15 Hottest Pics Of Hollywood Moms In Yoga Pants

For centuries mankind has wondered: what is the meaning of life? And the answer is quite simple: more life. That’s why sexual desires take over young men and women’s brains and bodies. That’s why the grand act itself feels so good. We are supposed to be creating life, for life to carry on. It's biology.

But sometimes you’re just not in the mood, right? That’s where yoga pants come in. Whoever invented these things loved the female body and wanted to show it off publicly. They realized that sometimes a man needs some inspiration, or a physical goal to strive towards.

So, how do those first two topics tie together? Well, what we have here is a combo. We have mothers, the bringers of life, and what they really look good in, yoga pants. Included in this list are the hottest young moms of Hollywood. Some moms aren’t as young as others, but if their kids are young, then they were eligible for this list.

And they deserve this list, because these women are working hard, and/or paying a nanny the big bucks. They’re working out, staying in shape, looking great, and balancing the job and the kid and the hubby. They’re driving kids around to soccer practice, or changing diapers, taking them to the doctor, school or whatever. This routine is not easy. It’s a thankless job.

These women deserve acknowledgement and appreciation. So, thank you. We really do appreciate you for wearing yoga pants and looking spectacular. Even more than that, we appreciate the sacrifices you make everyday for your children. But please, one thing, whatever you do, don’t let your kids grow up in show business. The second generationers are very annoying. Thanks again.

15 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of the booty. That was probably the moniker that Puff Daddy gave her before changing his mind and going with JLO. Lopez has that kind of rear end that should have given up by now, but no. Jenny from the block is still looking fantastic and everyone knows it. Her latest fling was with Drake, but most people are saying it was fake. Many believe that her ex, Marc Anthony, may be her one true love, and someday they’ll get back together. They do have a lot in common, including the fact that they both have clothing lines. Wait, Drake has a clothing line, too. So does Diddy. Does Affleck have clothing too? What’s the deal? Anyway, Jen has two kids with Marc, Emmie and Max, who are twins at age eight. The couple gets along well at least for their kids’ sake, which is very nice to know.

14 Jessica Alba

Here we have Jessica Alba doing a commercial for something, probably one of the hundred-plus products that The Honest Company sells. She should seriously consider not acting anymore since she makes so much money off of hand creams and juice boxes. But we don’t want her to do that because we do like to see her in spots like these. Sorry if the title of this article said yoga pants, and here we have yoga shorts. This was a major error due to the fact that this image could not be ignored. Yoga pants, shorts, what’s the difference? The former is more popular and that’s about it. I’d imagine that the shorts variety would ride up more than the pants version, but I’m not sure since I’ve never tried on either, personally. Alba has two daughters Honor, 8 and Haven, 5.

13 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is a relatively popular actress making her name known mainly via the TV show House. Other than that she hasn’t had too many big hits on the big screen, and I always get her confused with Olivia Munn. Wilde is currently dating popular comic actor Jason Sudeikis, and they have two kids, a boy, Otis, age 2, and baby Daisey, just 3 months. So, what are some Wilde facts about Olivia that will help me remember that she’s not Munn? Well for one, Wilde isn’t her real last name. It’s actually Cockburn. That’s a pretty bad star name that I would probably have changed too. Smart move. Another wild fact is that Olivia married her first husband on a school bus. No, she wasn’t in fourth grade when it happened, she was just a goofy adult. But her marriage failed and that’s probably why she lost faith in the tradition and hasn’t married Sudeikis yet.

12 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of those actresses that everyone is in love with but they actually know very little about. It’s like she is trapped in some time warp, she’ll never leave her twenties, and she’ll never be tied down. She’ll always be that hot girl from Lost in Translation, or the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' from Esquire magazine. However, it is time to face facts. ScarJo is human. She is married, and she has a child. She has a daughter named Rose, who was born three years ago. Again, the reason why we keep Scarjo in a time bubble is because we don’t know much about her. The star is very private and doesn’t even participate in social media. Did she name her daughter after her grandmother, maybe after her favorite flower, or was the moniker a tribute to Kate Winslet’s iconic performance in Titanic? We’ll never know, but I’m guessing the latter.

11 Kristen Bell

Do you want to build a snowman? If I ever ran into Kristen Bell at the grocery store, I would surely charm her with that dazzling movie quote. I bet she’s never heard that one before, right? After the mind-blowing success of Frozen, Bell’s pretty decent career got a nice kick in the uphill direction. She has received rave reviews for her new sitcom The Good Place. I haven’t watched the show but the commercials look pretty funny. Her character is in heaven, by accident, so she can’t cuss, and gets frustrated and says, “What the fork, I can’t say shirt?” I’m sure you’ve seen this commercial like a bajillion times, but have you watched the show? Probably not. Somebody is watching though. Probably Dax Shepard, her actor hubby, who does those annoying Samsung commercials with her. They’re cloying together. The lovely couple has two daughters, Lincoln and Delta, ages 3 and 2 respectively.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow

Okay, so this one isn’t your run of the mill paparazzi shot. It’s been touched up just a little, but Gwyn is looking great, right? And how about her trainer? Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those second generationers like I mentioned in the intro. Many people find her very annoying. Her mom, Blythe Danner ushered her into the business as a child. One of her first on-screen appearances was playing a young Wendy in Hook. It was just a cameo, and she may have had one line, but it was enough to get the ball rolling. Of course the director of that film, Steven Spielberg, is Gwyn’s godfather, so that kind of helped a bit too. But what many people find annoying, is Gwyn’s pompous mommy website called Goop. On this site, Gwyn and her knowledgeable staff make recommendations for everything from skincare to travel destinations to clothing options. The problem is that most of the stuff is outrageously expensive and alienates most of the population. For example, and oversized sun hat that looks cute, and you might wear it once or twice to the beach or a Kentucky Derby party. The problem is it costs $400. Ridiculous.

9 Charlize Theron

Ok, guys whatever you do, if you want to google Charlize Theron and yoga pants, be careful. Of all the actresses and celebs on this list, Charlize pics had the most deceptive website warnings. I’m not sure why, I mean the pic is pretty nice, but nothing too crazy. She must have a large fanbase that is naive enough to enter questionable sites or something. Anyway, this Oscar winner has two kids, Jackson is 5 and his little sister August, is just a toddler. Charlize Theron has been very busy, not only with the kids, but also doing a number of films. She’s filmed 8 in the last year or so, but only made 7 in the six years prior. Among her two biggest hits were The Huntsman and Mad Max, which received some great reviews. As always this blonde beauty prefers to stay out of the paparazzi’s reach, but sometimes she can’t help it. She had a very public break-up with Sean Penn, after the couple dated for three years, and were even engaged.

8 Beyonce

It’s funny how different mothers react to having kids. To each their own. Some moms like the aforementioned Theron, are so private that they don’t even make their kids’ birthdays public. Then you have moms like Beyonce, who don’t even try to fight it, and let everybody know exactly what’s going on-- even to the extent that you use their name on a clothing label. Here we have an ad for Ivy Park, which seems, by the looks of it, to be waterproof exercise clothing, as modeled by the Queen B herself. Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy, was born on January 7, 2012, in New York City. We even know the neighborhood, Lenox Hill, which is about as swanky as it gets, right over there on the Upper East Side by Central Park. This five-year-old even has her own Instagram page already, and it looks like her little siblings will also be thrust into the public eye. Days after announcing Beyonce was pregnant with twins, her naked baby bump photos were posted all over the web.

7 Hayden Panettiere

Now, we have to be careful what we say about this pretty little blonde. You know who she’s married to right? Wladimir Klitschko, the professional heavyweight boxer from Ukraine. Well, they’re not married, they’re actually just partners, but whatever. I would not mess with this dude. I saw him fight once in Vegas and the guy is a beast. He doesn’t throw that many punches but when he does the entire arena can feel the air shake. He’s about 6’6’’ and 250 pounds while she’s 5 even and can’t weigh much more than a buck. She’s just as petite as can be. They’re definitely one of the most size differentiating couples in Hollywood. They have a daughter Kaya, who’s 2 now. Hayden’s country music TV show Nashville was cancelled by ABC and then picked up by CMT. Her character suffered from postpartum depression on the show, something Hayden also admits to feeling in real life. That must have been tough to relive such a personal issue on-screen, but Hayden said there was therapeutic value as well. She said although it was scary, it was an important issue to make public, to open a dialog, and help other women with their own anxiety.

6 Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan Tatum looks gorgeous in this photo. She has one of the most under appreciated and flawless faces in Hollywood. I am having a hard time trying to figure out if this was a photoshoot or if she just looks this damn good walking down the street. I’m leaning toward the latter. She’s certainly coordinated in her workout gear, and it looks like some of the finest such clothes money can buy, but hey, she can afford it. While Jenna’s acting career has lulled a bit, her husband Channing has done quite well lately. After starring in such films as Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street and Foxcatcher, Channing has landed on the A-list. It took a while to get there though. The couple first met on the tween dance movie Step Up. The movie was pretty corny, but it led to a genuine relationship so that’s pretty cool. Their daughter, Everly, is three years old.

5 Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen has those model genes. She’s one of those celebrities that has a smoking hot body like 2 days after giving birth-- it’s amazing. But seeing Chrissy here in her workout clothes, we can see where those pounds went. Good genes, accompanied by hard work. Chrissy is mostly known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos and her ever-present ramblings on social media. What may be her biggest accomplishment however, is being muse to musician, John Legend. Ever since their marriage his career has skyrocketed and he’s brought her with him. “All of Me” is still a hugely popular song, then his song “Glory” won an Oscar in the MLK bio pick, Selma, and then he was cast in La La Land, which is the biggest Hollywood film in years. Above it all they seem like a loving couple who are always spotted at the Super Bowl and other events. Their baby daughter Luna, is 9 months old.

4 Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is without a doubt one of the prettiest and talented actresses in Hollywood, but for some reason many people are annoyed by her. I don’t see what the problem is here. Have you ever watched her movies? She gets naked in about every other flick she does for one thing, and overall she comes off as charming and down to earth. She’s even won an Oscar. If you’re still on the fence, try watching Havoc. In this film she plays a promiscuous teenager who experiments with drugs and sex. It’s a largely unknown film, but it has some very entertaining scenes, like when she seduces a young, shy filmmaker with a strip tease. One of her most famous films, on the other hand, was probably Batman. She looked awesome in a catsuit and did pretty good battling too, right? Again, people, what’s the problem here? Her son Jonathan is 10 months old.

3 Mila Kunis

While doing research for this article, there were some very unflattering photos of this actress, but thankfully there were good ones too. Sometimes the paparazzi needs to lay off these new moms. They can’t all be spotless like Chrissy Teigen after birth. Most women look like crap and rightfully so. Giving birth is the most impossible thing a person can do. Anyway, Mila has since recovered nicely, as we all knew she would, but she still doesn’t like getting her picture taken. She has however embraced the mommy persona fully and her latest film Bad Moms was hilarious. Well, I didn’t actually see it, but it looked pretty good, right? With an R rating, and co-starring Kristen Bell, another star on this hot mom list, how could they go wrong? Or, it could have been awful. If Ashton Kutcher has rubbed off on Mila, it may have been very bad. That dude is never in good movies. But he draws a huge box office either way, and so does Mila. Bad Moms grossed over $100M, which means a sequel may be coming soon. Mila’s daughter Wyatt is 2, and her son Dimitri is just 2 months old.

2 Gisele Bundchen

Let’s Go Pats! Let’s Go Pats! So yeah, the Patriots won yet another title making this smoke show’s husband, Tom Brady, the most decorated football player in the history of the sport. Five Super Bowl titles! It’s an amazing feat, no doubt about it. And according to Brady, Bundchen has had enough, and wants him to retire. But Brady says he’s having too much fun. Meanwhile the rest of the country hates his guts, but you can’t please everybody. Another hated Boston figure is Bill Belichick. Like Brady, Coach Bill has been accused of cheating, but like most athletes say-- if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough. Unlike Brady, Bill has zero charisma. Even at his own championship rally the other day, Bill mistakenly alienated millions of fans by starting the chant, “No Days Off! No Days Off!” Sure that’s a nice motto for a pro football team, but not something you want to tell a crowd full of people who skipped work/school to go to a victory parade. The crowd’s reaction was so silent you could hear Gisele roll her eyes. As for her kids, Vivian is 4, and Ben is 7.

1 Natalie Portman

Look deep into this woman’s eyes. Is there an emotion that comes across? After all she is an actress, aka an emotion evoker. Any guesses? She’s actually quite pissed off. In another image taken at the same time, Oscar winner Natalie Portman is showing the middle finger. Apparently she doesn’t like the paparazzi taking her pic, especially while wearing workout clothes. You would think that this seasoned star would have gotten used to the attention by now. She’s been in the Hollywood spotlight since a kid. Add that to her involvement with Star Wars, and the number of online images of her are through the roof. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Whatever it is, I hope she cheers up soon. Her fans love her and support her every move. Her son Aleph is five, and she is currently very pregnant with her second, whom she will take to the Academy Awards in utero on February 26.

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