15 Hottest Girlfriends Of Joey Tribbiani On Friends

Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) is the resident ladies man in the group on Friends. He's handsome, he's confident and he has a way with words, or at least a way with the words, "How you doin'?" He is also not really one for long-term relationships. Because of this, we see him with many different women over the course of the 10 seasons of the show. Some relationships only last for a few episodes, some for only one, and some for just a few minutes. But a guy like Joey doesn't settle for average women. He gets to pick from the cream of the crop. He's been with some of the most beautiful women to appear on the show. Most of the women that Joey dates have something about them that bothers him, something that makes him unable to commit to them.

What we've done here is rank these women that Joey's dated. We're sure that they all have just amazing personalities. We also know that beauty can be found on the inside, too. The problem is, Joey doesn't know that or, at least, he doesn't seem to care about that. If he were to rank these women, he would do it based on looks. So, we're going to do that as well. Take it up with him if your feelings get hurt. But, we're going to warn you. Joey's not real. He's a TV character. You might not get a response. Here are the 15 Hottest Girlfriends of Joey Tribbiani on Friends.


15 Haley

Haley is in "The One with The Sharks" and is played by Susan Ward. Joey sees her and is instantly attracted to her. Who wouldn’t be? He asks her out and the two have a good time. When they go to her apartment, however, Joey realizes that he's been there. This leads him to conclude that he has dated Haley before, that he has slept with her before as well, which also means that Haley forgot that she had been with him. Knowing Joey, he doesn't like being forgotten, especially when it has to do with sex. It's when Joey's confronting Haley about this that her roommate walks in and he realizes that it was the roommate he has been with, and not Haley; an understandable mistake that anyone could have made.

14 Sarah


Annie Parisse plays Sarah, Phoebe's friend who goes on a couple of dates with Phoebe. Sarah breaks one of the golden rules of Joey. You never ever touch the man's food, especially when it comes to taking food directly off his plate. Well, Sarah does it once, so Joey breaks up with her. Phoebe demands that he give her another go, so he does, this time ordering a plate of fries to share between the two of them. This strategy doesn't work though. Sarah wants some of his main dish, which causes Joey to freak out. The tables get turned a bit later on when Joey wants some of her food. Let's be real, this was never going to work out.

13 Laura

Laura is the hot social worker, played by Maria Pitillo, who is assigned to judge how suitable Chandler and Monica will be as adoptive parents. Things get off the rails when she sees Joey, who she had a one-night stand with in the past. Before she can get mad at Joey, however, he flips it on her and accuses her of never calling him. He tells her how he waited for her call and how bad she hurt him. When she apologizes, he rejects her, saying she broke his heart. As he storms out, she tries to get him to wait, but he tells her that he waited long enough. Embarrassed and a bit ashamed, Laura gives Chandler and Monica a solid report and leaves. This will go down as one of Joey's most brilliant moves on the show, turning a bad situation into an extremely favorable one for everyone… except Laura really.

12 Charlie


Charlie Wheeler (Aisha Tyler) seemed like a perfect match for Ross, but Joey got to her first. The two dated for four episodes and, even though she essentially left him for Ross, Joey and Charlie had some fun while it lasted. The relationship did fall off the rails because Joey didn't measure up to Charlie's expectations intellectually. He used the word acrimonious without knowing what it meant and that irked her. He suggested that Charlie and Ross add some Star Wars stuff to their presentation, which she didn't love. And, finally, when Joey and Rachel laughed at the words "homo" and "erectus," Charlie decided that her and Joey were done for. Super attractive woman though. Oh yes.

11 Katie

Soleil Moon Frye will always be best known for playing Punky on Punky Brewster, but her brief stint on Friends as Joey's girlfriend Katie, was pretty memorable. Katie was the spunky little hottie who couldn't resist punching Joey every time he said anything. Joey reveals that those little punches really hurt, so he decides to break up with her. Showing up to do the deed wearing six sweaters to protect himself against breakup punches, Joey plans to end the relationship. But Katie ends up punching Rachel, which leads to the two women punching each other harder and harder. The battle ends with Rachel kicking Katie in the ankle, and, when Joey doesn't stand up for her, Katie breaks up with him and leaves. Before all the punching, the group seemed to like Katie, Joey especially, but she was too much to handle. She was far too energetic and happy for anyone. Just imagine how annoying she would be in the morning.

10 Angela


Even though we never saw them together, Joey and Angela (Kim Gillingham) dated in what appears to have been a long-term relationship before the show even started. We meet the blonde beauty at Central Perk where Joey suggests that she and her new boyfriend go on a double date with him and Monica, all with the plan of breaking them up. Chandler mentions, during another episode, that Joey and Angela dated for three years, which might make that Joey's longest relationship. Joey does end up dating Angela again very briefly, even though we don’t ever get confirmation that it's the same Angela and we never see her.

9 Kate

Kate is the fictional fiery redhead theater actress played by the real actress, Dina Meyer. Joey and Kate hate each other at first because she is condescending towards him in really every way and this really bothers Joey. All women are supposed to love him. When he starts being rude right back to her, the two begin to develop some onstage chemistry and the feelings follow. As soon as Joey goes to make his move, he discovers that Kate is dating the play's director, but after the play bombs, the director leaves Kate and she and Joey get together. It wasn’t very long-lasting though, as Kate lands a job that takes her to Los Angeles. Joey uses his lines in the play to say goodbye to Kate and she leaves, never to be seen again.


8 Cecilia


When Joey gets the call that he had a shot of returning to Days of Our Lives, he thought it was going to be as Drake Ramoray's evil twin, but that audition never worked out. Instead, he learned that his character would be getting a brain transplant from another character on the show, Jessica Flockhart. Jessica was played by Cecilia Monroe, who was played by Susan Sarandon. When Joey and Cecilia began to work closely together in order for Joey to learn her character's moves and mannerisms, sparks fly. Like Sarandon in real life, Cecilia is a megastar and has a powerful magnetism about her. She looks absolutely fantastic in the show and it's no secret why Joey fell for her.

7 Erika

Erika Ford is the crazed Days of Our Lives fan played by Brooke Shields. She believes that Drake Ramoray is a real person. Because of this, she takes a very serious, very obsessive liking to Joey and, being Joey, he takes advantage of that because she just happens to be gorgeous. She begins to take things a bit too seriously when she accuses Joey of cheating on her because she watched his character have an on-screen relationship with another woman. To get her off the scent, Joey tells her that he is actually Drake's evil brother, Hans, and she deserves to be with the real Drake. Fun side note: Apparently, Shields' real life spouse, Andre Agassi, was on set watching the filming of this episode and lost his mind when he saw Shields kissing Matt LeBlanc.

6 Erin


Erin is the smoking hot brunette played by Kristin Davis. She's a rarity in that she is the one who doesn't like Joey, even though Joey seems to be her type. Joey tries to do his normal thing with Kristin at first: date once, sleep with her and then break up with her. He asks if Phoebe and Rachel can subtly tell Erin that Joey is a lone wolf kind of guy. They don't. They spend the whole day with Erin and then try to convince Joey to give her another shot because they really like her. He does and starts to develop feelings for her. Sadly, she doesn't feel any of those same feelings for Joey, saying she's somewhat of a lone wolf herself.

5 Ursula

In "The One with Two Parts," Joey briefly dates Phoebe's twin sister Ursula (Lisa Kudrow). Phoebe hates that they're together because she figures that Ursula is going to hurt Joey, one of her best friends. Eventually, Ursula begins avoiding Joey, as Phoebe predicted would happen, hoping to end their brief fling that way. Even though you would think Phoebe would enjoy that news, she decides to pretend to be Ursula to let Joey down lightly. In disguise, Phoebe breaks up with him and they kiss goodbye, but Joey feels that something's up. Long story short: Joey knew it was Phoebe. Since Ursula happens to look like Phoebe, she also happens to be really good looking. That's also why she's on this list.

4 Kristen


Kristen is the new girl in town played by Gabrielle Union. Both Ross and Joey date her for a very short time. In fact, we barely see Joey with her. We see Ross meet her and then we hear that Joey met her as well. When the two guys discover that they're going to be dating the same woman, they decide to go on only one date and see who she likes best. After setting a spending limit for their dates, Joey gets mad when Ross buys flowers above and beyond their date price limit. He crashes Ross' date and the two guys end up verbally sparring and telling all their worst secrets. During the argument, Kristen leaves the dinner table without us even noticing and we never see her again. We'll always remember how hot she was though.

3 Kathy

Kathy, played by Paget Brewster, is one of the hottest of the girlfriends on Friends. She is only the second girl to have dated both Chandler and Joey (the other being Ginger), but she's the only one that we get to actually see with both of the guys. Because of this we get a lot of Kathy, six episodes in total. Now, we won't shy away from the fact that Kathy's story and the fact that we see her more than most of the women on this list probably adds to her attractiveness. We get to see her in a number of different outfits and situations, which adds to her charm. But sweet lord, she's gorgeous. Kathy's big issue is that she cheats on her boyfriends. She kissed Chandler when she was with Joey and Chandler had to spend time in a box to make up for it. We might not be able to forgive her but we can certainly look at her.

2 Janine


Janine Lecroix is played by the world-renowned beauty, Elle Macpherson. After Chandler moved out, Joey had the Australian dancer move in, despite not knowing a single thing about her. Actually, that’s not true. He knew she was incredibly hot and that was enough. Janine got five episodes on Friends and her and Joey eventually date after they kiss for a New Years special. Even though his relationship with Janine was going well, Joey ends it because Janine hated Chandler and Monica. Some words are thrown around, Janine apologizes to the couple, but then she and Monica fight again. Joey had to decide between his friends and the drop-dead gorgeous Australian, so he chose his friends.

1 Rachel

Rachel and Joey were a strange couple. We love them individually, but they didn’t look right together. Maybe it was just because we knew it couldn’t last, but something was just off. Either way, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) is the hottest woman on the planet, so it would make sense that she's Joey's most attractive girlfriend as well. Throughout the show, there were some hints that something might happen between Joey and Rachel at some point, but it wasn't until Rachel tried to sleep with Joey in "The One with Ross's Step Forward" that we ever honestly think something might go down. Then, Joey takes Rachel out on a date and they each let their guards down and tell each other things about themselves the other never knew that their little fling takes off.

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