15 Hottest Photos Of Carrie Underwood

Prior to American Idol announcing its final season, Carrie Underwood was one of the only winners that was ever referenced as being incredibly successful following the show. Along with Kelly Clarkson, Underwood was thought of as someone to look up to in regards to the aspiring contestants on the series and was often brought back year-after-year to help promote the show. Yet, as the series continued, it became increasingly clear that it wasn’t the American Idol series that made the stars but it was the stars themselves. Carrie Underwood has proven that her phenomenal voice was what catapulted her into country music stardom and her stellar personality helped to maintain her popularity with audiences. While most award shows try and mix up their hosts to get the newest and best celebrities to announce each year, the CMA Awards knew they had a winning duo with Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. The pair were continually brought back year-after-year and audiences always looked forward to seeing their back-and-forth banter and hear their musical skits.

On top of Carrie Underwood’s stellar singing ability and sparkling personality, she’s also one of the most beautiful women in the music industry. Over the years, fans have seen her grow up in front of the public eye. While she was once a naïve girl from nowhere, she has since become ultra glamorous and super sexy in the eyes of the world. With the ability to transform in front of the camera, Underwood has been featured in a number of super sexy photos over the years. Check out our list of the 15 sexiest photos of Carrie Underwood and see if your favorite look made the list.


15 Sexy Orange

There aren’t many women that can boast being able to pull off the ultra-bright shade of orange that Carrie Underwood can be seen wearing in the pictorial spread for Cosmopolitan magazine in December 2015. In fact, many women try and steer clear of such bold shades like orange and yellow since they can usually highlight any flaws in complexion if not worn right. Yet, Underwood doesn’t seem to have any issues with that since she looks stunning in this pleated orange ensemble with matching orange shoes. The low neckline shows off her ultra-feminine torso and cleavage while the draping of the bottom portion of the dress shows off her famous legs. Underwood can be seen posing alongside some of her stage equipment to make it look like just another country singer heading to her next gig. Yet, this super sexy photo shows that she is far from just another struggling musician heading to the next honky-tonk gig.

14 Glamour And High Sophistication


It’s a given that Carrie Underwood is a stunning beauty but she’s often shown in pictorial spreads and magazine covers in a way that doesn’t show off just how sophisticated and beautiful she can truly look. Coming from the world of country, Underwood is usually toned down in her look with photographers choosing to show a more simplistic style. Yet, her pictorial spread for Allure magazine in the February 2013 issue showed her in a far more sophisticated manner. Wearing a super sexy gown with a contemporary shape, Underwood flaunted a bit more skin than she regularly is seen wearing. From the cut-out feature in her cleavage to the deep split cut in the skirt, she exuded sex appeal in a way that was different from most of her other spreads. There is a designer bag that can be seen in the background to coincide with her gold tone dress, which is just a further way to distinguish it from her other cowboy boot-wearing pictures.

13 Romp In The Hay

Oftentimes, country stars are depicted getting in and out of pickup trucks, standing in a wide open field and peering off into the distance while wearing cowboys boots. This is actually pretty similar to both male and female country stars and it’s the gold standard when it comes to how these celebrities are portrayed. While these elements are definitely working in a way that allow people to fantasize about their favorite country stars, there is one other must-have feature to make the most out of a pictorial spread. Allure magazine knew just how to make the most out of their pictorial spread when they posed Carrie Underwood in a giant haystack. She’s seen wearing a flowing linen-like dress wrapped in elegant folds and is draped atop a mountain of hay. It inevitably conjures up ideas of taking a romp in the barn and Underwood pulls it off with incredible sex appeal.

12 Hot Pink Dress In Red Hot Car


When Carrie Underwood was asked to grace the cover of Marie Claire for the July 2013 issue, she embodied the look of a blonde beauty in the classic red hot rod. The cover photo showed Underwood looking straight towards the camera in a pose that looked like she was ready to shut the door and head out to the drag race. Yet, a different shot was used in the pictorial spread, even though it featured the same setting and ensemble. The interior shot was far sexier and showed Underwood staring at the camera from over her shoulder in a come-hither look. She is also seen hitching up her dress in an ultra seductive manner and these subtle changes made the photo look exponentially more sultry. The dress she wore was a $1,795 Michael Kors design with a hot pink pattern and she wore her hair in a beach sexy ponytail with loose ends adding to the overall wispy look.

11 Sheer And Chiffon

For the June 2012 cover of Glamour magazine, Carrie Underwood wore a dress that looked like something that would be worn by one of the housewives during the first few seasons of Mad Men. From the pastel salmon color to the chiffon-like material, Underwood looked like the perfect little wife waiting for her hubby to come home. While there is a photo that showed her with the dress all fanned out and a surprised look on her face, that wasn’t the picture the editors chose to use for the cover. Instead, they opted for a much sexier version where the top of the dress is completely unbuttoned and shows off her white undergarment. The dress is hitched up above her knees and she’s giving a come-hither look to the camera. The effect can’t help but make the viewer look beyond her and focus on the bed. It isn’t an accident that they had the beautiful country singer posing directly in front of the bed and it only made the photo that much more appealing.

10 Smoke Break Release


When promoting her fifth studio album, Storyteller, Carrie Underwood opted to make one of the songs on the album, “Smoke Break,” one of the breakout singles of the album. The photo she used to promote the single was one of her sexiest to date. The filter that was used for the promotional photo was set to sepia, which was the same sepia-washed filter she used for the “Smoke Break” music video. The effect made the photo look similar to something from Old Hollywood and also helped Underwood achieve a look that was reminiscent of a young Brigitte Bardot. She can be seen donning an intricate corset top on leaning back seductively on a simple chair. Her legs are highlighted and her hair is ultra long and sexy. While she’s pretty covered up in the photo, that doesn’t hinder the sex appeal in any way. Instead, it shows off her hourglass figure and accentuates her bust.

9 “Smoke Break” Music Video


When the single, “Smoke Break,” was released in August 2015, there were high hopes for the music video since Carrie Underwood has always been known for her stellar ability to transform in order to promote her singles. From the video for her “All-American Girl” single to her infamous “Cowboy Casanova” video, there were high expectations going into “Smoke Break.” Yet, somehow she managed to outdo herself and the video came out to critical acclaim. From the same makers as those that brought us the “Blown Away” video, Underwood was able to exude sex appeal in this dusty driving video. Whiles she wasn’t wearing the “Cowboy Casanova” corset ensemble, the over-the-knee boots and cut-off shorts were just enough to tempt viewers. The simple white top is perfect for highlighting her sexy beached out hair and was a great way to pull her entire look together. Showing off a mix of country and Bohemian, Underwood showed that she can do no wrong when it comes to the small screen.


8 Classic Cowgirl


There’s always a lot of hoopla surrounding cowboys and how sexy they look in their typical ensembles. From the cowboy hat to the boots and spurs, there is something about a man that can ride a horse and wrangle a cow. Yet, in order to exude that same sort of sex appeal for a country gal, there isn’t always the same sort of ensemble. While they do often put a pair of cowboy boots on a country gal, it’s not too often that they are made to don the entire stereotypical ensemble. Perhaps it’s because it can be difficult to pull off this look and still look sexy. However, Carrie Underwood has proven that she can absolutely look like a stereotypical cowgirl and still steam up the camera lens. In this particular photo, she’s got the entire get-up on and still manages to exude an incredibly sexy look. From the ruffled skirt that shows just enough of her leg to the tight corset-like top that shows just enough of her cleavage, even the boots and cowgirl hat seem to just amplify the sex appeal in this classic “All-American Girl” picture.

7 Rustic And Beautiful

When audiences first met Carrie Underwood, she looked like just another aspiring young singer hoping to make a life for herself in the big city. Yet, a lot has changed since she was first seen auditioning for American Idol. Showing the world that she is all grown up, Underwood posed for People magazine and the cover photo proved to fans that she has come a long way over the years. The photo shows Underwood on an ultra rustic porch swing, without any shoes and donning her incredibly beautiful wedding ring. After Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, let Oprah Winfrey in to shoot a special on what their life is like behind the scenes, fans got to see how simplistic her reality is when she’s not performing on stage. This People magazine photo is a perfect example of what it must be like living with Underwood since there is nothing more beautiful than the rustic setting, except for the sexiness of Underwood showing off her legs and waiting for you on the porch swing.

6 Sexy And Sleepy


There are some photos that seem a little forced when it comes to sexualizing its model. Magazines are constantly filled with lingerie-clad celebrities or even sans clothing models posed in an ultra sensual manner in order to give publicity to them or a particular brand. Yet, there are some celebrities that don’t need all of that to show off their natural sexiness. In this Glamour pictorial photo from 2012, Underwood can be seen wearing a pair of ultra short bottoms with a casual sleep shirt-style top. This simple T-shirt is something every woman in America has at least one version of and yet it is far sexier than even some of her red carpet looks. She can be seen playfully pulling at the bottom, which inadvertently makes the scooped neck dropped down a bit to show off her ample cleavage. Her hair looks as if it’s been tussled a bit and her sexy stiletto pumps can be seen peeking from behind her as she kneels down on the comfy pillow top of the loveseat.

5 Musician Pinup

When Carrie Underwood is described, inevitably people categorize her as being a Southern beauty, country gal, or the girl-next-door. Yet, there have been a number of pictorial spreads that have shown her versatility in front of the camera. In fact, that is the mark of a true beauty when they are able to transform themselves in order to convey what the photographer is trying to get out of them for a specific photo. In this particular photo for the December 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Underwood seems to be embodying the look of a classic pinup model. From the way she’s posing with her legs crossed at the ankles to the way her arms are lifted up behind her neck, the resemblance towards a sultry pinup model is uncanny. Her super short denims and v-neck top are a great way to accentuate her physique and the feminine details just add to the overall sexiness of her look.

4 Barefoot And Beautiful


All celebrities seem to have that one physical feature that makes them stand out among all the rest. For Julia Roberts, it’s her mouth that fans tend to remark on with her infectious laugh and gorgeous smile. In the case of Carrie Underwood, it’s her legs that have always made her overall look even better. It’s actually pretty hard to pick a perfect physical feature on Underwood since she’s always been known for her beautiful complexion, toned arms, flat stomach and hourglass physique. Yet, her legs have always been showcased, whether it’s in photos or on stage. In this particular photo, she’s posed in a way that puts her legs on the forefront of the picture. Not only does it show audiences her toned leg muscles but it features an ultra sexy pose that viewers can’t help but want to mimic or at least try and see in real life.

3 $2,000 Swimsuit

For the June 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine, Carrie Underwood was featured on the cover and in a pictorial spread. One of the interior photos featured Underwood in a Burberry Prorsum swimsuit that cost $1,995. While it’s definitely not practical for a woman to be out at the local pool swimming in a suit that cost over $2,000 (with tax), it sure did look good in the photo. The ultra shiny material was perfect for creating a flattering look and the accentuation on her breasts was a great added touch. The material doesn’t exactly look water-friendly but with a net worth of $70 million, it doesn’t look like Underwood will worry about worrying her Burberry swimsuit for the chump change of its price tag. Even though it is a one-piece, the retro design offers a super sexy look that Underwood was able to pull off in true country star fashion.

2 Blue Nighty And Pumps


In the pictorial spread for the June 2012 issue of Glamour magazine, one of the photos highlighted Carrie Underwood is a baby blue nightgown-like ensemble with a pair of Marc Jacobs pumps. Lying on a wicker loveseat with pillows strewn around, the effect was something super casual that still managed to hold an incredible amount of sex appeal. Proving that Underwood doesn’t have to bare it all or adopt a sultry facial expression to be considered sexy, even her beautiful smile and babydoll nightgown was enough to steam up the camera lens. Pairing this up with a sexy pair of plaid pumps was just enough to give the photo the desired effect. Rather than overwhelming the photo with a forced show of sexuality, this is a photo that shows that Underwood can be far sexier just by exuding her radiant smile and showing off her infamous legs. Sometimes the sexiest thing on a woman is her smile and her ability to exude confidence, which is exactly how this photo appears.

1 Caught On The Beach

Magazine covers and pictorial spreads make it super easy to highlight the best parts of celebrities during their photo shoots. From the expert lighting to the couture clothing options to the photo editing tools for once the final picture has been chosen, magazines have a plethora of little tricks to ensure each photo comes out looking its best. In fact, magazines are often criticized for how they alter their photos, especially when they slim down celebrities to make them look impossibly thin. So, when Carrie Underwood was photographed while hanging out on the beach, it just showed her fans that she doesn’t need all those fancy magazine tricks to make her look her best. While donning a sexy two-piece, Underwood showed off her hourglass figure and an all-natural look. Without all the glitz and glamour of a magazine shoot, this is the sexiest photo by far since it captures her true beauty in a mix between good ole’ country gal and California girl.

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