15 Hottest Photos Of The 2 Broke Girls Cast

2 Broke Girls was one of CBS' most popular series, thanks to a very funny (and photogenic) cast - especially stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs.

Premiering in September 2011, 2 Broke Girls, is a show that chronicles the lives of two best friends, Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs). The show is set in Brooklyn, New York. One character, Caroline, is the daughter of a billionaire, while Max grew up in poverty. The two best friends have completely different perspectives on life. The two beautiful women work as waitresses and have goals of starting a cupcake business. The two spearhead a show laced with heavy sexual and racial undertones. The show has been renewed for a sixth season by CBS and shows no sign of slowing down.

The entire production pretty much revolves around its stars and their attributes, both physical and mental. Dennings and Behrs are dynamite on screen together and show sassy, sexy charisma in nearly every scene together. They are an absolute comedy goldmine for this sitcom to riff on with and it shows in the finished product. The two are flanked by a couple of other hotties in the cast with Jennifer Coolidge (yes, the same Mrs. Robinson-like Coolidge from American Pie fame, aka "Stifler's Mom") and sexy brunette, Brooke Lyons. These four women provide a tremendous 1-2-3-4 punch as beauties on the hit show. And guys, just to be clear, there is no shortage of cleavage either! 2 Broke Girls is a constantly sexy show that keeps these women strutting their stuff and keeps the audiences craving for more! These are the 15 hottest photos of the cast of 2 Broke Girls.

14 Casually Gorgeous


This juicy photo of Kat Dennings is first on the list. It's always sexy to see the black bra below any shirt. We love the allure of seeing just a little tease. At just 5' 3" in height, Dennings is a tiny package that packs quite a wallop. Born in Bryn, Mawr, Pennsylvania, Dennings' mother is a poet while her father is a college professor. The youngest of five children, Dennings was home schooled. Dennings showed that she wasn't just a pretty face (and smoking hot body) by graduating early from high school at the tender age of 14. After high school, Dennings moved to Los Angeles, California. That is where it all began for Dennings. But years later, we see her here, posing casually, with a seductive glow and a body built for sin.

13 Stifler's Mom!


Hey, Mrs. Robinson! Jennifer Coolidge famously played "Stifler's Mom" in the hit movie series American Pie. Coolidge was born in Boston, Massachusetts. The busty blonde actress killed it in the coming-of-age films. But her moment in the sun didn't happen by accident. Coolidge is an alumni of the improv and sketch comedy troupe The Groundlings. Coolidge is brilliant in comedies, appearing in a slew of movies, including the mockumentary films directed by Christopher Guest. After American Pie, Coolidge blew up as a character actress in comedic films. She found her way to 2 Broke Girls, and plays Sophie Kachinsky, the Polish neighbor to the two main cast members. Regardless of the role, Coolidge is a tremendous talent who, like a fine wine, only gets better and funnier with age.

12 The Affair


And now we make our introduction to Brooke Lyons. Here, she is seen writhing in ecstasy during The Affair. These days, Brooke plays Peach Landis on 2 Broke Girls. Lyons is another actress who got some acting chops courtesy of The Groundlings. In addition to her comedic work, she cut her acting teeth with brilliant playwright Neil Simon, appearing in his play, Rumors. Lyons landed on 2 Broke Girls back in 2011 for a six episode stint; her three episode run on The Affair yielded this beautiful moment. Lyons has been moving around the TV world with regularity. She has no shortage of reputable appearances on shows the likes of Two and Half Men, Psych, Anger Management and Desperate Housewives. Although Brooke Lyons' time on 2 Broke Girls appears to have run its course, we can hold out hope for another appearance someday.

11 Lingerie Squad


Trained at the UCLA School of Theater, Beth Behrs almost resembles a classic runway model. Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Behrs is the daughter of educators. She was raised down in Lynchburg, Virginia. By the age of four, she knew she wanted to be an actress. She started performing in plays at this tender age. When Behrs was 15, her family moved to Marin County, California. She was accepted into the Tamalpais High School drama program. From there, she studied at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. In 2004, Behrs arrived at UCLA to study film and acting and was right where she wanted to be. Behrs started to land parts in 2009 and her career seemed headed upwards.

10 Busty Beauty


Well, when you got it, flaunt it! There is no doubt that Kat Dennings has got the curves. This brunette doesn't mess around when it comes to looks. This tight V-neck blouse does exactly what it's supposed to- point our eyes right at Kat's sensational breasts. Combined with her blue eyes, Dennings almost looks a little like Katy Perry. Her 5' 3" frame boasts an amazing 34DD chest. Her 27-inch waist and 34-inch hips help Kat Dennings be one of the most curvaceous bodies on television (honorable mention to Sofia Vergara here). Kat has boasted about the fact that she doesn't drink or smoke and purposely avoids people who do so. It is not surprising when looking at her body that Kat takes good care of herself (and we're certainly glad for that!).

9 Hot Head Shot

via UltraIMG

Take a gander at Beth Behrs! This blonde can really bring it with a level of beauty that rivals Victoria's Secret Angels. Behrs always knew where she was heading in her career. Her senior year in college she was already auditioning. Most film actresses don't possess the raw beauty that Behrs can exhibit. They almost have to dirty her up on camera so she isn't so flawlessly beautiful. You can see here with her milky white skin and insanely penetrating blue eyes just what Behrs can bring to the table. Her long blonde hair gives her a classic resemblance to a young Christie Brinkley. In this close-up of her wearing just a sexy black-laced bra, we are invited to see how modelesque Behrs can be while at the same time we should be reminded of how effective an acting talent she truly is.

8 Classically Elegant

There is beauty and then there is classic beauty. Beth Behrs is a college educated woman who has a near-perfect smile. Her flawless skin and incredible beauty is only further substantiated by an outfit like this. Behrs wears beautiful  exactly as it should be worn; with class and elegance. So many stars go out of their way to draw attention to themselves and go way over the top. But this subtly amazing dress is a low, low V-neck that isn't at all disrupted by a $250,000 necklace. Instead, Behrs just goes with her raw beauty, her long beautiful neck with the curves to play off her cleavage. The velvet sheen of her dress more than makes up for a lack of celebrity bling and make Behrs the perfect picture of elegance.

7 More Behrs Please

Another appearance of utter-elegance by Beth Behrs. Upon attending the Independent Spirit Awards, Behrs thought it would be nice to wear a skin-tight dress that had the subtly of sexiness and class. Behrs shows off her amazing figure here; the actress clearly could do extensive modeling smiles for the dozens of cameras taking snapshots. Behrs started working in television and got her shot with appearances in a variety of big television shows the likes of NCIS: Los Angeles and Castle. In 2011, Behrs auditioned for the sitcom 2 Broke Girls and landed the role of a lifetime. Behrs landed the role of Caroline Channing, an heiress in the likeness of a Paris Hilton. With her father arrested for financial wrongdoings, Behrs ends up joining Dennings as a waitress and their friendship evolves.

6 Meow Kat!


Kat Dennings made her feature film debut in 2004 with her big screen debut coming in the film Raise Your Voice. Dennings immediately caught the eye of producers and would make appearances in a slew of other successful feature films. From The 40-Year Old Virgin to Charlie Bartlett, The House Bunny, Big Momma's House 2, and Thor, it appeared that Kat Dennings was on the verge of success. Her many appearances in big budget films put Dennings on the radar of producers from all over the industry. That led to her big break for the show 2 Broke Girls. As a result of hacking, Dennings unfortunately had numerous leaked naked selfies of herself blasted across the Internet like other unsuspecting actresses. Dennings' impressive chest and gorgeous hourglass figure undoubtedly made many Internet trolls happy. Despite that drama, Dennings' career has continued without a hiccup as her show is one of the most successful sitcoms on television.

5 Working Girl


When you are cast in a movie or a television show, you often have little input in some of the attire you end up wearing. A director and the wardrobe department will often pick out the outfits for the actors involved. For 2 Broke Girls, it seemed very important that Beth Behrs be shown with both an heiress mentality (a-la Paris Hilton) and a sexiness that would allow show producers to occasionally flaunt her model-like figure. In this scene, a sexy bikini (incredibly reminiscent of Princess Leia), is worn perfectly by Behrs. The outfit screams so many hot things at once, it kind of becomes white noise and we just stare and enjoy her toned and beautiful figure. If anyone thinks Behrs may be a little shy about showing off her body on television, they haven't seen her 2014 topless photo shoot in Paris. Renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier took the photos of Behr at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

4 Two For The Money


If one thing is for certain, these two girls definitely ain't broke no more! The two beautiful stars of 2 Broke Girls did what all beautiful women in the business try and do; audition and work their tails off. The television sitcom created by Warner Brothers quickly took off as soon as it premiered in September of 2011. In fact, the show earns between $1.5 million and $1.7 million per rerun on the network TBS, making it the highest paid show ever bought by a cable network (for a comedy). Six seasons strong already, 2 Broke Girls has featured the perfect chemistry between Behrs and Dennings. The blonde/brunette juxtaposition is a perfect contrast between the two beautiful women who physically look completely different. Highlighted by sassy sexiness, the show has claimed an Emmy Award and was nominated for three back in 2012. We hope we get to continue to see these two hotties for a seventh season!

3 Sexy Librarian


Hello, Mrs. Librarian! Of course, we are just referring to the black-rimmed glasses which are classically associated with a librarian. But aside from that, Kat Dennings resembles nothing more than an absolutely beautiful, busty brunette. Wearing a purple bra underneath her maroon dress gives Dennings that sexy and dirty vibe. Toss in the oral fixation message with the lollipop in her mouth and toss in a seductive red rose, and we've got a trifecta of photos that are both enticing and engaging. To keep with the librarian theme, Dennings does admit that she enjoys both reading and knitting. Dennings' first ever appearance on the small screen came in a commercial when she was just 10-years-old and since then she has flourished tremendously, both in her career and physically!

2 The Stare

via esquire

A younger Beth Behrs takes it nearly all off for this photo shoot. Honestly, anyone with no previous knowledge of Behrs would assume that this was just another gorgeous model working for Victoria's Secret. But in this case, we are looking at a successful actress, a comedian nonetheless, standing before us! Rarely have we seen such beauty combined with comedic chops, but that's what you get with Beth Behrs. This blue-eyed blonde kills it in this outfit, an amazing tiger-patterned two-piece outfit that's to die for! Behrs was far more casual with her body prior to her show taking off. She did far more posing with a lot more skin back in the day, but her undeniable beauty continues to shine brightly with each and every photo.

1 Holy Hot Bikini, Batman!


A young Dennings poses with a pretty impressive derriere, a bikini bottom and nothing else. Those are her two naked breasts hanging down. The red lipstick pops off of her milky white skin as her brunette hair dances in the wind. One impressive trait to go along with Dennings' impressive DD breast size is her waist and rear which define the meaning of hourglass. In addition to this beautiful pose on a sandy beach by a lake we are gifted with Dennings' beautiful face. There is literally nothing bad about this picture. Kat Dennings net worth has exceeded $10 million and it's only growing with each passing day as she and her costar Behrs clean up on their hit show. There are many places online to see Kat's photos these days, but the ones we rolled out are some of our favorites and we look forward to many more!


Beth Behrs bares the ability to give so many different looks and poses. She was ready-born as a model and has only continued to impress with each and every photos she poses in. Behrs hasn't been in a tremendous number of films/television shows, but the blonde beauty has managed a net worth of nearly $7 million and growing. The obvious expectation is that her show-stopping, sassy sitcom is only going to continue to bring home the money for Behrs and her co-star Dennings. What's even better is how complementary both Behr and Dennings are of each other. Dennings has referred to Behrs as "amazing" and "kind." They both have a mutual admiration; a pleasant surprise in an industry that is full of competition and jealousy. The only thing we're jealous of is how amazing Behrs is in this casual photo of her character in a state of relative undress. The photo is as hot as it gets and we are just thankful to have had the pleasure to honor these two gorgeous women!

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15 Hottest Photos Of The 2 Broke Girls Cast