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15 Hottest Leading Ladies On TV Today

15 Hottest Leading Ladies On TV Today

There are a lot of people who would tell you that television is going through a golden era, and we totally agree with them. Between the expansion of services like Netflix, Hulu, as well as an increasing number of other channels, all creating their own high-quality original content, there are more options than ever before. While many of the shows that premiere each year are of low quality (after all they can’t all be winners) that just means that there is also a lot more opportunities for quality TV to be made. One of the side effects of so many shows being produced each year is that there are more television lead actresses being introduced to the audience all of the time.

If you haven’t paid attention to the way that most media entities operate these days, let us be the ones to tell you that they prefer to cast people in the main roles that are particularly attractive. Sure, there is often times supporting characters that are played by actors that are less physically beautiful, especially the ones used for comedy. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention that the lead male actor isn’t held to the same standards, we all know there are too many schlubby men and hot women marriages to count on television. When it comes to the lead actress, though, there is clearly a tendency to cast women of extreme beauty to such a degree that you’d have to blind to not notice. While we do wish they were cast based on the quality of an actresses performance, taking note of this fact inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen hottest leading ladies on television today.

First off, we want to make it clear what criteria we’ve chosen to institute in order to decide who qualifies as a leading lady. An actress needs to play a character that the audience would see as one of the main ones on the show. In the case of an ensemble show, like The Walking Dead for instance, as long as they are the focus of a significant amount of the series’ arcs then for our purposes they qualify. As far as what we include in our definition of television these days, things aren’t as clear as they once were. For our purposes, we’re considering any show that is produced specifically to be broadcast on a network, station or streaming service like the aforementioned Netflix and others of its ilk as television. Finally, we only considered shows that are set to broadcast new episodes, meaning those that have already concluded their season but will return at a later date count, or have the potential to continue. We also took shows that have been announced and started shooting but not aired yet into consideration.

15. Zooey Deschanel – New Girl

Ok, we’re going to come right out and say it, Zooey Deschanel isn’t the sexiest woman in the world due to the innocent energy she gives up but if you actually check her out she is quite hot. Making a name for herself due to her roles in movies like Elf, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Happening and 500 Days of Summer, she has taken advantage of every opportunity since. First making a career for herself as a musician, she is one-half of the band She & Him, she then decided to make a move to the world of television. Cast as the titular character in the surprise sensation New Girl, she managed to earn herself an even larger profile. A deceptive hottie that typically can be seen wearing layers of clothing, if you get the chance to get a gander at her body you’ll know why she belongs here.

14. Krysten Ritter – Jessica Jones/The Defenders

First introduced to much of the world because of her role as Jesse’s romantic interest Jane in Breaking Bad, after that role she proved Krysten Ritter was hard to forget. That is partially due to playing parts in shows like Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 but it is also because there aren’t any celebrities that look anything like her. Also cast in a long list of movies like What Happens in Vegas, 27 Dresses, Confessions of a Shopaholic and She’s Out of My League, we’re happy she has moved on to much more unique roles. Currently best known for playing Jessica Jones in the series named after her character, the world can’t wait to see her show up in the MCU crossover series The Defenders. A thin woman with long legs that are a joy to behold, her body is great but is the vibe we get from her that says that she knows what she wants and would devour us sexually that really does it for us.

13. Evan Rachel Wood – Westworld

One of the more interesting people in the entertainment industry, Evan Rachel Wood seems to be fearless in her desire to be true to herself. Whether that came in the form of dating Marilyn Manson, the goth rock king, or revealing her bisexuality to the world, we applaud her for being a role model. A star of movies, including Thirteen, King of California, Across the Universe and The Wrestler, she can always be depended upon to bring a character to life. Cast as Dolores Abernathy in Westworld, she arguably plays the main character in one of the most talked about shows on all of television. A show that takes place in an amusement park where robots are built to serve the pleasure of the patrons, we totally get why people would spend good money to spend an afternoon or two with her.

12. Elizabeth Hurley – The Royals

An actress that only seems to get hotter with age, Elizabeth is the oldest person on this list but there is no question in our minds she belongs here. Known for her roles in movies like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, EDtv and Bedazzled, Elizabeth has always added sex appeal to whatever project is lucky enough to have her. Also remembered for her longtime romance, to international superstar Hugh Grant, her incredible looks played a part in the world’s exasperation when he stepped out on her with a prostitute in the nineties. Starring in The Royals these days, a show that airs on the E! network, she plays a queen unlike any we’ve ever seen before in the show that is currently in the midst of its third season. A brunette beauty with a body to die for, her body is fit in all the best ways possible.

11. Kat Dennings – 2 Broke Girls

Consistently cast as characters that are outspoken, that fact shows that Kat Dennings seems like the type of woman who isn’t afraid in the slightest to speak her mind. Primarily known for her film work, due to movies like Charlie Bartlett, The House Bunny, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and the Thor franchise of film, people clearly enjoy watching her act. Cast as Max Black, 2 Broke Girls main character, the series has proven to have true staying power as it is currently in the middle of its sixth season. One of the most generously chested women in Hollywood, her boobs alone are enough for her to make this list but her pretty face certainly sealed the deal.

10. Sophia Bush – Chicago P.D.

An actress that first came to prominence due to bringing Brooke Davis to life as part of the show One Tree Hill, Sophia’s likable nature inspired producers to expand the role greatly over the years. Moving on to appear in movies like John Tucker Must Die, The Hitcher and The Narrows, her film career didn’t take off but she remains a steady television presence, and a sexy one at that. Currently starring in Chicago P.D., a series that was co-created by industry legend Dick Wolf, the series is about a group of people working for the city’s police department. A busty brunette whose energy makes her hard to resist, we know we wouldn’t think twice if we got the opportunity to cast her in any role.

9. Katharine McPhee – Scorpion

Fox’s American Idol was a mainstay of American television and while names like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood will likely come to mind first when thinking of it, other names came from it too. For instance, Katharine McPhee, who competed in the fifth season but ended up falling a little bit short and calling the runner-up position home. Launching a music career of her own, that did better than the majority of her peers, she still ended up making the transition to the acting world in 2007. Currently starring in Scorpion, a show that is loosely based on real-life computer expert Walter O’Brien, she serves as the manager of him and his allies while also explaining everyday life to them. The type of woman that draws the gaze of everyone when she enters a room, if your jaw drops at the sight of her you are far from the only one.

8. Taraji P. Henson – Empire

One of the most talented actresses of her generation, Taraji P. Henson has the innate ability to make any film or show she is a part of better. Earning a name for herself due to movies like Hustle & Flow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Karate Kid and most recently, Hidden Figures, she became a highly sought after actor in Hollywood. Someone with a long history on television, we’re guessing Empire’s producers were chomping at the bit to get her involved in their show and judging by the acclaim she has received for her role, they were right to. One of the most popular shows on television this last year, ranked in the top five of the 2015-16 season, her performance as Cookie has played a pivotal part in the series’ success. A woman that oozes confidence from her every pore, that plays a huge part in what makes her so hot as well as her fine body.

7. Grace Park – Hawaii Five-0

When Battlestar Galactica was rebooted in the 2000s the show was pretty different than the original series. While special effects advances allowed the show runners to tell larger stories one of the biggest changes was the choice to cast some of the industry’s hottest young actresses in the show. Grace Park was one of those young women due to her part as Sharon “Athena” Agathon. Evidently, she wasn’t satisfied with playing a part on one reboot series though as she moved on to star in Hawaii Five-0, a reboot of a series that ran from 1968 to 1980. A gorgeous gal with a sleek and slender body that looks amazing in a bikini, casting her in a show that allows her to spend time on the beaches of Hawaii was nothing short of a stroke of genius.

6. Emilia Clarke – Game of Thrones

If you are anything like us you hadn’t heard anything at all about Emilia Clarke prior to watching the first episode of Game of Thrones but once it was through you wanted to know more. Having previously only worked in a TV movie we knew nothing about and a single episode of the British show Doctors, there wasn’t much to learn but from the start, we knew we appreciated her body. Cast as Daenerys Targaryen, one of the most important characters in the Game of Thrones world, it is fortunate that she proved capable of playing the role which the audience needed to believe could have legions follow her. As captivatingly beautiful as she is we never found it hard to believe she’d gain fans especially considering we follow her enough to include her here.

5. Chloe Bennet – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Another actor who seemed to come out of nowhere, Chloe Bennet was introduced as a hacker character in the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but her character has since undergone some changes. Now revealed to be an Inhuman, a race of beings that are capable of having super powers if they undergo a transformation, she has become more militant and dangerous. While we value our privacy as much as the next person and prefer to stay safe and unhurt, we know we’d risk hanging out with her character in a heartbeat. After all, she has one of the tightest bodies on television and her face is as close to perfect as we can imagine.

4. Lauren Cohan – The Walking Dead

In the gruesome world of The Walking Dead, there aren’t too many opportunities to take a shower, comb your hair or otherwise tend to your appearance. As such, in a lot of episodes of that show, Lauren Cohan looks like a very pretty woman but it may not seem like she is the best choice to make it so high on this list. However, if you put even the slightest effort into Googling her name then look in the image section, you’d see that she belongs on any list of television beauties out there. Blessed with the ability to look like a sweetheart in one moment and then a sexual dynamo in the next, everything about her physically is just downright sexy and desirable.

3. Alison Brie – G.L.O.W.

The only person we’ve included on this list because she is part of a series that has yet to be released to the public, Alison Brie’s show, G.L.O.W., is set to debut later this year. Best known for playing Annie in the cult show Community, in it she showed that she had the type of comedy chops that many actresses would die for. Graduating to major movie roles in films like The Five-Year Engagement, Sleeping with Other People and Get Hard, we hope it is a sign that she is here to stay. Between her enchanting eyes, infectious smile, big breasts, and legs that look soft and supple, from a visual standpoint there is no doubt in our minds that Alison is the total package. And we just can’t wait to see more of her later this year.

2. Kaley Cuoco – The Big Bang Theory

When The Big Bang Theory debuted in 2007 it didn’t seem like it was about to become one of the most-watched shows on television. Initially focused on a foursome of nerdy scientist whose passions lied in all things geek culture and the hot blonde who lived across from two of them, it easily could have come and gone. Instead, it became a cultural sensation, Bazinga shirts are literally everywhere, and made its stars into big celebrities and in the case of Kaley Cuoco, the aforementioned beauty, it turned her into a sex symbol. After appearing on the show several times over its ten year run in clothing that gave the audience a great view of her body, one thing is for sure, this goddess had to appear on this list.

1. Sofia Vergara – Modern Family

A former model turned actress who put together a respectable film career over the years, Sofia has to be in the running for not only the hottest woman on TV these days but in the medium’s history. Cast as Gloria Pritchett, the new wife of the family at the center of Modern Family’s patriarch, her character routinely wears rather revealing clothes. While a lot of people love the comedy featured in the show and the progressive storylines, the sex appeal she brings to bear certainly has added to the show’s immense popularity. Possessing one of the most curvaceous and sexy bodies we’ve ever seen in any medium, there really wasn’t ever any other choice for the top spot of this list in our minds.

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