15 Hottest Live-Action Adaptations Of Cartoon Characters

Animation has advanced so much that cartoon vixens are basically hotter than real life women, as weird as that sounds.

There was a time when you needed to use your imagination a little to see an animated character as attractive. You could imagine what they would look like if they were real and you liked that. Today, the game has changed. Animation has advanced so much that cartoon vixens are basically hotter than real life women, as weird as that sounds. But all generations had their attractive cartoons. From Betty Boop to Jessica Rabbit to Lana Kane from Archer, every age group has had that awkward moment when they realize that they've become sexually attracted to someone's artwork. It's a strange moment, but we're not ashamed. That's also why live-action adaptations are so important. Not only do fans of the original animated source material get to see their favorite stories played out on screen, those who are attracted to the animated women get to see actual women play the part. It's incredibly rewarding.

Since cartoons and drawings of females (and males, but we're not dealing with that here) often have unrealistic proportions, ridiculous outfits and exaggerated, well, everything, casting real women to play these parts are challenging. Luckily, Hollywood is blessed with some ridiculously attractive actresses to play the roles. Not only do they play them. They look the part. What we wanted to do is go through all the live-action adaptations of originally animated material and see who the hottest characters are. There's a bit of a trick to doing this correctly because the original character should be attractive too. It can't just be a hot actress playing a totally bland character. Well, it could, but where's the fun in that? Here are 15 Hottest Live-Action Adaptations of Animated Characters.

15 Belle – Beauty and the Beast

When we first heard that Emma Watson was going to be playing Belle in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, we wondered in the back of minds if she could even sing, but, on the surface, we were smiling. Really, they could dub her singing and no one would care all that much, at least not those who simply wanted someone to look the part. Since Watson is so hot, we were excited. Belle was always attractive in that Disney big-eyes kind of way, so they needed someone really beautiful to play her. Watson doesn't quite look like the animated version of Belle, but none of that matters in the end. Only Emma Stone and her ginormous eyes could play a Disney cartoon character convincingly anyway. You really just needed someone impossibly good looking to dance around and Watson fit that bill perfectly.

14 Sif – Thor

Considering she's a goddess, Sif should be super hot and she always has been. In the comics, she was a favorite of everyone who like beautiful things. As the character evolved in the comics, she got sexier and sexier, so it was going to be difficult to find a human counterpart. On-screen, that meant Jaimie Alexander, a beauty who plays Sif very nicely and looks the part exceedingly well. Compared to almost everyone on this list, Alexander's Sif wears the least revealing outfits, choosing to look more like an armored warrior than a seductress. Still, she looks incredible and we know exactly how hot she is underneath all that form-fitted metal. In the Thor movies, Sif plays a very small role, but we still love her and wanted to show her that she's been noticed. We see you Sif.

13 April O'Neil – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This one isn't really that fair because Megan Fox doesn't look all that different in her role as April O'Neil in the live-action remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than she does in any other movie. She was basically just Megan Fox in a yellow jacket, but that just doesn't matter. Fox is hot enough to make the hottest list no matter what she wears. In the comics and cartoons, O'Neil wasn’t really a huge sex symbol, but she was cute. Her haircut was weird. That's what it was. Obviously, in today's world, all the females on screen tend to be sex symbols, so we're not really surprised the filmmakers went and turned her into something sexier than we remembered. Plus, the films were produced by Michael Bay, so having his girl Fox cast was really a given.

12 Mystique – X-Men

Mystique has always been one of the best villains in the Marvel comics and though we love Jennifer Lawrence, when Mystique was realized on screen with Rebecca Romijn, it was a dream come true for all lovers of the female body and beauty. Now, normally, Mystique wears clothes in the comics. Sure, she shows off a lot of skin, but she often wore something to cover over her special areas. In the film, Rebecca Romijn essentially just wore body paint, which was a great choice, like a seriously great choice. Not only did it look incredible but it also looked incredible. For whatever reason, there's something unnatural about saying an alien-type character is attractive, but it's unlikely that any would dispute Mystique being on this list. Blue scaly skin or not, Mystique is one of the hottest women alive.

11 Betty – Riverdale

You could put up a good argument that Veronica (Camilla Mendes) from Riverdale deserves to be on this list as well, but we decided to choose between the two and the winner of that deathmatch was Betty (Lili Reinhart). Since the Archie Comics were first made, Betty and Veronica have been the stuff that dreams are made of. Though Riverdale, the live-action adaptation, is still in its infancy, many of the stars have already made their mark on our hearts, Reinhart being one of them. She really is something. Despite staying true to the comics' on-again off-again relationship strategy with Betty and Archie and Veronica, fans everywhere have been screaming at Archie for not getting with Betty. She wants you man. Get some perspective. There was also that scene where Betty wore that Black wig to seduce that one guy. Good lord, what a time it is to be alive. Keep on the lookout for this Reinhart. She isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

10 Mera – Aquaman

Even though the movie hasn't come out yet, we're including Amber Heard's portrayal of Mera in the upcoming Aquaman because we've seen a picture and we know how hot Heard is. Mera is Aquaman's wife in the comics and she is incredibly good looking. Like many women in the comics world, Mera always wears skin tight clothing so no loose fabrics get tangled or caught up while fighting. That and skin-tight clothing leaves nothing up to the imagination and there's no place for that in comics. But mainly it's because it's practical. Heard's outfit in the promotional shots looks a little silly and tad clunky, but we're sure it'll feel and look better once she's surrounded with others dressed like her. By herself, standing on the rocks, she looks out of place. Really hot, but a little out of place.

9 Baroness – G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

While most people like to try and forget the movie adaptations of G.I. Joe, Sienna Miller's role in the film is something worth discussing and remembering. In the comics and cartoons, the Baroness started off as a seductress, but her artwork was ugly and she didn't look the part. Eventually, she grew to be pretty hot and that was translated on screen with the mind-blowingly attractive Miller in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The Baroness always had a hot nerdy thing going on, but it was the skin-tight leather outfit that was her most defining characteristic, something that translated very, very well with Miller.

8 Carol – The Green Lantern

When you think of Carol Ferris from The Green Lantern comics, you would never think of Blake Lively, the actress who portrayed her in the horrible film version. But even though the film was the worst thing in history and Lively looked nothing like Carol, Carol (with Lively at the reins) quickly became the best thing in the film. It wasn't the acting. She was just so amazing looking in it that we didn't even pay attention to a single word she or anyone else said, which actually made the film better. The story goes that Lively and co-star Ryan Reynolds became a couple on set, which is nuts. First of all, imagine being up close to the heavenliness that is Lively and then imagine being attractive and charismatic enough to be able to score a date with her while working. Screw you, Ryan Reynolds.

7 Aisha – The Losers

Like another entry on this list with a deadly duo of animated adaptations, Zoe Saldana has played two incredibly sexy characters of her own. Starting with Aisha from The Losers, Saldana blew everyone away with her sexiness on screen. Years later, we saw her play the role of Gamorra in Guardians of the Galaxy. Both characters benefitted from Saldana's long-leggedness and ability to look convincing while maneuvering through choreographed fight scenes, but the bottom line is, Saldana is a smoke-show. Aisha is really just Saldana in tighter clothing, so there's no questioning why she's on the list, but some may be weirded out by the fact that we're talking about Gamorra when she is green. Well, even when green and with almost no eyebrows to speak of, Gamorra is still better looking than almost every human.

6 Catwoman – Catwoman, Batman Returns & TDKR

Catwoman has long been one of the most desirable women in the comics. We've seen her on a screen a few times, so we thought we would combine Halle Berry's role and Michelle Pfeiffer's into one entry. Berry's Catwoman in Catwoman was so awful that her sexiness in the part is actually the only good thing about it. The filmmakers knew that too, deciding to use CGI for everything except the parts where Berry poses and looks hot. Pfeiffer's Selina Kyle was performed much better in Batman Returns, but her outfit was a little less revealing. It was pretty cool and looked great considering the part, but we're talking attractiveness here, so practicality and authenticity don't really mean anything. Anne Hathaway was alright in The Dark Knight Rises, but she's not on the same level.

5 Lara Croft – Tombraider

When the Tomb Raider video game first came out, we thought the graphics were so realistic that Lara Croft might as well have been a real person. Looking back, it makes you sad how much of our imaginations we've lost. But then we got a glimpse of Angelina Jolie in the first film and everyone was blown away. Not that the movie was particularly memorable at all, but Jolie was an excellent match for the character. She really looked stunning in the part. We also thought by including Jolie here we could talk about her role as the Fox in Wanted as well. Though the character's artwork in the Wanted graphic novel was modelled after Halle Berry, and thus the character was black, Jolie looked fantastic in the part. These two adaptations make Jolie well deserving of a top five finish on this list.

4 Nancy – Sin City

Bringing Nancy, one of the most highly sexualized characters in Frank Miller's graphic novel, Sin City, to the big screen was supposed to be a huge challenge, but then they found the absolute freak of nature Jessica Alba and the problem was solved. Alba toned down the explicitness of the sexuality without really losing anything. She's so attractive that even just the thought of her being an exotic dancer was enough to make people happy. In the end, the scenes of Nancy dancing were not only the best parts of the movie, but they were some of the best scenes in film history. Years from now, long after the movie and artwork have dried up and broken into dust, they'll sing songs about Jessica Alba's Nancy.

3 Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman

In all of the classic artwork, Wonder Woman was always good looking. In the old days, the iconic hero was tall and powerful with long black hair and ivory skin. Later, they figured if they were going to pretend she was Greek, they better make her look Greek, so they gave her that incredible olive skin tone. Wonder Woman's been recreated in live-action before, but nothing like Gal Gadot's most recent portrayal. Not long ago, we got our first look at the live-action Amazonian in Batman v Superman and it was a life-changing experience. Gadot's lengthy frame and unbelievable beauty looks like it was pulled straight from fiction. There's a belief that many men are resistant to female superheroes for whatever reason, but Wonder Woman will quickly become the favorite of many, not necessarily because of how attractive she is, but that won't hurt matters either.

2 Black Widow – Marvel Cinematic Universe

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow has become one of the most idolized characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People didn't even care about the Black Widow before Johansson, but now peeps are getting tattoos of the character. She's easily one of the most popular and she doesn't even have a standalone film of her own. The black leather outfit might not seem like the most practical fighting attire, but it's long been a mainstay in the animated world. When Johansson donned it for the first time in the films, people everywhere gasped for air. It certainly helps that Johansson was already considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet before the films. Cramming her into that little black outfit was a match made in heaven and, ever since, the MCU has only seen dollar signs.

1 Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad

Originally, Harley Quinn was a female version the Joker without any real sex appeal, but, when the character was revamped for The New 52, she took on a new outfit and persona. Her outfit would be altered a little more after that, but she would remain the sexy and psychotic seductress. When Suicide Squad was first announced, outside of the Joker, everyone was most excited about the casting for Harley Quinn. The decision went to Margot Robbie, who was somewhat new to the industry, but people were excited because she had already made an impression. Over night, Robbie became one of the most discussed women in the industry and her performance as Quinn was one of the high points in the film, even if the character is a little unnecessary. Still, Robbie's version of Quinn is every bit as sexy as fans could want. They played it up as often as they could in the film as a little fan service to their most loyal followers. Even though some felt her sexuality was abused and overused, you won't hear a peep from us. We loved every second of her in the film.

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