15 Hottest Kate Beckinsale Photos Ever

Kate Beckinsale is one of the hottest women on the planet. Recently seen dating 21-year-old stand-up comedian Matt Rife, Beckinsale is back in the news now that she’s back on the market and obviously dating again. With that in mind, it seemed appropriate to remind ourselves as to why a 21-year-old up-and-coming actor would be dating someone twice his age. That’s right. It’s because it’s Kate Beckinsale and she’s gorgeous...even at 43 years old.

The world loves Beckinsale because she has never been caught up in the typical Hollywood scandal. Very much a hottie, she’s got that international neighbor-next-door kind of feel to her. She can look fantastic in a just a shirt and jeans, wearing something a bit more revealing, or in her now world-famous all-leather Underworld outfit. None of us are too picky since she seems to look good all the time.

Her secret? It’s a healthy dose of exercise (even though she’s gone on record saying she doesn’t enjoy working out), the fact that she doesn’t drink alcohol, and eats as clean as possible. The rest is God-given good looks.

Below are 15 of the hottest pictures of Kate Beckinsale. If you’re a woman, they’ll make you completely jealous that you probably don’t look like this at 43. If you’re a guy, you’ll definitely understand why a 21-year-old boy toy in Matt Rife is all over her. Finally, everyone will wonder why her exes let her go. She’s beautiful, plays one of the coolest female lead characters in movie history, and seems completely chill. I don’t think anyone thinks this newfound relationship will last, but neither one of them probably cares too much.

15 Nothing Too Overdone

via Imgur

It’s pretty easy to see why Beckinsale gets a lot of attention. She’s not overly dolled up in this photo but that’s part of what makes her so attractive. She doesn’t need to be completely overdone to look incredible.

This photo says, ‘Hey, let’s get to know each other better.’ Her real name is Kathrin Romary “Kate” Beckinsale. After some minor television roles, she made her film debut in Much Ado About Nothing while still a student at Oxford University in England. She appeared in a few British costume dramas and then appeared in various stage and radio productions. Around 1990, she began to look for film work in the United States which was great news for everyone because she started to gain more mainstream media attention.

14 Hates Working Out But Does


Everyone loves a good shot of a beautiful lady in yoga pants, even if that lady hates working out—someone like Kate Beckinsale. She doesn’t look terribly comfortable in this photo, but if you can still look this good while looking uncomfortable, that’s a good sign you’ve found a keeper.

Perhaps she’s stretching or training in preparation for one of her many action scenes in the Underworld series. Perhaps she’s doing one of her five-times-a-week workouts. Whatever it is, it’s working.

Beckinsale got some attention for her role in Brokedown Palace, but her major breakout year came in 2001 when she had starring roles in the war film Pearl Harbor and the romantic comedy Serendipity. She immediately became a movie sweetheart. It shows her range as an actor that she can jump back and forth between such varied roles.

13 Looking Sexy For The Camera

Just because Beckinsale doesn’t often choose to do photo shoots in lingerie, doesn’t mean she can’t knock it out of the park when she does. This photo shoot for Esquire Magazine was among the most revealing she’s done and fans of her looks could only wish she’d do more. That said, there’s also something appealing about not posing for these types of shots often. You can’t miss what’s always around you, and because she’s a part of these types of shoots so infrequently, it makes it all the more special when she does them.

There were more revealing photos from the shoot than this one, but this is among the best of the bunch simply because it’s a mix of steamy and the neighbor next door we still love.

12 The Stare

via speakerscorner.me

Some women have a way of looking at you that would be enough to make you melt. For many, this would be one of those times.

The photo itself is simple in that it doesn’t reveal much and the outfit isn’t anything insanely sexy (although the low-cut top is revealing in and of itself), but it’s that look that makes this photo an easy addition to our list.

A side note: Beckinsale had spent some of her early years promoting shampoo and her hair in this shot is worthy of landing another job with a hair or cosmetics company if she ever wanted one. Really, Beckinsale could model anything and people would buy it. She looks good in pretty much any outfit and any style.

11 The Role That Made Her A Star

via thoughtsonfilm.com

Beckinsale became known as an action star following an appearance as a vampire in 2003’s Underworld. The movie became a series and created a fan base that was devoted and eager to see all the new films with her as the star.

Underworld was quite different from other roles she had previously accepted, but it was a wise choice. She was tired of appearing in comedies and period pieces. In her Underworld character, Selene, not only was the character unique, but the outfit was a home run too. I don’t know if the outfit made her more of a bad@$$ or the moves made the outfit look better. Either way, Beckinsale spawned hundreds of ideas for females and their Halloween costumes. Those are two reasons to thank her for, I suppose.

10 White Top, Not Much Else

The combination of elements in this photo made it an easy choice for the list. Between the white top, little else, and the hair pulled back, it’s a look that isn’t terribly familiar to Beckinsale fans. You don’t often see photos where she’s so candid and apparently cold.

A little-known fact about Beckinsale was that seeking work in the United States was something she didn’t really consciously do. Her boyfriend at the time was in a play on Broadway, so that’s where she ended up. While she was in New York, she happened to attend auditions that were for American films. My guess is that she’s done much better for herself than her boyfriend did. If she showed up to an audition wearing this outfit, I’m pretty sure I’d hire her.

9 Dreamy

via wallpapervortex.com

Going from white to black doesn’t seem to make Kate Beckinsale any less appealing. In this outfit, she gives fans just a little taste of her nastier side. The innocent and playful pink walls with the black and somewhat racy top, all teasing what comes next with the bottom half of her ensemble.

Beckinsale was educated at Godolphin and Latymer School, an independent (fee-paying) school for girls located in Hammersmith, West London, and was involved with the Orange Tree Youth Theatre. Her outfit in this photo is probably not at all what that school outfit would have looked like, but we can all dare to dream, right? If this were the school uniform of the school where Beckinsale went, I’m sure enrollment would have been through the roof.

8 Super Steamy

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Is this photo of Kate Beckinsale hot enough for you, Michael Bay?

Beckinsale shared her secrets to her slim figure, including avoiding alcohol. She said she doesn’t drink alcohol as she can feel the effects very quickly. She further explained that she’s never actually had an entire glass of anything alcoholic.

Beckinsale works out five or six times a week. She absolutely hates it all while she’s doing it; but after she’s done it, she feels 100 percent better that before she even started. She calls working out nature’s antidepressant.

Clearly, the results speak for themselves. This somewhat business casual (very casual) outfit wouldn’t work well on someone who wasn’t in tremendous physical shape. Whoever her trainer is should get a nice round of applause for keeping her motivated to work out even though she doesn’t like to.

7 Black And White Topless

via playbuzz.com

Not really sure how to describe this black and white photo of Kate Beckinsale, but it clearly has a way of making you want to look at it. The long black gloves covering a very important part of the scene here gives any viewer just enough to use their imagination to fill in the gaps. The hairstyle is totally different from anything Beckinsale usually does but it’s pretty awesome in this setting.

It’s amazing how the photo itself brings out her stunning facial features. Beckinsale’s face is one of the most appealing qualities about her. There are a few women as beautiful, and this photo accentuates those features magnificently. It’s the kind of picture you might see in a portfolio and could land her roles from evil wicked witch to go-go dancer.

6 Is Anyone’s Favorite Color Green?

Is this a dress or nighttime outfit? Does it really matter? In what looks to be the same purple room that she was staring us down at in an earlier entry on this list, Beckinsale has switched it up and shows off a new hairstyle, a different look, and a shiny ring on her wedding finger.

Before starting to date Matt Rife, she was in a long-time marriage with Len Wiseman, which lasted from 2004-2016. Wiseman is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for his work on the Underworld series, Live Free or Die Hard, and the 2012 film Total Recall. Beckinsale starred in a bunch of Wiseman’s movies and some credit should go to him for helping make her a household name.

5 Waiting For The Rain?

via pabblogger.files.wordpress.com

Is Beckinsale waiting for a bucket of water like the dance scene in Flashdance? Is she tired? This is probably just a pose doctored up by her photographer to make us go crazy, and it’s kind of working, isn’t it? This black outfit with the high boots and lace is a combination of a little edgy but not over-the-top.

This is the same woman who director Michael Bay once said was not terribly attractive...to her face! Beckinsale describes the situation as confusing. She says, “I don’t think I fit the type of actress Michael Bay had met before. I think he was baffled by me because my boobs weren’t bigger than my head and I wasn’t blonde.”

Needless to say, Michael Bay has a different opinion than almost every other male on the planet.

4 Cozy At Home

via pics.wikifeet.com

When you’ve found someone who looks even better in everyday clothing, relaxed and on the couch ready to put on a movie or read a book, you’ve found a winner. This is the type of look that if you were with Kate Beckinsale, you’d probably see 80 percent of the time, which is not too shabby.

If you were going home for the holidays and your mom kept asking ‘why don’t you find a nice girl to settle down with?’, then this is the type of photo you’d show her that’d make her immediately fall in love. This is also the photo you would show your friends and none of them would believe you’re dating her. This photo is a mix of totally down-to-earth but incredibly unbelievable for the average person.

3 Artsy

via lobshots.com

There is absolutely nothing revealing about this photo at all. It’s more the speed of the stuff we’re used to seeing with Beckinsale, but it’s one of the most amazing photos of her there is. From the tied-back hair to the beautiful white smile, Beckinsale is rocking a stylish hat in this black and white artistic creation.

There really isn’t a thing out of place in this photo, and it’s stunning in every way. She looks both young and grownup which isn’t odd considering that she has described herself as a “late bloomer.” She says, “All of my friends were kissing boys and drinking cider way before me. I found it really depressing that we weren’t making camp fires and everyone was doing grown-up stuff.”

2 Selene’s Eyes

There is definitely some Photoshop or movie trickery going on in this photo, but who cares? Selene is a character every comic book fan has fallen in love with. And if there’s one thing even more attractive than the outfit Selene wears, it’s her eyes.

This photo shows off both of the qualities that make this character so fantastic. She looks ready to rip you limb from limb if you’re a Lycan, but she also has that sensual tone about her that makes you realize why there’s usually a love interest in all of these movies.

If I had to fight her in a movie, I’d be dead meat. One look at her eyes and I’d stop cold in my tracks. Movie fight or not, I wouldn’t stand a chance and that might actually be okay with me. There are much worse ways to go out.

1 Told You So

via youtube.com

This last photo sort of has that “I told you so” vibe to it. Leaning up against the wall with her hand on her hip, looking straight at you and suggesting that you were crazy to ever doubt she was one of the most attractive women in the world. It’s a photo that shows an aura of confidence, but not cockiness.

We put this one last because it’s a simple yet effective image of Beckinsale. She’s not wearing anything too overly revealing, but her hair is perfect, her beauty is on full display, and her presentation is one that lets you know she’s multi-talented.

Yep! Matt Rife is one lucky kid. Even if this relationship lasts for only a few weeks, he’s one of the luckier guys to have said he dated one of the most attractive women in the world.

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