15 Hottest Julianne Hough Photos You'll Ever See

Julianne Hough is looking hotter than ever lately. She first caught our eye on Dancing With the Stars. Then, she quickly moved on to other TV projects like Grease Live, as well as films like Safe Haven and Rock of Ages. The star also dances in her sold-out tour, Move Beyond, and has even won an Emmy for outstanding choreography. Did we already mention that she is hot?

Ever since the days of Marilyn Monroe, we’ve obsessed over such Hollywood blondes. We love buxom swimsuit models like Kate Upton, feisty actresses like Reese Witherspoon, and the sexy singers like Britney Spears. And then, there’s the step above them. Add classic dance training into the mix and you have the complete package—the quadruple threat. Hough’s so talented with dancing, modeling, acting, and singing that it’s a challenge to find a skill she can’t dominate. She even has a healthy lifestyle website bearing her nickname, Jules.

Perhaps the most attractive characteristic of Hough is her attitude. Throughout hundreds of various candid pics and professional photos, the woman is always smiling and appearing to have a genuinely fun time. If you feel good, you look good, and Hough is certainly stunning. Here are some of the hottest pics ever of our latest blonde crush.

15 Black And White

At first look, we weren’t sure if this was Jules. It almost looks like a Hadid sister, with the elegant lines of a seasoned model. Nope, it’s just Hough wearing yet another Hollywood hat. Speaking of hats, the Harry Potter sorting hat once placed Hough in Hufflepuff in the first Potter film. Many true fans already knew that Hough appeared as an extra in The Sorcerer’s Stone, but much of the larger public was oblivious. Recently, upon the 20th anniversary of the first publication of the legendary book, Hough announced her cameo role via Instagram, which was picked up by People magazine and many other websites. Hough has grown quite a bit over the years, to say the least. Now, she is more svelte than ever, but you can still tell if it’s her by that remarkable smile?

14 Splits With Bro

As most fans know, Jules has a famous brother, Derek Hough. Derek often dances with his little sister, and the duo even headlined a national tour called Move Beyond. The MB tour has gone on for years and has currently begun its third launch. Both of the siblings are super talented, but the sexiness of some moves strike others as awkward. It’s like, “Dude, that’s your sister?!” Sometimes, Derek is hoisting Jules into the air when she is basically wearing nothing at all. Then, she does a split, like this one, or some kind of crazy toe-touch. Then, he has to catch her and surely ends up grabbing all sorts of private parts. But hey, come on, guys. This dancing duo is strictly professional. Dancers don’t see their bodies as a collection of intimate parts; they see it as a vehicle of expression. The body is as depersonalized as a machine. So you end up grabbing your sister’s crotch once in a while. No big deal.

13 White Stripes

This is a nice outfit. It reminds us of some great performances in pop history. We’re pretty sure Lady Gaga has worn a white-strap number like this in several of her performances. Remember the sci-fi flick The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis? Hottie Milla Jovovich wore an outfit like this in that movie. Miley Cyrus has probably worn stuff like this to a children’s award show. The choreography is reminiscent of some Britney Spears numbers, especially the ones when she is scantily clad—which means all of them. We’re not sure which show Jules is performing for here, but she looks great. The dance could possibly be a number on Dancing with the Stars. Hough recently returned to the show as a judge, after leaving to do other projects for several years. It’s not like Hough needed the money; it seems like her love of the art is quite genuine.

12 Yacht Party

One of the favorite things we like about Hough is her happy-go-lucky lifestyle. There are several pics of Hough on yachts, and this is one of the finest. This photo was taken from a series of pictures that chronicled a Hough family adventure. At one point, a family member barfed off the side of the boat. We’re not sure if the vomit was due to seasickness, booze, or both, but the results were hilarious, at least according to Jules. In the pap photos, we can see Jules laughing and snapping pics of the puking family member. On another yacht adventure, back when the dancer was dating Ryan Seacrest, Jules can be seen launching her fit frame off the side of the yacht and dropping twenty feet in a beautiful swan dive. We aren’t sure what happened with Hough-Seacrest relationship, but Ryan has got to have regrets after seeing an image list like this one. Currently the DJ and TV host is dating non-celebrity Shayna Taylor. Shayna isn’t famous, but she has that same fit, hot body with golden blond locks. Dude has a type.

11 Booty By The Sea

One of the toughest things about being a dancer is that you constantly have to pound your legs. The training is brutal and incessant. So much so that many celeb guests on Dancing with the Stars ended up losing a ton of weight while competing on the show. Kelly Osbourne lost 40 pounds, which changed her entire lifestyle and boosted her career. Unlike many exercise routines, dancing is actually pretty fun for some people. And the long-term effect is quite evident. As seen in this pic, dancers achieve an excellent bum. No doubt that after years of dance rehearsals, Jules has the perfect backside. Kim Kardashian can try to change the trend all she wants, but she’s wrong. Big butts will never be as attractive as a healthy toned butt. Healthy butts look better for way longer, and they coincide with healthy legs, another one of Hough’s attractive features. This shot is from Rock of Ages, and that’s not her boyfriend; just a lucky actor, Diego Boneta, who read the script, thanked God, and was very excited to shoot this scene.

10 Exotic Splits

Yes, Jules is certainly quite flexible. The way this picture was taken, it almost resembles the stage showdown at the gentlemen’s club. The men look happy; all that’s missing are the dollar bills. Now, there’s the type of movie role Jules needs to take on next. The fact is that her Mormon upbringing has put a conservative spin on her career. She picks squeaky clean projects and keeps her social media accounts rated G. This woman needs to branch out and do a biopic about an adult film star. She needs to become corrupted; the sooner, the better. Sorry guys. That’s just not how Jules rolls. Don’t expect her to do any trashy stuff that isn’t masked behind the veil of dance anytime soon. Your one hope is the often unpredictable life-changing mindset of motherhood, which could happen soon since she’s engaged to hockey star, Brooks Laich. But odds are, the mom role will increase her conservative outlook.

9 Sandy Planking

If you want to be super healthy and look fantastic all the time, then you have to be addicted to exercise. Hough is always working out no matter where she may be. She can never relax on the beach for too long without getting up and jogging around. In this shot, she is planking. Lord knows how long she held this position but odds are, it was way longer than most people could do. And, she’s even having fun doing it. Who has fun planking? That shows you how fit Hough is. Everywhere she goes, she loves showing off the results. There are more pictures of her midriff online than any other celebrity. She must bare her belly in over 50% of her images. Maybe Bella Thorne comes close with all of her workout selfies, but she’s still a distant second.

8 Yoga Candid

Jules is not afraid of the paparazzi. In hundreds of images, the woman is wearing nothing but yoga pants and a tank top. Most of the time, she isn’t wearing makeup either. But she doesn’t care one bit. She lets the photographers take their shot, and then she goes on with her life like it’s no big deal. She has nothing to hide because she’s a natural beauty, and basically, she always looks great anytime, anywhere. Compare that to other stars like Natalie Portman or Jennifer Lawrence. These stars go crazy every time they see a camera. They yell and flip off the paps.  Then, they cuss and complain about privacy. JLaw got so mad when her naughty photos leaked, which was understandable, but Hough had no such drama in her life. She didn’t have any naughty pics on her phone to worry about.

7 Slippery Sequins

We chose to take the high road on this one, but if you Google search this image, you will find some massive n*pple slips escaping the veil of those black sequin diamonds on her dress. Perhaps ‘massive’ was a poor word to describe this wonderful blonde’s n*pples. They are actually not massive. They’re actually quite petite and proportional to her frame. Perky too, and perfect. Somehow, we got stuck on P adjectives there, which was peculiar. This is all you’re ever going to see of this hottie’s personal parts. As we mentioned earlier, her phone was hacked, and the dudes didn’t find anything indecent whatsoever. Some dudes would be impressed by her purity while others would call her a prude. Maybe the latter is why Seacrest said ‘adios’.

6 Stars And Stripes

Jules is no stranger to controversy. Despite the fact that her leaks were squeaky clean, she has stepped into crap in other ways. One can be seen above. It appears as though her naked body is swathed in nothing but an American flag. Well, sure, some gung-ho conservatives and veterans might not appreciate the misuse of a flag. The flag is supposed to be raised high and saluted, not slobbered over. But this was a minuscule flub compared what she wore for Halloween once. Jules was a big fan of the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. She dressed up as the lovable character Crazy Eyes, played by talented actress Uzo Aduba. Jules tied her hair up in Afro puffs and wore an orange jumpsuit. Then, the kicker was that she wore heavy makeup with a foundation that was way too dark for the blonde’s complexion. People were outraged. That’s called blackface, Jules! Highly offensive. Jules’ career recovered, though. The OITNB oops was back in 2013, and many fans have forgotten all about it.

5 Lounging Poolside

Here is a simple photoshoot that shows Jules in her second favorite setting. The dance studio is surely number one, but Jules is also very at home out in the sunshine. Whether it’s a poolside or an open beach, Hough is often seen lounging on a chair and working on her tan. There are so many candid shots of this woman, that it’s nice to see that she does know how to pose for the pros. What kind of position is she in anyway? Has this chair ever seen anything like this? Most people would have a back ache for a week if they tried holding that position, but Jules seems to do it with that effortless charm. Her hair also looks great in this shot, a topic of many blogs. She’s had the pixie cut, bangs, no bangs, and people love to discuss how she looks best. Dancers are constantly putting their hair up in buns or wigs, and Hough’s famous blonde hair is no stranger to bobby pins.

4 Dreamy Denim

There is something about a woman who wears a shirt with no bra underneath and unbuttons it all the way down. This is perhaps the most simple look to achieve, but to do it with such effortless s*x appeal is another much more difficult feat to accomplish. This is already so hot to look at just gazing into a four-inch smartphone screen, but can you imagine how hot she would be in person? There’s something about Jules that is so inviting in her sharp blue eyes. Yet there’s also a wall there, like she’s hiding a secret. It’s a great look that is model-worthy, even though she grew up as a dancer. Hough was raised in Utah and has some kinda famous relatives. The Disney group R5 are her cousins. The most famous cousin is Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally and Teen Beach Movie. He recently took on a creepy Dahmer role in an attempt to break type.

3 Leaning Back

This is one of the hottest pictures we have ever seen, and we’re not just talking about Jules. This is the perfect shot for any Hollywood starlet. How can it get better than this? It’s suggestive yet conservative. You can see something almost popping through, but you’d have to stare awfully close. It’s hot, but nothing you couldn’t gaze at in the office. We wouldn’t exactly set it as our work computer wallpaper, but it’s almost doable. Check out that chin of hers. It almost looks like there’s a slight cleft. We don’t usually notice such things because it’s usually obstructed by makeup, an open mouth, or her trademark smile. Nothing wrong with a tiny bump on a chin, though. There’s no such thing as flaws.

2 Looking Up

This is the girl next door that almost every dude in the world wishes for. She looks like fun, right? Some dudes may argue that she’s a little too high maintenance, that her smile is too eager, that her energy is just relentless, or that her image is too clean. But that guy may be into the punk girl—girls like Rihanna or Lady Gaga who push the limit and shock people with their sexuality. That is the opposite of the Julianne Hough type, though. This shot shows who Jules frames herself as. This is the attitude and the amount of cleavage she is going to show forever. This is what her butt will look like for at least two more decades. She is dedicated, ageless, and splendid.

1 Orange Bikini

Here is a bikini shot that just isn’t fair. How gorgeous can this woman get? If you saw this girl on the beach in the flesh, you’d probably have to rush into the water before the thin fabric of your swim trunks could ever betray you. Hopefully, the water is cold, and it cools you off a bit, so you can come back to the beach, try to act cool again, and check her out some more. Jules is a ten. No doubt about it. This shot is from Safe Haven, that awful movie she did with Mr. Fergie, Josh Duhamel. Dude got so lucky. Married to a woman with the lovely lady lumps, and then he makes out with Hough on the beach. The film got a pretty good review on IMDb, but Nicholas Sparks is a sappy and predictable romance writer who most dudes try to avoid. For that reason, Rotten Tomatoes panned the flick with one star. But Jules looks great, and for this list, that’s all that matters.

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