15 Hottest Persian Women Of Instagram

Instagram is all about the visual, with new photos being posted every moment of every day by people from all walks of life. Some of these photos are of people – beautiful ones – who have admiring and adoring fans following their every pretty post.

Persian women are often known for their unique and exotic beauty, so it is no huge surprise that many of them have major followings on Instagram. Many of these hotties are rising to the top in the world of entertainment as models, TV hosts, singers, dancers, and so on. Tons of talent and smoking hot looks make for the perfect match, so these Persian princesses have the world at their (well-pedicured) feet.

Persian or not, these beautiful babes are causing a commotion no matter their background. But if you are into a little Persian perusing, you simply must check out these 15 drop-dead gorgeous ladies who will have you staring with untamable affection. They each look like a million bucks, if not more, from head to toe and are not afraid to show off their glamorous goods on their popular Instagram feeds.

If you are not already following these hot mamas on Insta (shame on you), you will surely head for your computer or smartphone and get on the right track immediately after running through this lusty list of these 15 wonderful woman. The power of Persian will cast a spell on you that you won’t want to be released from any time soon. Get ready to purr for Persian perfection!

15 Mahlagha Jaberi

Via pinterest.com

Mahlagha Jaberi is not only seriously smoking hot, but she has got plenty of devoted fans and frantic followers who would be happy to tell you so. With over 2 million people who wait impatiently until the model posts something new to savor, the breathtaking Iranian beauty is only getting more and more popular with every Instagram post. Jaberi is best known for modeling clothing with perfection for couture designers from all over the planet, but most of her fans would probably like to see the stunner wearing nothing at all. The glam gal is signed to AC Talent and Olive Models, and with her perfect features and bomb body, Jaberi is a fierce force to be reckoned with. Her plump pout, bright and light eyes, and shiny brunette hair are all as stunning in her pics as they must be in real life. Follow her, but she has surely got better things to do than to give a hoot what you’re up to.

14 Necar Zadegan

Via alchetron.com

The long and lean brunette, Necar Zadegan, was born in Germany and is of Iranian descent. She’s 34-years-old and makes a living as a hot actress and model not to be missed. Raised in sunny California, the breathtaking beauty caught the acting bug and has succeeded in her ambitious endeavors. Her most recent gig is as one of the sexy stars of the hot Bravo scripted series, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. The sultry stunner was also a hot number on the TV show 24. Along with her larger roles, Zadegan has also had smaller parts on shows including How I Met Your Mother, Nip/Tuck, Lost, The Fosters, The Bernie Mac Show, The Unit, The Shield, and A Gifted Man, to name a few. This exotic beauty is definitely one to watch, so tune in to Bravo to see her star in the multi-faceted role of “Delia.” You won’t be disappointed in what you see due to the stunner’s amazing looks and A+ talent. Bravo, Necar!

13 Sarah Shahi

Via celebmafia.com

The 37-year-old attractive actress and model, Sarah Shahi, was born as “Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi,” but we can all pronounce “Sarah” much more easily. No matter what you call her, Shahi is a sexy Texan of Spanish and Iranian heritage. Not only is the breezy beauty talented as an actress and model, but she was once an NFL Cheerleader, making her physically fit and rather feisty too. Now folks are cheering for her! You may have seen Shahi’s acting chops on Fairly Legal, Person of Interest, or The L Word, where she steals the scenes with her sheer beauty and captivating presence. Sorry fellas, this chick is already taken… she’s hitched. Plus, the brunette beauty is also called “mom” by three kiddos. If all of this info about the Persian pretty lady isn’t enough for ya, how’s this? Shahi is reportedly the great-great-granddaughter of Fat′h-Ali Shah Qajar of the Qajar Dynasty, who ruled Iran from 1797-1834. History is only getting hotter!

12 Nadia Bjorlin

Via soaps.sheknows.com

The 36-year-old beauty of Swedish and Iranian heritage, Nadia Bjorlin, is a brunette actress, singer, and model who is married with one child (much to the dismay of her male fans who’ve wondered if they’d ever have a shot to win over the stunner’s heart.) Her big break into the world of acting was on the hit soap opera, Days of Our Lives, where she played the role of “Chloe Lane.” Bjorlin has also had bit parts on other TV shows including NCIS, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The blue-eyed babe was born in Newport, Rhode Island and stands at 5’ 8” tall. Her Insta feed has over 70k devoted followers, all who adore the precious pics the celeb posts, showing off her hot body, her adorable family, and her celeb pals. Join the folks who’ve already been blown away by Bjorlin.

11 Nasim Pedrad

Via latimes.com

Nasim Pedrad isn’t just a pretty face, she’s also the first Iranian-born cast member of the hit late-night comedy television show, Saturday Night Live. So if Pedrad’s good looks aren’t enough for ya, at least you can laugh at her hilarious antics when it’s way past your bedtime. The actress has also been in films including The Lorax and Despicable Me 2. While the funny gal was born in Tehran, Iran, she was raised since age 2 in Irvine, California, and graduated from UCLA. Pedrad has long brown hair, a fit and fabulous physique, and captivating brown eyes you’ll want to stare into all day long. She has close to 200k followers on her Instagram page, making her a popular Persian photo poster. Take a cue from her fans and start to know this funny and foxy woman. You will laugh a little more and have another Persian princess to go “ga ga” over.

10 Negin Mirsalehi

Via youtube.com

The Persian hottie, Negin Mirsalehi was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and grew up to be a sexy and sophisticated model with a strong presence on social media. The magnificent Mirsalehi is an avid fashion and lifestyle blogger with her own website where she muses regularly about style, beauty, and all that goes along with today’s hottest fashion trends. She has a Master’s degree, so not only is the beauty one heck of a looker, but she is a total brainiac as well. The gorgeous gal is just under 30-years-old, but you may have seen her back in 2013 when Esquire featured the hottie in the ‘Esquire Women We Love of Instagram’ section of their popular site. Mirsalehi is a stunning brunette with a modelesque figure, the perfect knack for posing for pics, and high-class taste in style. She’s nearing 4 million Insta followers, so jump on the bandwagon while the pics are hot.

9 Leyla Milani

Via en.wikipedia.org

The lovely Leyla Milani hails from Toronto, Canada, but is of Iranian heritage. She is a model (of course), actress, television host, and entrepreneur – she has her own hair company which produces hair extensions and clip-ins. You may recognize the magnificent Milani from her stint as a contestant in the WWE Diva Search in ’05 or her gig as a spokesmodel on the popular game show Deal or No Deal. The captivating Canadian is now a California girl and is married with two kids, so all her male fans must be bummed that they lost their shot (as if they had one). It is still fun to see her social media happenings and keep up with Milani’s mischief. Her piles upon piles of fabulous hair, cunning smile, and superb figure make Milani one perfect Persian princess. At 34-years-old, she’s still got plenty of good years to strut her stuff so keep your eyes open for new Milani moments.

8 Tala Golzar

Via eskimi.com

The Iranian temptress, Tala Golzar, is a successful model, clothing and fashion designer, TV commercial actress, popular host, and an artist. It is really no wonder that she is adored by her throngs of obsessed and impressed Instagram followers. It doesn’t hurt that Golzar was beyond blessed in the hot looks department too. Golzar has long and sexy wavy hair, beautifully plump (and kissable) lips, and an hourglass figure that her fans would love to stare at for all 24 hours in their day. The sexy stunner is part Russian on her mother’s side. Golzar’s Persian popularity is ever-growing, with more Insta-fans by the day. Look for the breathtaking beauty modeling for popular brands including NS Design, Benziger Wine, and Collective Styling, to name a few. With fresh good looks like Golzar’s, more companies will surely look for a piece of the action and hire her to rep them as well. You go, Golzar!

7 Claudia Lynx

Via claudialynxfansite.weebly.com

Born in Tehran, Iran, the hot-as-fire Claudia Lynx has become a super-sensation on Instagram as one of the popular social media site’s most viewed pretty Persian hotties. Lynx has been active in the public eye since she was a little girl, modeling and acting in Europe beginning at the tender age of 3. She has since been featured in many TV commercials and programs, and has modeled for ads all over the world showing off her stellar looks. She is also a singer, making Lynx a multi-talented total Persian package. Lynx is a tall drink of water, standing at an impressive 5’10”, and has luscious long dark hair, and enviable facial features like her breathtaking light-colored sparkling eyes. The beauty has over 27.9k dedicated followers on Insta, so she must be doing something right to hold their undivided attention. Lynx must be the missing “Lynx” everyone has been talking about.

6 Shirin David

Via pinterest.com

At just a young 21-years-old, the simply stunning Shirin David is just beginning her break into the wide world of Instagram (among many other types of) fame. She is daringly blonde, bold, and beautiful with a heritage from Iran and Lithuania, although she was born in Germany. David is a model, singer, and video blogger. She also plays the piano, oboe, and violin, making her a musical marvel with loads of talent and terrific looks to go along with it. 3.4 million captivated fans follow the darling David on Instagram, making her cute and sexy pics more and more popular by the moment. She has a unique look and savvy style that is cool and creative. David is sure to maintain her rising star-status and she’s bound to reach the top. Looks like hers do not come along often, so when they do, be sure you are looking in the right direction.

5 Nazanin Mandi

Via officialnazaninmandi.com

Nazanin Mandi is a petite Persian who hails from California. She has appeared on a number of television programs, often competing for fame using her singing and dancing chops on shows including American Idol, Next Big Star, and Are You the Girl. She has been a music video vixen, a TV host, and a model, posing perfectly for well-known brands including Smashbox cosmetics, Ecko Unlimited, Roar Clothing, and Lovenci Clothing. She has also graced the pages of popular magazines including Seventeen Magazine and Cosmo Girl. The bronze beauty isn’t only tempting for the eyes, but she will definitely impress you with her ability to sing in 5 languages. Her taut and toned body, flowing brunette locks, dark and smoldering eyes, and flawless skin make Mandi look just dandy. With her piles of raw talent, this Persian powerhouse is sure to make it to the A-list in the very near future.

4 Lilly Ghalichi

Via bravotv.com

The lovely Lilly Ghalichi is a 33-year-old stunner who hails from Houston, Texas. You probably recognize the brunette beauty from her time on the hit Bravo reality show, Shahs of Sunset. This hot Houston native is a lawyer, but her looks have garnered a lot of attention. She was dubbed, “The Persian Barbie” by her friends on her reality show, but with Ghalichi’s nearly perfect body and face, she looks like she is pleased to hold the “plastic” title. The glam gal’s makeup is always on fleek, her body is slim, yet filled out in all the right places, and her hair is the envy of women who are seeking a full and flowing mane. Not only is the Persian pretty girl a legal eagle, but she’s a business woman as well with a false eyelashes company that is causing eyes to bat from coast to coast and beyond. Are you one of her 2.5 million Insta followers?

3 Bahar Soomekh

Via famousdude.com

At 41-years-old, this brunette actress looks far younger than her years due to her hot body and gorgeous face. Bahar Soomekh is of Iranian descent and was born in Tehran. She is now a California cutie who is best known for her acting roles in Saw and Crash. For all the gents hoping for a chance to woo Soomekh over, you’re too late. She has been married since 2001 and has three kids. Nonetheless, it’s always fine to admire a pretty Persian, so follow this stunner on Instagram for your Soomekh fix, day or night. She’s toned, tempting, and talented, with a smile that lights up the small or big screen and every room she walks into. No wonder she was plucked from the masses to be under the bright studio lights. Stay tuned for more from Soomekh, as her talent and beauty don’t seem to be fading one bit.

2 Uldouz Wallace

Via imgur.com

Born in Teheran, Iran, the unique Uldouz Wallace is an actress, director, and comedian who was raised in Sweden from age 5 and onward. The sultry stunner speaks 3 languages with ease – Farsi, Swedish, and English, making her “come hither” callings all the more inclusive. Wallace had her own comedy sketch show called Living an Uldouz Life, making the beauty a barrel of laughs not to be missed. You may have seen the wonderful Wallace on the big screen as well – she was in Case 39 with A-listers, Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper, and appeared in the flick Good Luck Chuck with the always funny, Dane Cook. Wallace dabbles in writing too, so this hottie is holding her own no matter the field she pursues. The 5’5” Persian princess is talented and totally gorg. She’s curvy, cute, and caramel-toned. Her 4.4 million followers are certainly not wasting their time surfing her Insta feed.

1 Estrella Nouri

Via kingoftheflatscreen.com

Estrella Nouri is a drop-dead sizzling hot Persian actress, model, and television host, who has made her way into the hearts of her avid fans by appearing on a bunch of popular TV shows, most notably, the hit comedy 2 Broke Girls. She's Funny and foxy – what more could you ask for? Nouri has a unique and exotic appearance and a body that’s totally bangin’ with curves for days. The hottie is always uploading new and revealing pics to her growing Insta account, keeping her interested followers coming back to see what’s next on Nouri’s feed. Nouri splits her precious time between L.A., New York, and Sweden, making her an international jet-setter always up and ready for whatever the world brings her way. 15.9k happy fans follow the breathtaking beauty on her Insta account to see her bodacious body, super sexy outfits, and eye-opening images of her international and exotic adventures. Don’t you wish you could come along?

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