15 Hottest Female Cosplayers And Where You Might See Them Next

There is something magical about being able to take the characters that you loved as a child and turn them into something amazingly creative to wear as an adult. This phenomenon is referred to as cosplay and it has a cult following like nothing else.

We hear about these strange Comic-Con events. These crazy conventions see folks dressing up as some pretty outlandish people and creatures, all in the name of fun. Thousands of dollars, and even more man hours go into making each and every cosplay design you see at those events. Cosplayers take their costuming and prop making very seriously and they give us some pretty astounding results. Just look around at a major Comic-Con or Anime Expo and it’ll seem as if you were in an entirely different world, and it’s pretty awesome.

In this article, we are going to explore the world of female cosplay because, frankly, we think they’re simply the best. The women featured in this article are among the hottest, most talented, and most well-known female cosplayers on the planet. While we weren’t intending to come off as stalkerish by giving away these leading ladies’ locations, we know just how inspirational it can be to meet someone you never thought you had a chance of meeting. Plus, they posted all this information on their social media accounts. While we couldn’t find which place some of these women would make their next appearance, we made sure to include some alternate methods of communication so you wouldn’t necessarily have to wait around forever. These are some of the Hottest Female Cosplayers and Where You Might See Them Next.

15 Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano first fell in love at the best place you could fall in love with cosplay, at San Diego’s Comic-Con. It took a few years for her to really get involved, but after seeing a few cosplays she really liked, Crystal decided to give it a shot and we’re really glad she did. While she says her all-time favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII, both Mass Effect and Metal Gear have a place in her heart as well. In this stunning photo, she’s dressed as Isabella from Soul Caliber. When this hottie isn’t playing with her dog or gaming on her PlayStation, she’s either creating awesome artwork or modeling epic costumes for Blizzard Entertainment!

She tweeted just a few days ago that she couldn’t wait for another San Diego Comic-Con. And since this major event is happening later this month, we believe it is safe to say that you just might see this hot babe there! Although, if you can’t get enough of her right this minute, you can always connect with her through her awesome artwork she sells on storenvy.com, etsy.com, and patreon.com.

14 Katyuska Moonfox

This hot babe is dressed as the Baroness in this picture, and that’s just one of her many cosplays. Katyuska Moonfox hails from Australia and enjoys going on adventures and of course, creating some pretty sexy cosplays too. We think that while her cosplays are super hot, the fact that she’s a game developer studying in Brisbane is far hotter. Katyuska Moonfox has both beauty and brains. She has recently posted an update on her website katyuskamoonfox.com saying that she had a few adventures planned that would take her across the water. We don’t know where she’s going exactly, but at least you won’t have to travel all the way to Australia to see her, and with all the killer creatures down under, we see that as a plus. She does sell prints of her cosplays so it is possible to take a piece of this hottie home with you.

13 Megan Coffey

The beautiful woman in this picture is Megan Coffey cosplaying as Raven from DC Comics. This is another woman that has both beauty as well as brains! As Megan was quickly becoming one of the hottest female cosplayers and a household name among nerds, she was also earning a master’s degree in biology. How cool is that? She was first exposed to cosplay back in 2013, and she has been part of the culture ever since. This beauty travels all around the U.S. showing up for interviews and different conventions around the country, so you’ll surely spot her at another one soon. Although she has a major love for modeling and science, she absolutely adores spending time with her out of this world collection of pets. In addition to owning a cockatiel, she also has both axolotls and geckos! She seems to be one of the coolest chicks around.

12 Andy Rae

It’s clear that model/cosplayer Andy Rae is Mad Moxxi from Borderlands. You can tell because she has such an amazing costume! Just check out that makeup! To keep in theme with the rest of these super hotties who also have superior minds, Andy Rae is the proud owner of not one but two degrees. Although she didn’t actually start cosplaying until after going to a convention in Calgary, Andy Rae has been designing and creating her own costumes every Halloween since she was 15. She says her most challenging and most rewarding costume ever made was a paladin from World of Warcraft; she says the armor simply took forever. Andy Rae posted to her Instagram that she was eagerly working on her necromancer build for this year’s Blizzcon. That event is in November, so if you wanted to meet this hot cosplayer in person, you still have a few months to plan!

11 Luna Lanie

Now, we’re sure you certainly want to get arrested by the hot cop in this photo, but do you know who this cosplayer is and where this character is from? This is Luna Lanie dressed as Officer Caitlyn from the uber popular game League of Legends. She was born in sunny LA, California and she continues to live there today. She only began cosplaying a short three years ago, but since then, she’s really put herself on the map as one of the hottest female cosplayers out there. Although she is based in LA, she was in New York City not more than a week ago. We don’t know where you’ll see this beauty next, but we’re almost positive she’ll make an appearance at SDCC since she lives just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

10 Midna Ash

You wouldn’t really be able to tell from this picture of Midna Ash dressed as Twili Midna, but most of this hot lady’s cosplays are NSFW, and that’s the way she would prefer it. When this nurse isn’t making appearances at different Comic-Cons or other nerdy events, you can find this stunning lady creating photos. She specializes in both cosplay and super sexy pics that are definitely not safe for work.

Midna Ash does have photos from her cosplays that are sexier than this one, but we truly loved the look of the Legend of Zelda babe you see pictured here. If you weren’t able to catch her at this year’s WonderCon 2017 in Anaheim, California, then you had another chance to catch her a few days ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. Where will she go after she’s done with the City of Sin, you’ll have to tune into her Instagram or Twitter account to find out!

9 Leeanna Vamp

You can see just how easily Leeanna Vamp oozes the same sexiness of Lara Croft that only Angelina Jolie herself was ever able to achieve. Just look at how hot she is in this photo; we’d let her rob our tomb, that’s for sure. Self-proclaimed Queen of the Nerds and the Ghoul of Your Dreams, this is one cosplayer that will surely haunt your dreams, but in the best way possible. If you believe you’ve seen this hottie before, you might have been watching Resident Evil: Down With The Sickness, which was a film she appeared in. You can get plenty of stuff relating to Leeanna Vamp at her website leeannavamp.com but if you wanted to get a picture WITH her and have the chance to meet her in person, you can see her at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, which just so happens to be in just a couple of days. Will you make the trek out to see this beauty?

8 Amethyst Leon

The hot cosplayer pictured here is none other than Amethyst Leon, dressed as Kora, proving to us that being hot doesn’t always correlate to a degree of nakedness. She got into cosplay a few years ago after a long-time love for Halloween and all the festivities surrounding the holiday. Her favorite character to cosplay as is, as you can tell from this image, Kora. You can see just how much love and attention she puts into even the smallest details of this costume. Besides cosplaying, she runs a Twitch and a YouTube channel. Amethyst regularly attends Comic-Con, so you might just spot her in San Diego in about a week. If you miss the chance to see if she attends, you could always try to catch her at her day job, at GameStop. Power to the players indeed.

7 Elise Laurenne

This is another hot cosplayer that is known for her sexiness. She’s playing the part of a sexy Mary Jane being held by her love, Spiderman, in this picture, but this is actually quite a bit of clothing for her. Before she began modeling for MFC, a cam model website, she modeled for an agency called Suicide Girls. This Canadian beauty takes characters she loves and turns them into uber sexy renditions. She did mention in a Twitter post regarding a post made by Suicide Girls that she sadly wouldn’t be making it to Comic-Con this year. Since that’s the case, you can get your fill on her newly public Snapchat.

6 Yaya Han

At yayahan.com, you can learn all about the amazingly hot Chun-Li you see in this picture. Obviously, the Street Fighter character doesn’t exist in real life but the cosplay costume Yaya Han has designed for this photoshoot really makes it seem like Chun-Li walked right off the screen and into our world. After watching Saint Seiya as a child she became hooked on anime and manga and didn’t look back. Although she didn’t know how to sew when she got started, more than a decade ago, she enlisted the help of a friend to teach her the basics of the craft. She wore her first creation to an Anime Expo, and went from there. She loves designing and making the costumes but she says she finds real pleasure in making all of the different accessories. She lives in Georgia, but she posted to Twitter that she is going to be a judge at this year’s SDCC.

5 Danielle Beaulieu

If you looked at the beautiful Danielle Beaulieu in this photo and thought Pokemon, you would be correct. The hot chick in this photo is the one and only Meowth. Although she is famous for her award winning League of Legends cosplays, she still does other characters from all sorts of different fandom. When this beautiful babe isn’t designing costumes or props, she is filling the hundreds of signed print orders she receives from both Storenvy or Patreon. She asked Twitter if we thought if she would be able to finish her new armor before SuperCon later this month. This event is in Florida, the last few days of the month. If you can’t make it down to Florida, you can always snag a photo to hang up on your wall as you wait for her to make her next appearance.

4 Sara Moni

This is Sara Moni and her amazing portrayal of Storm from the X-Men. We absolutely adore her costume and silver hair, but what really takes this image over the top is the lightning striking in the background, exactly as the real Storm would have it. This hot babe is known for her multitasking professionalism. She attends back to back Cons, each with separate costumes and cosplays; she lasts through long and grueling photoshoots and is always extremely sweet to all her many fans. She also somehow manages to keep her friends and family close and makes time to hang out often. Her birthday was earlier this month, and although we don’t know where she’s headed to next, you can always be sure to follow her on social media.

3 Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

We clearly wanted to stay along the lines of stormy weather, so here is major cosplay hottie, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, cosplaying as Susan Storm from The Fantastic Four. This French-Canadian cosplayer talks often of working in her workshop, where we would love to watch her work, and gives followers an almost play by play of the work she is busy creating. This is another beautiful woman who's next whereabouts we are unsure of. Maybe it’s in the French tweets she sends out; we wouldn’t know since we can’t speak French. However, the whole speaking a foreign language thing is just another factor making Marie-Claude Bourbonnais an even hotter female cosplayer.

2 Linda Le

The strikingly gorgeous woman in this picture is the American cosplayer, from Vietnamese descent, Linda Le. In this image, she portrays Morrigan, a character from Darkstalkers, and we have to say she does a phenomenal job. She may have started off her career learning to do hair from the likes of Paul Mitchell, among others, but she really found her true calling when she started teaching costumes and makeup. She refers to herself as a “modern day renaissance woman” and you can find her and her many crafts at various booths at different conventions and expos. Since she is another cosplayer living in California, we think it’s safe to assume we might see her at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con as well.

1 Jessica Nigri

We just had to give the stunning Jessica Nigri the number one spot in this article of Hottest Female Cosplayers. Just look at her portrayal of Sorceress Janna from League of Legends in this picture. Not only does this woman have a super hot body, but her costume designs are always out of this world. This cosplayer and YouTube star was born in Reno, Nevada and is currently the holder of millions of followers on her various social media accounts. She has been cosplaying for almost ten years now and has been the official spokesperson for both Lollipop Chainsaw as well as Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. You can catch his pretty lady at the San Diego Comic-Con, an event that she has been creating two large Blizzard builds for, which we are rather excited to see.

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