15 Hottest Photos of NY Ink's Megan Massacre

Tons of people these days are positively obsessed with Megan Massacre, and it's not hard to see why. First of all, she's been incredibly successful in her career of choice - tattoo artistry. She started off years ago, but has climbed to the very top of the industry, now a major part of Netflix's newest tattoo series, Bondi Ink Tattoo. Before that, she was the darling of TLC's NY Ink and America's Worst Tattoos. Things have been going very well for Megan Massacre. And to top it all off, she's also a really great person. She's a vegetarian and a staunch animal rights activist, and has even used her tattoo shop to raise money for animal shelters in the past. It's hard to hate someone like that!

As a matter of fact, it's quite easy to fall in love with a girl like Megan Massacre. Alongside her successful tattoo career, she has also been an extremely popular model. Let's just make one thing clear: Megan Massacre is insanely hot. If you don't believe me, you can check out the pictures below and get proven wrong. Whether her pictures are from her Instagram page, photoshoots, or smoking hot magazine features in publications like Inked Magazine, Megan Massacre manages to look hot 100% of the time. Not bad for a girl that has amazing artistic talent as well as drop dead gorgeous good looks. So...are you ready for the 15 hottest pictures of this tatted up babe?


15 Lollipop Babe

Megan Massacre looks unbelievably hot in this picture. But let's be honest - she looks hot in all her pictures. She's rocking the red hair in this pic, and gives off the vibe of a sexy, alternative Jessica Rabbit. Her stunning chest tattoos are on full display as she wears a very revealing top, and her arm tattoos are shown off in stunning detail. Pictures like this prove that Megan Massacre is one of the hottest girls on reality TV these days.

There's also the fact that she's licking a lollipop in an extremely suggestive manner. This action gives off the vibe that she's just an innocent little girl, which is a nice juxtaposition considering the fact that she's covered in tattoos. But are tattoos really the mark of a "bad girl" anymore? It seems like everyone has them these days, but it must be said that Megan Massacre's tattoos are very unique.

14 Red Head Bombshell


Here's another stunningly beautiful picture of the famous tattoo artist Megan Massacre. This picture seems to be a lot more innocent than a lot of her other pictures, and she just looks like a normal girl. She's lying back on a bed with her hair spread out behind her, showing off her luscious locks to the full potential. It must be said, she looks a lot like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, except for the fact that she's covered in tattoos. Wouldn't it be cool if she cosplayed as Ariel one day?

The innocence that is exuded in this picture sums up her personality so perfectly. Yes, she's a tattoo artist and she is part of a scene that is seen as grungy and alternative, but deep down she's just a girl that's really into a unique form of art. Her eyes sparkle with that innocence, and her smile is heartwarming to say the least.

13 Beach Hottie

If you want to find hot pictures of Megan Massacre, her Instagram page is a great place to look. Just like most girls these days, Megan takes to social media to post all kinds of hot pictures of herself doing all kinds of crazy things. Sometimes she's just posting pictures of her newest tattoos on Instagram, both on herself and on her clients. But other times, she posts some really hot pictures of herself. This is a clear example of one of those pictures.

She shows us a rare example of her body in swimwear, and we are not disappointed. She looks stunning in her pink one-piece, and her hair looks so damn cute when it's all wet like this. Even hotter is the pose she's taking -  kneeling down and feeding some kind of lizard. She seems like the kind of girl that would be really fun to vacation with. If I had to guess, I'd say she was visiting the Galapagos Islands. Looks like fun!

12 Just Another Day At Work


Other Instagram pictures on her account are more spur of the moment images, but that doesn't mean they're any less hot. Just take this one for example. Here's Megan in her everyday work clothes, getting ready to do a project. She wears some smoking hot short shorts that show off those sexy, shapely legs, and a cropped shirt that leaves her midriff open. Although this might have been intended as an innocent update of what she was doing during the day, it came across as incredibly sexy.

This raises an interesting point. Megan seems to be able to look sexy without even trying. Even when she's just working her job on a normal day, she just can't help but exude all kinds of sex appeal. How does she do it? It seems she has that rare look of a girl who seems to make guys fall in love whenever she goes, while at the same time staying true to herself.

11 Sultry In Blue 

Wow, these pictures are starting to heat up! If you haven't already noticed, Megan Massacre is known for a whole lot more than just her career as a tattoo artist. She's also a model, and has been doing this since 2007. Throughout her career, she's appeared on massive publications that specialize in showing the world the hottest "alternative girls" such as Inked Magazine. I think it's safe to say that issues of these magazines with her on the cover probably sold a lot more copies than the average issue.

Pictures like these are a testament to why she became so successful as a model. She wears a tiny, tight blue piece of lingerie that expertly shows off her every curve and a scandalous amount of skin. She's on her knees on a classy black couch, and her orange hair looks stunning once again. Pictures like these really take your breath away...

10 Lost In The Woods


Of course, Megan Massacre's hair wasn't always red. She's gone through tons of changes over the years, and she's obviously someone who loves altering her appearance. That much is clear to see, considering her body is covered with all kinds of tattoos. It shouldn't come as a surprise then, that she regularly changes her hair color. She's had red, blonde, and black hair in the past, and it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see her dying her hair even more exotic colors in the future.

This picture is amazingly hot. She shows that she can look incredibly sexy whatever her hair color may be. There are a lot of people who would say that they prefer her hair blonde or red, but there is something very appealing about a girl with black hair, especially if she's going for the kinky BDSM look that is clear to see in this particular photo. She's wearing a kinky piece of lingerie made out of what looks like latex, topped off by some very sexy heels. She looks like a damsel in distress, lost in the woods. So hot.

9 Steam Punk Beauty 

Megan Massacre loves to dress up in all kinds of outfits. She's definitely part of that generation that's obsessed with cosplay and taking on new personas for at least a few hours, and she really rocks this steampunk/cyberpunk look. I could definitely see her in movies like The Matrix or Blade Runner, especially when she's wearing an outfit as sexy as this one.

She looks like she's wielding some kind of pistol, but that's not what our eyes are drawn to here. Clinging tightly to her thighs are a pair of some of the hottest fishnet stockings ever. She's not even wearing a skirt, just a flimsy little piece of latex to cover her modesty. And once again she has a unique hairstyle, with part of her hair shaved off in that punk look that's so in right now. She looks both intimidating and sexy at the same time, and that's what Megan Massacre is all about.


8 Wasteland Wanderer 


Here's another interesting and undeniably sexy outfit Megan Massacre squeezed into for a photoshoot. She looks like she belongs in the world of Mad Max or Fallout. She's ready to rumble as she hoists up a badass looking shotgun. And those clothes were definitely designed for combat too. They definitely don't offer that much protection, but I think it's safe to say that she's a lot more flexible in those tiny shorts. Her hair is a little strange but somehow it just adds to the overall sexiness.

Although the last two pictures have shown Megan Massacre holding up guns, she would never hurt a fly. Literally. She's a staunch vegetarian and an activist for animal rights. This is so admirable, and a lot of people would probably find her even more appealing upon hearing this news. Turns out she's not only sexy, but a really great person as well. Still, I wouldn't want to run into her in a post-apocalyptic world if she looked like this...

7 Fooling Around

Here's another mouth-watering picture of Megan Massacre. Her personality shines through in this picture - as a girl that really just likes to fool around and have fun. But it's also an incredibly sexy picture. It exudes innocence and sex appeal at the same time, which is always the best kind of hotness. Those amazing stockings suit her perfectly, and make her legs look positively delicious.

You might be wondering if a hot girl like Megan ever gets hit on when she's at work doing tattoos. She actually answered this question once in an interview:"Not often, I think my customers come to me for a different kind of experience. They're more concerned about getting a quality tattoo. However, I do have one crazy story in particular. A few years back I tattooed a client that wanted a pretty interesting tattoo. It was a tattoo of a naked pin-up girl, on his stomach, placed in a way to look like she was peeking out of the top of his boxers and she also had the tattoo "your mom"on her arm. I thought the tattoo was weird but funny."

6 She Wants You


Here's another hot picture which is obviously from the same photoshoot as the last one. While the last one was more innocent, this one takes on a decidedly different tone. Instead of looking coy and playful, Megan has this hungry look in her eyes. That expression says one thing: "I want you." She's also on her hands and knees, which gives off a very primal and animalistic feel. Imagine her crawling towards you in bed. That would be an unforgettable experience. But what about her most memorable experiences?

As you might have guessed, the moments that stay with her involve her passion - tattoos. She recalls one memorable client: "One I've done very recently was on a loyal customer of mine named Liela. She has these two tiny, cute chihuahuas that are service dogs to help her with anxiety. She brings them with her to every tattoo session, the two of them just chilling right next to her calmly and patiently comforting her. When she asked me to tattoo their dog portraits on her, I was stoked!"

5 Dressed Comfortably 

Okay, now these pictures are starting to get seriously hot! If you've never seen Megan Massacre's sexy pictures before, I bet you're starting to see her in a whole new light. When she's at work or on television, normally she doesn't show off her body quite like this. But she's no stranger to photoshoots like these. In fact, she's even posed nude a few times. But that's something you're going to have to Google for yourself! This particular photo might as well be nude, considering the fact that she's only wearing some tiny panties and a bra. This full body picture really shows how smoking hot Megan's body is.

You might be slowly falling in love with Megan Massacre after seeing all of these photos. Don't feel bad, you're not alone. Many guys want this amazing woman. But what does Megan want from a man? She talked recently about her ideal man: "I usually like guys who are ambitious and passionate when it comes to their careers. Also creative, and little eccentric. I think my favorite [tattoo] placement for a guy is when they have a full front torso tattoo that's neck to stomach."

4 Beautiful Pose


There's no denying that this is a very sexy picture of Megan Massacre. She is writhing and contorting her body in the hottest way imaginable, and this pose shows off just how hot her legs are. They look strong and firm, and you just know that she would be a real handful in the bedroom. Once again her black hair looks stunning, and she's wearing an incredibly seductive one piece lingerie that is transparent in all the right places. She was obviously very famous and popular as a model because of photos like these.

But how did she get popular on reality TV? Well, it all started with her appearance on TLC's show, NY Ink. Instantly, the audience fell in love with her and she was a huge hit. Sadly, the show was cancelled in 2013, but that didn't stop Megan's rise to fame. She later landed roles in TLC's show, America's Worst Tattoos, and nowadays she's famous for her role in a Netflix series called Bondi Ink Tattoo.

3 Covergirl 

Here's an example of one her covers from the famed magazine, Inked. Her hotness is undeniable in this picture, and whoever came up with the idea to put Megan on the cover deserves a gold medal, or at least a raise. I'm willing to bet that this issue sold a lot more copies than usual, with Megan being the deciding factor. She looks incredibly hot in a pair of black panties, as well as a kinky spiked bra that shows off as much of her body and tattoos as possible.

Speaking of tattoos, ever wonder what Megan's favorite tattoo is on her own body? She actually answered this question, saying, "I have a few favorites, it changes from time to time. I think right now my favorite is my sacred heart tattooed on my left hand by my friend, artist Tim Hendricks. It was extra special for me because I had wanted both a sacred heart tattoo and a tattoo from Tim for years. Unbeknownst to me we both happened to be working at a tattoo convention back in my small hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, so I jumped on this special opportunity!"

2 Jaw-Dropping Curves


This is definitely one of the hottest pictures of Megan Massacre. She's wearing a tiny, barely-there bodysuit and it shows off her curves better than any other outfit imaginable. She may be a small and somewhat skinny girl, but she shows that she has some surprisingly nice curves in this picture. Her butt has a perfect shape from a profile view, and it's no wonder why so many guys are so obsessed with her. The color of her hair, the mix of yellow, and red, and orange, make it look like she's on fire. That would make sense, considering her body is 100% smoking hot.

Yes, guys and people in general are obsessed with Megan Massacre, but it wasn't always this way, as Megan herself remembers: "When I first started nobody thought I was cool for it, they thought I was a weirdo, especially because I was a girl. My friends thought I was weird and if I went outside I would have women come up to me and tell me I'm ruining my life and that I was going to regret my tattoos when I was older."

1 Her Body Is A Piece Of Art

This is probably the hottest picture of Megan Massacre out there. She's basically nude. I say basically because she's clearly wearing a bra and we can see just a hint of her underwear, but if you look at this photo from a certain angle, it's almost like she doesn't have any underwear on at all! Sorry if I ruined that illusion for you. But it is a beautiful illusion, right? This image is also very hot because it's very tasteful. Megan Massacre is not trying to put on any persona. It's just... her. And she looks cuter and sexier than ever.

Although tattoos were once seen as controversial and the sign of a degenerate, things are changing now, as Megan herself can attest to: "Two or three years into my career I saw the culture become more mainstream as shows like New York Ink and Bondi Ink popped up - and it brought it into a whole new light. People were able to see that we were normal people and artists and not drunks or drug addicts or gang members."

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