15 Hottest Photos Of Kate Upton By The Water

Kate Upton. There aren't two other words in the English language that provide such interest and excitement as the supermodel and actress.

Kate Upton. There aren't two other words in the English language that provide such interest and excitement as the supermodel and actress. She is a swimsuit model and icon all over the world. Upton has seemingly been around for years, but the reality is she is still very young and the best of her is yet to come (if you don't count the leaked naked photos of her all over the Internet). Kate Upton is a dream to look at, eye candy for countless men (and a few women) all across the globe.

Kate Upton is still young, still just 24-years-old! It's crazy to think about, but this beauty hasn't been around nearly as long as some would think. At just 18-years of age, this busty blonde hit the mainstream vernacular with her voluptuous assets and a commercial appearance. Since then, Sports Illustrated has cornered the market on the Kate Upton business, and what a business it has been! Upton's body has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue multiple times. Kate Upton has made a few scary film appearances and is marrying a stud major league baseball pitcher. Life is good for Kate Upton and we love watching her live it! These are Kate Upton's 15 Hottest Photos by the Water.

15 Ahoy!

If Kate Upton is the captain of this ship, sign us up for this cruise! Upton arrived in this world June 10, 1992. She was born in St. Joseph, Michigan. Katherine Elizabeth Upton wasn't born a supermodel, but certainly, she grew up to be one. But long before Upton was filling out bathing suits in epic fashion, she was a Michigan girl whose family had a pretty impressive background. For those who don't know, Upton is part of the Whirlpool Corporation windfall. Frederick Upton, her great-grandfather, was, in fact, the co-founder of Whirlpool. And in case you are wondering, that would be an S&P 500 company that is worth billions and billions of dollars. To say that Upton was a bit charmed from the start would be a massive understatement. Combined with her natural bodacious beauty, she also happened to have immediate family that craps money.

14 The Move

So this was Kate Upton pretty early on. Yeah, this photo is the kind of spank bank pic that creates legends. Upton is just scratching the surface as a teenage model here, but, oh, wow. Immediately, we are drawn to her natural assets, and by that, we mean boobs. But in addition to having an impressive set of curves, Upton also sports the kind of super-beauty that all women hope to achieve. She is a natural bombshell. Her looks were most likely well-received upon her family's move to Florida. Upton was 9 when her family moved down to Melbourne, Florida. She attended Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (if you're thinking sexy catholic school girl outfit here, we can't blame you). It had to be rough attending high school with this beauty. Boys, break out the jeans. The sweatpants are gonna show way too much!

13 It's in the Blood

When many people think about Kate Upton (and by "many people," we are referring to the countless men who strategically imagine her in the bathroom) they think a blonde with big boobs. Upton also sports sexy dirty-blonde hair. But aside from her breasts, her face is spectacular. Kate Upton is truly a beautiful woman. Her cat-like blue eyes are the perfect compliment to her 34DD breasts. She has her parents to thank for her beauty and they were no slouches themselves. Both were athletic in their day. In fact, Kate's mom, Shelly, was a former Texas State Champion in tennis. Her father, Jeff, was a high school athletics director. And Kate enjoyed riding horses as a youth. The young equestrian was quite the rider in her day and competed at the national level.

12 Nice Ride

Somehow, Kate Upton has gotten some slack here and there for being too chunky at times. For that, we tell those Internet trolls to go to hell. Kate Upton was apparently sexy and beautiful enough for impressive repeat efforts on Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, but body shamers came out because Upton wasn't quite pretty enough for Victoria's Secret lingerie and others jumped on board to double-down on Upton's supposed "weight issues." The fact is, Upton has been an athlete since she was young. When she rode horses, she wasn't just a privileged girl drilling out time, she competed and won. Upton competed and finished near, or at the top, on many events. She finished off her riding career with two top 5 finished at the 14-18 competitions in 2009. And in just 2 years, Upton would go from a relatively unknown, albeit a beautiful teenager, to a worldwide sensation.

11 360 Degrees of Beauty

If there was any question if Kate Upton would make it as a model, this picture above should certainly confirm any and all thoughts on the subject. Upton's features are well-documented (and we've already spoken about her boobs and face repeatedly here), but she has other features that draw our attention. First off, check out the birthmarks, in particular, the one just above her lip (a-la-Cindy Crawford). Also check out Upton's eyes and how sensual they are. It is an impressive combination when you add in all the other dynamic attributes Upton sports. That says nothing to her beautiful smile. Just so impressive and we can't emphasize impressive enough. These are just a few reasons why Upton has enjoyed so much success, so fast.

10 A Model is Born

For some people, success can strike like lightning. And when you can pose in a bikini like Kate Upton does, as she is above in this picture, it is quite understandable how you can draw attention from the entire world. In 2008, Kate Upton was a 16-year-old model-in-the-making and a casting call for Elite Model Management down in Florida opened just the door for Upton. She was signed the same day. After some time with Elite, Upton moved to New York to play with the big dogs and signed with IMG Models. It didn't take long for Upton to make a big splash. She got gigs modeling for Dooney & Bourke and Garage. She then became the 2010-11 featured model for Guess, a huge score. Upton was well on her way.

9 Upton Cracks SI

Yeah, "they're real and they're spectacular!" Kate Upton found her way into the pages of the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2011. Upton was featured in the body paint portion of the spread. A young Upton made quite the impact with her upper torso getting decorated with body paint that resembled jewelry hanging down and around both of her breasts. Naturally, there was a quite a bit of side boob for the shoot, but the her impact on the public was quite obvious. Upton was named "Rookie of the Year" for her appearance in the magazine. It was clear from the beginning that Upton's figure was made to fill out bathing suits and her modeling gigs didn't slow down. Her appearance in SI made her a model greatly in demand.

8 Godly Intentions

Kate Upton may have a body for sin, but she is a big believer in God. She comes from a Catholic school upbringing. So it shouldn't be a surprise that she has carried those beliefs into adulthood. What is surprising though, was a time when Upton was doing a photo shoot and had a cross hanging around her neck. The photographer made a sarcastic comment to her and they made her remove the cross for the shoot. That didn't sit well with Upton but she understood that as a professional, it wasn't her call to wear it. In order to guarantee the incident never occurred again, Upton had a tattoo of a cross inked on her finger so it could be with her each and every day. God plays an important role in her life.

7 Lovin' the Meat

Kate Upton's body seems to draw her fans with every photo taken and published of her. But there was no response that was so incredible as a commercial which vaulted Upton to meteoric status. Carl's Jr./Hardee's was on a roll displaying beautiful women eating sloppy burgers. So they inserted the fresh-faced covergirl, Kate Upton, into their ad and the response was incredible. The 19-year-old Upton writhed in the back seat as she ate the burger. The creative director who oversaw the commercial shoots said Upton was the "hottest" model/actress they had ever worked with. Within a short period of time, multiple versions of Upton's ads had garnered over 4.5 million views on the Internet. The Carl's Jr site itself reported a 104% increase in traffic. An additional 120,000 people amazingly added the Carl's Jr. (and Hardee's) brand to their Facebook accounts almost overnight. To say the commercial was a hit would be an understatement. Both the company and Upton enjoyed a tremendous bump off the ad.

6 Not Just a Model

Kate Upton's appeal was growing by the day. 2011 would turn out to be a big year. Not only did she shoot the aforementioned sexy Carl's Jr. ad, but she was dipping her toe into the entertainment business for the very first time. Upton was moving beyond her hot model persona and transitioning into the entertainment biz. Things were blowing up so fast, an Internet video in April 2011 of Upton at a Clippers game of all places (this is when they sucked) showed her doing the "dougie" hip-hop dance. The video went viral and showed Upton's powerful brand. An appearance on the television show Tosh.O was followed up with a small role in the film Tower Heist. Upton was well on her way to conquering multiple industries and she started signing movie deals.

5 Upton Flourishes Everywhere

Kate Upton's naturally well-endowed figure has helped propel her to legendary status with her fans. Her beautiful face is the kicker and advertisers started lining up to have her be part of their brand. With the Carl's Jr/Hardee's ad showing an amazing kick for the company, it was apparent that Upton was "in-demand." She was once again chosen for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit cover and appeared all across the globe in magazines and on covers. Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, V, LOVE, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, Esquire and Vanity Fair all lined up with open arms to do shoots with Upton. The beauty was on-fire.

4 Topping the Charts

Kate Upton has had a prodigious effect on men. Her beauty has never been in question and she has been able to take her beautiful smile and bodacious body public with great success. Men have been a big audience for the glamour model and verging young star. In 2012, ranked her the 5th sexiest model. AskMen ranked her #3 in 2013 for their Top 99 Women pole. Vanity Fair chose Upton in 2013 for their 100th anniversary cover shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. Also in 2013, Upton was named Model of the Year at the Style Awards in New York.  Then there were the multiple dance videos that had Upton going viral. If anybody questioned Upton's visceral effect on the public, it was answered 10-fold with a bullet. Everybody wanted to see more of Upton.

3 A Leading Lady

Kate Upton was already dominating the headlines in the modeling business. She wasn't a cookie-cutter stick like many models. She was a naturally curvaceous beauty and it put Upton in a special category of models. Her appeal was broad and Upton became a leading lady. First, Upton landed a bigger role in 2014's film The Other Woman. The co-starring role had Upton front-and-center, acting along the side of heavy hitters Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. Upton's acting was widely applauded and she showed she wasn't just a pretty face. People bestowed its first ever "Sexiest Woman" title to Upton in 2014. Then Upton was featured in Game of War: Fire Age's $40 million ad campaign. Upton was everywhere and continued to grow her appeal, becoming a success across nearly every medium imaginable. And oh, yeah, she still looked incredibly hot in bathing suits.

2 Getting Personal

Kate Upton may be every man's dream, but in reality she has been pretty quiet about her love life until recent years. She has carried on a long-term relationship since she was 21 with stud Detroit Tigers pitching ace Justin Verlander. Just this past year (2017), Verlander and Upton got engaged. Of course, their private life became exposed tenfold when hackers jumped into Upton's personal photos and delivered private snapshots of herself and her major league pitcher boyfriend all over the Internet in 2014. Upton was part of a massive leak that included numerous other A-list hotties across varying entertainment fields. The drama didn't derail her relationship and the two are currently planning their wedding. As Upton enters her prime in the entertainment business, the 33-year-old Verlander is winding down in his. It will be interesting to see how the two manage her success.

1 Today and the Future

2017 started strangely for Upton. There were rumors that if she wasn't chosen as the cover model for Sports Illustrated's latest swimsuit issue, there would be real trouble. Perhaps all the success could be getting to Upton's head? Either way, she was chosen and three different photos were used for the release. In addition to that, Upton has two prominent roles in feature films coming up this year. After a few years off, her supporting role in The Disaster Artist which is a James Franco film and the William H. Macy vehicle The Layover, in which Upton stars with Alexandra Daddario, Molly Shannon, Kal Penn and Macy (starring and directing) will be due out this year. With two films hitting the big screen and the SI cover again in Upton's arsenal, there is no doubt that she will once again be on top and in the public eye for the foreseeable future...and that's just how we want it!


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