15 Hottest Pics Of Ruby Rose Everyone NEEDS To See

Ruby Rose is on top of the world right now. So far this year she starred in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, John Wick: Chapter 2 and has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Upcoming projects include a role in Pitch Perfect 3 and the action horror film Meg. People just can’t get enough of this girl who is breaking boundaries in front of the camera – and behind. Part of the reason is definitely her talent, and part of it certainly has to do with her sexual orientation. But the majority of her appeal is that she is one gorgeous girl – lesbian or not.

Ruby’s career has exploded, and people have an insatiable appetite for more-more-more. So we’re going to give you just that. We have included 15 of her hottest pics yet. And if you think this collection is just for the men out there – think again. Many women have openly admitted that they’d “go gay” for her. Be prepared to see a lot of different sides to Ruby. We have pics that are sexy, and pics that are playful. There are pics of her with clothes, and pics without. There are pics of her all by her lonesome, and pics of her with some equally lovely ladies. If you weren’t a fan of hers before, you will be by the time you click on number one.


15 Leather, No Lace

Ruby is the ultimate seductress in this pic. With her leather jacket and bedroom eyes, she’s James Dean and Natalie Wood rolled into one. And that’s her appeal. She is androgyny at its best. Men and woman are drawn to her because she has something for everyone. Her hard body has softness. Her dark hair is set off by her light eyes. Her clean white tee is a contrast to her dirty ink. Ruby is hot and cold, up and down, smooth and rough. Loving her is right and wrong, safe and dangerous, good and bad. She gives us highs and lows until we don’t know if we want her near or far, fast or slow, hard or easy. Now when was the last time you saw a girl that made you feel that way?

14 A Little Clean, A Little Dirty


This pic was taken of Ruby Rose from a movie she made called Break Free. It was a five minute short film that focused on gender roles. It tackled the issue of what it is like for a person to have an identity that is at odds with the status quo. Ruby was the perfect person to star in it, because it speaks to the life she leads in reality. In fact, she wrote the film as well. From all that, we know she’s intelligent. But all we can focus on is how hot she looks in this pic. Her body is toned, her tattoos gleam, and her facial expression is one of pure ecstasy. We can’t stop looking at her parted lips, which are definitely ruby rose. She adds extra sex appeal with her short hair and her edgy earrings. As for the water, we’re not quite sure if it’s supposed to symbolize transformation or what – but either way it is hot.

13 Cover Girl

Ruby Rose is a total cover girl in this shot. It was taken when she made the cover of the Australian version of Maxim magazine, which was around the time she was an Aussie MTV VJ. According to interviews, this was her first-ever "bare" photoshoot. We know she likes to push the limits, but this pictorial was special for her because it was in conjunction with an anti-fur campaign. When asked in an interview if she’d prefer to go "bare" over wearing fur, she said, “If you gave me the option of spending a week living my normal life, except I had to be naked and vulnerable in public, or I had to wear fur, I’d much prefer going nude. I don’t feel uncomfortable without clothes on. If you can stand there and handle seeing your own body then you’re doing alright.”

12 Bathing Beauty


No collection of Ruby Rose photos would be complete of her unless we included one of her in a bathing suit – so here it is! There are lots of shots of her in her personal life in bikinis, but they’re taken at odd angles or are blurry, so we found you the perfect one. Ruby is outrageous lounging in a sauna in this pic. Her skin is sweaty, her makeup is runny, and her hair is greasy. It makes us wonder what she’s been up to, and what she’s going to do next. Will she hop into the shower? Will she cool off in the pool? Will she strip off her bathing suit and let it all hang out? It takes one strong woman to evoke so many feelings from a single shot.

11 Love Seat

Ruby Rose is lounging provocatively on a velvet love seat in this pictorial for FHM magazine. It’s hard to know where to look, since all of her is just so delicious. Her smoky eyes beckon us, her chiseled cheeks challenge us, and her tilted head comforts us. When we look at her body, we are in awe of the juxtaposition between a heavy sleeve of killer tats on her arm, and the glow of her otherwise untouched skin. Looking further, we see her pert bottom peeking out of cut-off jean shorts and we suddenly can’t take anymore. We just want her to leap out of the pic and show us what she is made of. Surely, this girl is made of more than just sugar, spice, and everything nice.

10 Life In The Big House


Ruby Rose became a household name in America when she appeared in several episodes of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. She played Stella, an Aussie inmate who made Piper’s loins burn with desire. Their on-screen hook-ups are the very reason people fantasize about lesbian love behind bars. We’re sure that it’s not so glamorous in real life, but they made it fun to be a voyeur. Ruby wasn’t shy about the girl-on-girl scenes, and she certainly didn’t mind baring it all. This pic shows her glamming it up in front of the mirror – she’s a hot commodity and she knows it. Her hair is wet, her skin is moist, and we can almost smell her raw sensuality. It’s enough to make men go mad that she prefers women, and to make straight women a little more than just curious.

9 No Pain, No Gain

This mash-up of Ruby Rose is spectacular. Most A-listers pose in sultry shots in bikinis, mini-dresses or lingerie. But Ruby turns everyone on by showing her masculine side – and in this case it’s her lifting weights at the gym. No one ever made dumbbells this sexy. And it’s not just for show. She has the biceps, triceps and abs to prove it.

Even Ruby’s workout gear has fans panting. No pink jumpsuits for her. She’s in a hot bra top and joggers that show off her feminine curves, but they are in a black camo print that lets us know she’s in touch with her masculine side. Watching her do curls is enough to turn anyone on. Now if only we had a shot of her hitting the showers afterwards… We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we wonder what a night spent with her would be like. She’s so toned it’s likely that she’d take a dominant role, but she’s also so lithe that we wonder if she desires to be romanced. Ruby is such a dichotomy that she probably enjoys both. And who wouldn’t want to be with someone that likes mixing it up?


8 Gender Bender


Ruby Rose is often referred to in the press as a figurative gender bender. In this picture, she’s a literal one. Ruby loves pushing boundaries, and this is especially evident when she poses in a pair of male boxer shorts with a bulge in the front. That is in contrast to being in the buff on top, with her breasts bulging over her strategically placed hands. Ruby is daring us to make sense of her, to make sense of gender roles, and to make sense of sexuality. It’s a difficult stance to take, but she’s brave enough to do it. Ruby has made a career out of challenging the norm, and she’s not about to stop anytime soon. And society is willing to let her. She’s been cast in numerous movies in a short period of time, she has millions of followers on social media, and she’s modeled for some of the biggest names in the ‘biz like Armani and Prada. This is definitely the start something special. If she plays her cards right, she can have a lasting, fulfilling career. Ruby is already talking about her desire to take on more dramatic roles.

7 G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

Ruby Rose is looking glamorous while walking the red carpet for the premiere of her movie xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. She played a sniper with great aim, who also happened to be a lesbian. Those in the LGBTQ community are calling this a major victory, because they are fed up with lesbians having to play it straight on film. They are even more dissatisfied with lesbians being relegated to sex objects on camera, and think it’s great that Ruby’s character was able to be out and proud in an action movie. Ruby was the epitome of a strong, empowered woman.

While we’re cheering on the cause, we can’t help but be superficial and focus on how gorgeous Ruby in this gown. The dress is very feminine with its draping and ivory color. She fills it out well with her swelling chest and shapely legs. However, Ruby adds some edge to it by showing off her tattoos and sporting silver lipstick. And her choice of a necklace is perfect – it’s a modified Y necklace, which we’re reading way too much into! She really knows how to play us!

6 Sitting Pretty


Ruby Rose is sitting in a most unladylike position, and we are loving it. She’s showing off a certain part of her body that is only meant for the most intimate of settings. Ruby is covered up, but she looks like she’s ready to get down and dirty. Leave it to Ruby to be able to arouse people in a tracksuit and high-tops. This look definitely shows versatility. Rose can rock a designer gown, bathing suits and workout gear equally well. That’s probably why so many people are charmed by her – because her look is always evolving. Even her hair is different in this shot. It’s blonde and slicked back in a way that Miley Cyrus and Paris Jackson could never pull off. She’s setting the bar high for her competitors.

5 You Naughty Kitten

This photo is old school Ruby Rose. It’s back when she was a blonde bombshell, and fit into the cookie cutter mold of models and actresses. Still, she manages to catch our attention with that curvaceous body of hers. The kitten she’s holding is strategically placed to cover up her unmentionables. We want to pet the cat – and her!

Ruby is conventionally beautiful in this pic, so it’s easy to understand how she first got into the ‘biz in Australia. Her facial features are sculptural, her eyes are piercing, and her blunt cut hair frames her face perfectly. Even though she has tats from head to toe, they make her look mysterious and ethereal rather than rough.

4 Friends With Benefits?


This pic is priceless because it portrays two of the most influential women of our time right now: Ruby Rose and Cara Delevingne. They are both known for their androgyny, gender fluidity, or whatever you would like to call it – they’re not that into labels. They are, however, both into women. And this begs the question: are they friends, or friends with benefits? The two women complement each other perfectly. Ruby is a little more masculine, while Delevingne is a little more feminine. Ruby is dark, while Delevingne is light. Ruby looks into the camera while Delevingne looks away. The two of them side by side do a phenomenal job of proving that one size does not fit all when referring to the lifestyle they live.

3 Splish Splash

Ruby Rose is taking a nice long soak in a bubble bath. She looks so relaxed that we’d like to join her. She looks naked in more ways than one. Not only doesn’t she have any clothes on, but she’s also sans makeup so we know she’s serious about baring it all. She has an innocent look in her eyes that lets us know she’s comfortable with herself, and that we should be as well. However, we have to wonder if she has ulterior motives with the hand signal she’s giving. Is it just a peace sign, or is it a naughty reference to her V?

2 Simply Irresistible


Ruby Rose is not your typical star, so she takes atypical photographs. And what that means is that it’s hard to find a good cleavage shot. But we did some digging and now present this one to you – it’s simply irresistible. Ruby is flaunting her most womanly feature in this pic, and we thank her for it. When was the last time you saw a lesbian that looked like this? Ruby really broke the mold. According to her, she isn’t an “angry lesbian” – she says she’s fine with guys. This sort of attitude is what has made the public respond so warmly to her. And if she inspires a few women along the way to explore their more “feminine” side, what’s wrong with that?

1 She Kissed A Girl, And She Liked It

Ruby Rose is giving her one-time girlfriend some serious PDAs in these pics. Her former girlfriend is Phoebe Dahl. Dahl is a fashion designer and philanthropist. Her famous family members include model Sophie Dahl and grandfather Roald Dahl, most famous for writing children’s books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ruby and Phoebe were so enamored with each other that they were even engaged at one point. Ruby initially posted amicable words about the split, but it was later revealed in the tabloids that cheating had occurred.

This wasn’t the first engagement Ruby called off. According to the Daily Mail, Ruby had three other failed engagements. We guess she loves to be in love. Ruby is currently dating Jessica Origliasso, who she calls, “her moral compass.”

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