15 Hottest Photos Of The Olsen Sisters In Their Prime

The Olsen Twins' history in the spotlight is an interesting one.

The Olsen Twins' history in the spotlight is an interesting one. Introduced as part of the sitcom Full House, they quickly became the most popular members of that show's cast due to their catch phrases and cuteness. Going on to create an empire for themselves, including movies, merchandise, clothing and a long list of other products, their fans matured with them and helped to make them filthy rich. During the height of their fame as young adults, there was a well-known phenomenon of people anticipating the day that they turned eighteen as they were both very attractive. While they are no longer focused upon nearly as much as they once were, due in large part to their choice to step away from acting, they definitely appeared in many hot photos.

Elizabeth Olsen clearly grew up in the shadow of her older twin sisters. Appearing in several Olsen Twin videos as a youngster, there are reasons to think that she was happy for her sibling’s success but she must have thought they’d always be the stars. Wow, how times have changed. First coming to prominence with the critically acclaimed film, Martha Marcy May Marlene, she appeared in several films that made critics and casting agents take note. Then, starting with the American remake of Oldboy, she began to appear in heavily anticipated films before being cast as The Scarlett Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is the role that made her a star. Now arguably the most famous Olsen sister, she continues to get coveted roles. A gorgeous woman with a body to die for, there is no doubt that Elizabeth has been the focus of many attractive photos. Realizing this about all three of these women is what inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen hottest photos of the Olsen sisters in their prime.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that an Olsen sister can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the actresses will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of them from their media appearances and performances are fair game as they are some of their most memorable moments. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Elizabeth the Fashionista

Elizabeth Olsen may not have ever worked as a model but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t heavily connected to that industry. First off, there is the obvious, clothes absolutely look their best on her curvy and sexy figure. Then, there is the fact that her famous siblings have had clothes lines of their own as well. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that she would appear at an event like this one meant to celebrate designer Tom Ford’s Autumn and Winter presentation. Well, we could understand him not being too pleased after all, considering for us at the very least she totally eclipsed any interest in his clothing. Wearing a dress that shows off an arousing amount of her cleavage and has a slit just big enough to give us a small view of the flesh of her leg, it teases our minds in the most delightful ways possible.

14 Twins Red Carpet

There is no question that the Olsen twins were huge stars at their time, considering their brand was a cottage industry, yet considering they were actors their filmography is surprisingly scant. Sure, they starred in a lot of direct to VHS projects, like The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley or You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's but they weren’t in many hit films. In fact, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, a film the pair made a cameo in is one of the most recognizable film titles you will see listed on their IMDb page. Pictured here at the premiere of the film, they are wearing long dresses that serve to draw the attention to their faces which looked very pretty on that fateful night.

13 Elizabeth Yellow Dress

A photograph of Elizabeth walking the red carpet at the 17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards which took place in 2012, she was there as a nominee. Up for Best Actress for her work in Martha Marcy May Marlene, she didn’t take home the trophy but the fact that her work in a little seen independent film was celebrated at an awards show like this is one hell of an honor. Sporting a vibrant yellow dress that looks tight enough to make it hard to breathe, it clings to her chest in such a way that it gives a great idea of what she is working with. To say, that we love the view of her bountiful chest would be a gigantic understatement and that doesn’t even take into account how dazzling her face is here with just the right amount of makeup.

12 Elizabeth’s Smile

One of the stars of the most recent American Godzilla film, Elizabeth can be seen here walking the red carpet at the London premiere of the blockbuster film. A rare movie in which the celebrities that appear in it take the backseat to the movie monster whose name it bears, it would have been easy for her and her co-stars to be largely ignored. In a stroke of genius, however, this beloved actress showed up at the premiere in a dress that ensured audiences focused on her once again. Clearly, judging by the huge smile on her face in this picture, she was having fun at the event which simply serves to make this photo all the more attractive and deserving of inclusion here.

11 Twins New York Minute

Growing up as child actresses, judging by the twin’s choice to stay away from that industry it seems as though they made the decision that it isn’t for them any longer. If there was any question of that it should be put to an end by the fact that the last project the tandem took on was 2004’s New York Minute, which is where this screengrab originates. A perfectly innocent image from the film of the pair in a hotel room, it features them both covered by what appears to be only a single layer of clothing. For those of us who were around at the time, when this moment appeared ever so briefly in the trailer we stood up and took notice, for obvious reasons. As a result, when putting together a list of images from their prime it had to be included.

10 Elizabeth Age of Ultron

The first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Elizabeth played a major part, her version of The Scarlet Witch from Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced millions of people to the comics character. As is often the case, when it came time to design her look in the film, the powers that be behind the film opted to change things up from the red costume fans of the character were previously used to. That may have caused some consternation among those following the production’s progress but when this set photo leaked we’d be surprised if people responded with complaints. Showing off her incredible cleavage, this image reveals her body far better than any moment from the movie ever did and all we can think is how lovely that is.

9 Elizabeth GQ

A photo of Elizabeth that was taken in order for it to accompany an article about her from a 2011 issue of GQ Magazine, it was shown alongside the headline, “The Other Olsen Sister”. It made perfect sense for the time that the article was written and released but with the ever increasing stature of her career and talent, it almost seems as though things have reversed since then. Described as “indie film’s most talked about ingénue” at the time, judging by the clothes she has on, or partially off, here and the cup of coffee it certainly seems as though this photograph was designed to enforce that image. Of course, a little bit of sex appeal never hurt a photo and that adage certainly holds true here. Sporting a top that is unbuttoned just enough to show a hint of her bra, it certainly arouses our desire to see more of it unveiled which is very hot to imagine.

8 Ashley Marie Claire Photoshoot

For many years it seemed as though the Olsen twins were inseparable as they often acted together, built a company as a unit and every photoshoot seemed to feature them beside one another. Obviously, they are human beings so we can presume they’ve had their fair share of fights, especially as teenagers, and we can presume they’ve at least avoided each other in a huff. However, to everyone who doesn't know them on a personal level, throughout much of their lives it seemed as though they were always together. As women, that no longer seems to be the case, as perfectly evidenced by the photoshoot this image came. Captured in order to be published by Marie Claire magazine, it resulted in two of the best photos of Ashley Olsen we’ve ever seen, including this one. Dressed in a top with string straps, one of which is hanging off her shoulder, it is the confidence on her face we find to be the hottest element here.

7 Elizabeth Towel

When it was announced that there would be an English language remake of the highly respected South Korean film Oldboy, it seemed like an impossible task. Eventually completed and brought to market, the results were a little bit of a mixed bag. A fascinating film to anyone who watched it without knowledge of the story previously, it really never had much of a chance to live up to the original in a lot of people’s minds. Still, it did include one element that many of us loved, the inclusion of the always stunning Elizabeth Olsen. Seen here in a screengrab from the film, she is seen covered up by a towel only which is simply bewitching. If you question even for a moment that this image belongs here, thinking that she may actually have something on underneath, let us assure you as people who’ve seen the movie in question, that is not the case.

6 Twins Posed

When putting together this list, we found this photo and after trying to discover its origins nothing of note came to light. As a result, we have no idea if it was taken to promote their fashion line, to appear in a magazine, or if they were just posing as a favor for a photographer. One thing seems clear to us, though, effort was put into ensuring that the twins looked beautiful but they were not meant to be taken in any overtly sexual manner. It is in that spirit that we think this photo belongs here, as they look very beautiful, happy, and close to one another in a picture that is bound to put a smile on the face of any observer.

5 Elizabeth Met Gala

For the uninitiated, the Met Gala, an event that was once known as the Costume Institute Gala, is a yearly fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Routinely attended by the cream of the Hollywood crop, it is a great place for stars and those on the rise to appear, turn some heads, and receive the headlines that are the lifeblood of celebrities. All we can say while looking at this 2014 photo of Elizabeth at the event is that the other people in attendance must have hated her because we can't imagine paying attention to anyone else. Wearing a sexy dress that is cut off above the knee but remains extremely elegant, she looks absolutely exquisite here in our opinions.

4 Ashley Marie Claire Photoshoot 2

When we mentioned that a Marie Claire photoshoot resulted in two of the hottest photos of Ashley Olsen we’ve ever seen, you didn’t think we’d be so cruel as to leave the other one out, did you? Taken in 2009 it features her in arguably the sexiest outfit she’s ever allowed the public to see her in. Lying on a bed in clothes that are similar to the underwear of yore, her bottoms seem to reach halfway up her stomach from what we can tell but it provides the best shot of her rear we’ve ever seen. Additionally, the angle at which the photo was taken gives us a slight view of her cleavage, something she isn’t known to put on display often. We’re not sure what inspired her to agree to wear clothes like this but we certainly applaud whatever it was.


3 Elizabeth Premiere

A picture of Elizabeth from the premiere of Captain America: Civil War, it would have taken a heroic amount of effort for anyone in attendance to look at anything aside from her. Sporting red lipstick, it draws attention to her pouty lips while also bringing to mind the color fans identify most with her character in the film, The Scarlet Witch. Still, as dazzling as that is, it clearly takes a backseat to the effect that her dress has on us. Showing off her cleavage, the amount of side-boob on display here is tantalizing enough that it is a real challenge to even finish out this sentence.

2 Ashley’s Swimsuit

Ashley Olsen, like her sister Mary-Kate, leads a much more private life today than she did throughout much of her career. Sure, there are still many people who have a place in their hearts for her and as such are interested in what she is up to but more often than not she escapes the spotlight. Still, she is still a celebrity which means that paparazzi will seek her out in order to get photos of her that will sell. That certainly seems to be how this photo of her in 2016 swimming in Miami’s Eden Roc seems to have come into existence. Like most people, we find the hounding of celebrities to be disgusting. However, we’re human and looking at this photo, in which Ashley looks quite sexy, we can’t help but be pleased we got the chance to see it and include it here.

1 Elizabeth’s Marilyn Moment

Marilyn Monroe has gone down in history as one of the biggest Hollywood legends of all-time. Dying years before she should have, she disappeared from the spotlight far too young but she still left the world with several unforgettable moments. While her awe-inspiring rendition of the song “Happy Birthday” comes to mind quickly, for us we always think of the moment in which she stood on a grate and had her dress was blown up. Here, we see Elizabeth in her own version of that moment and it is simply irresistible. In this case, it seems to be the wind itself that is determined to show off more of her than she intended but the results are the same and simply incredible. Considering she has been seen in the buff on film more than once in the past, it isn’t actually the opportunity to see more of her flesh we love so much, though that is great too. No, it is the naughtiness of the moment, as perfectly epitomized by the look on her face, that makes this our top pick.

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15 Hottest Photos Of The Olsen Sisters In Their Prime