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15 Crazy Hot Photos Of A Young Penelope Cruz

15 Crazy Hot Photos Of A Young Penelope Cruz


In 1989 a young teenage girl named Penelope Cruz caught her first big break dancing in a music video. Little did she know at the time, but that video was the beginning of something pretty special for her career. Ballet may have been where her passion for the big stage initially manifested itself, but after filming that day, it was evident that Hollywood is where she would eventually land.

Penelope Cruz may be the most successful Spanish actress ever to grace the big screen. Signed at the young age of fifteen she’s spent the past twenty odd years accumulating Academy Awards and accepting her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, both a first for a Spanish actress. Apart from her litany of career accomplishments is the indisputable fact that she’s one of Hollywood’s most captivating people, year in and year out. Both figuratively and literally.

Is it the film Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, or the movie Blow with Johnny Depp? Maybe, you first recall seeing Penelope in her feature film debut Jamón, Jamón back when she was just eighteen? Despite the year you remember or the movie theater, regardless of time or her capturing another headline, she’s unquestionably talented and visually stunning from head to toe. So we figured why not put together an epic list of some of Penelope Cruz’s hottest youthful photos. Naturally, anyone would jump at the chance to write this article. Who wouldn’t?

15. Everything Fishnet


This picture is stupid hot! Embarrassingly enough that seems like the appropriate way of describing this photograph of Penelope Cruz in those ridiculously sexy stockings and an equally amazing corset, accentuating her body for all the right reasons in all the right places. Most definitely this is one of the hottest photographs of her, and surely you can see why it belongs. Frantically we looked for this picture of her only with the coat off but to no avail. To say that outcome crushed us would be the understatement of the year so far. Hell, go ahead and add last year too. Penelope is fire in this photo, and that’s just all there is to say about that.

14. Black And White And Sultry


Here’s a photo of Penelope that kept jumping out at us again, and again, when searching the internet for the hottest young pictures of Penelope Cruz. We couldn’t continue passing it over so here it sits on our list today. It’s a great photo of her indeed and worthy of a spot as you can see. In this black and white photograph of her wearing her chocolate hair in a braid, she flung it over the side of her shoulder making her look all that more adorable. She appears absolutely gorgeous even when looking untouched. Blessed with the looks of an angel is one of the reasons why she would eventually be voted “Sexiest Woman in the World,” by Esquire magazine in 2014.

13. Staring Right Into Your Soul


This picture of Penelope is an ultra soft, simple, colorful picture, yet it seems to say so much about the famous actress, all without saying a word. I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it? Well it is if you’re Penelope-Cruz-level attractive. If you happen to be as super blessed as she is, then most pictures of you would probably speak a thousand words I suppose, wouldn’t they? This photo is an epic example of a hot, younger Penelope Cruz that shot like a bullet straight towards the top of our list. You can see the photographer did an excellent job capturing the warm, welcoming side of Penelope in this photo. A photograph that may eventually become my screensaver!

12. She’s A Natural


As soon as you see this girl smile, you automatically know it’s Penelope Cruz despite the fact that these two photographs of her were shot many years ago. Even back then it was apparent from the pictures that Penelope would likely become a globally recognized superstar someday, and those pictures weren’t wrong. Seen here with a huge smile or a reserved look she was beautiful even as a young girl. Whether it’s the color photograph of her smiling ear to ear or the black and white one with her hair braided, they both tell early on it wasn’t going to matter much where Penelope was photographed, any place would do. In the end she was the centerpiece for any photographer lucky enough to get the chance to work with her.

11. Glam On The Beach


Man on fire she looks damn near perfect right here, doesn’t she? Pictured laying on the sand in that skimpy, strapless, dress you’d think most anyone who scrolls across this photograph is going to stop and take a look, right? Who could blame them, honestly? More often than not less is more and as you can see by Penelope’s look in this photograph, it’s all the small things that count. Her low cut dress is all it takes to accent what is already a smoking hot set of maracas. Posing on the beach doesn’t hurt her either as I’m sure most men are wondering just how hot they might be underneath that dress.

10. Oh That ‘Come Hither’ Stare


Nice, what a unique and seductive picture of Penelope Cruz in a sizzling black silk and lace layered top. Her gorgeous, full lips can’t be hidden, not even by the nude colored beige lipstick she’s wearing in this picture. Her pose is brilliant and screams “come get me” in a sexy feminine kind of way. Vulnerably hot and insanely beautiful every boy, and girl for goodness sakes has to admit that Penelope’s looks could kill in this photo. Her sex appeal is simply off the flipping charts. There’s no doubting that this is an excellent picture of the sizzling hot actress that just had to be included on our list today. This photograph of her was a shoo-in.

9. Open Your Eyes


Here’s a glimpse back at a great looking photograph of a hot young Penelope Cruz. This photo just so happens to come from the movie Open Your Eyes. Filmed in 1997. Penelope was only 23 years old at the time but as you can see she’s absolutely captivating. She’s magnetic even as a young woman, isn’t she? You could say that Penelope was relatively new on the scene in Hollywood back in 1997. It wouldn’t take much longer for the talented actress to start making waves around the world, though, before she’d start landing more prominent rolls in movies. It took Penelope another 6-7 years before she would become a household name and before she’d act in movies that would win her awards.

8. Penelope & Diddy


These two pictures come from a photoshoot that P. Diddy and the sultry actress put on together for a magazine back in 2007. Maybe you can see some chemistry between the two as they lay on the bed beside each other talking. Rumors were swirling at the time pointing towards the both of them dating, but your guess is as good as mine when it boils down to the truth on that topic. What we do know, however, is that the photographs turned out excellent, don’t you think? There isn’t anything that’s going to look more attractive than a brunette that looks like Penelope Cruz peering out the rolled down window of a couple hundred thousand dollar Bentley. Oh, my goodness.

7. Just Some Red Lingerie


She’s a stunning woman, isn’t she? Standing 5’6″ and having curves in all the right places has kept the eyes of many fans fixated on Penelope Cruz throughout her acting career. It’s easy to see why her natural beauty is often the first thing you notice about the gorgeous actress. It would be terribly hard not to right? Pictured here in a sexy red dress she’s the only thing that looks hotter than it does in this photograph of her slipping on some black high heels. Her long wavy brunette hair looks amazing like it always has in this fantastic picture of a casually cool Penelope Cruz posing for the camera and making it look oh so simple.

6. That Top, Though


Penelope Cruz is captured photographed here in one of those pictures that speaks for itself. This photo speaks volumes to various people who happen to love photography I would imagine. It’s a great example of an unforgettable picture of the famous actress that has her as the focal point in a close up snap shot for the ages. Gifting her millions of fans another sexy shot of her just hanging out. Chillin’ out in her patio chair on a warm, sunny day, lounging outside with a photographer comfortably, she confidently poses for the camera. An undeniably attractive woman, Penelope Cruz is seen here in an unquestionably alluring picture of her being her— gorgeous. All the while she gives the world another memorable pin to add to their Penelope fan page!

5. Channelling Her Inner Marilyn


To say that I “heart” this photograph of Penelope Cruz would be doing her posing here in her sizzling hot blond wig a major injustice. I think this is by far the most interesting picture of the sexiest woman in the world on the list here today. We didn’t find any photographs of the famous actress with various different hairstyles or modelling wigs for that matter. She’s mostly photographed with bangs, followed with various different color variations. Not that any of us are complaining, so when we found this photograph of her from a scene in the movie Broken Embraces we had to give it a spot on the list. She looks stunning in the movie from eight years ago and it was even nominated for a Golden Globe for best foreign film.

4. Black Lace


Could this be the hottest photograph of a young Penelope Cruz? We wouldn’t blame you if you thought so. Here’s a picture that’s obviously so mesmerizing we couldn’t not include it. Here’s the least amount of clothing you’ll see here today on the famous vixen. Well, that’s a lie, but it’s close. Still seems like she’s wearing too much, doesn’t it? Looking hot in that black, lacy lingerie and standing there looking innocent this picture portrays Penelope in the brightest of lights. A superb photograph of her looking insanely hot. And she doesn’t even need to do anything. Just a black and white photo of her, standing there with her eyes closed and yet somehow drawing you in effortlessly.

3. Like An Angel


Sexy, hot, attractive, or whatever floats your boat isn’t about what who you’re lusting over that evening is wearing (or not wearing). Take this photograph for instance. Penelope’s shot here sitting in a small chair next to a harp, playing it for her gentleman listener. Her radiance is captured here with her wearing a flowing purple dress that hits the floor. Musically talented females are some of the most fascinating women in the world. If they happen to be attractive as well, then that adds to their mystic. Penelope is seen photographed here in a top notch picture. You can see by the look on the man’s face that he’s perfectly content with the show he’s seeing at that moment.

2. Just Eating An Apple


Well, well, well, just shove this into the pile of ridiculously sick photographs of Penelope Cruz. It almost seems unfair that this even exists! She certainly has stayed elegant and arresting throughout all her years in the spot light, hasn’t she? Evident by this photograph of her here being a sight that can only be described as “mind blowing.” It’s with out a doubt the hottest photo of a young Penelope Cruz we could find out there on the world wide web, and we’re pretty sure there aren’t many of you that are going to disagree with this winning photo of her. Why would you, honestly? Penelope Cruz looks hot here after being photographed for the Pirelli Calendar back in 2007.

1. Bonus: 2016 And Just As Hot


We might be cheating here but not including this picture would make us die a little inside because this is an image of Penelope Cruz that the entire world should enjoy. Here she is in 2016 and is so freaking hot it just had to have a spot. Agreed? What self-respecting writer wouldn’t try and get a photo of her still looking like this on their list? She looks just as good here as she did 15 years ago. You can barely see a difference in this beauty from years ago and now. Excellent work by Mario Testino for Vogue Spain. Well done, sir! No doubt many men have thanked you… and if they haven’t, they should.

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