15 Hottest Onscreen Teachers You'd Have Loved At The Head Of Your Classroom

A good movie with some kind of school or teaching element to it always makes you recollect and think back to your school days, how they’d have been if you had those teachers in charge. Would them being at the helm of your classroom have made you do better? Perhaps if they were actually good teachers, but this article isn’t about teaching ability. In fact, if these women were teachers, you’d have probably done a lot worse than you did, due to the distraction of having a beautiful teacher in charge of your education. Who’s going to be thinking and concentrating on math or English or other such subjects when you have a woman like those on this list standing in front of you? It would’ve been nearly impossible to get anything done. In fact, you’d have probably started acting out and getting detention on purpose – anything to spend a bit more time with your favorite teacher!

Ever fantasized about a school teacher? Teachers are normally a boy’s first crush, and a good one, a hot one, always makes the mundane goings on in school seem more exciting. These actresses certainly did that and lit up the schools they were in during their onscreen teaching roles. We can fantasize but unfortunately, that’s the beauty of Hollywood – these teachers don’t really exist in real life.

There have been tons of movies and TV shows through the ages depicting sexy school teachers – fictional teachers we’d have loved to have seen in real life during our school days. These are some of the sexiest teachers we’ve seen onscreen that we’d also have loved to have seen at the head of our classrooms.


15 Dr. Lisa Cuddy - Lisa Edelstein


I’ll start things off with a woman who’s in a bit of a different teaching role. Lisa Cuddy wasn’t your elementary or high school teacher. Boys and teenagers didn’t have to contend with her being at the head of their classrooms. Lisa Cuddy was the Dean of Medicine at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. Since it was a teaching hospital, her being the Dean, also meant that she had her fair share of teaching duties, much to the delight of her med students, I’m sure. Incidentally, I am of course talking about her role in the Fox medical drama, House.

Sassy, intelligent, and beautiful, Lisa ruled with an iron fist and didn’t take any BS from anyone – apart from House of course for whom she had a soft spot for. Bring her character to life and she’d be the hottest Dean of Medicine around, a real man-eater, but also a tremendous source of distraction for her med students.

14 Elizabeth Halsey – Cameron Diaz


Talking about the sexiest movie teachers, I of course had to include Elizabeth Halsey, played by the perpetually beautiful and effervescent Cameron Diaz. I mean, Cameron can make pretty much any character seem sexy, but as a teacher, wow! She was just off the charts.

Now, I’ve mentioned this article is purely about hot teachers we’ve seen in movies. Being a good teacher therefore didn’t really factor into the equation when we listed people for this article. If it was about good teachers, Elizabeth certainly wouldn’t have made this list. She’s a gold digger, abuses drugs, sleeps at her desk, and doesn’t give a damn about the kids. She took a teaching job just so she could scrape some money together to get breast implants - that just about says it all! A real Bad Teacher – hence the aptly named movie. She must have been some serious eye candy for the kids and the rest of the school staff.

13 Ms. Edmunds - Zooey Deschanel


A teacher has got be made of pretty stern stuff to have taken a teaching job at Lark Creek Elementary. The kids were pretty vulgar, and it seemed that their sole focus was to wreak havoc and make their teacher’s lives as unpleasant as possible. So, no different to any school then. The kids even disliked one of the hottest teachers around – their music teacher, Ms. Edmunds. There was talk in the movie, Bridge to Terabithia, about them doing some truly awful things, cutting her jeans and making fun of her appearance. The latter was probably because they liked her; at that age, teasing and making fun of someone usually indicates a crush.

One boy that took a shine to her, and she took a shine to him too, was Jess. What a lucky guy to have a teacher like Ms. Edmunds take him under her wing! She was truly beautiful despite not getting dolled up in makeup and wearing fancy clothes and stuff. She was comfortable in her own skin and style, had a really sweet nature about her and cared about her kids. Zooey Deschanel makes for one super hot school teacher.

12 LouAnne Johnson - Michelle Pfeiffer


The real-life LouAnne Johnson has had a pretty eventful life. She’s a writer, used to serve in the U.S. Marines, and is a teacher. The latter of her occupations was depicted and brought to the screen brilliantly by the one and only Michelle Pfeiffer, who played the role in the 1995 film Dangerous Minds. The film was a box office success, and Michelle was the star of the screen.

Think about the worst school you know, a school where crime is rife with kids caring more about drug pushing and gang activities than learning anything on the curriculum; think of this and multiply everything going on in that school by ten and you’ll be close to what awaited LouAnne when she took a teaching job after leaving the Marines. But she wanted things to change, and strove to make the changes happen and turn the lives of those underprivileged kids around. She had it tough, but she was a tough cookie and she certainly ended up making a difference. She was also hot; having her in charge must have made some of those kids forget about their problems, at least for a few seconds.

11 Suzanne Stone-Maretto – Nicole Kidman


Teacher Suzanne Stone-Maretto was played by Nicole Kidman in the 1995 American crime comedy-drama movie To Die For and Nicole certainly was to die for in her teaching role

Well, she wasn’t actually a teacher. Suzanne was dead set on becoming a news anchor, and the initial plot was basically all about her putting things in place in order to make that dream happen, which included getting married to a guy, mainly for his money. Suzanne was then involved in a TV documentary which focussed on high school life; while filming this documentary, we saw Suzanne at the head of the classroom, albeit briefly, but it still counts! She was one hot teacher/TV host who possessed a devilish attitude. It’s no wonder one of her kids found her alluring and was seduced by her feminine wiles. She had those students in the palm of her hand, used seduction and manipulation to get what she wanted – but it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that she was super hot!

10 10 Lily Aldrin - Alyson Hannigan


Lilly Aldrin was probably the sweetest onscreen teacher around. She had to be to teach kindergarten, but she was super cute, kind, warm-hearted, and just loved her kids. She was cute and all those things, but of course, being portrayed by Alyson Hannigan, she was also incredibly hot, although that would’ve probably been lost on kids that age.

I’m talking about the Lily Aldrin from the hit American sitcom How I Met Your Mother. As one of the leading cast members, we got to see a lot of Lily in her element at the head of her classroom, and how she dealt with the kids and helped nurture them as they grew up; it was a far cry from her dark days as a goth during college – although she’d have probably looked as, if not more, hot as a goth.... or even better, a teacher who’s a goth. Now I’m letting my imagine run wild!

9 Veronica Vaughn - Bridgette Wilson


Here’s another hot movie teacher from a film in 1995 – what was it about that year and hot actresses playing movie teachers? Anyway, no one’s complaining.

Well, what can I say about Veronica Vaughn? If I had a criteria for a "hot movie teacher" checklist – the main one of course being hotness - she’d come up trumps with every box being ticked. Hence why she makes this list.

Ms. Veronica Vaughn from the movie Billy Madison was surely everyone’s dream teacher. She seemed to be fresh out of college, was a sweetheart, beautiful, and didn’t take any nonsense either. She had to deal with plenty, having a drunk and disorderly 27-year-old student to take care of, but didn’t get frazzled and kept her cool. Having her at the head of his class probably meant Adam Sandler’s character wanted to stay in school, not flunk out, and complete his studies, which he did in the end thanks to the help of the stunning Veronica Vaughn.


8 Sharon Norbury - Tina Fey


I can’t talk about sexy school teachers without talking about Ms. Norbury of North Shore High School in Mean Girls. Tina Fey, who incidentally was also the producer of the film, wanted to get in on the action, and what better role to cast yourself in than as the local school’s sexy calculus teacher.

Not many women can make math sexy, but Ms. Norbury certainly did a stellar job. And it wasn’t really intentional either. She’s what many would call "geek sexy" or "academic sexy." She didn’t really dress to impress, but nevertheless we still found her hot. Those thick-rimmed glasses just added to that geeky math teacher look, but she also loved to let her hair down, moonlighting as a bartender a couple nights a week.

She’s sexy, highly intelligent as a math whizz, caring, and did all of this, pulls off her role, with the utmost grace. Sharon Norbury really did have the entire package.

7 Jennifer Honey - Embeth Davidtz

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can’t fail to remember Miss Honey, the kind-hearted soul from the movie Matilda. It’s safe to say, pretty much everyone saw that film from the mid-90s, and everyone’s favorite character, apart from Matilda of course, was Matilda’s teacher, Miss Honey.

She’s the idyllic teacher who had a heart of gold and who was responsible for nurturing Matilda’s thirst for knowledge in the absence of doting parents. All the kids loved her, as they should, and only one person despised her – her aunt, the tyrannical principal of the elementary school, Miss Trunchbull. But of course, as is always the case, good triumphs over evil, and Jennifer Honey took over as principal and her and Matilda lived happily ever after together, as mother and daughter.

She was a ray of sunshine in a school of doom and gloom, with a smile that could light up the darkest of days, of which there were many in the school ruled by her crazy aunt.

6 Katherine Watson - Julia Roberts


This film Mona Lisa Smile was set in the 1950s, and it wasn’t the painting, it was Julia Roberts’ smile and portrayal of Katherine Watson that lit up the screen.

The 30-year-old grad student, Katherine, took up a position teaching the history of art at a liberal arts college. New to teaching, she had to contend with a lot of young, opinionated women, but she held her own and consequently, her course and role as a teacher were very successful.

Despite being set in the 1950s, it’s safe to say that even today, many art students would’ve found Katherine hot – even in that teaching attire, which she still managed to pull off.

This film’s got some star names, but it’s all about Julia Roberts, a woman who’s passionate about her subject and wanted to inspire the young women in her class to dream and aspire to be more than the stereotypical 1950s woman, cooking, cleaning, being a housewife, and looking after the kids. She changed the lives of her students, and although it was probably never her intention to, she looked gorgeous doing it.

5 Karen Pomeroy - Drew Barrymore


Donnie Darko was one weird movie, but the whole concept of the film worked and it ended up being a major success. It actually received quite a cult following when it was released in 2001, which is actually not that surprising considering the star cast. One of the cast members was Drew Barrymore.

Just imagine having Drew Barrymore as your teacher for a sec. Then imagine that you suffer from mental health problems, see seven-foot demonic bunny rabbits, and that Drew’s focus was to keep you interested in her subject. She’d at least steer your attention to English, and to her, for a bit anyway. I can’t really call the troubled teenager Donnie Darko lucky, but at least he was fortunate having Karen Pomeroy, played by Drew, as one of his teachers – there’s some motivation to get to school. Karen faced plenty of problems every day in the classroom, but remained dedicated to the cause and her teaching role.

4 Miss Burke - Famke Janssen


Every American science fiction or teen horror film has to have some hot women involved, and the fact this movie was set in and around a high school meant that these hot women were also teachers and other faculty – yay, lucky them!

Well, I say lucky them, but when they’re having to contend with saving the world from alien domination, which is what happened in the movie The Faculty, that’s kind of the wrong phrase to use. Unfortunately, the teachers in this film, including Miss Burke, were being controlled by aliens. The deadly parasitic alien in Miss Burke suddenly made her a whole lot less attractive, as you can imagine.

But before the alien invaded her body, she was a really cute, shy, and hot, teacher. The alien inside her made her come out of her shell a little bit, but I’m sure all of you would agree, we’d much rather have the pre-alien Miss Burke at the head of the classroom.

3 Mary McGarricle - Eva Amurri


Adam Sandler’s a lucky man. He has had Bridgette Wilson as a teacher, and he’s also had the super hot Eva Amurri teach his lesson, as she did in the 2012 movie, That’s My Boy. But in that film, Sandler’s character got a lot more than an education – well, he got some sort of an education alright. Teacher Mary McGarricle, played by Eva, had a sexual relationship with her student, Sandler’s character. She just couldn’t keep her hands off him, although I’m sure Donny Berger – Sandler’s character – wasn’t complaining. But, what she did of course was illegal, since Donny was her student and was underage. So, Mary was carted off to prison, where she had Donny’s kid. Ah, it gets more complicated!

Mary was amazingly hot as a teacher, but prison changed her. She aged terribly as her sentence progressed, she literally looked like a new woman – played by Susan Sarandon. But as a teacher, wow!

2 Vicky Mueller - Tia Carrere


Tia Carrere’s been around for the longest time and has many strings to her bow; acting, modelling, and singing, she does it all, but it’s her role as a teacher in the 1995 film – yes, yet another 1995 movie (although it was released later instead on DVD) – My Teacher’s Wife, that many people (well, at least teenage boys at the time!) would remember.

Southport High School senior Todd Boomer’s sole ambition was to get into Harvard. But he had a big obstacle in his way in the form of his math teacher, who wasn’t about to do him any favors. Thankfully though, this teacher’s wife, Vicky did – did do him and do him a major favor. Vicky, played by Tia Carrere, was also a math genius and tutored Todd to help him achieve his dream. The sexy and mysterious Vicky had an affair with him too. I don’t know how he managed to concentrate on math with a woman like Vicky all over him!

1 Palmer Dodge - Brooklyn Decker


Wow, I’ll say this again, but Adam Sandler’s been in a lot of movies where he’s been involved with hot school teachers. Perhaps he has a thing for sexy school teachers? He made it happen again in the 2011 movie, Just Go With It, because he co-produced the film. This time the teacher was Palmer Dodge, played by Brooklyn Decker. This sixth-grade math teacher was smoking hot– no wonder Sandler’s character followed her around like a puppy dog.

Eventually, after sticking to her morals, Palmer gave in and fell for Danny too. Boy, did Danny do well for himself; this teacher looked like a supermodel in the film, and she certainly stood out, which was incredibly hard to do since there were characters being played by Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston in the film as well. But Brooklyn stood out, just like she’d do at any school. I bet there were a few kids watching that movie hoping that Brooklyn would try her hand at teaching in real life!

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