15 Hottest Jennifer Garner Pics Ever

There was a glorious moment, back in the early 2000’s, when Jennifer Garner was the hottest thing in Hollywood. Everybody loved her. She was obsessed over by thousands of dudes and graced all of the men’s mags. She starred in the TV show Alias and led the hot comic film Elektra. Such famous projects presented Jen as a bada*s chick with a perfect body and a butt-kicking persona.

Oh, how things have changed over the years. Now, she is more known for her domestic identity. She’s a mom who just divorced her famous husband, Ben Affleck. She doesn’t show off her body anymore, and she already chooses dramatic or sappy roles in some super boring movies. She’s also the face of Capital One credit cards, with ads that over-saturate commercial airtime during sporting events.

However, for this particular article, we’re returning to the glory days. We’re only focusing on the best pics, which you may have forgotten all about. Jen was smoking hot! Here are some incredible images that will make you fall in love with the actress all over again.

15 The Hot Angle

We’re not sure what Garner is doing in this shot, but it looks pretty good. She appears to be writhing around on the floor in a way that suggests she’s ready to get busy. It’s amazing how lusty she looks here. Images like these are about as far away from a Capital One commercial as you can get. So who are the other celebrities who used to be sexy and totally gave it up for motherhood? Reese Witherspoon comes to mind. Remember when she played the hot ditz in Legally Blonde and the promiscuous sister in Pleasantville? Or how about Jessica Alba? It seems like overnight, she went from rocking the stripper pole in Sin City to pushing a baby stroller. There are other moms who just don’t care though. Kim Kardashian gets naked more now as a mom than she ever has. Too bad Jennifer Garner doesn’t follow that example. Of course, Jen is a true artist while Kim K only built her career on body exposure.

14 The Pole

What is Jennifer leaning on in this shot? The suggestion of a stripper pole is hard to deny. Here, she is with her bum leaning out and her high heels with her back arching over to maximize the girth of her breasts. This is very far from the Jennifer Garner we see today. Now, all she wants to talk about is raising her kids and how her parenting strategies remind her of her own humble upbringing in West Virginia. Garner also likes to complain about the paparazzi and how much people obsess over her beauty. Well, what did you think was going to happen after you posed for this shot? For an actress that got her big break filming Dude, Where’s My Car?, she has lately found a soapbox and turned into the spokesperson for fame-complaining.

13 Leather Lover

Jennifer has a couple of outfits on the list where she is wearing leather. In this piece, it makes her look like some type of dominatrix. She is also sucking on something, which adds the oral favor suggestion into the mix. What is that, a toothpick? No, it's her boot laces. Yikes! Whatever she’s sucking on, she means business. In this picture, you can also see some black nail polish and glossy hair that adds to her dominating persona, a look her religious upbringing shunned. So, how did such a bada*s girl turn into such a complainer? Well, in this quote, it seems like she may have some doubt about her path in life. “Why does everyone think they need to be a star? It's ridiculous,” she says. “The celebrity culture is so silly, and the fact that people grow up thinking that it's something to aspire to just seems wrong. I don't mean to bash my life. I love my life; I just think it's not the only way to go.”

12 Another Pole?

Wow, Jen! There seems to be a theme going here. This isn’t the only image on the list that shows what closely resembles a gentleman’s club. Are our minds just in the gutter? Is there another type of pole that this image is referring to? A firefighter pole is the only other pole known to society. But if that’s the case, why is she wearing this smoking hot outfit in a fire station? Well, maybe they need to douse her with some water, since she is so hot. This image features Garner in one of her youngest photos on the list. Garner starred in many supporting roles before making it big time. She appeared on classic TV shows like Spin City and Felicity. She also had a recurring role on the short-lived Party of Five spin-off featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt, titled Time of Your Life.

11 Elektra

This is a famous shot compared to many on our list. Here, we have Garner flipping her hair, arching her back, and jutting out her breasts, which attractively fill out her red bustier. She’s also brandishing a pair of Okinawan sai, the favorite weapon of the most sarcastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael. Elektra was a Marvel film, way before Marvel took over Hollywood. This was the spin-off after Garner starred in Daredevil, opposite her then future husband, Ben Affleck. Garner was married to Affleck for over ten years, then they filed for divorce. Poor Jen and Ben. Divorce is tough, even for rich people. She once was way off with this quote, “The rule with marriage is the less you talk about it the better, as far as I can tell.” Nope. And Ben’s not her first hubby, by the way. That title goes to actor Scott Foley, who she dumped in ‘03 as her career peaked.

10 The Alias Shot

Yes, this actress certainly used her body just the right way when she starred on the hit show Alias. The espionage-based action-thriller was created by JJ Abrams and ran on ABC for five seasons from 2001-2006. Jennifer played Sydney Bristow, the main character and butt-kicking CIA double agent. As a spy, her character took on several identities, all of whom were super hot. Throughout filming, the actress maintained a tough act in real life and insisted on doing her own stunts. Nowadays, on CGI-heavy shows like Game of Thrones, a shot like this one could have easily been body-doubled. But not back in the good old days. That body is all Jennifer. It’s amazing how far special effects have come in the last ten years, and sometimes they go too far.

9 Silver Silk

Once again, Jennifer is looking fantastic for a magazine. Her body language is just the right amount of pensive, like she’s unsure if she wants to proceed with some lusty endeavors...but she probably will anyway. The western background is a throwback to her Texas roots, where she was born. She lived in the Lone Star State for just three years and then moved to West Virginia, where she grew up as the middle sister of three girls. In college, Garner first studied chemistry (her father's profession) but she soon switched to being a theater major. She received a ton of training and worked on several professional stages before she moved to Hollywood. It seems like this woman was only using s*x appeal as a springboard to fame. At heart, she was an indie actress all along.

8 Nice Fur

In compiling this list, we’ve noticed that Jennifer Garner has some interesting wardrobe choices. She’s big on leather, and now fur. Of course, this could be a fake fur, but still, PETA seems like an opposite viewpoint of Garner. This shot, with the black and white, really showcases Garner’s simply perfect figure. She has the beautiful face and the fine lines running all the way down to her stomach. In many interviews, Garner credits her toned body to the love for dance that she had as a child. “I was a ballet dancer and that kind of bled into musical theater. I was constantly in rehearsal for one thing or another,” she said. That strong work ethic came in handy to keep her body in shape and to deal with the initial rejection of Hollywood, which all actors face before achieving any fame.

7 The Rare Blonde

Jennifer Garner is known for being a brunette. Compared to a lot of other starlets in the business, she keeps her hair color natural most of the time. Some actresses like Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence change their hair so often that it’s hard to know what their natural color looks like. Here’s a shot of Garner looking blonder than ever. This may have simply been a wig she threw on for a photo shoot, though. When she hosted SNL in 2003, she wore a blonde wig in a hilarious skit. Jen played a Siamese twin with Rachel Dratch, only Jen was beautiful and Rachel was disgusting, with bad teeth, buzzed hair, and a tiny arm protruding from her skull. The double date was not even close to fair, as Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan battled for the pretty twin.

6 The Sunset Strip

This is a nice shot of Jennifer Garner doing something that she would never imagine doing nowadays. She’s standing in a very seductive pose and seriously toying with the idea of revealing her breasts. The setting sun in the distance makes the shot even more seductive. We can see her high cheek bones, which allow for that trademark dimpled grin. But she’s not smiling in this shot...far from it. This was Garner in her s*x-pot phase, a phase we wish she would embrace again. Instead of getting turned on by a sunset, she’s currently reminded of this instead: “My mother is a big believer in being responsible for your own happiness. She always talked about finding joy in small moments and insisted that we stop and take in the beauty of an ordinary day. When I stop the car to make my kids really see a sunset, I hear my mother's voice and smile.” Oh, barf.

5 Nothing But Sheets

Whoa, this is a suggestive shot! Remember this one? Here’s Garner again, pushing the envelope in sexy ways that many of us might have already forgotten all about. If you’ve been reading any of these lengthy captions, you will notice that besides spewing forth any and all vacuous conjecture that comes to mind, we are also giving old Garner here a bit of a hard time. And that’s because she’s such a complainer now. She used to enjoy the spotlight and embrace her sexuality. Now, she begins every quote with, “I hate to complain but…” What happened to the wild side of this actress? When did it stop being fun for her? Maybe it’s the root of all evil—the cash. “I would roll up pennies to take the subway to work in Times Square,” she says, “I was broke, but I was happy.” Cheer up, Jennifer. We feel you. It’s not so bad.

4 Missing Buttons

Holy guacamole! Check this shot out. That shirt goes all the way down, doesn’t it? This girl has got it going on. Jennifer is sporting curly hair in this image, and it’s a bit shorter than she usually wears it. But who is looking at the hair anyway? Jen also has a little bit of a lip thing going on too. What’s that, an Elvis move? Well, according to a list of her favorite workout songs, Elvis did not make the list. Garner did say that she loves John Mayer's music, as well as Justin Timberlake’s and Beyonce’s. She also has said that she’s a fan of Maroon 5, Usher, Alicia Keys, and Gwen Stefani. That’s four acts who all appeared as a judge on The Voice singing competition, a genre Garner has admitted that she loves. This here is a pop music fanatic. She has a pretty good singing voice too, after singing church hymns and studying opera years ago.

3 Playing With Laces

Oh, damn. Come on now, Jennifer. Here, our favorite actress of the moment is again flirting with our fantasies. Is she going to unlace her shirt and reveal her wonderful bosom? Is that what she’s thinking about doing? Well, maybe, but unfortunately not. Garner looks great in this shot with her tanned skin glowing and heavy eye shadow that makes her look so sultry. Her parents would not have approved of this pose. Garner says that her upbringing was “practically Amish” with makeup, piercings, and any type of seductive clothing. They were basically strictly off limits. Maybe that upbringing is why Garner was so sexy for only a moment. Perhaps she had a rebellious stage, where she got all this pent up lust out of her system. Then she calmed down, had kids, and realized that she did actually identify more with her conservative roots.

2 The Lace Veil

In this bride-like closeup shot, we can really see why Jennifer’s looks are so appealing. She has that classic girl-next-door kind of face. First, there’s her soft brown eyes and the little round nose. Her mouth is slightly parted with thick supple lips. Her chin is small but strong, and the lines of her jaw echo the subtle definition in her collar bone. Her skin appears flawless here, a feature she complains about in this quote. “I've had more acne as an adult than I had as a teenager,” she says. “After weaning babies, my skin's gone totally bonkers. I didn’t even know about dermatologists until I had weaned my first baby, and my skin was so damaged. It was just beyond. And then, I realized, there’s a whole doctor who can help you with this.” Like, yeah, duh! Beauty can’t be effortless forever.

1 Sheer White

Something about this shot is very revealing, and it’s totally due to the sheer white fabric that Jennifer is wearing. If you play with the filter levels, like many dudes have online, the breast lines and n*pples become much clearer. It’s still shocking that Jennifer even posed in this outfit. Who knew this girl was so seductive? Maybe we weren’t paying attention back in 2003, or maybe we were focusing on other bygone hotties like Lindsay Lohan, but we certainly missed out on this beautiful shot. Garner’s career is on a far different trajectory now. She’s the mature actress who has the fame, the acting chops, and enough publicity after her divorce to potentially increase her prestige higher than ever. Yet, she has nothing but voiced animation coming out in 2018, so far. Let’s hope she brings some positives out of her divorce and decides to rock a total revenge bod! Meh, that probably won’t happen, but we can only dream.

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