15 Hottest Instagram Chicks You Need To Follow This Year

Instagram is, arguably, the biggest social media platform to date. Also, it’s the one that users engage with the most. This makes becoming instantly famous easier than ever before, as long as you use

Instagram is, arguably, the biggest social media platform to date. Also, it’s the one that users engage with the most. This makes becoming instantly famous easier than ever before, as long as you use the right apps and tricks of the trade. Since most of the communication is done through sharing photographs, communities are no longer restricted by sharing the same language. This opens up a whole new world of directing traffic for sales and marketing purposes.

There are many beautiful women in the world, but some of them are really capitalizing on their good looks and making a living through advertising and sponsorship on their accounts. Others have created side businesses and are using the community that they build through admiration of their good looks to build more sustainable incomes for their futures. Whatever the reason, these women are self-made entrepreneurs, and what’s sexier than a fantastic body mixed with a brilliant mind? Perhaps it’s a fantastic body in a string bikini with a million other people fight over her?

What follows is a list of 15 incredibly beautiful, seemingly perfect women of different shapes and sizes but equal sex appeal from all across the globe. They are about to break into being the most sought-after women in the world and are steps away from becoming household names. Here are the hottest Instagram ladies to look out for in 2017. And wait 'till you see who we saved for #1!

15 Yovanna Ventura - @yoventura


The next beautiful woman to keep an eye out for in 2017 is Yovanna Ventura, a 21 year old Instagram celeb with 4.7 million followers and a striking physique. She looks like a less Disney, more grown-up, sexier version of Selena Gomez. And shockingly, she dated Justin Bieber in the summer of 2014. We think she can do a lot better than that! This Florida native is making a huge name for herself through the power of the Internet. With family hailing from the Dominican Republic, she is fluent in both English and Spanish. Plus, she loves dogs! What’s not to like? While she doesn’t have any major modeling gigs at the moment, it’s easy to see through her photos that she will be very successful in the future.

14 Emma Hernan - @emmahernan

via instagram

The next woman on our list is a less established Instababe, with a little over 680k followers and no huge modeling contracts in the works. However, Emma’s moved from her chilly hometown of Boston to take photos of her having fun in the California sun, and she now resides in L.A. Plus, she’s been getting press like crazy, so we know she’ll be a household name in no time! We like Emma no matter what she’s doing, but it really looks like she’s been having a better time in the Cali heat – the girl’s got an award-winning smile and legs for days. Perfect for those bikini shoots! They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so we encourage you to scroll through Emma’s photos and see what she has to say.

13 Olya Abramovich - @oabramovich


Olya Abramovich has collected more than 1.3 million Instagram followers thanks to her fantastic body and racy photos she’s been posting of herself. Her favorite outfit? Why, the bikini, of course. Olya’s been offered big-time modeling gigs, but unlike most other Russian models and bloggers, she’s decided to move away from Moscow and choose an undisclosed seaside location to call home. That way, the gorgeous model can take even better photos showcasing eye-catching backdrops. At 26 years old, she has proven herself to be a master marketer. Willing to see how far she can go, Olya’s been known to post photos so risque that Instagram’s taken them down for showing a little too much skin. The Russian beauty is proud of her body and wants to show it off. And we don’t blame her!

12 Renee Somerfield - @reneesomerfield

via pinterest

Standing tall at 5’10” with long, blonde hair, this Aussie model won the hearts of Maxim readers everywhere when she was voted the Instagram Girl of the Week back in 2015. Today, she’s got over 1.5 millions followers and is rarely ever posted in anything but a string bikini. And who are we to protest? Between busy modeling gigs and lazy beach days, Renee also does work for PETA. As an animal rights activist, she is a devoted vegan and now afraid to share her beliefs with anyone. Maybe her vegan diet contributes to her svelte figure? Regardless, it’s a pretty huge accomplishment. After years of selling everyone else’s bikinis, this Australian beach babe started her own line of women’s swimwear. At 26, this Instababe-turned-entrepreneur certainly has a bright future ahead of her!

11  11. Julianne - @juli.annee


This mysterious Instagram model doesn’t like to share too much information with us so we can only know what we discern from her photos – namely, she’s beautiful, bodacious, and a huge fan of dressing up in costumes. The San Diego native has over 3.5 million followers and her popularity grows with each day. She was exposed to the Internet through another Instamodel, Sara Jean Underwood. Sara shared a photo of Julianne basically telling the world that this woman was a mega babe and then deleted the photo right after. Following Julianne on Instagram is like opening up Pandora’s box of hotness, with a super sexy photo being posted nearly every day. Maybe not knowing much about her merely adds to her desire – exactly who is juli.annee?

10 Cindy Prado @cindyprado


Hailing from Miami, this Cuban-American beauty got her start in the business by modeling swimwear at the tender age of 18. She appeared in magazines like FHM and Maxim before collecting nearly 300k followers on Instagram. Cindy was a semifinalist for Maxim’s “Hometown Hotties” 2014 contest and has been grabbing the attention of both men and women across the world ever since. She’s has an incredible ability to come across as both fun and sexy, playful and serious. Perhaps she balances this work/life balance with the help of her boyfriend Patryk Tracz, the president of Florida EDM festival Life in Color. The couple have created a great work hard, play hard mentality and Cindy does what she can to promote his festival to her social media followers. Looks like the makings of a great power couple!

9 Hope Howard - @hopeisabelhoward


Who is Hope Howard? With over half a million Instagram followers, this pretty lady is making waves in the social media industry. She’s a personal trainer who’s dedicated to helping men and women achieve their health and physique goals, no matter how big or how small. Her website is beautifully curated, with sexy photos of Hope that make it impossible not to continue scrolling. The workout plans are reasonably priced, with regimes anywhere from one to six months. And if the proof is in the pudding, there’s no reason not to try out her services! This 26-year-old Florida native is so successful doing freelance work that it’s no wonder she isn’t signed up for any huge modelling contracts. Now that’s one powerhouse of an entrepreneur!

8 Bryana Holly - @bryanaholly


23-year-old Bryana Holly is one lady on our list who actually does have a modeling contract, this time with Wilhelmina Models. She’s based out of Los Angeles and has been playing the Hollywood game for some time now – she’s been romantically linked to Brody Jenner, Ashton Irwin, and even Leonardo DiCaprio. We all know how he loves to flaunt his arm candy! She’s been featured in both Maxim as well as Playboy and has over 1.6 million Instagram followers. Pretty sexy stuff. Having said all that, Bryana seems like a very kind, wholesome woman – she loves art, animals, music, and reading. What a combo! It’s easy to see why she’s quickly becoming America’s sweetheart. Plus, we’re all uber-curious to see who she’ll start dating next.

7 Haylie Noire - @haylienoire

via instagram

It’s the combination of art and sex appeal that makes Haylie Noire’s photos so appealing. They are strange, creative, and provocative. And sometimes she doesn’t wear anything at all. She’s French, by way of Belgium, and focuses on both modeling and photography. So she’s got a mind full of photo ideas and a great eye for selfies, which makes her an ideal choice to follow. She’s a self-professed blogger (as opposed to a model) and prefers to express herself through photos than through platforms like Twitter and Facebook. When asked why she’s so comfortable with her body, she responded by explaining that no one is perfect, but there are always things we can do to change the things we don’t like about our physique. She preaches to focus on staying happy because, well, why not?

6 Bianca Kmieć - @biancakmiec


Model Bianca Kmiec is of Eastern European, Western European, and North American descent. She’s unbelievably hot but very new on the scene. The reason? She just turned 18 in November of 2016. Which is very hard to believe, if you’ve ever seen any of her photos. In the last three months she’s been making a lot of headway in the fitness industry by releasing tons of blog posts and her very first fitness videos on YouTube. She said every time she takes a picture, she gets even more motivated to go back to the gym. She wants to improve even the tiniest of flaws on her body and she works hard to do this every day. If you ever need motivation to start doing squats, a few glimpses of her photos should do the trick.

5 Krystle Lina - @krystlelina


This bodacious babe started her career working behind the counter as a MAC makeup artist, where she was discovered and entered the world of modeling. Among others, she had spreads in Maxim, FHM, and Sports Illustrated. She then moved in to photography and got her big break at the Playboy Mansion snapping the Playboy Model of the month. The 34-year-old beauty worked as a radio jockey as well as a host for red carpet TV, which were great jobs to showcase her upbeat, bubbly personality. Unlike most other models, she loves tattoos and showcases her body art with pride. She now uses her super sexy Instagram photos (and her 600k+ followers) to direct traffic toward her photography website, where she works on fashion shoots, couples photos, and weddings.

4 Sahara Ray - @sahara_ray

via instagram

Arguably the best looking woman on this list, Sahara Ray is a young Australian beauty who uses her exceptionally good looks to model and sell her swimwear line, Sahara Ray Swim. She’s the daughter of Tony Ray, an Australian surfing legend, and spent most of her childhood traveling around the world with her family. She started out with an interest in surfing just like her old man, but then switched to fashion. Already living in California, she then moved to LA to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she got the skills needed to start her own company. With over 1 million Instagram followers, she’s not afraid to show off her curves or get caught being a little bit bad. Romantically, she’s been linked to Cody Simpson (Gigi Hadid’s ex) and more recently, Justin Bieber.

3 Demi Rose Mawby @demirosemawby


Demi Rose is aptly named, as this 21-year-old model is a verifiable English rose with nearly 4 million Instagram followers. This curvalicious beauty is one of the most popular social media celebs in the UK and is stealing hearts left, right and center – including Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex. Our busty Brit originally found fame after posting some naughty selfies online – England liked what they saw and shortly after, she began collecting hundreds of thousands of followers. And it’s no wonder, looking at how stunning she really is. Demi follows a very strict fitness regime to keep her body in peak condition with all her curves in all the right places. Recently, she’s left the UK to pursue a career in modeling American lingerie. No doubt, she will be quite successful!

2 Galinka Mirgaeva - @mirgaeva_galinka


Believe it or not, at 29, this is one of the older ladies on our list. Russian model Galinka has recently become an internet sensation for her most valuable asset – her bum! She comes from the city of Perm which, coincidently, is the same city Olya Abramovich comes from. If you’re ever looking for a Russian vacation destination, Perm seems to produce very beautiful women! This 5’3” beauty queen spends most of her time eating healthy and working out to maintain her physique. What this woman lacks in size she makes up for in sex appeal, as she rakes in thousands of likes for her fitness videos and sultry photo shoots. She’s been hailed as an Angelina Jolie look-alike but we think the only person she looks like is herself.

1 Sarah Harris - @iamsarahharris


You’re supposed to save the best for last, and we made no exception with this list. Sarah Harris is the kind of beautiful that makes your mouth go dry and your stomach churn at the same time. Like many others before her, this New Zealand native has taken to beach bums and bikini shoots, most recently advertising 138 Water. Sarah gives off the impression that she’s the perfect “girl next door”, which is part of why we love her so much. Except, of course, that she modelled for Playboy. Maybe we could refer to her as a “good girl gone bad”. She originally chose school over modeling for Billabong, she loves dogs, and she finds it hard to say no to pancakes for breakfast. I guess the next question on everyone’s lips is... Is she single?

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