15 Hottest Photos Of Gold Medal Gymnasts

It's been an entire year since the Summer Olympics, and we must admit that we truly miss the games. Actually, we are in a bit of withdrawal. Can you believe all of the hot women who competed in the games? Women from all around the world, in every event from track and field to swimming, were in tip-top shape and constantly showing everything they’ve got. They're all confident, attractive athletes who are highly skilled and so competitive in a constant playoff atmosphere. And the amount of spandex involved is impossible to ignore.

Another big plus was that the Summer Olympics aired during a sports drought. July and August are always dead. The basketball season is done, hockey is done, baseball playoffs are off in the distance, and football isn't even on the radar. Sure, there's still golf, tennis, and car racing, but those sports are pretty crappy.

The Olympics fed our desires for competition, while also providing moments of patriotism and voyeurism. They surprised us with sports we don't see everyday and supplied us with some major hottie heroes, especially in gymnastics. The games were so fleeting that we still want to see more of our favorite champion gymnasts long after they've won the gold.

15 Aly Raisman

Here is our first pic of Aly Raisman, the 23-year-old, 3-time gold medalist, and Boston-area native who has been all over the pages of Sports Illustrated. This girl does not mind taking off all of her clothes. It's kind of ridiculous. She showed up first for an ESPN skin issue, but then a few years later, she took it to the next level for SI. Recently, Raisman appeared on The Today Show to hype NBC's Olympic Channel. "I think (the Olympic Channel) is really great for the fans, because it allows people to understand the sport better," she said. "They don't see that it's not just Olympic trials — it's all the years before. You have to prove yourself every time. It's important for people to understand that," she added. Wait a second, you mean we have to watch the regular season too? Can't we just watch the playoffs? Oh, man.

14 Cătălina Ponor

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Romanians love gymnastics. And there's one woman responsible for that. You probably have heard of Nadia Comaneci, one of the most decorated and well-respected gymnasts in the history of the sport. The Romanian athlete won big in her peak during the late 1970's. Nadia's influence is still felt in the entire country. Cătălina Ponor won three gold medals at the 2004 Athens Games. She also garnered a medal in London, but failed to reach the podium in Barcelona. You may have noticed her in Barcelona. The beautiful Ponor was much older than the rest of her peers, and therefore appeared much more well-endowed. It's hard to hide in a skintight leotard. In this pic, Ponor took the spandex off and looks way more comfortable in a bikini.

13 Nastia Liukin

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Nastia was quite a contender who scored a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Nastia is actually short for Anastasia. If you know anything about Russian history, you probably have heard of the Russian Revolution that took place around 1920. That was when the Bolsheviks took over the throne and killed the Tzar along with his entire family. You may have gathered this information from the Rolling Stone's song, "Sympathy for the Devil," or maybe you watched the flop of a Disney animated feature, Anastasia. One of the Tzar's youngest daughters was thought to have escaped the family execution and was a legend for years. As it turns out, Anastasia did get killed along with everybody else. Nastia Liukin was named after Anastasia because she was born in Russia. Her family immigrated to the states when she was a toddler.

12 McKayla Maroney

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Ooh, a butterfly. Yeah, that's about all that's needed for a Kodak moment. This girl takes a ton of pics. Most of the time, they are selfies. Her smartphone probably broke because she took so many selfies. Well, that would never happen, but she takes SO MANY that her phone's memory was certainly filled. In this shot, the first of many of McKayla, the gymnast, is sitting by the pool which is another common theme in her pics. The pic is so innocent and sweet, right? This may have been taken just before the girl took a turn for the worse. Or should we say better? Lately, she has been showing more and more skin and wearing more and more makeup. She has embodied the whole Kylie Jenner-style transformation, and her parents must be thrilled.

11 Aly Raisman

This is a good one. Aly is the best. It's already obvious, and the list has basically just begun. Here, we have Miss Raisman in a reclined position laying up against some type of cement wall. Her body has gotten a lot of attention lately. Last June, she appeared at a National Hockey League awards show to present a lifetime achievement award to Marcel Dionne, a 65-year-old Hall of Fame center. Dionne took the award and said, "I am excited to be on stage with three-time Olympic medalist. Look at those legs." Aly tried to smile and nod, but the crowd addressed the comment with some whistles and catcalls. Aly took the incident in stride. In response, she wrote this on her Instagram, "We are all entitled to wear what we want. Females do not have to dress modest to be respected. Be proud of your body. It's never about the number on the scale, it's about the way you feel. You are all unique and beautiful in your own way."

10 Svetlana Khorkina

Unless you're Russian, you may not have heard of Svetlana Khorkina. Svetlana won two gold medals in two different Olympics. She also won in 1996, in Atlanta, and in 2000, in Sydney, she won again. Both golds were given for the uneven bars, which classifies her as a total master of the event. In fact, this woman has won so many medals in different World Championship competitions that she was awarded the Order of Honour by Russian President, Vladimir Putin. As a side gig, Svetlana also likes taking off her clothing for men's magazines. She posed for the Russian version of Playboy, as well as the Russian version of Maxim, for which she graced the cover. The controversies don't end there. In 2005, she had a child in LA, and she refused to declare the father. Later, she married a Russian "secret service" officer who was 23 years her senior.

9 McKayla Maroney

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She's back. Another selfie. As we said before, she is a selfie addict. We are used to seeing this star in a leotard, but why does she look so much more provocative when standing in a dressing room, instead of a gymnastics floor? Well, for one, this is a plain white leotard, and as most dudes have noticed, white is the best of all colors. White reveals every nuance in a female figure. It shows all the curves and displays lines and shapes more prominently that any other shade. Another thing that makes this shot more appealing is that intimate setting. We are catching a glimpse of McKayla in a private place. This was taken in a mall somewhere. And we're not even sure if she purchased this piece. She certainly hasn't bought it yet, since you can see the anti-theft tag on her hip.

8 Aliya Mustafina

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Yes, selfies are international. Here, we have Aliya Mustafina, a Russian gymnast snapping an impressive pic of herself in her own little tight white dress. Is this a dressing room too, like McKayla's? Or was this clothing actually purchased? We're not really sure, but we hope so since it seems to fit just right. Aliya has won two Olympic gold medals, both in uneven bars. She won gold in 2012 in London and again, in 2016 in Rio. Aliya was a top contender for the all-around competition as well and has won bronze after Biles and Raisman in Rio. Aliya has won a ton of medals in the World Championships. She represents the return to power for a Russian gymnastics program that was sluggish for years.

7 Aly Raisman

Yep. She's back. Aly is all over this list and for good reason. Aly has basically become the face of American Olympics. She is more recognizable than any other gymnast and perhaps any other USA Olympian, besides perhaps Michael Phelps. Aly's star is likely to shine even brighter after the release of her book, Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything. In the book, which comes out in November, Aly goes over her entire life, including the first time she met a gymnastics mat in a mom-and-me class as a toddler. Aly is credited as the sole author, which makes the book even more of an inspiration. Fierce will include never-before-seen photos, as well as excerpts from her personal diary.

6 Shawn Johnson

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Remember this athlete? Surely, you do. She's also endorsed products like Nestle Crunch and has won Dancing with the Stars. American gymnast Shawn Johnson competed in the 2008 Beijing games and won gold in the balance beam. She was on the same team as Nastia Luikin, and they won silver in the all-around. That's a team that Aly Raisman was nearly on, but didn't actually make due to injury. If she were there, would USA have won? Maybe, since the team all-around and Raisman are 2 and 0. Aly and Shawn met back then and formed a bond. Later, Shawn's husband, an NFL bench warmer, introduced Aly to Colton Underwood, another NFL bench warmer, who has dated Raisman since 2016. Johnson has also written an autobiography, and maybe that's where Aly got the idea to write one too.

5 McKayla Maroney

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So, we're not sure how much of this image can be posted on our very respectable site. It was posted on Instagram, but sometimes we adhere to a higher standard of taste. Over a third of the original image is nothing but boo-tay. Sure, gymnasts have nice bottoms, but we already knew that. There's obviously something attractive about a toned backside, but isn't there anything else McKayla can do with her time? Well, there is, and it's not exactly writing books. McKayla just shot footage to star in her first music video. She stars in a Wade Hampton song. Who is Wade Hampton? He's a huge star! He has over a thousand followers on Instagram. Wow! The music career is really taking off! She'll be accepting multiple Grammys in no time.

4 Simone Biles

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As you can tell from this list, gymnastics has historically been dominated by little white girls. Simone Biles took that mold and shattered it. With the help of African-American teammate Gabby Douglas, Biles is changing the game big time. This girl is such a bada*s that she even has a flip named after her. "The Biles" move kills on the floor routine. The move consists of a double flip with a half twist. So, she starts facing backwards, then flips head over heels in a plank position, twists in mid-air, and then lands facing forward. The move happens so fast that it's hard to comprehend what's going on with the naked eye. It's an amazing innovation in the flipping game, and it earned Simone an easy gold medal on the floor. She also won for best team, all-around and vault, bringing her total from just one game in Rio to an outrageous four gold medals.

3 Aly Raisman

Oh, my goodness, Aly! One thing about Aly is she's not afraid to leave her clothes on the floor. The smart thing is, though, that she lets the professional photographers take her pic and doesn't try to get all showy on social media. Aly has become the poster child for body positivity. She had the run-in with the aforementioned NHL legend. But before that, she had words with an airport security guard. According to the story, a female TSA worker said she recognized Raisman by her biceps, then some TSA guy said, "I don't see any muscles." Aly smiled politely, took her seat on the plane, and then went off on the dude on Twitter. She said, "The fact that a man thinks he can judge my arms pisses me off. I am so sick of this judgmental generation." She also added, "He was very rude. Staring at me shaking his head like it couldn't be me because I didn't look 'strong enough' to him? Not cool." We're not too surprised he was a grump, since he does have an awful job, but it sounds like the jerk may also need to get his eyes checked.

2 McKayla Maroney

Oh, boy. Here again, we have another hot picture of Maroney. As we've stated before, all this girl seems to do is take selfies. We do like the selfies, no doubt about that. But the woman needs to find another hobby. She's twenty-one years old now and should be looking towards a career. Compare her to Aly, who has been in the public eye in a much more positive and constructive light. Aly does interviews, writes books, and could easily have a career as a sportscaster if she wanted. Instead, she's busy preparing for Tokyo in 2020. Then, there's Maroney who retired in 2016 before the games and hasn't done much since. Gymnastics is super tough. This woman is undoubtedly a hard worker, but where has the focus gone? Oh, wait, the music career. "I like to say my genre is vulnerable pop because it's all melody and lyrically driven and heart driven," she says. Best of luck, McKayla. Pretty sure Taylor Swift already has that "genre" locked. After making a name for herself with her "not impressed" look, it's ironic that McKayla's career so far has "not impressed" anybody.

1 Aly Raisman

Aly Raisman bids us farewell in this final shot. Like we've said before, the woman is on top of her game and is staying in the public eye with only the mildest of controversies. If you've picked up a magazine lately, you may have noticed her latest endorsement deal. Aly is the proud face of Playtex. She even has a commercial that details the benefits of the Playtex Compact Sport model. Okay, well, that's a major TMI for most dudes, so we're hoping Aly reps something we can relate to soon. Seems like her potential to appeal to men is untapped so far. She has also done ads for Ralph Lauren, Kellogg's, and Revision skin treatment. Maybe she could do a Bud Light commercial or something like that next. That would be awesome.

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