15 Hottest Photos of Megan Fox in Yoga Pants

Almost everyone in the world knows who Megan Fox is because she became one of the hottest stars the minute that she hit Hollywood. Amongst unwelcome talk of her being the next Angelina Jolie and makin

Almost everyone in the world knows who Megan Fox is because she became one of the hottest stars the minute that she hit Hollywood. Amongst unwelcome talk of her being the next Angelina Jolie and making the cover of almost every Men’s magazine for a couple of years, Megan Fox quickly became a household name. Despite her bikini clad photos and racy magazine spreads, Fox prefers to wear yoga pants, baggy tank tops, and large glasses most of her days. That is why the paparazzi have captured photo upon photo of the voluptuously beautiful star in tight yoga leggings, and luckily for you, we have tracked down the 15 hottest.

In her 15 years in the industry, Megan Fox has moved from television to film in one of the most blockbuster hits of the Summer in 2007 when Michael Bay directed Transformers. After the role in Transformers Megan Fox mania exploded and she was featured on the cover of magazines like Maxim, FHM, and Rolling Stone. While her career has stagnated as of late, there were still plenty of great moments in Fox's career.

You may have seen plenty of Megan Fox pictures over the years, but these 15 may be among your very favorite.

15 Matching Yoga Pants and Jacket


This photo features the sexy actress in a skin tight pink top paired with a matching black leggings and jacket combo. Ready for her closeup in a morning interview, Megan Fox is an actress who definitely always makes for a great interview.

Since her start making regular appearances in 2001 on the series Hope & Faith Fox has been noted for her remarkable good looks, raven-black hair, and green eyes. The starlet was born in Memphis, Tennessee or Oak Ridge, Tennessee depending on who is asked. When Fox was just three years old her father, a parole officer, and her mother divorced. As a result she was raised primarily by her mother and stepfather in a strict Pentecostal household. Growing up she couldn’t have boyfriends or invite friends over to the house which really stifled the social young woman. As a result she only lived with her mother until she saved up enough money to move out on her own.

14 Rocking Out In Sunglasses


As a young girl Megan Fox was always interested in dance and modelling and although moving around a bit she stayed involved in both until finally relocating to Los Angeles. When she was still living in Tennessee, in a town called Kingston, Fox started studying dance and drama at the community center. She also stayed active on the Kingston Clippers swim team while singing in the Kingston Elementary School’s chorus. When the girl was ten years old the family relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida where she continued to work hard in hopes of making it in the entertainment industry. Fox started her modelling career at 13 when she won several awards in Hilton Head, South Carolina at the 1999 American Modelling and Talent Convention. With this huge success as her guide Megan Fox tested out of high school via correspondence and moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her acting and modelling career.

13 Pink is Clearly Her Color

On her way somewhere in her dark gray yoga pants and hot pink top with matching pink flower hair piece Megan Fox is always looking so fine. In interviews actress Megan Fox often brings up her experience with schooling growing up. Though she looks like (and is often cast in) the ‘popular girl’ stereotype, Megan Fox often claims that she was bullied for most of middle school. She wasn’t bullied for her looks or weight but instead because she got along better with men which never sits well with fellow women. Because of this she spent a lot of time eating her lunch in a bathroom stall alone. She has only really had one girlfriend in her life and cites the reason that she’s just too aggressive. Megan Fox has also said how little she vibed with formal education and felt that she wasn’t getting anything out of it and couldn’t wait to move on.

12 Baby Got Back

Generally when Megan Fox puts on yoga pants she is photographed from behind and that’s probably because she keeps her figure and has a pretty voluptuous backside. These printed yoga leggings really accentuate her finer features and with Megan Fox all the features are fine. When she was just fifteen she got her first role opposite Ashley Olsen in Holiday in the Sun which helped her land some small but crucial roles on various television shows. Megan Fox has also appeared on the show What I Like About You and Two and a Half Men. Like in her regular life, Fox was cast as the rival to teen idols like Ashley Olsen and Lindsay Lohan. Her next big role after the Olsen twins film was Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen which helped her get the experience needed to land the regular role on ABC television show Hope & Faith.

11 Megan Fox is a Fan of Printed Leggings

This time the star is pictured getting into her car in neon pastel tribal printed leggings, a boyfriend sweatshirt, and sneakers. The real transformative role for Fox was in Transformers opposite Shia LaBeouf. The live-action film based on the toys that were popular in the 80s and 90s won Fox two awards. After the first Transformers film Fox won the category of “Breakthrough Performance” at the MTV Movie Awards and was nominated for three Teen Choice Awards which sparked the producers to sign Fox on for two more Transformers films. During the filming of the second Transformers movie the actress briefly made headlines with director Michael Bay asked her to gain ten pounds for filming. Though she was signed on for three moviesFox was not in the third movie and there is much controversy surrounding the possible reasons. After filming her second movie with Michael Bay, Megan Fox famously compared working with the director to working under Hitler, a comment that is said to have gotten her kicked off the picture.

10 Ballet Flats and Yoga Pants for the Perfect Casual Look

In this photo Fox has paired black yoga pants with a black flouncy shirt and adorable cat eye glasses along with white ballet flats. This kind of effortless outfit still looks sexy on her flawless figure which is one reason that Megan Fox is an American sex symbol. Another step for her to get to sex symbol status was her big role that followed the Transformers films, Jennifer’s Body. The script was written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody. Unfortunately, her next role was in Jonah Hex which was voted the “worst picture of the year” by Houston Film Critics Society and wasn’t distributed outside of the United States because of its poor performance. Though she was listed at top billing in the feature Megan Fox stated that she made more of a cameo in the box office dud. These couple of movie roles unfortunately started a downward spiral for Fox’s career.

9 Megan Fox Bent Over in Yoga Pants

Pictured on the same day as our opening photo, this one earns an even higher spot on our list because we are sure you love the angle. Bent over while promoting a film, Fox is featured clearly rocking those super tight yoga leggings. It was in 2004 that Megan Fox first started dating Brian Austin Green, a television actor whose career had already hit a pretty definite plateau. When they first started dating she was 18 and he was 30 which led to their relationship being displayed all over the tabloid headlines when news first came out. The couple became engaged in 2006 but broke off the engagement in 2009 before calling it back on one year later. Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green in a Maui ceremony in the Summer of 2010. Fox serves as a stepmother to the actor’s son from a previous marriage and have three children together. Their boys names are Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

8 Short Yoga Capris

Like most things in her life, Megan Fox is really open about past history with men. It is no secret that she was always getting along with older men throughout her teens and twenties. But while the American public may view Fox as a sex crazed wild woman, the actress informed the world that she’s only slept with two men in her life; Brian Austin Green and her childhood sweetheart. The actress actually calls herself antisocial and prefers to stay in and play games instead of go out clubbing or dancing. Megan Fox stated that she could never have a one night stand and claims that she definitely regrets not being able to set the record straight on her image, she believes that it could have gone differently for her in her career if she had. Fox believes that the media has turned her into a cartoon character. Aside from what she refers to as her sexually vanilla life, Fox has told GQ and later publications that she is bisexual and had fallen in love with a female stripper in her late teens.

7 Walking With Bottle In Hand

With a book and a water bottle in hand Megan Fox is pictured in neutral toned striped capri yoga pants paired with an army jacket, t-shirt, and big sunglasses. Despite her universal sex symbol status Fox still holds her Christian faith very close to her heart. Growing up it was common for her church congregation to speak in tongues and Fox still fights back bursting into tongues during services at her current house of worship. One reason she is so involved in her faith is because she has suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, self-harming behavior, and low self-esteem stemming from her various insecurities. Aside from these mental struggles Megan Fox also has a physical deformity called brachydactyly which is essentially a clubbed thumb. The star often says that she’s not a fan of media attention and at one point claimed that no one wanted to come around her because of all of the paparazzi.

6 Yoga Pants and a V-Neck

Megan Fox firmly believes that she has been typecast as an actress who can only play a sexualized character, which is great when she delivers a good performance but does hinder her ability to get certain roles. She was so overexposed in the media that a weird boycott of Megan Fox was stirred up among several men’s websites that asked the publications to refrain from posting anything about Megan Fox for just one day. This is how much the young actress was featured in sexualized photos and articles, but not all of the men’s mags complied. Some started a Megan Fox Boycott Boycott and The Sun even held a “Megan Fox” day saying that the actress deserved her very own day. Fox herself was interviewed in Nylon and blamed the Transformers crew for this backlash. She worries that because of this the public is now sick of her, hindering her ability to any roles in the future.

5 Angry in Gray Capri Yoga Pants

Anyone who has photographers following them around constantly could agree that that would anger them. In this photo Megan Fox is pictured screaming and pointing which is probably directed at the same person that is taking the photos. Despite looking a bit upset the star still looks super hot in her skin tight yoga pants. After her work in Transformers Fox got a lot of attention from the media, eventually being labeled the “sex symbol of the highest order". She was also called the first sex symbol of the 21st century by multiple publications. Because of this fame and her level of hotness Megan Fox has been on the cover of tons of magazines since her original rise to fame in the mid 2000’s. The actress and model was on the cover of Maxim in 2007 as well as Cosmo Girl, Paw Print, Jack (Italy), and UK FHM. The next year the actress was featured on the cover of popular magazine GQ in the US and UK as well as Empire, Maxim, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, and ELLE.

4 Yoga Pants Model

Via imgur

In Megan Fox’s modelling days she acquired tons of votes as “the hottest” and “most beautiful” woman of the year, even being called the sexiest woman of the year in 2008 by People magazine. This photo clearly shows why as the actress flaunts her outstanding features in all the right ways. In 2012 she was named 2012’s woman most beautiful at every age. It was that year that she had a lead role in This is 40 as well as making a cameo appearance in The Dictator. Although she has said that her looks have gotten her typecast as a sex symbol which automatically rules her out of other roles, she has still found success.

Fox also definitely looked amazing in 2011 when she co-starred in Friends with Kids alongside big stars like Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. 2012 was clearly a big year for Fox, as it was also the same year as the first pregnancy of the three children she’s had with Brian Austin Green.

3 Megan Fox as the Next Angelina Jolie

As mentioned, Megan Fox is pretty sure that being typecast as a sex symbol has restricted her career growth. Another aspect of that same dilemma is the constant comparison that the media made between Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. This was probably due to their similar features. Both stars are also more tattooed than most of Hollywood and both were immediately referred to as sex symbols after their entrance into the film industry. At one point during the height of Fox’s fame she was rumored to replace Angelina Jolie in a new Lara Croft film, but word quickly spread that Jolie was not pleased with that idea.

Megan Fox spoke out about how it embarrassed her to be compared to the superstar Academy Award-winning actress and that if the two met Fox would be mortified. Many critics unnecessarily dissected the differences between both sexy stars and decided that the differentiation became apparent when looking at the political interest and intelligence. Jolie speaks out loudly about banning land mines and the repatriation of war refugees while Fox has never been known for her political opinions.

2 Getting Into Her Car

Adorned with a pink floral crown, Megan Fox is looking sweet and innocent; we can’t even see any of her tattoos. That’s surprising because the young woman has eight known tattoos, art that she started adding at the age of 19. Of her more personal ink is her husband’s name prominently written on her lower hip. She also has a small crescent moon over a star on her ankle which is the only known color art that she displays on her body. One of her most visible former tattoos was on her right forearm and was a very large and prominent portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

She got the Marilyn Monroe tattoo as a young girl because she loved the actress and thought that it would almost be a mascot of her life. As she grew up Fox learned that Monroe was actually a very negative person, bipolar even, and decided that she no longer aimed to emulate the life of the late star and as a result had the tattoo removed.

1 The Sexiest Star in Yoga Pants

In a world where girls take scantily clad photos and upload them to free sites like Instagram how did Megan Fox rise to stardom? Some think that she is a well-read student of Hollywood and that she has played the game with cunning and strategy. Though she sometimes seems ditzy, every interview that she gives has at least one giant quote that the media just eats right up. Whether Fox is talking about having a lesbian love affair with a stripper or comparing the director that gave her fame to a Nazi dictator, she is tabloid fertilizer and has kept herself in the media cycle with this self-preserving behavior.

Some of these claims didn’t even turn out to be true, like the stripper lesbian Nikita, but they still got her the press that she needed to stay relevant amongst some pretty tragic casting post Transformers.

While she is not planning to act in 2017, we are sure that we haven’t seen the last of Megan Fox.

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15 Hottest Photos of Megan Fox in Yoga Pants