15 Hottest Models Dan Bilzerian Has Ever Featured On His Instagram

Dan Bilzerian is a former Navy SEAL hopeful that became a professional poker player, who then became a social media celebrity. If you judge him from his photos on Instagram, you would probably assume that all day, every day, he's surrounded by beautiful women while flying in a private jet, partying, or swimming in his pool.

Bilzerian has been the subject of controversy because of his exploitation of women on his social media accounts. He's posted (censored) photos of naked women sitting around him as he grabs their boobs or nether regions, and videotaped scantily dressed women shooting machine guns in the desert. His Instagram account is basically a Michael Bay movie -- and people either love him or hate him for it.

It's obvious that Bilzerian blatantly sexualizes women to build his own social media profile -- and in the name of feminism, that should be okay. The women in his photos are choosing to pose with him, either for free, for money, or in exchange for a boost in their own social-media following. You may not agree with the type of content that he posts, but you have to respect that he surrounds himself with some of the most beautiful women on the planet. It's about time we found out who some of the women in his photos are (so that we can all see more of them).

15 Sofia Bevarly (@Sofia_Bevarly)

If you've been paying attention to Dan Bilzerian's Instagram, you'll notice that he's posted a few relationship-esque photos. It's unlikely that the millionaire playboy has plans of settling down anytime soon, but for now, he seems occupied with Sofia Bevarly. She's been featured on his Instagram, and he's been featured on hers, though the captions to her photos are a little more lovey-dovey. While on what appeared to be a vacation in the Virgin Islands with Bilzerian, Bevarly posted a photo of them both staring at each other with the caption "The best view is you." She posted another of their photos a few days later with both of them dressed in their finest to attend a wedding. The caption for that one read, "Pretty hot looking couple if I do say so myself."

If the pair really are a couple, Bilzerian better not hurt that woman. She's too gorgeous, and we're all too jealous.

14 Megan Belet (@MissBelet)

Megan Belet was just another medical student at the University of California before she started hanging with Bilzerian. There are rumors circulating that Belet was overwhelmed with student loans before she appeared on Bilzerian's Instagram account, and after her appearance, she's had no problem paying her bills.

If you check out Belet's own Instagram account, you'll find a mix of model photos, beach party photos, athletic photos, and photos where she flaunts the fact that she's a third-year med student. Her intelligence helps destroy the notion that Bilzerian exploits bimbos all day. You can hate on him all you want, but he sure does know how to pick the women that he hangs around with.

13 Stefanie Knight (@StefanieKnight)

Stefanie Knight is a world-famous Polish-Canadian model that has made an appearance or two next to Bilzerian. With more than a million followers on Instagram, she didn't exactly need the promotion that Bilzerian could've given her. She's a Playboy Cybergirl.  She's appeared in Maxim. She's come a long way from the small Canadian town Thunder Bay to appear in magazines around the world.

You should take time out of your day to lurk through Stefanie Knight's 375+ photos on Instagram. They are definitely a sight to be seen. If that's not enough for you, I'm sure you could just type "Stefanie Knight Playboy" into some sort of image search engine and find the types of images that you're looking for.

12 Lindsey Pelas (@LindseyPelas)

Lindsey Pelas is another Bilzerian-Instagram-account model who didn't need the promotion that he could've offered her. She has over 6 million followers and has modeled for Maxim, Playboy, Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated, TMZ, the NY Post, and Univision. She launched an Instagram account after moving from Louisiana to Los Angeles to pursue her career in modeling. Six weeks after launching, Pelas had more than a million followers on Instagram.

It's amazing what you can learn about someone by browsing someone's Instagram for a few minutes. For example, Pelas doesn't like to wear a bra. In fact, she'd rather use her hand, arm, fireman helmet, and her friends to support her lovely lady lumps. She has no problem flaunting what her momma gave her.  In January 2017, she posted a racy photo on Snapchat that you'll be able to find with the help of Google.

11 Caitlin O'Connor (@Caitlin__OConnor)

In addition to modeling for Esquire, GQ, and FHM, Caitlin O'Connor is on her way to becoming a successful actress. O'Connor appeared in the series finale of Two and a Half Men, in an episode of Key & Peele, and in three episodes of Comedy Central's Tosh.0. However, O'Connor is best known for hosting ArsenicTV's's Snapchat channel, and working as Maxim Magazine's "Helpful Hottie" advice girl. She also presented awards at the 2015 and 2016 World MMA Awards.

At the moment, Caitlin O'Connor is building her acting profile by hosting segments for ArsenicTV, TorioTV, FOX News, The Chive, The Doctors, and Maria Menounos' AfterBuzz TV.

A neat little fact about Caitlin O'Connor is that one of her first jobs acting was at Disneyland as a princess. So, if you're wondering what happens to the characters at Disneyland when they get a little older, this is it.

10 Dominique Le Toullec (@DominiqueLeToullec)

Dominique Le Toullec deserves a lot more than 213,000 followers on Instagram. The Australian-born model is of Colombian descent and manages to pay the bills by modeling and working as a personal trainer. She's dated rugby players in the past but recently posed on Dan Bilzerian's Instagram.

There's no doubt that Dominique Le Toullec was using the opportunity to pose with Dan Bilzerian as a marketing opportunity for her personal trainer business, but can you really blame her? Would other models-turned-personal-trainers have done anything differently?

If you check out her Instagram, you'll find hundreds of photos of her in tiny bikinis, but if you want to see what she looks like in athletic gear, make sure to check out her personal website. She actually offers a number of exercise, nutrition, and booty programs to help you achieve the body that you want. She's pretty business savvy and knows how to market herself as a product.

9 Sunshine Shen (@CaptainSunny)

Playmate Sunshine Shen has a "lowly" 44,300 followers on Instagram and has appeared in one of Dan Bilzerian's photos amidst a group of other girls. She definitely needed the promotion that Bilzerian provided her by tagging her on Instagram, but it's surprising that a Playboy bunny would have as few followers as she does. This lack of a following must stem from her fairly irregular posting schedule. In general, she has a very underwhelming presence on social media. You'll find plenty of bikini photos of her, but not a whole lot of information.

You may remember Sunshine Shen from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, where she posed topless in body paint for FC Bodog. Hop on YouTube and watch the clip -- everyone needs a little bit of Sunshine in his day.  By the way, if she hasn't ever used that line to market herself, then she should consider it a missed opportunity.

8 Maria Tuleeva (@MariaTuleeva)

Maria Tuleeva is another underappreciated beauty to have been featured by Dan Bilzerian. He has an eye for talent, apparently. Maria Tuleeva has only 77,800 followers on Instagram, but the only thing you need to know about her is that the only thing she loves more than squats is posting videos of herself working out.

This Russian model used to have a fairly active Tumblr account, but it's recently been inactive. She's one of the few models on this list to have set up a Facebook page for her modeling. Her Facebook page posts all of the same content as her Instagram account, though, and she receives a lot more love on her Instagram than on her Facebook.

If you want to see even more of Maria Tuleeva, there are a few YouTube videos of her where things get pretty wet.

7 Lauren Blake (@LaurenBlakeee)

via: reddit.com

In the summer of 2016, Lauren Blake was part of quite the social media campaign. Very publicly, she and Bilzerian traveled to Italy, Czech Republic, and a few other European countries. She highlighted this trip on her Snapchat story, while he posted a few photos on his social media accounts. You can almost guarantee that they hooked up at some point during that trip.

Lauren Blake, originally from France, has 345,000 followers on Instagram and is slowly making a name for herself. She's more of a typical Instagram model than some of the other ladies on this list, which means that her promoting herself through Bilzerian was that much more important. Her Instagram page is selfie city with a few professional photos posted in between.

You can usually tell how successful people are by how many sponsored photos they post on their Instagram page, and let's just say, Lauren Blake posts a lot of sponsored photos.

6 CJ Sparxx (@CJSparkxx)

CJ Sparxx is a current Playboy Playmate, model, and co-host on Playboy Radio. With 218,000 followers on Instagram, Sparxx probably appeared on Bilzerian's Instagram to draw more attention to her own account. Her Instagram contains enough eye candy to soothe your sweet tooth for a few weeks as she posts a photo from her shoots nearly every day.

Though she's posed nude before, on her Model Mayhem account, she has made it very clear that she doesn't do "adult" work. Additionally, she's stated that she is open to travelling for work for as long as her travel expenses are covered (or some other sort of arrangement is met). What are the odds that Bilzerian covered her travel fees to pose in an Instagram photo shoot? Pretty high.

If you're looking to support CJ Sparxx's modeling career, you can access her private gallery through a link on her Instagram page. It'll cost you, but it's worth the price if you're a fan of her work.

5 Brina Chantal Moreno (@BrinaChantall)

Brina Chantal Marino is of Mexican, Irish, German, and French heritage. Compared to the other girls on this list, she has an incredibly small Instagram following at 19,600 followers. Her Instagram is a mix of modeling photos, photos with her friends on nights out, and the occasional artsy photographs of landscapes and the like.

Besides modeling, Brina Chantal Marino loves to DJ. Hopefully, her career as a DJ doesn't even slightly resemble Paris Hilton's DJ career. (It was terrible.) But it's hard to find any music or sets performed or created by her. Hopefully, the recent photo with Bilzerian will give her the boost that she needs to make a name for herself as a model and/or DJ.

It's great to see that someone can have a life outside of modeling. The profession is incredibly time-consuming, often requiring models to spend their days travelling from country to country. It may sound easy, but there's nothing luxurious about spending your day in sweatpants while waiting in the airport for your delayed flight.

4 Bre Tiesi (@Bre_Tiesi)

Bre Tiesi needs more love. She's rocking 286,000 followers on Instagram, but with a body like hers, she deserves so many more. Unlike the other models on this list, Tiesi's Instagram account isn't just photos of her modeling. Her account contains a number of photos of her going about her busy day-to-day life travelling the world, ziplining, contributing to charity, and occasionally posing with her boyfriend, Johnny Manziel.

If you're a football fan, you may remember Johnny Manziel as the controversial Texas A&M turned Cleveland Browns quarterback. Manziel was released by the Cleveland Browns because of his inconsistency and his controversies off the field (which include multiple arrests), despite breaking the franchise record for most rushing yards by a QB in a single game.

Tiesi must love bad boys. In March 2017, Manziel proposed to Tiesi, and she said yes.

3 Christina Hall (@ChristinaHall.Randf)

Christina Hall is another woman with a following that is steadily growing.  With 17,100 Instagram followers, Christina Hall has been trying to build her social media presence. While she has been a model in the past, it seems that she is getting ready to move on from modeling to work in a different industry.

Following a link in her Instagram bio will lead you to a Rodan & Fields website, where Christina is trying to sell skincare products. People need a steady income to support themselves when their dream isn't panning out the way they had planned -- and there's nothing wrong with that. Realistically, she's just another attractive woman with great skin trying to sell products to women with not-so-great skin. It would be a lot more glamorous if she was just working as a spokeswoman for the company, rather than as an Independent Consultant for the company, but that's neither here nor there.

2 Tawny Jordan (@TawnyJordan)

Tawny Jordan is considered to be one of the hottest women on Snapchat. The winner of Miss Coed 2013, Tawny Jordan has made herself marketable through her extravagant life of travelling. Her own website, TravelWithTawny, connects you to hotel deals through which, presumably, she receives a cut of the profit every time travelers plan their vacations through her website.

Tawny Jordan has a whopping 563,000 followers on Instagram where she posts a handful of selfies and travel pictures, as well as a ton of photos from different shoots that she has participated in. You could follow her on Instagram and see enough of her to be satisfied -- but you'd be a fool if you didn't check her out on Snapchat. If you want to make yourself envious of her travel-bug lifestyle, follow her on Facebook. The photos there are a little more casual than those you'll find on her Instagram and a little less staged than those on her Snapchat.

1 Mabelynn Capeluj (@MabelynnCapeluj)

Mabelynn Capeluj is an interesting model -- and it's not just because of her name. She used to run a poorly designed blog on WordPress where she would post news stories that she had written. The stories were short, sweet, and were primarily focused on sports-related content. However, the integration of photos into her articles gave the blog an amateur and off-putting look.

The blog was created on October 2016 as part of a journalism class that she was taking. She had to post weekly stories, and she decided to focus on sports journalism because that was her passion. With over 450,000 followers on Instagram, Mabelynn Capeluj shouldn't have an issue launching her broadcasting career when she finishes her degree. We can only hope that we'll see her on SportsCenter a few years from now when she makes a name for herself in broadcast journalism.

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