15 Hottest Photos of Jennifer Brennan From Shipping Wars

Jennifer Brennan has been getting quite the reputation these days. First of all, she's incredibly hot. That much is clear just by looking at her. In fact, she's probably one of the hottest MILFs on TV these days. If you've never seen her before, she appeared on the hit show Shipping Wars, which was a knock-off of Storage Wars. When she started appearing in this show, I'm willing to bet the ratings started to skyrocket. She just brought so much to the show. Personality, work ethic, and most importantly, incredible hotness. There are a lot of people who are totally obsessed with this lady these days, and she's getting quite the cult following. And it's easy to see why. For a woman who's 48, she's insanely hot. She seems to have taken incredibly good care of her body, and it really shows.

Her smile is amazingly sexy and suggestive, and her skin is almost flawless. She always rocks her signature aviator shades, although she has beautiful eyes behind them. She is unique in that she takes good care of her body, but also is willing to get her hands dirty. No one can deny that she's a hardworking woman, and she's built a successful company that started out as a way for people to ship their large animals, such as exotic horse breeds. Aside from her beautiful face, she also has a smoking hot body that she loves to show off. Prepare for 15 of her hottest pictures ever.


15 Epic Cleavage

For those looking for evidence that Jennifer Brennan is the hottest MILF on reality TV, you need look no further than this stunning, mouth-watering image. Jennifer Brennan gives us her trademark smile wearing her signature aviator shades. Her beautiful mouth and lips look amazingly hot, and her teeth are incredibly white. Her eyebrows are on fleek, and those dimples just add to her already stunning face.

But her face is not what most people's eyes are drawn to. That cleavage is on par with the best we've ever seen. The scandalously low-cut shirt does a great job of showing off her generous bust, and you have to wonder whether or not she's even wearing a bra underneath that shirt. Jennifer Brennan is famous for many things, but it's her award-winning cleavage that steals the show here.

14 Cowgirl 


Jennifer Brennan is a true cowgirl. And she definitely knows how to pull of the farm girl look to the point where it looks incredibly hot. She's definitely not a poser either. She really was raised on a farm, a Texas cattle ranch to be exact, and she spent her early childhood training horses and getting really good at it. She's definitely the kind of girl that can handle anything life can throw at her, and that's hot. She likes to grab life by the horns, if you know what I mean.

She loved to compete with her family in the rodeo circuit as a teen, and she got really good at it. She first started shipping stuff around when she was in college, and the load was usually an exotic type of horse. But nowadays, she ships just about anything, from animals to million dollar sports cars. In this picture, she looks incredibly hot with her short shorts which show off those hot legs of hers. And the cherry on top is that cute cowgirl hat that totally suits her.

13 Sultry Silhouette 

Here's another undeniably hot picture of Jennifer Brennan. As you can see, she looks positively delicious. Her hot body is on full display, but it's done in a classy, artistic way. The photo is in black and white, which always adds a sense of mystery and class to any picture. The cowgirl we all know and love is transformed suddenly into a supermodel, and none of us are really that surprised. It's always been pretty well known that Jennifer Brennan was one of the hottest, if not the hottest babe on Shipping Wars. 

But for those of you who think you have a chance with this hot cowgirl, I have bad news. She's been in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Todd Foster, for many years now, and the two have a child. She still gets a lot of admiration from people though, especially due to her hot body. You have to wonder whether that makes Todd Foster proud, uncomfortable, or a mixture of the two...

12 Couch Babe


In this picture, Jennifer Brennan shows that she is capable of acting completely casual and sexy at the same time. It's almost like she's not even trying - she just exudes this hotness all the time just sitting there. She looks like the kind of girl who's really down to earth, someone you could sit next to and have a conversation with. She's been everywhere and seen it all, so it's a pretty safe bet that she's very non-judgmental about a lot of things. Overall, this picture makes Jennifer Brennan look like someone most people would like to get to know.

But while this picture gives off the vibe of a very friendly girl, you also see another side of her. Her sex appeal. I'm not sure what she's wearing here but it's definitely not doing a great job of covering up that hot body. Her entire leg is on complete display, all the way up her thigh. It looks like she's showing it off, but it also looks pretty innocent. And her sexy high heels are just the icing on the cake.

11 Wet And Wild

Maybe after looking at a picture like this you can understand why Jennifer Brennan is so popular. Her amazing curves are on full display here, and you can see that wet fabric clinging to her body in the hottest way imaginable. Imagine stumbling upon her bathing in the river like this... It would be a completely unforgettable moment. While this is a hot picture, it also reveals a lot about her personality. Since she was raised on a ranch in Texas, she loves nature. She's obviously very at home frolicking around in the water like this.

Her exact age is not known, but some say that she's 48. If that's true, then she's probably the hottest 48-year-old a lot of people have ever seen. All I can say is that I think a lot of young women would be very happy if they ended up looking like her at age 48. This once again is further evidence that Jennifer Brennan is the hottest MILF around these days.

10 Casual Attire


Get ready for what is probably the hottest picture of Jennifer Brennan ever. Here she is posing in a rare picture that fully shows off her amazing, curvy, and undeniably sexy body. I'm not sure when this photoshoot was done, but it looks like she's quite a bit younger than in the other pictures. Whatever the case, this picture is enough to make your jaw drop and your mouth water. She definitely looks like the type of MILF you'd like to see walking around your house, especially if she's wearing something like this.

This little blue onesie is perfect for lounging around the house. But it's also perfect for making guys fall in love with her, and that's exactly what's happening here with this picture. Sure she looks sexy, but she also looks very cute, which pretty much sums up why so many guys (and girls) are so attracted to Jennifer Brennan. This is one picture that you're probably going to want to save.

9 Fooling Around

After watching many episodes of Shipping Wars, we've really gotten a sense of Jennifer Brennan's personality. She takes her job very seriously, but she's also not above fooling around. There's no denying that she works hard, but sometimes you need to just blow off a little steam. And Jennifer Brennan knows this all too well. In this picture, she snaps a silly selfie of herself sticking her tongue out for the camera, and it's a sweet moment that totally sums up what Jennifer Brennan is all about.

But there's also something pretty sexual about this picture. This goes back to the fact that Jennifer Brennan seems to always look hot, even when she's not trying. She might have been merely fooling around when she took this selfie, but her sex appeal was still flaunted in a very undeniable way. Her tongue looks juicy and sweet as she sticks it out, and it makes you wonder just how sweet Jennifer Brennan would taste.


8 Bikini Time


By far the hottest pictures Jennifer Brennan has ever released to the public are the ones where she's wearing a bikini. These pictures really show off her body in a way that no other outfit can, and it's an absolute pleasure to see Jennifer Brennan dressed up in one of her many bikinis. This girl loves the water, and she can't resist the opportunity to show off her bikini body when she goes to the beach or chills at the lake. Fans of hers love it when she squeezes her amazing body into one of her smoking hot bikinis.

This bikini shot in particular is one of her most famous pictures on the web. Once again, she's wearing her signature aviator sunglasses as she relaxes on a beach chair, her body being blasted by warm sunlight. Her skin looks flawless as usual, and once again her lips look delicious as she puckers them up for the camera. So hot. But that bikini top is the main attraction, and you don't have to guess why.

7 Jacuzzi Hottie 

Here's another smoking hot picture of Jennifer Brennan as she floats in a Jacuzzi. Her cleavage is undeniably the main attraction here. That adorable little black bikini top does a great job of showing off those amazing boobs of hers, and it looks like she knows exactly how hot she is. Swimming with her would be wonderful, but it would definitely be a challenge to keep your eyes off those amazing breasts as they splash and bounce around in the water. Her smile is inviting and seductive, but still has that extra little spark of innocence that just adds to her hotness.

She definitely knows how to relax. And why shouldn't she be relaxing? She's accomplished a lot during her life, and if you work hard, you have to find time to play hard as well. And for Jennifer Brennan, that means stripping into a tiny bikini and enjoying the water. To be honest, that sounds like a pretty great way to relax. And it must be a relaxing sight for others, too.

6 She Can Rock A Romper


Jennifer Brennan seems to love wearing rompers. And to be honest, a lot of people enjoy watching her wear rompers too. It seems like the ideal outfit for her, and it shows off her incredible body to its full potential. If you're not familiar with rompers, they're kind of like a cross between shorts and a dress. It might look like Jennifer Brennan is wearing a tiny little skirt in these pictures, but it's actually shorts on the bottom. That doesn't change the fact that it's incredibly revealing though, especially when a girl like Jennifer Brennan is wearing it.

Take your pick. Whenever she wears a romper, Jennifer Brennan seems to look insanely hot. It's hard to know whether it's the fact that this outfit shows off her legs, her breasts, or just everything. I think one of the main factors behind its hotness is the fact that Jennifer just looks really comfortable. The outfit seems to hang off her body in a loose but form-fitting fashion, and it must be nice for her to wear something like that on a really hot day.

5 She Loves Nature

Here is Jennifer Brennan, once again getting nice and wet in her hot, tight dress. This is part of the same photoshoot seen earlier, and it's every bit as hot. Instead of lying down in the river, she stands up, showing off her curves and amazing legs. Once again, the way her wet dress clings to her body is just glorious. This is just such a picturesque moment, and it's definitely one of her hottest ever pictures.

One of the biggest moments in this lady's life was her pregnancy and birth of her first ever child. During her pregnancy, she tweeted: “Thank y’all for all the kind words. I was 6 months in this episode. So hard to keep the secret! Stay tuned for pictures. Here is a sneak peak of me 6 months pregnant. Tune in for more updates!”

4 Flexible Girl 


I love how Jennifer Brennan looks in this photo. She's spreading her legs out pretty far, and I'm sure that many of you didn't expect her to be that flexible. How does she stay in such great shape? According to the rumors, she's almost 50! But those muscles and joints seem as limber as ever! She seems to have taken really good care of her body over the years, and keeping active probably keeps her looking so young.

Is there anything hotter than a girl wearing cowboy boots? Looking at this picture, it's hard to come up with any alternative. Again, she looks incredibly hot without even really trying. She's obviously just hanging out, taking a break at her successful shipping company, and that just makes it even hotter. It's a mark of a real beautiful woman when she can look amazing when she's just wearing everyday clothes with little to no preparation for the pictures.

3 Beautiful Eyes

This is an amazingly hot picture for so many reasons. This is actually such a flattering angle for Jennifer Brennan. Something about looking down at her pretty face while she's looking up at you is incredibly hot. And what a pretty face it is. Her beautiful, flowing hair looks lusciously smooth and shiny, and it cascades all the way down to cover her breasts. Her skin also looks flawless, and her eyebrows are totally on fleek.

But the hottest part about this picture is probably her eyes. Just look at how beautiful they are. Usually, the light hits her face in a way that makes her eyes look dark, but this angle shows the world that her eyes are the most beautiful color. They look like the color of honey or maple syrup mixed with a forest green, and it's just so striking. There's also the fact that she's sexily sticking out her tongue in a very suggestive manner.

2 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


At the end of the day, all of Jennifer Brennan's pictures illustrate one simple fact: Jennifer Brennan is really a just a girl at heart. And you know what they say: Girls just wanna have fun! Most of her pictures show a woman that is really enjoying life, and we're so glad. Her bikini shows off her amazing body, and it's such a pleasure seeing her have fun with her friends.

But if you want to get a girl like Jennifer Brennan, she has some words of advice for you. According to her, the sexiest thing for her is a man who can be a devoted husband and father: "My sister said this a few months ago. She was spot on. There is nothing sexier than a devoted husband and father. I’m lucky to say I have that, even though he isn’t my husband he is amazing and one amazing father!!!! Thank you Todd, I love you.”

1 She Rocked This Music Video

Jennifer Brennan has become a poster girl for the country music scene. That fact was cemented when she appeared in the music video for "Rock This Truck" by Tobacco Road Band. Even if you hate country music, you need to watch this music video. Mute it if you have to. Why? Because this video shows off the hotness of Jennifer Brennan in a way that no other picture can. You really get a sense of how big of a babe she is by the way she flaunts her body and struts her stuff in this video.

The fact that this band wanted to put Jennifer Brennan in their video just goes to show how huge this lady is these days. It was a great move, because this video has gone completely viral, giving a ton of publicity to the country music band. And who knows, maybe this is the start of Jennifer's acting career... I know there would be a ton of people out there that would love to see a lot more of this amazingly hot woman.

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