20Plunging Neckline

Jennifer Love is wearing a plunging neckline in this shot, and plunge may be an understatement. The V-neck on this baby goes all the way down to her belly button. It seems like this outfit may be a really fancy bathrobe, but we’re not sure. Or maybe, she got drunk

and put her evening gown on backwards. Not that she would ever get that drunk. Jennifer Love has been known to have a beer now and then, and show up on a red carpet with a twinkle in her smile, but she’s never gone full Lohan and gotten out of control. After having kids, Love was asked if it was okay to drink beer while breastfeeding. She didn’t seem to have a problem with it and said that in Ireland, moms have a Guinness a day. Okay, Jennifer Love is breastfeeding. Some guys will really enjoy that visual, while other guys just won’t really see the attraction.

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