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15 Hottest Margot Robbie Photos You’ve Ever Seen

15 Hottest Margot Robbie Photos You’ve Ever Seen

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In a world obsessed with celebrity, the premium on becoming known has never been more competitive in Hollywood. That means that merely being able to receive minor roles in big productions is a feat that very few people can achieve. Beyond that, there are those lucky enough to actually become famous around the world, but there is even another level above that.

At any given time an actor or actress can become the “it gal or guy”. Names like Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Meg Ryan, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Cameron DiazHalle Berry and Charlize Theron, for instance, have all gone through a phase like this. However, if you ask us, there is no question that Margot Robbie is the current holder of this title. After coming to prominence due to her role in The Wolf of Wolf Street, she seems to have been everywhere. A key part of movies like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad, there have been lots of opportunities to see her in action. In fact, she is so beloved that a Harley Quinn spin-off movie seems to be one of the best bets in the entire DC Extended Universe, which is crazy considering how many characters exist in their catalog. Reflecting on her current place in the Hollywood machine, it made us realize that it is the perfect time to bring to you our list of the fifteen hottest Margot Robbie photos you’ve ever seen.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that Margot Robbie can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the tabloid queen will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from her media appearances and music videos are fair game as they some of her most memorable moments. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15. Downright Pretty

As we’ve already touched on, Margot Robbie’s career is very much on the rise which means that each of her new releases receives a great deal more attention than they would have otherwise. However, pretty much anyone who saw a movie she appeared in earlier in her career would be able to attest that a film she was in prior to becoming a celebrity deserves a hell of a lot more attention. Coming out earlier in the same year that her career broke out due to her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, About Time received far less acclaim and attention but brought to life a beautiful story of romance and time travel. Cast as the crush the main character had years prior to meeting the love of his life, there is no question that it was a role she was born to play. After all, she looks about as angelic and lovely as anyone possibly could. Additionally, that is to say about the fact that we can’t think of anyone who better personifies the type of person people would lust after from afar.

14. Red Carpet

When a studio puts on a major film premiere they are hoping for one thing, publicity. Hopeful that they will be able to attract celebrities big enough to have pictures of them attending the movie hit the rounds, the idea is that the film will look important because it was the place to be. We have to imagine that when the powers that be behind Whiskey Tango Foxtrot saw what Margot wore to the premiere of that movie they thanked the heavens. A black outfit with straps over her shoulder, on anyone else it could have just been another black dress. In this case, however, it is adorning the body of one of the hottest women alive who seems to be with any kind of bra. All we can say to that is, thank you, Margot Robbie.

13. At Her Place

There was a time where Esquire magazine had a regular feature called ‘Me in My Place’ that featured attractive celebrities taking part in photoshoots in their own homes. A true stroke of genius, the only thing that baffles us is that it no longer seems to be seen on a regular basis. Resulting in some of the hottest pictures of many of the women that the public has come to develop a crush on over its time, the relaxed and intimate nature of the pictorials always made them enjoyable. Case in point, this image of Margot lying on what we can only presume is her own couch wearing a plain shirt and a pair of white panties.

12. Bubbly Tub

2016’s The Big Short is a movie that seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly become a sensation among critics and fans. Nominated for five Oscars and containing a cast to die for, including Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and more, an actress who made a cameo somehow stole a lot of the attention. Of course, it didn’t hurt in the slightest that it was someone as enchanting as Margot and in a scene that implied that she was naked under a whole lot of bubbles. A moment in the movie in which something on the technical side needed to be explained in a simple fashion so the plot could be followed, the choice was made to give the audience some eye candy to focus on. If the old song about a spoon full of sugar helping the medicine go down was about looking at a presumably nude hottie while learning something it has to be one of the best ideas we’ve ever heard of.

11. White Bikini

Let’s face it, we’ve all probably gone to the beach feeling pretty hopeful once or twice in our lives. Sure, most people enjoy the sun and the sand or the ability to go for a dip in the ocean but there is certainly more to enjoy. After all, it is one of the only places in modern society where women will take off several layers of clothing and walk around wearing what amounts to next to nothing, so we know that the view can be great. That said, if we ever went to our local beach and someone as gorgeous as Margot appeared wearing a bikini as hot as this one we may spend the rest of our summer there in hope that she’d return. Wearing a white bikini that isn’t really anything all that special, it is the body that it covers that makes this photo so enjoyable.

10. In Focus

A film that quietly tripled its budget and added to the already impressive filmography Margot was building for herself, Focus still somehow flew mostly under the radar. Mostly forgotten today, it is remembered for two things. First off, it is the first time Margot and Will Smith, her co-star in Suicide Squad who she had lots of chemistry with, worked together. The other thing is that there was an unforgettable moment in the trailer of Margot looking stunning in a black bikini around a pool. A movie about grifters, there is no question in our minds that most people would be so happy to spend time with her in that outfit she could have almost anything she wants.

9. Wolf Of The Bedroom

We’ve already mentioned that the movie this screengrab comes from is the one that pretty much introduced Margot to the world so we’re guessing you already know what it is from. Wearing a bra and pantie set that definitely looks like one worn in the 80s, the style of the cut and fabric may not be cutting edge but looking at this picture, who care about that? An outfit that we only see for the briefest of moments in the movie, as part of a montage of sorts, we’re certain that if it was almost anyone else wearing it nobody would even recall it. If that wasn’t the scene in the movie featuring her then don’t worry, there is more Wolf of Wall Street content to come.

8. High Fashion

When you look at a photograph of Margot Robbie, one thing becomes immensely obvious, she is a beauty that has looks that are eye-catching enough that they could have stood out in any generation. If for some reason there is any part of your mind that questions that idea in even the slightest fashion then look no further than this photograph. With her hair made up like a bombshell of yore, we luckily get to look at her lying there in all of her glory wearing clothes that are far more revealing than the women from those earlier years. Showing off her magnificent and sultry legs that look like they would be soft to the touch, she doesn’t need to do anything more to take our breath away then show them off.

7. Rescued at Sea

Remember that kick-ass yacht that was all over the trailers for The Wolf of Wall Street when it came out? It resulted in one of the sexiest moments in the movie which unlike some of the other scenes somehow seems to have been largely forgotten by the masses. After a sequence where the boat almost takes the lives of all three of the movie’s main characters, they are saved and rejoice that they are now safe. In this case, the form that takes is Margot’s character, alongside a female friend, dancing while surrounded by servicemen and wearing a white top that is largely see through. While there are far more revealing moments in the movie, including one that we’ve already listed, there is something that is really hot about getting a view of a character that didn’t mean to show us so much.

6. Leather and Lace

When it came time for the producers of the Suicide Squad movie to cast someone to play Harley Quinn it may have been a tough task if Margot hadn’t come to prominence. The reason they were so fortunate to have her phone number at their fingertips is that she has an impressive ability to have a dangerous air to her which very few people can pull off. At the same time, while looking like someone you don’t want to mess with she has the ability to be extremely sexy as perfectly evidenced by a photo like this. Wearing a lace top that hints at the flesh underneath, we don’t actually get to see any of her naughty bits but that doesn’t stop us from feeling like we did.

5. Ultimate Tease

The last of three screengrabs from The Wolf of Wall Street we’ve chosen to include on this list, this is the one in which her body is exposed the least but is still the hottest in our opinion. Taken from a scene in which her character is mad at her husband, she chooses to tease him sexually, thinking it will be a form of torture. An arousing scene, to say the least, we never get to see what he is looking at but our minds run a mile a minute when it is revealed that she has nothing on under her dress. The scene soon turns hilarious once Leo‘s character reveals that the entire seduction was caught on the nanny cam.

4. Tropical Waterfall

We can presume by the fact that you’re reading these words that you are in fact a human being but for a moment join us as we try to envision what it would be like to be a specific droplet of water. You’ve been around the world forever and then, all of a sudden you’re on the set of a photoshoot falling onto the ready body of Margot Robbie. Soaking her fit figure, you get to roll down her skin and invade parts of her body that only the lucky few people she allows into her life have in the past. If that doesn’t sound amazing to you then we don’t know what to tell you and that is one of the many things we find so sexy about a beautiful woman who has water falling all over them. If that wasn’t enough to make this picture one of the sexiest photos of Margot Robbie ever then the magnificent view of her midriff absolutely clinches it.

3. Wet Shirt

We’re not entirely sure what they did on set when taking this picture to make Margot’s eyes look so vibrant but whatever it was we salute them. However, that is just one of the many things about this that caught our eyes, one after another, much to our delight. We then took note of the fact that as far as we can tell she isn’t wearing anything under that wet white shirt at all which is about as tantalizing as anything we can think of. Even though those two elements are amazing by themselves they actually pale in comparison to the thing we like the most about this, her wet flesh. Without any visible source for the liquid that is all over her body, it leaves us with only one conclusion, she has done something physical enough to result in a whole lot of sweat. While the logical sides of our brains realize that in all likelihood some assistant sprayed her with water, we can definitely think of something wonderful that could have gotten her so worked up.

2. Lucky You

If you’re anything like us then you probably didn’t pay too much attention to the tattoos that were put on Margot’s body when she played the part of Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad because you were too busy looking at her assets. When we looked a little closer at her in this screengrab, however, we noticed that it says “Lucky You” just below her belly button and while looking at her here we couldn’t agree more. The world is definitely fortunate to have gotten a view of her wearing so little, especially while playing a character that comes across in such a crazy hot manner.

1. Margot in Nude

Alright, that title may have gotten you really excited but we were only referencing the color of her revealing swimsuit. Still, there is ample reason to really enjoy this picture despite her wearing enough clothes that she could legally appear on any North American beach. Showing off a hint of one of her boobs and the majority of her hips, that alone is outstanding. However, with just a little bit of imagination (which we know you have plenty of), this gets a whole lot better than that. A tight swimsuit whose color is very similar to that of her own skin, at first blush this photo really does look like it was titled accurately in another way at first.

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