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15 Hottest Photos Ever Of GoT’s Emilia Clarke

15 Hottest Photos Ever Of GoT’s Emilia Clarke


For most of you out there, Emilia Clarke has only been in your life since 2010, but oh, what a wonderful time it’s been! Clarke burst onto the scene with her role as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones and we’ve been in love ever since. It didn’t take long for Clarke to get the attention of nearly every human on the planet, but it wasn’t until about 2014 that magazines everywhere began to ask her to participate in photoshoots, and thank goodness for that because we now have countless photos of Clarke to drool over. Then, in 2015, Esquire Magazine named Emilia “The Sexiest Woman Alive” to almost no one’s surprise. Yet, it’s not just Clarke’s looks that make her so desirable to normal people, though she is painfully attractive. She’s also a wildly talented actress. She has a smile that lights up whatever room she’s in, and she’s in near-perfect physical condition. While her character on Game of Thrones may be as serious as they come, Clarke’s fun-loving attitude comes through beautifully in many of her photos, interviews and everything else that she does.

But let’s get back to the pictures because that’s what this is about. We’ve tried to go through and pick out the best of the best, the photos that show off the different sides of Clarke, and we don’t just mean physically. There’s one constant among all the shots on this list. They’re all incredible. She’s incredible. Some of you may find it difficult to love someone you don’t know, but you might catch yourself falling hard for Clarke after this list. There are few women in the history of time that compare to her legendary beauty. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s sing out her name. Alright, maybe let’s not get that crazy, but don’t judge us. We love her and we can’t get enough. Here are the 15 hottest photos of GoT’s Emilia Clarke.

15. On The Beach In The Wall Street Journal



The Wall Street Journal offered us a stripped-down version of Emilia Clarke in their interview with the star a few years back. Speaking a little about her beginnings in acting and the love she found for the stage as a child while visiting her father, a sound engineer, at work. Clarke also talks about her road to acting, which has not been an easy one, to say the least. She’s struggled and, at times, even failed, but her sheer determination has pulled her through and got her to the grand stage that she’s on today. In these WSJ shots, Emilia’s makeup and outfit are anything but flashy, perhaps showing us who she is (or was) outside all the glitz and glamour of her new life.

14. Riding Shotgun In A Dune Buggy



Emilia Clarke’s photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine is easily the most bizarre fashion piece she’s been a part of. For each different shot, Clarke was dressed in strange outfits and placed in strange settings. For this particular shot, she appears to be wearing some sort of Native dress, headpiece and all, but why she’s riding in a dune buggy is beyond us. Despite the oddities in the photo, Emilia looks ravishing. The dress is virtually see-through with a small line of fabric covering her special spots, which is also strange but amazing. The shot has a Mad Max wasteland feel to it, which works for whatever reason. Truthfully, she’d look great anywhere.

13. Subtle Smile In Glamour Magazine US



There’s something about Emilia Clarke’s smile that makes her feel more real than many of the stars of Hollywood. For reasons we’re not quite sure of, Clarke looks less refined and less rehearsed than many other actresses, which is another way of saying she seems more honest as well. Since humor plays such a big role in her life, it’s nice to see some smiles and laughs come through in photoshoots, even if this smile in particular is somewhat reserved. Here, in a colorful low-cut shirt, Clarke plays up a bit of sassiness as well. Along with the Glamour Magazine shoot, there is also a short video of Clarke asking where different things are, a play on the great Game of Thrones line, “where are my dragons!?” In this hilarious little clip, we see Clarke in each of the outfits from the fashion shoot, demanding where things are, like “where are my spanks?” and “where are my kale chips?” Not only is this actress a talented beauty but she is also funny, which makes her even more desirable than she already was.

12. Posing With Jon Snow In Rolling Stone

jon snow


As part of a shoot for Rolling Stone magazine, Emilia Clarke got together with her fellow Game of Thrones co-stars Kit Harington, Alfie Allen and Lena Headey. In the photos we’ve shared here, you can see the cast members getting quite close. Clarke addressed this in the accompanying interview: “We were just being affectionate… in a fashion way!” Probably the best part of these photos is seeing Clarke’s fun side, said to be a major part of her personality by everyone who knows her. She has a sweet laugh and gorgeous smile, so we felt it was essential to include some shots that show it off. You can thank us later.

11. Big Comfy Chair In The New York Times



Who cares about the damn couch. Look at the woman on it. Clarke, wearing a $6,000 dress, looks like a million bucks. The smoky eyes seem to be a trend in most of her photoshoots, but she’s more done up in this shot than she usually is. Her hair is about as tidy as it ever is and the dress has quite a bit of coverage, even if she’s got one leg revealed. Unfortunately, nothing of substance can be gleaned from the accompanying interview because it was a bunch of nonsense, comparing her active eyebrows to “ferrets in a sack” and addressing more of the things the author and Clarke didn’t speak of then the things they did. A weak attempt at a stylish piece that condemned gushing over her looks while only discussing her looks. Weird.

10. More Than Fair In Vanity Fair



In Vanity Fair‘s “Vanities” section, Emilia Clarke classes it up in a light blue dress. Clarke, 23-years old at the time, was still new to acting. Having basically just come out of drama school. Her story getting to that point is interesting. Clarke was not accepted by any of her initial choices for schooling. She applied to several and was rejected by all but two. This led her to travel for a year, get some work in at a few places and live a little. Then she applied to London’s Drama Centre, a school that both Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy attended, and got in. After graduating, she got the role as Daenerys and we all fell in love. You know the rest of this tale. Vanity Fair shows Clarke in the way that many see her, as this old school beauty seemingly transported from Hollywood’s glamorous past.

9. Emilia As Daenerys Targaryen In Game of Thrones



How could we not include a shot of Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke’s most identifiable role. Wearing her blonde wig, Clarke has undeniably become the most recognizable character on television. There are so many shots that could have been used for this list that it made it tough to choose just one from the show. But we’ve seen her as Dany so often, we thought it would be nice to explore her other sides. As Dany, we look beyond the sometimes dirty face, frazzled hair and ripped clothing. After all, it hasn’t been all palaces and fruit platters for the Khaleesi; there have been battles, long journeys and fire. Still, Dany’s power and strength is impossible to deny. We are instantly attracted to her, if not sexually than emotionally. She’s got a charisma that people want to be near, something this photo can remind us of.

8. Morning After In GQ Magazine



Wearing a dress that reveals the underwear underneath, Emilia Clarke poses for GQ Magazine on a balcony overlooking a rich neighborhood. The shot gives you the “last-night’s outfit” look, almost playing to the fantasy that Clarke would spend the night somewhere that is not her own bed. It’s funny to think of now, but reading back on interviews with Clarke from earlier in the Game of Thrones run, Clarke spoke about her anonymity in Hollywood, something that has completely changed by this point. She also laughed about switching between the character Dany and the person Emilia and the feeling of almost disappointment when she takes off her wig at the end of the day and looks in the mirror. But it’s these types of shots that make us shake our heads that she would ever be disappointed at what she sees.

7. Open Dress In Marie Claire UK



Most photographs tend to show Emilia Clarke as fun-loving or classically beautiful, but Marie Claire UK gave us Clarke in a more hard-edged rock and roll style. For the shoot, there was plenty of leather and metal, playing to the theme of Terminator Genisys and Clarke’s role as a young Sarah Connor. In the accompanying interview, Clarke also explains that she was considering taking the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. She ultimately turned it down because of the large amount of nudity. This is an issue that has been discussed at length and Clarke has been the focal point of. Clarke has been quite open about the fact that she only wishes to do nudity if it is essential to the scene, a policy that definitely changed the way the Game of the Thrones crew was using Clarke early on. Yet, when you blow up as quickly and furiously as Clarke did, you have the ability to make demands that are honored.

6. Stylish Lingerie In GQ Magazine



In the photoshoot called “Queen of the Throne Age,” which could use some work, Clarke got to try on several different outfits, mostly in black, which is quite a shift from her standard light-colored dresses in Game of Thrones. In this particular shot, she tries out some lacy and silky undergarments. Do people still call them that? The combination of the clothes and her messed up hair and smoky eyes are enough to make us go crazy. We’ll hold it together, for the children. One of the best things about Clarke is her huge smile, but she’s proven to be able to stare daggers with her eyes, seductive but also a little domineering. Maybe that’s just the Khaleesi effect.

5. The Best Reflection In Esquire Magazine



When Emilia Clarke was named “The Sexiest Woman Alive” for 2015 by Esquire, they got her in for a photoshoot, which consisted of mainly black and white shots of the star in black and white lingerie. Basically, we could have made an entire list of those shots and called them the “hottest pictures of Emilia Clarke” because it’s a goldmine. We didn’t do that. Instead, we chose this picture as the black and white example because it shows both sides of Clarke, like both sides of her body. Clarke has a classic type of beauty that really works well with black-and-white photos, so we’re glad the photographer picked up on this. Her pouty lips and kinky hair bring out the casual sexiness of the outfit, at least what little outfit there is.

4. Dashing In Black in GQ Magazine UK

GQ shoot


We needed a combination of two photos from Clarke’s photoshoot and interview in GQ Magazine UK because we couldn’t possibly choose between two. The one shows her with a deep-diving black shirt of some short, but it’s her sultry lips and eyes we’re most infatuated with here. The somewhat messy hair is a look that many photographers have Clarke go with. It seems to bring out her more casual and playful side, her youth, if you will. Then there’s the bathing suit-type thingy, a suit that would lead to many drowning deaths if she ever actually wore it out. Here again, Clarke’s mid section is out in the open. Game of Thrones fans are used to seeing a lot of Clarke’s skin, but no one could ever get bored of it.

3. Colorful In GQ



Emilia Clarke talks about her blonde Daenerys Targaryen wig like it’s a disguise of some sort. She says without it, she looks and feels like a different person. When she’s out in public, like when she and John Snow (Kit Harington) went to an FKA Twigs concert, an event she talks about in the British GQ Magazine interview, she says that she was virtually unrecognized by the rest of the crowd. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, girls were gushing over Harington. While this may seem a little farfetched, it is a common theme in Clarke’s interviews. Still, it’s hard to imagine anyone who looks like Clarke in the picture above being unrecognized. Even if you didn’t know she was a famous actress, she would still be the star of the night.

2. Eyes Closed In Violet Grey



Emilia Clarke wearing nothing in a photo is the type of picture that breaks the internet. Her photoshoot for Violet Grey gave the world just that in a black and white shot with her back turned. Yet that’s not even the shot that we chose from that shoot because Clarke in a deep-plunging sequin dress and dampened hair is even more appealing. Clarke’s star has risen so high of late that whether it’s film, TV or fashion, everyone wants her. In between filming Game of Thrones and doing photoshoots, Clarke is becoming an accomplished film actor as well, appearing in Terminator: Genisys and Me Before You most recently. Over the course of the next year, she’s expected to have three more releases: Above Suspicion, Voice from the Stone and Set It Up.

1. Sexiest Woman Alive In Esquire Magazine



There is nothing quite as alluring as Emilia Clarke naked in bed. We’re sorry if that sounds a bit crude, but, honestly, what outside of the essentials for life, such as breathing or water, is better for us than this photo? Part of Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” shoot, this is one of the few pictures in color and it might be a photo that lasts for all eternity. People will continue sharing this photo as long as social media exists. This photo should be willed by everyone to their children to ensure it continues to be passed on and shared. No one should live without seeing it once. After viewing this, if for whatever reason you doubted her being named “Sexiest Woman Alive,” you would no longer.

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