15 Hottest Hip-Hop WAGs In The History Of Rap

There have been some smokin' hot hip hop WAGs in the history of rap. Rappers have the privilege of working with some of the finest, most talented ladies on the planet. They have the opportunity to meet some of the most bootylicious video vixens, every time they make a new music video. Gorgeous, curvaceous Instagram chicks and models line up to greet them. These ladies could be their wives, girlfriends, or just their side chicks, but one thing they always have in common is their beauty. These ladies aren't your typical women. Remember that talk we once had about video vixens? These honeys are the flip side of that story. They are smokin' hot and have curves for days. Many possess talent, as well as good looks. However, only a select few are true ride-or-die chicks.

You might have forgotten about some of the hottest hip hop WAGs from back in the day. Remember the 90's? Back when some of the best hip hop legends like Biggie Smalls and Tupac were still here to run the rap game. They obviously had their fair share of the baddest and hottest ladies. Since then, there have been new artists who have become icons like Rick Ross and Lil' Wayne. Many new-age WAGs enhance their curves. Either up top, down below, or both. Take Rick Ross' fiancée for example. If you haven't heard about her, just keep reading. She's totally worth glimpsing.

Then again, who am I to judge who is or isn't the hottest? In fact, I really can't decide. Why don't you take a look, read a bit, and let us know which ladies you think are the hottest Hip Hop WAGs in the history of Rap...

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15 Toya Wright - Lil' Wayne

Okay, so Lil' Wayne has had a few ladies over the years, but he's only had one wife and she was the hottest out of all of his WAGs. Hell, it's been over a decade since they divorced, but she recently showed proof (via text messages) that Lil' Wayne still wishes he could get her back. Toya Wright has moved on, married, and divorced a hip hop producer, but she's still best known as Toya Carter. Try searching for her last husband Memphitz Wright, and you get headlines about the thousands that she had to pay him in order to get a quickie divorce.

Toya is also an entrepreneur and author, aside from being the beautiful, down-to-earth woman that Lil' Wayne describes in the messages. Even her more recent ex, Memphitz, has had her on his mind recently, which was brought to light when he threw a little shade her way via Twitter. It's pretty obvious that this lady knows just how to pull at their/our heartstrings.

14 Khloe Kardashian - French Montana

First there was her time with French Montana. They dated back in 2014, and appeared to be super-cozy. In fact, so cozy that French even popped up on a couple of episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with Khloe. Their relationship was on and off for only about a year, or so. They broke things off permanently in 2015. Then she had a short-lived relationship with Trey Songs, which was mostly reported as a public make-out session, and a source who claimed they were dating.

13 Coco Austin - Ice T

It didn't take long at all before Ice T knew he had met his match. He and Coco Austin were married only after two months of dating. Ice T has mentioned that it was Coco's "teeth" that first drew his attention, but that led him to take a glimpse at her very large bust and seriously huge booty. Although, he claims there was so much more to Coco after he got to know her. They've been married for 15 years and are still going strong. That doesn't mean they haven't had troubling times.

In 2012, some photos surfaced of Coco looking extra-cozy with another rapper known as AP. 9. He claimed that she even cheated on Ice with him at his hotel. Fortunately, the couple managed to work through the drama. Now, they have a beautiful baby girl named Chanel Nicole. As for Coco, she's still got all of those crazy curves. It's hard not to wonder how she manages to sit down with a booty that size.

12 Faith Evans - Biggie Smalls

The Notorious B.I.G. once told Vibe Magazine, that he was immediately attracted to Faith Evans' eyes. He was so smitten that he married her, just eight days later. Faith became embroiled in the beef between Biggie and Tupac when rumors soared that Faith had slept with Pac who was shot and killed before Biggie. Pac even added a line in his diss track "Hit 'Em Up." Faith claimed it never happened and Biggie claimed to believe her.

Aside from being one of the hottest hip hop WAGs of the 90's, Faith found her own fame around the same time she became Biggie's wife. It's her voice that you hear on Biggie's track "One More Chance" and she was the vocalist behind some of the hottest R&B hits in the 90's, like "Soon as I Get Home." She recently announced the release of a duet album, which will include music from Biggie next month. Faith's most recent relationship was with Stevie Jordan, who worked with Biggie as a producer.

11 Lil' Kim - Biggie

It was Biggie Smalls who discovered Lil' Kim's talent, but that wasn't all there was to it. Lil' Kim was also his off-and-on side chick...or, his beloved girlfriend, as Lil' Kim puts it. I guess you could probably guess it was a little mix of both. Biggie wasn't the last legendary rapper Lil' Kim dated either. In fact, she dated Jay Z from 1998-2000. Plus, it was rumored that she dated both Jamie Foxx and Ray J. Lil' Kim was one of the hottest, most talented hip hop WAGs in the history of rap. She had a smokin' body, beautiful eyes, and gorgeous features.

Although, we're talking old school Lil' Kim. She gradually changed through the years, but now she's unrecognizable from plastic surgery. It's obvious that something went horribly wrong. Still, she's the one you want to look up. Just in case you ever want to see what a super-hot, hardcore female rapper from back then was all about. And her lyricism could make you forget all about Nicki Minaj.

10 Kim Kardashian - Kanye

Kim Kardashian got famous off of a s*x tape with Ray J, who is a rapper before she was famous. Boy, has a lot changed since then, or what? We're not just talking about her hip hop WAG status, which has seen a revolution of its own but her body too. I guess you could count Kim as an NFL, NBA, and hip hop WAG. Am I missing anything or did I get them all? That's got to be some sort of record, right? There is no denying that Kim K is gorgeous. We've most definitely seen enough of her to be wonderful judges.

She has a beautiful face, dark hair, and a booty that Kanye wants to dip in gold. I guess you could say that she's the total package. Fame? Yep, she has that covered. Well, sort of. Her followers have dropped by over a hundred thousand, from those leaked pics of what appears to be her unedited breadwinner. As for talent, I guess Photoshop and airbrush could be considered her best ones. Meanwhile, keep looking. There are booties that might rival hers up ahead.

9 Daphne Joy - 50 Cent

This gorgeous hip hop WAG is Daphne Joy, and she happens to be the ex-wife of 50 Cent. They share a son together named Sire. You've got to admit that she's stunning. It's no wonder that she's a model. The couple recently got together for their son's 4th birthday, which was themed around the popular cartoon Teen Titans Go. 50 Cent even dressed as Cyborg, as his old flame chose to dress as a super-sexy Starfire. In fact, they've been spending quite a bit of time together although they have been divorced for some time now.

Daphne's most recent conquest has been dance/hip hop singer Jason Derulo, but they broke up after only 7 months. It's obvious that even he regretted losing this catch. He later admitted to writing his feelings in a breakup song to her. Meanwhile, there were rumors that 50 Cent was to blame for their breakup. Either way, she's definitely going down in history as one of the hottest hip hop WAGs in rap.

8 Lira Mercer - Rick Ross

This stunner was engaged to Rick Ross from 2015 to mid-2016. Her name is Lira Mercer, aka Lira Galore. She is an habitual hip hop WAG, video vixen, model, and dancer who has also been linked to Meek Mill, Drake, and even Justin Bieber. One thing's for sure with this one, and it's that she got deep in Ross' feelings. Then again, how could she not? Rick Ross used her in his music video for "Sorry," which featured Chris Brown.

Lira popped up on Iyanla Fix My Life in September of last year, claiming that it was her past as a dancer, and a picture of her with Meek Mill that eventually ended their relationship. Their relationship was very public and Ross had admitted in interviews how much she meant to him and how much she had changed his life. Meanwhile, fans began posting what she claims were old pics of her with Meek. She also claimed that Ross had gotten more secretive with her towards the end as well.

7 Jada Pinkett-Smith - Will Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith. Where do we even begin? She was/is another hottie from back in the day. She admitted to attempting at a romantic involvement with 2 Pac, but that it "just did't work out." She started her career out in 1990 and has been a successful actress, dancer, and businesswoman. Some of her hottest roles were in movies such as Set it Off and Menace II Society, but her acting skills reach well past only one genre.

In 1997, she married rapper/actor, Will Smith and they have been relatively happy ever since, despite constantly having to defend their marriage. Usually, the turmoil comes from confident remarks from Jada about her marriage. She has claimed that she's "not his watcher" and if he wanted to cheat, then he could go ahead "as long as he could look himself in the mirror." Meanwhile, she just means that she's confident in her husband's decisions. This makes her all the more sexy.

6 Kylie Jenner - Tyga

Kylie Jenner might be the second highest paid Kardashian-Jenner, but she is THE hottest hip hop WAG of the Kardashian-Jenner brood. Sorry Kendall, Kim, and Khloe! She was involved in a long-term on-and-off relationship with Tyga. Until they broke up very recently, that is. Kylie has made her cosmetics line a complete success, and she is seriously hot. With curves like those, it's no wonder that she's already been linked to a new rapper, Travis Scott. He appears to be coming up just as fast as Kylie. 

We already know that Kylie's body has been enhanced, but would she be near as famous without those curves? Besides, she's still really young so hopefully, she's not facing the same dilemmas as her older sister. Although, it appears that Kim's troubles have run over to Kylie. She was recently criticized for allegedly photoshopping a photo that she posted. Meanwhile, at least we know that there are still some years worth ogling her rockin’ body.

5 Beyoncé - Jay Z

No Hip Hop WAGs list could ever be complete without Queen Bey. She's stunning, classy, sexy, mature, and all any man needs. She's had us all gone since "Crazy In Love." Actually, she was already so freakishly hot even when she was with Destiny's Child. It was 2002 when she snagged "Big Pimpin" rapper Jay Z, and she's had him ever since. No one could ever knock this talented lady off the hottest of anything having to do with hip hop or the history of rap. Maybe, if it was an article about sports, or something where she had no connections. Damn! I almost forgot how hot she looks in a jersey. Well, there goes that sports list theory.

Beyoncé sparked rumors surrounding her hit "Lemonade" which was followed with some relationship drama, but they're still going strong. You've got to admit that Jay Z's one lucky guy, despite whatever he got behind closed doors. You already know things weren't near as quiet back home. Beyoncé is a true ride-or-die. She puts it into her music and never batted a public eye.

4 Keyshia Ka'oir - Gucci Mane

Here's another true ride-or-die chick, and a steamy one at that. Keyshia Ka’oir has stood by her man Gucci Mane, through the good, bad, and just plain tough times. She's beautiful, yet also smart with business on her pretty mind. She is a video vixen, model, and the CEO of her own cosmetic and fitness lines. Gucci first noticed her in Timbaland's music video for "Say Something." Then he saw her again as XXL's 2010 "Eye Candy of the Year." It was then that he knew he wanted her, and he asked his manager to get her for his next video, even though he was in jail at the time.

Keyshia was still Gucci's fiancée, when he went to prison for three years. They sent emails, and talked on the phone six times a day. Now that Gucci's out, she's had him sporting matching waist trainers, along with a healthy diet. It sounds like Keyshia has Gucci wrapped around her pinkie finger tight. But who could blame him? Watch out, Jay Z and Beyoncé. There's a new power couple in Hip Hop.

3 Shantel Jackson - Nelly

Nelly scooped up his hot hip hop WAG from Floyd Mayweather. These ladies are so fine that they have their men jumping through hoops. This one even sparked rumors of an engagement last year, which turned out to be false. Shantel Jackson posted some image of her and Nelly looking extra close and happy. Then, she captioned one asking, "What's next?" Nelly cleared the air the following day by explaining that they are not engaged. At least not yet.

Shantel Jackson is also a friend of another hip hop WAG who we've already discussed, Daphne Joy. Bet you can't imagine how steamy their photos get when they team up. There are a couple of them wearing bikinis. These lovely ladies go way back. They might've popped up at a Floyd Mayweather fight once, but that was back when Shantel Jackson was still his lady, of course. Shantel is gorgeous and appears to be fun, too. She and Nelly recently shared a video of them lip syncing "Dilemma" together.

2 Princess Love - Ray J

Ray J never found love with Kim K, or near as much fame. Although, he did find all that and more in Princess Love. Princess is just as hot as Kim...maybe even hotter. Just look at her. She's a scorcher. Her curvaceous body could rival that of his ex-rated ex. Although, I doubt Princess' behind is all out of proportion. She's also a real fireball, which means she has no problem whatsoever in putting Ray J in his place. They've even had a couple battles where she was arrested.

Princess and Ray J were married in August of last year. He and Princess have been together for about three years. It's just hard to keep up, since they've spent at least half of that time broken up. Their relationship has been tumultuous, loving, and very public, considering that they've aired much of their relationship woes on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Yep, Ray J ended up on a reality show too. Even if it's not one of his own.

1 Tammy Rivera - Waka Flocka 

Speaking of hip hop WAGs from the Love & Hip Hop franchise; here's rapper Waka Flocka's wife, Tammy Rivera. They're from the spin-off show based in Atlanta. Tammy has the face of a goddess and a curvy body that'll make you look back not just once, but twice. She and Waka recently fell on some tough times. Who would want a side chick with a hot wife like Tammy at home is beyond me.

Tammy recently came under some heavy backlash after she took Waka back. Then, there was also that comment where she claimed that women who leave their cheating men are "weak." She and Wacka did split for a minute, but you already know he had to earn back this one. Tammy is hands down, one of the hottest hip hop WAGs in the history of rap. Waka might want to keep her close because she could be scooped up really quickly.

There you have it. These are the hottest Hip Hop WAGs in the history of Rap. We're taking votes. Don't be shy! Which do you think is the hottest?

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