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15 Hottest Female Mugshots

15 Hottest Female Mugshots

People have had an obsession with “bad girls” since the beginning of human culture. There’s something undeniably sexy about a girl who’s a criminal. It’s hard to pin down what exactly makes them so appealing. Maybe guys think they are more exciting because of their life of crime. Maybe there’s something about a girl with an “attitude problem” that makes them so alluring. Maybe they simply want to “join in” the girl’s life of crime. But I think the biggest reason girls living a life of crime are so sexy is that there is some inherent part of a guy’s mind, something deep down on an instinctual level, that pushes them to “rescue” this girl from their dangerous lifestyle.

Mugshots often capture people at their worst. Many times, these people are addicts and their faces look incredibly unhealthy. Other times, the person who’s having their picture taken is drunk after a long night of drinking. But on some rare occasions, girls look incredibly hot in these pictures. It seems inconceivable that these women have the time to put on makeup, but in some of these pictures, they clearly have no cosmetics on, and they still look amazingly beautiful. In other pictures, the girls are in tears and look visibly disturbed at the fact they have just been arrested. But even then, they somehow manage to look mesmerizing. Many of these girls are actually celebrities, and since their whole career depends on their good looks, it’s no surprise that their mugshots look ravishing. So sit back and get ready to be hypnotized by these gorgeous mugshot girls.

15. Alysa Bathrick


One of the hottest girls to ever step in front of a police camera for a mugshot is Alysa Bathrick. In fact she didn’t just have her mugshot taken once, not even twice – she’s had her mugshot taken at least 4 times! And every time, she looks prettier than ever. Her mugshots have gone viral, and for good reason. She’s now known worldwide as the “Cute Mugshot Girl.” She’s still only 18 or 19, but she’s been breaking the law left, right, and center. Far from being ashamed of her crimes, she actually posted her own mugshot on Instagram, and later Twitter, showing off to the world just how hot it was. She added a caption, which read, “F––– what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute.” Commenters on her post agreed that she was hot, and one asked her what she got arrested for. She replied simply, “Xanax homie.” Her latest arrest, however, was reportedly due to shoplifting.

14. Lorena Tavera



The next girl on our list of gorgeous mugshot girls is Lorena Tavera. You may recognize her name, as she was actually the 2008 Miss El Paso USA. When you take a mugshot of Miss El Paso, you just know the resulting image is going to be hot, and the proof is in the pudding ladies and gentlemen. She was 21 when she was arrested in her hometown of El Paso, Texas. The crime was a simple and admittedly quite stupid one. She shoplifted a $69 shirt from a clothing store, hiding it in her plastic bag. Obviously she didn’t hide it well enough because it ended up with her arrest. But she actually denied stealing it, and said that the media reporting on the story had it all wrong. The model, who is signed with Laura’s Productions in El Paso, said “I’m going to contact my lawyer. This story can’t be run. The story is wrong first of all. It’s been misconstrued and it’s twisted, so I need to contact my lawyer… I can’t talk to you until I talk to my lawyer.”

13. Angela Coates


In 2014, a new contender for America’s hottest mugshot appeared. The girl’s name was Angela Coates, former “Beauty of the Week” from Jet Magazine. As soon as the internet saw this sizzling mugshot, it went completely viral. The Floridian model was just 22 when she was arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia. She was born in Tampa, but she currently resides in Miami. Commenters who saw her picture even offered to pay for her bail, with one even trying to start a Kickstarter campaign for her release. However, these guys were not needed, as Angela was released the same night she was arrested. The crime was disorderly conduct, and clearly it was not a big deal, as Angela herself commented on the image, saying “I was released the same night lol. This is straight comedy.” She stands at 5 feet and 7 inches, and weighs 140 pounds. This is definitely one of the hottest mugshots ever taken.

12. Jennifer Jensen


Another Floridian who made waves when her mugshot hit the internet is Jennifer Jensen. Not much is known about her, other than the fact that she’s from Osceola, Florida. But you know what they say, an image speaks a thousand words, and never was that phrase more true than with this mugshot. She looks positively adorable. It seems hard to believe that a woman so cute and innocent looking could be capable of a crime! She’s even smiling like an angel! When she’s smirking like that, it’s hard to believe that she could be guilty of anything too serious… And I hope it was just a minor infraction. Although you never know, she could be a serial killer! While this is very unlikely, one has to remember the old adage: Never judge a book by its cover. Even when that “cover” is the gorgeous, alluring, and mesmerizing face of Jennifer Jensen.

11. Meagan Simmons


You know you’ve got a hot mugshot when your picture gets turned into a meme, and goes completely viral across the Internet. And that’s exactly what happened to Meagan Simmons. She’s yet another Floridian. I’m starting to feel like Florida is putting something in their water that’s making the girls incredibly hot, and yet very badly behaved. In just 24 hours after being posted on the Internet, she was turned into the so-called “Attractive Convict” meme, with guys everywhere professing their love for her, and creating memes such as the one with her mugshot and the words, “Guilty – Of Taking My Breath Away.” But the woman, whose hometown is Zephyrhills, leads a life that may surprise you. She was 27 when she was arrested, and she’s actually a mother of four and works as a medical assistant. She recently divorced her husband, and is now a single mom. She was arrested for a DUI charge, and she truly regrets her actions. Speaking of the famous mugshot, she said “I had just been crying when the photo was taken and I was drunk. I knew I’d caused a lot of trouble and my parents were really upset and I was really upset. I wasn’t thinking about how I looked at all.”

10. Gabrielle Hill


Gabrielle Hill is another girl who must have made the cops weak at the knees when they took her mugshot. And guess what? She’s from Florida too! What is it with you girls from Florida? Why are you so naughty? In any case, Gabrielle Hill got the attention of the entire Internet when her mugshot was posted, with many declaring her the new hottest mugshot girl when she was arrested in 2009. The charge was possession of drug paraphernalia, and she was just 19 years of age when the cops took her in. She’s another girl on our list who looks totally innocent, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for her as she poses during what must have been a very traumatic time for her. Maybe it’s the fact that all these girls are so sad that makes them so beautiful… It’s strange, but there is something very attractive about a girl who looks vulnerable and sorrowful.

9. Sara Jane Isbister


Sara Jane Isbister is another woman who guys have been going crazy over. Her mugshot spread across the Internet like wildfire, and she has even been compared to Angelina Jolie. Surprise, surprise, she’s also from Florida. I’m beginning to think that the reason there are so many female mugshots from Florida is because mugshots might be publicly available only in Florida. That’s the only explanation of why there are so many hot criminal girls from that state! In any case, Sara Jane Isbister has quite a long history of run-ins with the law. She has over 8 mugshots floating around on the Internet! She has used this publicity to promote herself on Instagram and on YouTube, and she actually has quite a loyal following of fans! In 2013, she was arrested for Violating Parole in Brevard County, Florida. She was born in 1990, meaning she was 23 years old at the time.

8. Tori Black


This face is immediately recognizable if you’re a fan of adult films. That’s right, this woman is none other than the award-winning pornstar, Tori Black. You can see by the tears running down her face that she’s clearly not having a good day! This girl seems to be naughty on and off the screen, as she was arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas back in 2012. Apparently she got into physical altercation with her boyfriend after returning home drunk one night. Her real name is actually Michelle Chapman, and she returned back to her hotel room where her fiancee, Lyndell Anderson, was waiting with their 5-month old son. Reportedly Tori Black (or Michelle Chapman) forgot to buy baby formula, leading to a drunken fight between the two. Chapman admitted to punching Lyndell in the head, but security footage from the hotel room shows Lyndell shoving Michelle Chapman so hard that she “flew across the room.” She had bruises on her arms when she was taken into custody. Apparently the whole fight began when Lyndell called Michelle Chapman an “unfit mother.”

7. Lindsay Lohan


This list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Lindsay Lohan’s many and varied mugshots. With a girl as pretty as Lindsay Lohan, any picture you take of her is pretty much guaranteed to be hot, even after a drunken bender or a drug-fuelled night. The most recent mugshot was taken in 2013 (top left), although her first ever mugshot dates back to 2007. The 2013 charge was due to reckless driving and lying to the police. It was this latest charge that prompted her to go into rehab (again). In the past, she has been arrested for assault, DUI, possession of cocaine, theft, and many more. In almost all of her mugshots, it seems like Lindsay has learned how to have her mugshot taken with style. In the back of her mind, she’s probably thinking, “I know these pictures are going to end up on the Internet, so I might as well make them look hot.” Can’t argue with that logic, and you know what they say: All publicity is good publicity!

6. Nina Dobrev


Another celebrity who found herself being asked to pose for a mugshot was Nina Dobrev. She also claims a top spot in the list of the hottest girls ever to have their mugshots taken, and the spot is well-deserved. The stunning starlet, who’s famous for her roles on Degrassi: The Next Generation, and more recently the Vampire Diaries, looked cute and flawless when she had her mugshot taken. But if you think her mugshot is hot, wait till you hear what her actual crime was! In 2009, when Dobrev was 20 years old, she was arrested for “exposing herself” to cars on the side of a highway in Georgia! That’s right, this starlet was flashing her boobs to cars that were passing by! If you think those drivers were lucky to see such a glorious sight, obviously the motorists themselves didn’t think it was that much of a treat, as they actually called the cops on this mischievous girl.

5. Toni Lee Hopkins


Toni Lee Hopkins is another extremely hot girl who had her mugshot taken. This 21-year-old girl from Houston was actually working as a stripper when she got arrested! Harris County police participated in a massive crackdown on a club Toni Lee Hopkins was working at, called the “Men’s Club.” She was officially arrested for violating statutes governing sexually oriented businesses, and was charged with a misdemeanor offense. In connection with the raid on the Men’s Club, police also cracked down on several other clubs in Houston, including the “Treasure Club,” where dancers were reportedly prostituting themselves to patrons, although Toni Lee Hopkins had nothing to do with that particular club. It comes as no surprise that her mugshot looks so hot, since she makes her living off her sex appeal. There is no doubt that after her short stint in jail, she went right back out to her job as a stripper, as many of the dancers bragged that they could “make more money in one shift than most make in a week!”

4. Shawna Diana


One of the hottest mugshots you will ever see is this amazing blonde girl who doesn’t seem the least bit bothered about the fact that she’s going to be spending the night in a jail cell. Her smile is contagious and hypnotizing, and it’s hard to take your eyes off her. In truth, little is known about this particular girl, other than the fact that her name is reportedly Shawna Diana Rose Meggison. Her record says she was born in 1988, and was arrested in 2012 for a marijuana violation. This girl hails from Maricopa County, Arizona. She’s just 5 foot 2, and weighs a meager 105 pounds! Although she looks cute, she also looks as if she might have a naughty side. She can’t be older than 20, as she looks like she’s a high school student. But that smile has a slightly evil tone to it, and that piercing over her eyebrow suggests she’s a rebel and probably deserves whatever she’s getting punished for!

3. Carol L. Andrews


We take a trip back in time for this one. We often forget that there have been naughty, criminal women for as long as there have been laws, and this lady from way back in 1967 proves that fact. Whatever she did, she looks very, very angry that she’s in this sticky situation, but whether or not she actually deserves the charges she’s been given is unknown. Admittedly, there isn’t a lot of information about this pretty little woman on the Internet, although the rumor is that she was arrested for shoplifting at a local dollar store. What’s very clear, however, is that Carol L. Andrews was a very pretty girl back in the day. I wonder if she’s still alive today? In any case, the fact that she’s obviously so enraged actually adds to her attractiveness. She looks so cute pouting like that and giving the cops the death stare!

2. Sarah Seawright


Another girl whose mugshot went viral was Sarah Seawright. And the Internet had good reason to go crazy over this picture: it has to be one of the hottest mugshots of all time. She’s innocent, sexy, coy, beautiful, and devilish all at once in this amazing mugshot. The 24-year-old Arkansas woman went viral in 2016 when mugshots of her began to surface. Fox News reported that she had previously been arrested for kidnapping, robbery, and battery in a 2012 parking lot theft. They then reported that she had been arrested more recently for reckless driving. In addition, she was also charged with not appearing in court for that reckless driving charge. This girl is not only one of the hottest mugshot girls, but she’s also one of biggest criminals out of all of them! She’s been nicknamed #PrisonBae and #JailHouseBae on social media, and it seems to be trending!

1. Rhonda Elaine Johnson


Meet Rhonda Elaine Johnson, who takes the top spot of this list. This girl has to be one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, not just in mugshot pictures, but just in general! This image was found on an article entitled “Too Cute For Jail,” and you have to admit, that phrase sums up this girl perfectly. How on earth did a girl like this wind up in jail? She looks like she belongs in a church, singing in a choir, not committing crimes! But there is the matter of that trashy neck tattoo… Maybe she’s a little more naughty than her angelic face would suggest… Still, I have this huge urge to find out where she is, and either pay for her bail or break her out of jail. She was arrested in (you guessed it) Palm Beach County, Florida, for a probation violation. She was booked in 2012, which seems to have been a good year for hot criminals. She was born in 1986, and evidently didn’t spend too much in jail.


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