15 Hottest Jessica Alba Photos You've Ever Seen

Starting out as an actress in her teen years, Jessica began to turn heads when she was cast in a slew of memorable roles in projects like Never Been Kissed, Idle Hands and Dark Angel. When James Cameron casts you to star in a television series he is producing, as was the case in the latter title, you know that you are likely in for big things, and that held true for her. Going on to appear in a litany of major movies since, including the Fantastic Four, Machete and Sin City franchises, Honey, and Good Luck Chuck to name a few, the spotlight seems to love her. Getting cast in major productions since 1994, Jessica has shown major staying power, as evidenced by the fact that she still receives parts more than two decades later. An actress who has worked in many different genres over the years, including family friendly, horror, action, comedy and drama. Several of the characters she has played are highly memorable.

However, as much as we respect her accomplishments in the acting world, we’d by lying to ourselves and you, our valued reader, if we tried to pretend her incredible looks didn’t play a part in her success. A mainstay of lists about the most attractive women in the world, magazines like Maxim, FHM, Men’s Health, GQ, Empire and more, have paid tribute to her obvious beauty in the past. When we realized there are generations of people now who’ve grown up recognizing her as one of the most attractive women in the world it inspired us to put together this list of her hottest photos.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only pre-requisite was that Jessica Alba can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from her performances or other media appearances are fair game as well, since she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

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15 Arms Crossed

via pinterest.com

Alright, we’re just going to say it, the Fantastic Four movies which Jessica acted in, and this photo originated from, pretty much sucked as a whole. We enjoyed the banter between The Thing and Human Torch and the Silver Surfer was awesome but the only other thing we could really enjoy about them was getting to look at an actress as alluring as her. An image of her portraying her character in the films, Susan Storm, it is from a moment in which she is mad at her teammates but we can’t pretend we give a crap about any of that. Instead, it is her looks that we care about as they are innocent, which is nice, but hot, as evidenced by the cleavage on display, and that is a wonderful combination. Her face looks slightly different with blue eyes instead of her natural brown, but who's looking up there?

14 Candid Shot

via theplace2.ru

Paparazzi is a dirty word in today’s society because most of us hate the idea of people being stalked wherever they go and having their photos taken without their consent. However, there are a lot of people who would likely admit that they enjoy looking at the results of their disgusting work on a regular basis. If we were forced to take on that line of work the one thing we’d assume is that people will always be ok with seeing Jessica Alba in a bikini or on a beach because every photo like that we found was amazing. Case in point, this image of her on a beach which seems to be taken without her realizing it judging by her relaxed stance is absolutely tantalizing. Wearing a fairly non-descript bikini that is only notable for its smaller size, it is a great choice as the beauty of the photograph is her glorious body, not her swimwear. Also the first photo on this list that shows her sporting a belly button piercing, it has to be one of the sexiest pieces of jewelry ever when she wears it.

13 Dark Angel

via listal.com

For those of you who don’t remember the series Dark Angel, it was a high budget show that was produced by James Cameron and was centered on Jessica’s character, Max. A genetically engineered super-soldier who breaks free of her shackles and tries to live a normal life while also fighting for the betterment of society, it was a good show that disappeared too quickly. Of course, one of the aspects of it we enjoyed the most was that it starred one of the hottest actresses around which meant we had a weekly appointment to see her in new situations. In this promotional image which was put out to get people interested in the show, Jessica can be seen wearing a lot of leather, including pants that are cut down the leg and held together by string. Need we say more?

12 Comfy Clothes

via theplace2.ru

A lot of the time when we see the results of a famous person taking part in a photoshoot the images are enjoyable but it is hard to keep from noticing that the person looks like they are awfully uncomfortable. That is not the case at all here as this time around when a camera’s lens focused on a well-known figure she was adorned in white underwear that looks extremely comfortable and soft. Additionally, the relaxed and pleased look on her face makes it look like the experience wasn’t only more tolerable for her to take part in but it may have actually been an enjoyable experience. Between the much more easy-going image this photo puts in our minds and the intimate clothing she has on, it makes us feel like we are sharing a private moment with the famous actress. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to do that? Additionally, there is a lot of flesh visible here which is also something that we’ll always adore in her case.

11 Skirt Grab

via youtube.com

The first of two screengrabs from Good Luck Chuck, it may not be her best movie to watch but it definitely has two of the hottest scenes she has taken part in if you ask us. In the moment this stems from she has just gotten out of a car and after a brief talk with the occupant things go awry for her character, but great for appreciators of her body. That is because she manages to get her skirt caught in the door when closing it and when the vehicle pulls away it takes the garment with it. As a result, the audience gets to see her wearing nothing but her panties underneath her waist which is something we definitely enjoy. In this exact moment, we get to see the look of shock and embarrassment on her face while also getting a thought provoking side view of her butt which makes for a sexy combination.

10 Promo Pic

via regarde quoi ce soir

This is a photo that was released in order to promote her upcoming movie at the time, Into the Blue. If you ask us everyone who had a part in this being captured and unleashed into the world, the photographer, their support staff, and the advertising team, deserve a massive raise. It may not be a highbrow way of getting people to want to see your movie but that doesn’t make it any less smart. After all, it would be silly of people to not want to see a movie that promises to show one of the hottest women alive wearing nothing more than a bikini. Looking like a goddess, everything about this photo is perfectly designed to make it pleasing to the eye. Between the crystal clear water, her awe-inspiring body, and her gorgeous face, there is nothing visible that is anything less than dazzling.

9 White Bikini

via lowdownblog

When it comes to magazines that publish photos of attractive women in situations that are clearly designed to be alluring to the viewer we think of Playboy, Maxim, FHM, or even GQ and Vogue. Entertainment Weekly would have likely been one of the last ones to spring to mind as they make their money by covering the entertainment industry. That said, we applaud them for giving us an image like this. Wearing a white bikini and nothing else as far as we can tell, we love the fact that we can see that her bottoms have strings on them instead of being a single piece of fabric. Our favorite aspect of this photo has to be the decision to have her soaking wet as there are few things we can think of that are more attractive than that. Looking at her can see fluid running down her firm figure which allows us to pretend that we were given the opportunity to have our hands do the same thing.

8 Open Robe


One of the first roles that brought Jessica to the world’s attention, Idle Hands was a horror comedy about a high schooler whose hand becomes possessed and does evil things. While the main character has to deal with his body part being responsible for a killing spree, including the deaths of his two best friends, the movie still manages to have a happy ending. That is because his dastardly appendage forces him to interact with the class hottie, played by Jessica of course, and in the end, they become a couple against the odds. We’d have a hard time dealing with all of the carnage that takes place in this film but it sure would be hard to turn down being a part of it if we knew we’d end up with a woman like this in the end. This screengrab comes from the first time we see the pair actually taking place in a full-fledged conversation after his hand rings her bell against his will. Wearing an open robe and skimpy clothing underneath, it was the moment that made a lot of people really take notice that there was a new beauty in the film world.

7 Wet and Wild

via pinterest

The second, and unfortunately last, photo that features Jessica dripping with water on this list, let’s take a moment here to relish our ability to see her like that one more time. An image that was taken for publication in Maxim magazine, we’re certain they had to be entirely happy with the results because we know that we sure are. In fact, we would completely understand it if the editors of the magazine decided to have new photos of her taken for each issue as the results are always so satisfying for everyone who gets to look upon them. Wearing a pair of bikini bottoms and a top that doesn’t cover up too much of her body, it allows us to get a view of her midriff which is something we love. On top of that, the angle at which they took this shot makes it so that her legs are front and center and it makes us wonder why we don’t pay more attention to them as they look soft and supple.

6 Simply Sinful

via httpobaxuxo.vacau.com

One of the most sexual and mature roles that Jessica ever took on, when she played Nancy Callahan in the first Sin City film it was a part that involved her performing a number of sexy dances. Also one of the most celebrated films she has been a part of, there is no question in our minds that her character is directly responsible to a large degree for the film’s sexy quality. A promotional photo of her in the costume her character wears while dancing, it is lucky for all of us that she took the part because this is remarkable. An outfit that is designed to arouse the attention of those that watch her dance, it definitely does it jobs in us.

5 Bedroom Beckoning

via halltop10.org

We told you that Good Luck Chuck would be included on this list twice and it is time for us to reveal our second choice from it. A movie that focuses on a guy who finds out that whoever he sleeps with will go on to fall for and marry the next person she dates, the titular Chuck begins to court the character Jessica plays. In this moment in the film, she wants to have her way with him but he really likes her so he feels compelled to turn down her advancements for fear that she will move on to the love of her life. Taking off all of her clothing and beckoning him to join her, her character is in the buff under those covers. Contemplating a nude Jessica Alba waiting for us to join her has to be one of the sexiest things possible and while we understand his decision to turn her down we doubt we would be able to do the same.

4 Blonde and Red

via pinterest.com

One of the most attractive celebrities of this or any generation of actresses, it is obvious that Jessica must have had people dying to take her photo for the majority of her life. Considering that her career necessitates that she keeps her profile and name in the public eye, she has shrewdly made the call to encourage photographers to work with her. One of the key ways in which she has pulled this off is by perfecting a come hither look which she has on her face in this photo and we find irresistible. Wearing some kind of red dress which has been strategically placed on her body to show off her underwear, part of her leg, and one of her hips, whoever worked out its location was a genius. It also has begun to slink down which means we get a gander at her impressive cleavage, which is even more inviting.

3 Pink and Gold

via pinterest.com

If you ask us, this is an interesting photo. The color choices of her clothing, jewelry, the background, her hair color, the tone of her skin and even the item she is sitting on are all similar which means that at first, no one part sticks out. Then as you begin to really examine the photo each part of it begins to grab your eye one after another, which allows the viewer to fully enjoy every aspect of her body. First off you are likely to pick up on her midriff and legs which also blend into her bikini bottoms and almost make it look like she isn’t wearing any at all. Then you get to delve into her top and her chest which it covers up before making your way to her pretty face. We certainly can attest that we enjoyed every stage of appreciating this picture and you should too.

2 On the Dance Floor

via gabicelebrity.wordpress.com

Jessica Alba has been in a lot of movies over the years but Honey, the film this still comes from has largely been forgotten as a throw away dancing flick. In fact, when we sat down to put this list together it almost slipped our minds entirely which would have been a real shame as it would have left this picture off of it. In the midst of dancing during the moment this photo was taken from, she looks sweaty and flushed which instantly brings to mind that sex can bring about a similar physical reaction. Additionally, the clothes that she is wearing show off her body in all the best ways and her hand looking like it is running through her hair makes it look like she is really enjoying herself.

1 On the Beach

via obaxuxo.vacau.com

Was there ever any question that a photo that was taken by a photographer working for Maxim would take our top spot? We know from the second that we saw this picture of Jessica on a beach in front of the water there was very little question in our minds that it would be difficult to beat. Clearly, to us, no other photo we found could stack up to this one and we’re proud to present it to you know. Looking like she is slightly slicked with sweat or yet to dry water, we notice that her top doesn’t look to be wet at all which makes us imagine that she took it off before going for a dip. Sure, our logical mind says there was probably an assistant with a squirt bottle off camera but even that is nice to think of because then we can pretend we landed that coveted job. It is also marvelous to get a look at her wearing clothing that leaves a lot of her body uncovered like what she is wearing here.

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