bull, the big dumb bailiff. I do remember Markie being hot. I also remember my parents cracking up watching this show back in the day, so there must have been some sexual jokes that went way over my head.

1 Jane Krakowski

What?! Here is another sitcom actress shocker. Jane Krakowski, that hilarious blonde from the orange juice commercials, as well as 30 Rock and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, was actually in a lesbian love scene. Say what? Yes. She gets down with Evan Rachel Wood, another beautiful actress who currently stars in the steamy HBO sci-fi series Westworld. The two actresses starred together in a film called Pretty Persuasion in 2005. The film centers around a high school girl who falsely accuses her drama teacher, played by Office Space’s Ron Livingston, of sexual harassment. The scene above is of Jane, who plays a reporter that Wood seduces. Where is Evan Rachel Wood, you might ask? Well, if you squint you can see her fingers at the bottom of the screen, where she is giving Jane something to remember. The film is considered a dark comedy, so it’s not too steamy, but this picture is interesting to say the least.

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