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15 Hottest Pics Of “High School Musical” Stars Now

15 Hottest Pics Of “High School Musical” Stars Now


Disney knows kids. They always have and always will. Take the masterpiece franchise High School Musical, for example. It’s so rare to find movies that truly understand the hearts of high schoolers in the 21st century. That’s why it was so incredible to see real kids on screen singing about their feelings confidently and flawlessly, like real kids do in those situations. These three films, each bring a searing look at the issues that mean the most to the average high school student, played of course, by beautiful actors. But aside from the infectious and truly authentic enthusiasm that the characters brought to school each morning, it was the attractiveness of the stars that many fans clung to. Now, it was clear that Vanessa Hudgens was going to be good looking for a while at least, so we’re not giving too much credit there. Two of the other stars, Ashley Tisdale and Olesya Rulin, however, took a little longer to blossom but blossom they sure did.

At this point, you may be wondering. How have you gone this far without mentioning Zac Efron? Well, this is intentional. There are only so many photos of Zac with his shirt off and his bulging muscles. One would be enough. Actually, for this list, one would be too many. It’s also intentional that we haven’t mentioned any other stars from the films. The truth is, between Hudgens, Tisdale and Rulin, there are just too many hot photos to choose from. Sure, we could leave out one of the photos of Tisdale to jam in a photo of Monique Coleman, but that would be dishonest. Sorry, MoCo. You’re beautiful but these women have given us gold and we’re suckers for precious metals. Trust us. You won’t be disappointed. Here are the 15 hottest pics of The High School Musical stars

15. Vanessa Hudgens In Bed


via Details

Way back in 2005, when High School Musical was being filmed, Vanessa Hudgens was a cute 17-year old. Over the years, however, she grew into the franchise’s eye candy. Fans ate it up. Hudgens’ and co-star Zac Efron’s on-screen and off-screen romance was an added twist which only added to her buzz and her celebrity. But it wasn’t long before people started to see Hudgens as something distinct from the franchise and her other co-stars. She had something undeniable, a unique look and a sexiness that people couldn’t get enough of. In this photo, Hudgens wears a camisole and black underwear for a Details photoshoot. It’s breathtaking and there isn’t much else that needs to be said about it.

14. Tisdale’s Tussled Look



Maybe you’ve lost touch with Ashley Tisdale since your favorite film franchise, High School Musical stopped making sequels, but she’s really all grown up now. From about 2008 to 2010, Tisdale was considered one of the sexiest women alive. So, what on earth happened? Why isn’t she still considered one of the sexiest women? Well, absolutely nothing changed. She’s still as hot if not hotter; she just isn’t as relevant anymore. Take this photo from her 2013 single, “You’re Still Here.” Tisdale is wearing a loose-fitting dress shirt and nothing else that we can tell and she looks encroyable (that’s French, in case you were wondering).

13. Hot and Weird


via Nylon

The photos from the Nylon Magazine photoshoot are weird at best, but Vanessa Hudgens would look great in anything or nothing, that too. Take the above shot. Here, she’s wearing the ugliest coat known to man, nasty ripped jean shorts and a belly top, but she looks incredible. She also gave a gripping interview (OK, a lame interview) about her upcoming projects and revealed that, when it comes to choosing roles, she’s “very open. I just follow my gut–if something pulls me in, I go for it. I got a little bit burned out on the whole dramatic thing, running towards pain, rather than away from it. So I’m looking for things [that are] a little lighter. I’m very into the idea of doing a musical again, or doing a sci-fi fantasy or a comedy.” That’s probably why she chose the upcoming DC comedy show, Powerless, as her new vehicle. Admittedly, the show does look and sound pretty neat, so, if you didn’t like her work before, expect to have your feelings changed.

12. Tisdale’s Maxim Shoot


via Maxim

If you’re still stuck in a High School Musical mindset, seeing Ashely Tisdale reveal this much skin might be a bit shocking for you, but this wasn’t the first time she posed somewhat nude for a magazine, and we hope it won’t be the last. The first time was back in 2011 for Allure and Tisdale said, “being in this shoot was me saying, ‘I’m not just the young girl everybody thinks I am. I’m actually a woman.'” In this shot, as part of her Maxim photoshoot in 2013, Tisdale is only covered by an open jacket and teeny weeny bottoms. Largely because of these photos, Tisdale came in at number seven on Maxim’s “Hot 100 list of sexiest women” in 2013. This was the highest she has ever been listed, bettering her 2008 ranking when she came in at number eight. There are also some bikini shots from this photoshoot that nearly broke the Internet when they were released. Go do some research.

11. Olesya Rulin’ the World

via listal

via listal

If you haven’t seen Olesya Rulin since her High School Musical days, you’re probably in a state of disbelief right now. Yes, that is the little girl who played Kelsi Nielsen in the franchise, and yes, she is incredible to look at these days. If we would have suggested 10 years ago that Rulin would be as attractive as her High School Musical co-stars in the future, you would never have believed us, but look at her. She’s also not afraid to show off her body either, undressing quite frequently in her photoshoots. She’s been quoted as saying, “I didn’t discover curves; I only uncovered them.” Well, thank you for uncovering Olesya.

10. Make Love Not War


via naturallycurly

Vanessa Hudgens may not be what you think of when you think of a hippie. She’s far too young, for one, and she’s not a nature lover. In fact, she was ordered to pay $1,000 to the U.S. Forest Service for carving her and her boyfriend’s initials into a rock in the Coconino National Forest, so she’s probably closer to a nature hater than a hippie. That being said, she sure looks beautiful posing as one. Other than that, there’s nothing about her look in the photo that jumps out at you. But it’s her natural beauty that we’re most interested in. She has these cat-like eyes, an open stance that is both inviting and appealing and a raw and unique attractiveness that makes it look effortless. It’s beauty like this that explains why Hudgens has 23 million Instagram followers. Sure, it could be because of her insights on life but probably not.

9. Guilty Pleasure Album


via Phombo

During the height of her fame, Ashley Tisdale released the album Guilty Pleasure and with it a photoshoot that showed just how unbelievably good looking she was. The see through purple shirt and the black bra underneath might not be the classiest look, but classy is overrated. Tisdale, like many Disney stars, often battled her childish public image even when, as she was here, a grown woman. While Tisdale’s fame in television and film might not be where people anticipated it would be by this point, she is still one of the most popular celebrities on social media. She has a wild 13 million followers on Twitter and is crazy loved on Facebook as well.

8. Tiny Dancer


via Youtube

Though it never did get the reception it was hoping for, something that could be said about every Zack Snyder film, Sucker Punch did help Hudgens sexify her public image. That’s right. We wrote sexify. The film drew the ire of critics, often for its less-than-ideal depiction of women. In this photo from the film, you can see that Hudgens’ outfit is pretty revealing and tiny bit impractical. For most of the film, she’s in something similar. But it’s more than just her outfits and body that make Hudgens attractive. She’s got the dark and mysterious features combined with an innocent look. It’s a near-perfect combination. Like the film, her career and public image has a similar thing going on. Her Disney beginnings mixed with her somewhat scandalous public image give her a “good girl gone bad” aura, something that has never hurt a woman’s sex appeal.

7. The Casual No Pants Look


via Bobby Do Right

This is actually the first of two shots from a Bobby Propenpek photoshoot. We felt it was necessary to have this one just to show off how gorgeous Olesya Rulin is without needing to reveal anything. Here she’s wearing an oversized sweater and maybe nothing else, but that’s not important. It’s not insanely sexualized and that’s the point. If you aren’t aware of what she’s doing these days, Rulin was most recently in the Marvel television show, Powers, playing Calista Secor. The show was cancelled, but Rulin was decent in it. While she has nothing new on her agenda, expect to see her stick around in the industry. With an ability to act and looks like she has, this woman is going to be around for a long time.

6. Simple is Enough


via Glow

For an interview in the Canadian magazine Glow, Vanessa Hudgens took some really simple photos with an entirely new look. Gone were her long locks and in was the new short-haired mom haircut. Hudgens explained that her look was in preparation for the new role in Gimme Shelter. “With so many actresses who want the exact same role,” Hudgens said. “You’ve got to stand out and be different and not let anybody tell you no.” The new look and the simple shots might not be as “sexy” as the countless bikini shots available of Hudgens, but the simplicity shows off how hot she really is. In terms of the film she cut her hair for, it was disappointing overall. Hudgens, however, was quite good and, even if you hate the films and the genre of films she came from, you can’t deny that this young and beautiful actress is a bundle of talent.

5. All Dressed Up


via Jezzebel

We wanted to include at least one photo to show off the classier side of Ashley Tisdale, or at least a more covered-up side. Clearly, this beauty is more than a nice body. She’s stunning and the photoshoot with Jezebel shows that off perfectly. Tisdale’s image has always been a focal point throughout her career. Think back to 2007, when news of her rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery was released. People went crazy talking about it. When asked about it, Tisdale said, “I did this to help my health. I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose.” That being said, there was obviously some cosmetic work done too, a slight reshaping to take off a bump on her nose. We can pretend that this drastically changed her look, but she would probably be just as gorgeous today with her old nose.

4. V Album Shoot


via Coolspotters

In 2006, when Vanessa Hudgens was 18, she released her first album V. Was it any good? No idea, never heard a song on it. One second… No, it’s terrible, but look at the cover. Look at how good she looks. That’s more important that how she sings isn’t it? In this album shoot, Hudgens decided to go with her usual natural look, not overbearing with the makeup, some light beach waves in her hair and a loose shirt. It’s not in-your-face sexy, and maybe that’s what makes it so appealing, but she just looks flawless. She has an interesting complexion, built from her parents Irish, Native American and Filipino descent. Back to the album, V. We were a little harsh. The album actually did really well and plenty of people liked it. It may not be our type of music, but we’re disgruntled and out of touch with what the kids like these days.

3. Beer Can Curlers

via:Bobby Do Right

via:Bobby Do Right

Let’s go back to that photoshoot with Bobby Propenpek and Olesya Rulin again. Here, Rulin absolutely stuns us. Not only is the photo a cool and unique shot, but she reveals much more than we would expect from her. Unlike her High School Musical co-star, Vanessa Hudgens, Rulin has done a nude photoshoot and had the photos released intentionally. In fact, this shot is from that very same shoot, albeit this is one of the more covered up photos in the collection. Maybe it’s the beer, the under boob, the tattoo or just Rulin herself, but this picture is a fantasy for us. Add in the fact that Rulin is much less of a visible celebrity than her two co-stars on this list and you’ve got a picture that is as shocking as it is amazing.

2. Laying Poolside


via Bello Mag

In a photoshoot for Bello Magazine in 2014, Ashley Tisdale posed poolside and showed off her fantastic body. If you were wondering what she’s doing these days, Tisdale is as busy as it gets. She’s acting in both film and TV, producing a television show, running a clothing line and making music with her husband. In Tisdale’s latest film, Amateur Night, she plays a prostitute, which is sure to erase any and all memory of her Disney days, assuming there are still people clinging to that squeaky-clean image. Now were not saying that Tisdale is dirty or raunchy nowadays; she’s just graduated into a full-on sex symbol. This photo is simply more proof of that.

1. Caught in the Rain

Vanessa Hudgens - Details Magazine

via Details

In another Details photo, Vanessa Hudgens poses in the rain in a tank top and Calvin Klein underwear. Something about rain makes everything sexier, but, with Hudgens at the center, it’s almost unbearable. Not long after these pictures came out, Hudgens was announced as one of the stars in the then-upcoming film, Spring Breakers. That dark and strange little film only increased her sex appeal as she was rarely seen in anything more than a bikini. Then there was the leaked nude photos of Hudgens, personal photos that she sent to someone. Sure, this earned her some uncalled for hate from many people and some have called her character into questions because of them, but, when it comes to sex appeal, the leaked photos certainly didn’t hurt hers and neither did this photoshoot.

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