15 Hottest Mean Girls Of Reality TV

If your favorite reality show had no mean girls in it, would you still watch it? We think not. Thanks to girls with bad attitudes, we've been gifted with some of the most entertaining reality television ever. Whether it's sassy hot waiters on Vanderpump Rules, hot MILFs on Real Housewives, or girls with attitude on Teen Mom, we can't get enough of the drama. And, it doesn't hurt that these women are extremely attractive and easy to look at every week.

While many women in reality TV have attitudes these days, the fifteen on this list have taken it to a whole other level. They've cheated on their best friend's boyfriend, cussed out their own boss, and in some cases, have even committed felonies. But what would reality TV be without these trouble-making broads? Boring, that's what.

Below is a list of our favorite sexy reality TV personalities who love to play the mean girl card whenever they get the chance. It doesn't matter if they're 16 years old or 50 years young, these women know how to dish it out. And, don't mind watching them one bit.

15 Stassi Schroeder

We're pretty sure if you look up sexy b**** in the dictionary, a picture of Stassi Schroeder's evil smile will be staring right back at you. Stassi made a name for herself on the hit Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules, where she served as SUR restaurant's resident mean girl. Stassi loves ganging up on women she doesn't like and actually finds joy in seeing them in pain. No, really, this girl is kind of scary most of the time.

Whether she's wishing to gift d*ldos doused in acid to her enemies (yeah, she actually said that) or she's manipulating her ex-boyfriend, Jax, to get juicy information out of him, Stassi always plays dirty. Over the course of the last five seasons of the show, Stassi has managed to piss off literally every one of her friends at least once. Yet, they all keep forgiving her over and over again. Why? Lucky for her, she's smoking hot...just ask her. That's probably why Stassi gets away with all the mean things she does.

14 Brandi Glanville

When it comes to Bravo's The Real Housewives franchise, most of the women are more crazy than attractive. That was until the gorgeous Brandi Glanville stepped on the scene of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi made a splash almost immediately when she accused fellow cast member, Kim Richards, of doing drugs in the bathroom at an otherwise lighthearted game night. Over her seasons on the show, Brandi continued to make enemies due to her lack of a filter and crass mouth.

Brandi's mean girl attitude reared its ugly head when she began to become awkwardly physical with the other housewives. Whether she was throwing a drink in her friend's face or slapping Lisa Vanderpump right in the face, it was clear that Brandi had a "small" anger problem. If you watched the show, you knew that when Brandi started to get her drunken droopy-eyed face, crazy drama was about to ensue. These days, Brandi is still single, but we have a strong feeling that she has no problem meeting guys.

13 Tiffany "New York" Pollard


Back in the early 2000's, VH1 was spitting out trashy reality shows like bad candy on Halloween. It seemed like every month there were new dating shows to watch that featured some of the weirdest, nastiest people ever. Seriously, where did they find these people? Tiffany Pollard, otherwise known as "New York," first appeared on VH1's Flavor of Love as a contestant vying for the attention of washed-up rapper, Flavor Flav. Her personality and looks were so crazy interesting that she even got her own show on the network called, I Love New York, and it was even trashier than her last gig.

Whether she was talking trash or pulling her cast mate's hair, we could always depend on New York to bring the perfect amount of sexy and trashy to our evening TV programming. These days, New York is still desperately trying to stay relevant and is producing her own reality series, The Ex, in the near future. Is it just us, or do her boobs get bigger and bigger with age? Eek!

12 Courtney Stodden

Reality stars invoke all kinds of emotions in us—glee, laughter, arousal, and in the case of Courtney Stodden, complete and utter shock. Courtney Stodden initially caught our attention when she married her then husband, actor Doug Hutchison, at the extremely young age of 16. Oh, and did we mention Doug is over 30 years her senior? Gross. The two continued to milk their 15 minutes of fame by doing countless TV appearances on talk shows and reality shows like Couples Therapy. It was made clear that Courtney had some mental issues to deal with due to the fact that she always talks in a super-sexy baby voice and only wears clothing strippers wear the night before rent's due.

Since then, Courtney and Dough have divorced, but the reality starlet continues to dress provocatively. We watched Courtney's b*tchy attitude become more and more intense as she argued with her mom on the therapy show over the fact that her mom is probably in love with Doug...what?! We're pretty sure no amount of therapy will cure Courtney of her odd, over-s*xed behavior.

11 Jenny "JWoww" Farley

You probably recognize the insanely hot Jennifer Farley or "JWoww" from MTV's hit reality series, Jersey Shore. JWoww practically had our eyes popping out of their sockets after watching what was popping out of her T-shirts in every week's episode. What made JWoww attractive (besides the obvious) was her ability to tell it like it is and not hold anything back. And when she finally went after the pouty brat, Sammy Sweetheart, claws first, we fell even more in love with her.

Since her stint on the show, we've watched JWoww become a wife and mother with fellow Jersey Shore goer, Roger, who she met on the show. While JWoww may have become domesticated, she still has the fiery sass we all know and love her for. And, she definitely hasn't lost her fiery good looks.

10 Farrah Abraham


MTV has produced some seriously great reality shows over the years, but nothing prepared us for the craziness that was Teen Mom. The show that followed young pregnant teens opened our eyes to some of the most fame-hungry families like that of the infamous Farrah Abraham. Before Farrah, we don't think we've ever witnessed someone so nasty and rude that was that smoking hot. We watched Farrah attempt to raise her daughter, Sophia, as she dealt with the intense (and most of the time, seemingly avoidable) drama she had with her mom and dad.

As Farrah grew more and more famous, so did her ego and her...well, let's just say...lots of things that grew larger. Farrah seems to make frequent trips to the plastic surgeon if she has time between shouting rudely at her wide-eyed parents and making awkward s*x tapes. Farrah really made headlines when she starred in an adult film with famous adult actor, James Deen. Farrah claimed the film was leaked but it was made pretty clear that it was completely planned. While we may put the TV on mute when Farrah appears onscreen, we have to admit she's nice to look at.

9 Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari was probably one of the youngest mean girls to make it onto the reality show scene back in the early 2000's on the hit show Laguna Beach on MTV. Kristin was completely boy crazy and got with just about any guy she wanted. And when she was done with them, she was done with them. Most of the show was comprised of seriously cruel moments of Kristin trash-talking other girls in school and making fun of them behind their backs.

Kristin also starred in the show's spin-off, The Hills, when she replaced the much-loved Lauren Conrad in season 5. She made quite a splash on the show, stealing the attention of bad boy Justin Bobby from her co-star, Audrina Patridge. While the show was pretty fabricated, we didn't care all that much because looking at Kristin for half an hour every week wasn't really something we wanted to pass up. Even with a bratty attitude and kind of annoying voice, we can't help but be fans of the sexy reality star.

8 Patti Stanger

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Okay, admit it. Patti Stanger is the mean cougar we all dream of getting with. We've never met a reality star more feisty and bossy than Patti and we absolutely adore her for it. Patti made a name for herself as the go-to love guru on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti's long dark hair and signature bandage dresses became a part of her persona as she easily spat out judgments on the many women that would attempt to enter the exclusive matchmaking club.

Our favorite Patti Stanger moments were when she was teaching the men how to get women. We loved that she never held back what she was feeling, even if it meant completely insulting her millionaire clients. Whether the millionaire was wearing pink shorts or throwing out sleazy pick up lines, Patti was always quick to tell them what to do...in the harshest way possible. She may have been kind of a jerk most of the time, but she sure looked good doing it.

7 Kourtney Kardashian


Keeping Up With The Kardashians is one of the most iconic reality shows of its genre and has been running for over a decade now. While pretty much every member of the Kardashian clan has a nasty side, oldest sibling Kourtney Kardashian brings out her inner mean girl quite a bit. Perhaps it's her lack of energy and monotone speaking voice, but Kourtney is never afraid to dish out the ugly truth. Whether she's critiquing her sister Khloe's outfits or tricking her own mom into giving back her spare key to their house, Kourtney is one sexy mean girl.

Over the years, we've watched Kourtney go from a fun, single fashionista to a mother of three. But somehow (with the aid of money) she's managed to get more and more beautiful as time goes on. But no matter what happens in Kourtney's life, she never fails to keep her same sassy personality. Even at 65 years old, we imagine Kourtney still calling Scott a "total freak" and yelling at her sisters for borrowing her clothes. Klassic Kourtney!

6 Bethenny Frankel

While most reality stars seem like they're missing one too many brain cells, Real Housewives of New York's Bethenny Frankel seems to have an abundance of them. Aside from her cunning sense of humor and tenacity, Bethenny is most known for her no bulls*** style. If Bethenny doesn't like something, she'll say it. If she thinks something is boring and lame, she'll make her feelings known. While it's extremely entertaining to watch on TV, Bethenny's frank and sharp behavior tends to get her in A LOT of fights.

Bethenny's wit helped her turn a small idea into a ginormous multi-million-dollar business. Bethenny owns a company called Skinny Girl that makes low-calorie alcoholic beverages and foods. Bethenny is one heck of a sassy, hot, and brilliant businesswoman. She's definitely our fave reality mean girl.

5 Lala Kent


Vanderpump Rules' newest cast member, Lala Kent, is kind of the worst, but damn does she look good. Her sheer confidence and sharp tongue make her super hot and we can't help but laugh at her judgmental comments. Lala is hated by most of her coworkers at SUR, but honestly, they're probably just jealous. It probably doesn't help that Lala flirts with all of her friends' boyfriends and is rumored to be dating a very rich, very married man. Yikes!

Lala pisses of pretty much everybody, but she really gets under cast mate Katie Maloney's skin. Lala told her and some other girls that they "obviously weren't working on their summer bodies." Not a great way to make friends, Lala. But every time she flashes us that winning smile, we can't help but sing "Lala" all day long.

4 Tamra Judge


Tamra Judge is the self-proclaimed "hottest housewife" of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra is probably one of the biggest drama-starters, if not the biggest, in reality TV history. In almost every episode of the show, we watch Tamra repeat gossip she shouldn't, put her nose in someone else's business, or straight up insult someone to their face. Tamra has gotten in fights with just about every cast member, many of which won't even talk to her anymore. Yet somehow, with all her fighting and nasty insults, we can't help but absolutely LOVE Tamra Judge.

Tamra always manages to look amazing on the show and as of late, has gotten into seriously great shape. Tamra opened up her own gym called Cut Fitness along with her husband, Eddie. And ever since, Tamra has gained the most rockin' body ever, but her mouth still loves to gossip. Whether she's shouting at a full volume at another housewife or making fun of them, we can't help but love Tamra's mean side...and backside.

3 Erika Jayne/Erika Girardi

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has popped out some pretty attractive women over the years, but nothing could have prepared us for the gorgeous Erika Jayne/Girardi. By day, Erika Girardi is a housewife to a very rich lawyer, living in an incredible home in Pasadena. But by night, Erika Jayne comes out to play and is a complete s*x kitten who prances around to catchy electronic pop-music. She even coined the term "pat the puss," a move she does on stage. We're practically in love.

But aside from Erika's provocative stage outfits and vivacious curves, her ability to point out bulls*** from a mile away is what really makes her special. Erika hates being fake and we love watching her call out other housewives when they do stupid things and act ridiculously. While she's oftentimes accused of being cold on the show, we just think she's poised and knows what she wants. Erika Jayne is definitely on fire.

2 Tanisha Thomas


If you're thinking about fight training, you better take some tips from Bad Girls' Club's Tanisha Thomas. This girl was always on fire and always had an opinion, and we adored her for it. Whether she was using fists, feisty words, or even hangers, Tanisha knew how to defend herself and make a racket. And we have to admit, seeing a woman stand up for what she believes in is super sexy.

Tanisha was best known for her hilarious witty comebacks that she'd use in her tenacious brawls. One of our favorites? "I'll send you home in a body bag!" Even though most of the fights Tanisha would get in were completely ridiculous/avoidable, we couldn't help but be wildly entertained. Feels good to be a bad girl.

1 Kristen Doute


We saved the biggest reality TV mean girl for last. Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute  managed to do some serious damage to her personal life, love life, and professional life. Yup, all three. Kristin, while pretty damn sexy, has probably the worst attitude ever, and can be a real brat. The girl had the nerve to cheat on her boyfriend with his best friend, who was also her best friend's ex-boyfriend. Wow, Kristen! That's some real mean girl status! Kristin also accused her then boyfriend, Tom, of cheating on her and pretty much made it a plot line for an entire season, only to reveal that she had been cheating on him the entire time. Touché, Kristen.

Kristen even managed to piss off everyone at her workplace as well. She came into work drunk on her day off and made a huge scene in the middle of the restaurant. But don't be sad for Kristen. These days, she's dating a new guy and making her own T-shirts. Looks like things are going...well...alright for Kirsten. At least she's pretty, right?

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