15 Hottest Pics Of Christie Brinkley And Her Daughters

Christie Brinkley made a name for herself as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model. She’s also graced the cover of Playboy, Cosmopolitan and Rolling Stone, and was a spokesmodel for Cover Girl, Chanel and Diet Coke. Now, her daughters, Alexa Rae Joel and Sailor Brinkley Cook, are getting in on the action. They joined her on this year’s cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the world can’t stop talking about it.

Alexa and Sailor are such stunning ingenues that there is speculation they will give the Jenner sisters and the Hadid sisters a run for their money. And Christie is such a hot mama that rumors are already swirling that she will be the next Kris Jenner and have a media empire that centers around her and her gorgeous family. We wish them well, because the world could use a change from the Kardashians. And what a change they would be! They dress in light colors instead of the black uniform of the Kardashians; matriarch Christie isn’t famous for being famous like Kris Jenner but had a real career; and Brinkley’s past scandals would be a change of pace from the Kardashians’ association with O.J. Simpson.

Now that everyone has seen the SI pics, we knew you’d be hungry for more. So not only are we bringing you 15 of the hottest pics of Christie and her daughters, but we are also giving you some much-wanted info on this famous family that everyone suddenly wants to know all about.


15 Christie and Sailor: Like Mother, Like Daughter

The resemblance between a young Christie and her daughter Sailor, is remarkable in this pic. They both have killer bodies, with legs that are a mile long, comely hips and chests that fill out their bikini tops perfectly. They also both have gorgeous flowing blonde hair, tan skin and the same dazzling light eyes. Sailor looks just as at ease in front of the camera as her famous mother does. This shouldn’t be a surprise since Sailor has been photographed with her mom since she was an infant. We’re expecting more pics of Sailor to come now that she’s finally legal at 18 years of age. Aside from Instagram pics, we’re sure that she will land a lot of modeling gigs as well. Count on her to walk the runway, be on the cover of magazines, and land endorsement deals.

14 Christie and Alexa: Two Of A Kind


This shot shows Christie and Alexa hanging out on an exotic vacation. It’s hard to tell who looks better – Alexa, who is in her 30s, or Christie, who is in her 60s! Christie credits a healthy lifestyle as the reason she’s been able to maintain her good looks. She eats right, exercises, and has robust interests like horseback riding and skiing. We’re sure that helps but, frankly, we think she’s just really gifted genetically.

Alexa takes more after her famous father, musician Billy Joel. Alexa is a singer-songwriter. However, she has tried to follow him her mom’s footsteps. Christie was once a “Prell Girl” and Alexa gave the brand new life when she did a commercial for them. And here’s an interesting fact about Alexa: she is the youngest person to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition – she posed as a toddler with her mom back in 1989. At the time, Alexa was running around the beach naked and the pic showed her bare bottom a la the Coppertone baby. Now, when the photo is posted, her bottom is blurred. The times, they are a-changing.

13 Alexa: Fifty Shades Darker

Alexa may not be a blonde like her mother Christie, but she proves that brunettes are just as beautiful. In this shot, Alexa is showing off her sexy side and could have leapt off the screen of the new Fifty Shades Darker movie. She is dressed up for some naughty fun with her bustier. Her tousled hair and bedroom eyes complete her “early to bed” demeanor. The Internet is rife with speculation that Alexa had plastic surgery to look this hot, but all we can say is that it did her good! Her nose is pert, her brows are peaked, and her cheeks are chiseled. Alexa’s makeup is also flawless – a trick she most certainly learned from her mom (a former model for Cover Girl).

12 Christie: The Eighth Wonder Of The World


It’s hard to say which is more striking in this pic: the landscape or Christie Brinkley! This photograph is just one of her many amazing shots from her days in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Brinkley made the cover of SI three consecutive times – in 1979, 1980 and 1981. In fact, she’s been in the magazine eight times from 1975 to 2004 – which makes her appearance this year her ninth time! No other model even comes close!

Posing for the magazine this most recent time was "a real full circle moment for me," she said. "I can get very emotional about this. How many years ago, I was that insecure girl hoping that I would be good enough for the magazine. So to see my daughters now having the same thoughts I had, and to be able to see them actually be there on the job, was definitely a big moment."

11 Sailor: Sexy Selfie

Sailor knows that her career is ready to explode. That’s why she’s been adding more and more pics to her Instagram account. She knows that she looks good in a bikini, but she also wants to show the world that she is more than a swimsuit model. Hence, this selfie. She’s being a big tease by wearing a low cut V-neck, and gazing provocatively into the camera. This selfie really lets fans see how beautiful she is up close and personal. Her skin is translucent, her lips are petal pinks, and her blue eyes sparkle. She has definitely matured into a lovely young woman. It’s actually surprising to a lot of people, because photos from her middle school and high school days were of a girl that was plump and awkward.

10 Christie: In A Simpler Time


We just had to share this retro pic of Christie from her heyday. It’s a centerfold from a calendar she released in her younger days – you know, back when you had to buy a magazine to ogle hot chicks and way before Instagram or even the Internet. This shot shows Christie at her best. She’s wearing a one-piece which was the style in the 80s, but she shows off plenty. The best is how comfortable she looks just lounging on an inflatable raft. She’s the kind of girl who looks approachable even though she’s really hot. And that’s the most desirable look of all. And let’s face it, Christie is down to Earth. When she appeared in Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl video she was anything but – she married him even though he was from a working class background and was average looking at best.

9 Christie: Sail Away

This pic typifies Christie Brinkley. She’s a golden goddess in a loud one-piece, and is basking in nature’s glory. What is most impressive, though, is that this pose is pretty much who Brinkley is in real life. She grew up on the west coast, and spent her time swimming and sailing. As an adult, she made Long Island her home and did the same thing in the Atlantic ocean. And when she was filming National Lampoon’s Vacation, she spent her off-time white water rafting and horseback riding. Brinkley is also an avid skier, although we couldn’t find any pics of her as a snow bunny in a bikini. Hint, hint, Sports Illustrated!

Being outdoorsy never stopped Brinkley from being one of the most in-demand models of her time. Aside from SI, she’s graced the covers of Allure and Men’s Health. She was also a spokesmodel for everything from beer to perfume.


8 Christie, Alexa and Sailor: Three’s Company


Christie is flanked by her daughters in this lovely family portrait. But we have to ask our readers: who’s missing? All the men, of course! To begin with, it’s hard to find a photo of Christie’s son, Jack. Maybe we’re reading too much into this, but we wonder if their relationship is shaky since he was the product of her short-lived third marriage. Or, it could be simply that Jack eschews the limelight. Also missing from the picture are Christie’s husbands. She’s been married and divorced four times! The first was to a French artist when she was just a teen. The second was to Billy Joel, with whom she had Alexa. The third was to real estate developer Richard Taubman; super fans will vividly recall they fell in love after a shared near-death experience they had following a helicopter crash. The fourth was to architect Peter Cook, with whom she had Sailor. That marriage ended in a messy divorce, with Christie accusing him of committing adultery with an 18 year old girl, using excessive physical force when punishing her children, and spending thousands of dollars on p*rnography.

7 Christie: Sexy at 60!

When Christie Brinkley turned 60, she posed for this pic with the title, “This is 60!” Is it ever! You probably never thought that you had a “thing” for older women until now! Brinkley’s trademark long legs are still shapely, and rival Tina Turner’s. Her smile is still wide and brighter than a thousand stars in the midnight sky. And her face is wrinkle-free. She might not be wearing a bikini in this pic, but somehow she is even more hot covered up in a turtleneck. She is teasing men, and probably quite a few women, too. Her fanbase may have gotten older over time, but it’s shots like this one that garner her new admirers every day. Brinkley puts a lot of twenty-somethings to shame with these looks. And did we mention that she’s more than just a model? She has acting and hosting on her resume, as well as a New York Times bestseller, Christie Brinkley's Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book. It’s a small wonder that the Daily Mail magazine ranked her third on its list of “World’s 20 Richest Models” in 2012.

6 Sailor: Hailey Baldwin’s New Bestie?


We can’t decide who’s hotter in this pic: Sailor or Hailey Baldwin! What we do know is that Hailey is obviously trying to jumpstart her career by being photographed with the rich and famous. And right now, Baldwin is a star on the rise. She came to prominence by partying with the biggest names in the business, like the Jenner sisters and the Hadid sisters. So, will Sailor join their ranks? Our best guess is “yes” with a capital “Y.” These girls feed off of each other, and they know what’s good for them. Fans go crazy to see all these hotties together, but can get bored with the same bunch. Adding Sailor to the clique will give the group more panache. And Sailor isn’t just looking to make famous gal pals. She’s been photographed with Justin Bieber, too. If she’s smart, she’ll hook up with him for a while and really get her name out there. Hopefully she’ll be luckier in love than her mother was.

5 Christie: From Beach Bum To Beach Bunny

This is one of Christie’s most iconic bathing suit pictorials. The bikini was cutting edge for the 80s, but all anyone can look at is how gorgeous she is. Her body is tanned and toned, and she has curves for days. And the way she looks into the camera, it looks like she is making eye contact with you personally. The funny thing is, Christie admits to being nervous on this shoot. When she first started modeling, she said that she didn’t know how to pose. As a result, she just kept moving around. She felt like she was fidgeting, but the photographer loved how she worked the scene. What is also unbelievable is that Christie initially didn’t think she had the right stuff to be a model. She grew up in Malibu and thought she had a “surfer girl” body.

4 Alexa: Less Is More


While Christie and Sailor are blonde and like to pose for a lot of swimsuit shots, Alexa is dark-haired and prefers a more covered up look. Still, she looks just as alluring. Her red lipstick highlights how plump her lips are, and her wavy hair frames her sculptured face perfectly. Alexa looks rocker chic in this leather get-up, complete with black nails and spiky heels. If Sailor is angelic looking, Alexa has a devil-may-care attitude that would turn anyone on. Plus, at 31 years old she probably knows a thing or two about making a man happy.

3 Christie: Now And Then

When most stars have “now and then” comparison photos, it’s like night and day. But not for Christie Brinkley! She looks remarkably similar despite the fact that the photos were taken more than thirty years apart! In the first, she looks fresh-faced with her peachy cheeks and wide eyes. And she has things that emaciated models of today don’t – like a defined waist and natural bust. In the second, the only difference we can see is that she is wearing a mini-dress instead of a bikini. We wouldn’t be surprised if her daughters steal her clothing.

2 Sailor: Instafamous


Sailor posted this selfie of herself on Instagram. She looks every bit the California girl with her beach hair, macramé bikini top, and Daisy Duke denim shorts. Sailor has her mom’s height, her blonde hair and lovely facial features. However, her bone structure is a little different. Sailor is a bit more svelte than Christie, as evidenced by her narrow torso and easily seen rib cage. Her bust is also on the petite side, but that is perfect for her frame. Now that Sailor has been on the cover of SI, we know her Instagram followers will multiply by the thousands. Keep ‘em coming, honey!

1 Christie: I Touch Myself?

It’s hard to find a shot of Christie Brinkley that isn’t of her in a bikini or walking the red carpet, but we managed to find this one - and it’s a doozy! It’s a shot of a mature Christie lounging poolside in a see-through cat-suit. Her body is beyond words, but it’s her expression of pure ecstasy and the placement of her hands that instantly captured our attention. Is it our imagination, or is this mom of three enjoying herself a little too much? You be the judge! Either way, it’s a joy to ogle. Her eyes are almost closed, her lips are parted just-so, and her back is arched. We wonder what she’s thinking about…

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