15 Hottest Hilary Duff Photos You'll Ever See

A former child star that became a part of the Disney machine, Hilary Duff became a star when she was cast in the main role of the show Lizzie McGuire which aired between 2001 and 2004. Also able to become a film star early in life, her first big movie role came with Agent Cody Banks before returning to the role that made her a star with The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Becoming a teen star during the early to mid-2000's, she also found success as a singer, having released five albums to date, including tracks like “So Yesterday,” “Come Clean,” “Fly,” and so much more.

Twenty-nine years old today, Hilary isn’t the youngster that did everything she could to appear innocent and family-friendly anymore. Instead, as an adult, she has received headlines for her highly publicized foray into the world of the hookup app Tinder. Also, someone who seems to spend a lot of her time on beaches, judging by the sheer quantity of photos that exist of her cavorting on the beach in bikinis, she has become a very beautiful woman. Realizing that and the fact that she seems comfortable with her body, inspired us to put together this list of fifteen hottest Hilary Duff photos you’ve ever seen.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the first prerequisite was that Hilary Duff can be seen looking great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Next, we opted to limit ourselves to images of her after turning eighteen. As such, we did our best to ensure these photos were taken after September twenty-eighth, 2005. Finally, screenshots of her from any media appearances and performances are fair game as they are some of her most memorable moments. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Maxim Profile

Via Maxim.com

An actress that has appeared in Maxim Magazine more than once, this is the first photo from her work with the publication. But let us tell you now that it isn’t the last. Considering that Maxim is typically seen as obsessed with the female body, something we can agree with, it may come as a surprise to you that we opted to include an image from it that shows next to none of hers. Sporting a fierce hairdo and makeup, the black and white image draws your attention to every detail of her face. Showing off her elegant neck and incredible bone structure as well as the slightest hint of her cleavage, this picture shows how glamorous she can be with its simplicity.

14 Maxim 2007

Via hilarypictures.com

Alright, we promised we’d be returning to images taken of Hilary by Maxim Magazine, but we’re guessing you didn’t expect us to do so quickly. In this simple image of her laying on her back on what appears to be ceramic tiles, she looks stunning despite the fact that she isn’t showing off an excessive amount of skin. Sure, her dress has fallen off of her shoulders and her legs can be seen looking silky and smooth, but she could easily wear this outfit on a city street without fear of the cops. Judging by her location, it is obvious that this couldn’t have been too comfortable for her but you’d never know it from the welcoming look on her face which we find immensely attractive. All in all, this photo succeeds on every level for us.

13 Leggings

Via Reddit.com

Someone that regularly finds herself in the crosshairs of the paparazzi, there are oodles of images of Hilary walking on the same streets you or I could frequent; and in almost every instance, she looks great. She even looks as though she's always ready for any candid shot her paparazzos love to take. Also seeming like she must be aware that the position they are shooting her from may be giving them a great view of her rear end, she seems perfectly fine or even happy with that. We might be, too, if we were her as the leggings she has on show off just how nice of a derriere she truly has, which is something we will continue to appreciate with this list.

12 Shape Magazine

Via hollywoodlife.com

Shape Magazine is one that focuses predominantly on working out which has led them to feature images of very fit people on their cover exclusively. Clearly, Hilary Duff fits that description here as her stomach looks about as tight as any tummy we’ve ever seen, which made it hard for us to stop staring for quite a while. Also wearing a top that covers up about as much as a bra or bikini might, the cleavage on display here is fantastic, to say the least. Still, as much as we love that her body is on display here, it is her face that we love the most. A beautiful blonde, for us, the look of confidence on her face in this picture is her most attractive attribute in this image which is really saying something.

11 War, Inc.

Via imdb.com

For those of you that are not aware of it, which is probably the majority, War, Inc. was a 2008 movie starring John Cusack, Dan Akroyd, Marisa Tomei, Ben Kingsley, Joan Cusack, and of course, Hilary Duff. A fairly star-studded cast for a movie that fell decidedly under the radar, there is still no doubt in our mind that Hilary’s performance is one of the principal reasons to watch the film. That is because it is arguably one of the sexiest of her career, as is perfectly epitomized by a photo like this one. Seen in a belly shirt here, her character in the movie gave fans of the actress a then mostly unprecedented view of her body, especially when it comes to her stomach. We’re just going to say it, considering how great she looks here. We’re surprised she hasn’t shown off her tummy in far more professional photos.

10 Maxim 2009 Cover

via Maxim.com

The last Maxim Magazine photograph to appear on this list, it just seems fitting that the top ranking one would come from the publication’s cover. The place where the editors place a picture they feel will inspire people to pick up their magazine, cover pictures are designed to drive sales and we think this would have done a great job. Considering that there is cleavage on display here, this leads us to imagine what is being hinted at and in this case, hope that the pictures inside may give us an even better view. Wearing subtle makeup that draws the viewer’s eye to her lips and eyes (although both of which are quite arousing to see), who wouldn’t want to help her out of the single piece of clothing we can see here?

9 Breathe In. Breathe Out

Via gotceleb.com

A singer that has released five albums to date, we’ve opted to include two pictures of Hilary that were involved in the marketing of her music career, and this is one of them. In this picture that was featured in that album art of her 2015 release, “Breathe In. BreatheOut,” she has a very colorful look going on which we think totally works for her. Of course, that isn’t our favorite part of this image, however, as we just can’t get enough of looking at her body. Wearing a top that is clinging to her body, it reveals just how curvy she actually is. On top of that, her legs are shown in almost all of their glory, which puts a huge smile on our face. We take our hats off to everyone involved in taking this picture as they should be proud of their work that day.

8 Snapchat Bikini

Via gotceleb.com

An app that is designed around the idea of sending people a picture of yourself that will essentially self-destruct and disappear, it didn’t take industrious people long to work around that concept. When people worked out ways to save copies of the images sent to them, Snapchat somehow survived and now can be used to send photos that stick around. There is no way for us to know if this shot of Hilary from the app was meant to disappear or not, but all we can say is that we are very pleased to get the opportunity to see it. Showing her laying around from the chest up while wearing a bikini, it gave us an awe-inspiring angle of her chest, which is even better than it sounds. Judging by the knowing look on her face here, it seems like she is enjoying that fact too, which makes this all the more marvelous.

7 Sparks

via Taaz.com

An image that stems from Hilary’s music video for the song “Sparks,” it comes from the same period of time in which much was being made of Hilary’s presence on Tinder which became the topic of the clip. Telling the supposed story of how she ended up deciding to give the app a try, it shows her go on some less than successful dates. If you ask us, the men that got the opportunity to take the celebrity on a date in real life missed out on something extremely special, at least if the stories are true. After all, since she is able to look this ravishing without being able to see the slightest bit of her body, anyone should feel lucky to have her on the arm.

6 Swimwear In Profile

Via fizstar.com

A photo of Hilary on a beach and sporting black and white swimwear, the angle this was taken from gives us a great idea of what she is working with and we couldn’t be happier about that. Shot from the side, we get to appreciate her booty in profile which shows off its rather grandiose dimensions without giving away anything overly controversial. On top of that, we had to sit back and take in the opportunity to see just how tight her midriff is, as well as the view we’re getting of her legs and how beautiful her face looks here. Finally, her top is pretty skin tight and as a result, we’re getting a pretty glorious view of her chest which is every bit as good as it should be.

5 Workout Gear

via Listal

If there is one thing this list should have made abundantly clear by now, it is that Hilary Duff works hard to look as good as she does. That is why we weren’t surprised in the least to come across a picture of her in workout gear or to realize just how good that type of clothes look on her. Wearing a sports bra that clings to her chest and a purple zip-up top that is undone, it is magnificent to get to see her stomach once again which is mind-bogglingly tight. Also wearing shorts that are the definition of short, they provide us with a view of her legs which definitely look so long and lovely here.

4 Beautiful In Blue

Via celebmafia.com

This is one of the only images of Hilary on the street where it seems as though she might be a little bit annoyed with the intrusion. Even though she might be slightly annoyed by paparazzos, it doesn’t stop her from looking hot. Almost entirely garbed in blue, it is clearly a color that works for her. Although with a body like that, it is hard to think of one that wouldn’t. Wearing jeans that look tight in all of the best ways possible, we can’t help but smile at yet another opportunity to shovel appreciation on a butt that must have seen a lot of squats over the years. In most pictures where a woman’s rear end is on display, it means that we don’t get to see their boobs and we couldn’t be happier that that isn’t the case here. Sure, it isn’t the best view on this list by far, but considering it a bonus here, we find it quite tantalizing.

3 Longing Gaze

via Pinterest

This is yet another example of the fact that Hilary doesn’t have to rely on her body to attract people. This time around, we get to see her from the chest up. However, the best element on display here is still her face. Looking as though she is someone that knows exactly what she wants out of life and in the sack, she is able to make it seem as though she is in the midst of seducing the camera. Of course, since we get to see what the camera does, it feels as though we are fortunate enough to look at her as she gives us a “come hither” look for the ages. The type of shot that is perfect fantasy fodder due to the mental picture it practically implants in the mind, we knew it had to be included here.

2 Black Bikini

Via rebrn.com

A picture that seems to have been stolen by an eagle-eyed photographer, this shot of Hilary in a bikini shows off everything that makes Hilary’s body definitely a prize to pay. Giving up a gander at her legs and the slightest hint of her rear which you can see looks round and nice, she looks great from the waist down. Then, you have her stomach that looks fantastic and her cleavage that can astutely be described as shapely and welcoming. On top of all that, in our opinion, there is little in this world that we find more attractive than a good-looking person dripping with water. We say that because we find it a delight to consider how the liquid gets to surround every aspect of her body which is something that is enjoyable to envision for obvious reasons.

1 Gossip Girl

via YouTube

A show that was known to embrace edgier content, Gossip Girl was a series that depended heavily on its gorgeous cast to bring viewers in so they could be dazzled by its many plot twists. A cast that included the likes of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and Jessica Szohr, even those beautiful people’s charms diminished after several years.

Perhaps that is why they opted to bring in Hilary in the show’s later seasons and set up a rather tantalizing moment that resulted in a scene that showed the beginning stages of a threesome. Including the characters played by Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr, the pair that had been seen onscreen for years became involved with a newcomer played by Ms. Duff. As a result, we got this moment where Hilary and Jessica shared a kiss in a rather steamy scene and there was no question in our mind that any other image of Hilary pales in comparison to this one.

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