15 Hottest Female Comedians You Wouldn’t Mind Getting Up To Funny Business With

There’s nothing new about stand-up comedy. The art of getting up on stage and making people laugh has been going on for centuries. But it used to be the case that a certain type of person did stand-up. The stereotypical view of a stand-up comedian used to be – still is actually, although the women on this list are changing the trend, are doing away with what they probably feel is an unjust stereotype – someone who’s not very attractive, isn’t great looking, has a poor physique standing on stage and making the audience laugh. In fact, not being good looking used to benefit a comedian – rather cruelly, people used to laugh at the person in addition to their act, but hey, they didn’t really care, because at the end of the day, laughs are laughs. But now a new breed of comedians have taken to the stage. Comedy’s become a really big thing over recent years. People enjoy nothing more than coming to a gig on a Friday or Saturday night, having a couple of drinks and paying someone to make them laugh. Of course, the better the comedian, the more people will come, but if the woman standing on stage telling gags is super hot, that’s also going to sell tickets.

But being a comedian doesn’t necessarily mean doing stand-up. Being a comedian encompasses many things: comedic writing, doing comedy in movies or on TV, and stand-up too. There is a variety of different types of comedians on this list, but they all have one thing in common – they’re all sizzling hot. These are 15 of the hottest female comedians on the comedy scene at the moment, comedians you certainly wouldn’t mind getting up to funny business with.

15 Nikki Glaser

This blonde bombshell has been on the comedy scene since the age of 18, and today she’s regarded to be one of America’s best – and hottest of course – comics. She started out doing stand-up, it’s what she loves to do as it allows her to really interact with the crowd, giving her a buzz that’s just not the same with a TV audience. But being as beautiful as she is, it was inevitable that stand-up was eventually going to transition into more TV-based roles. She’s appeared on a host of different shows over the years, and has even had a role in a movie, but many people also know Nikki because of her podcasts. It seems as if Nikki finds the whole topic of sex and raunchiness somewhat titillating. That’s what her podcasts have been about to date, not that anyone was complaining; hearing a woman as gorgeous as Nikki chatting about sex would’ve surely been enough to get a lot of people excited.

14 Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour sure does like the limelight, certainly knows how to ensure the attention’s always coming her way.

Nicole’s known for her music, but when it comes to comedy she gets people tuning in. She’s renowned for being the controversial babe of comedy; nobody really thought that cute little Nicole could cause such a stir, but she evidently does what she does to shock, and it’s worked! Her controversial videos on YouTube have sparked outrage, but that’s meant people have been watching, making her videos go viral, and that’s all she really cares about. She dares to go where a lot of comedians refuse to venture, and that’s made her one of a kind.

At first glance, you’d think of Nicole as a stereotypical ditsy blonde cheerleader who doesn’t have much going on upstairs. But she’s proven herself to be very clever at getting herself out there, and so she has to be one of the brightest comics around. She’s also, in case you hadn’t noticed, extremely hot. But if you’re thinking of getting up to funny business with her, don’t let that sweet and innocent smile fool you, because Nicole’s one feisty character.

13 Chelsea Peretti

Ok, so Chelsea Peretti might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But since she became a main cast member of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, her popularity’s gone through the roof. Her character, Gina Linetti, wasn’t exactly meant to be a sex symbol. But now people love to see Gina, not only because of her comedic prowess, but also because of the strange sense of attraction they have towards her. She’s gained an almighty fan following, because she’s not only funny, but people find her hot too. The weird attractiveness level’s pretty high when it comes to Chelsea.

Chelsea’s not a comic you wouldn’t mind getting up to funny business with because of her looks alone. From the impression we get of her as a result of her interactions with the media, it can be said that she’s a very chilled out person, down-to-earth, and just doesn’t take things too seriously. She’s also got an awesome body, and so all of this combined definitely means she warrants a place on this list.

12 Iliza Shlesinger

Is Iliza Shlesinger a comedian or a model? Boy she’s one beautiful comic.

Illiza began getting involved in comedy whilst at college. She majored in film, but found her passion for comedy, becoming a member of the college’s comedy sketch group. After graduating, she moved to LA in pursuit of stardom – as people do – in the field of comedy. She started doing stand-up, started entering shows and competitions, and did pretty decently too. Illiza didn’t only stand out from the crowd because of her comedic prowess, she stood out because, well, look at her. Over the years she’s contributed to tons of shows as a writer, has continued doing stand-up, and has become a much-loved host of comedy shows.

Just like most comics are, Illiza’s easy going, is a cool cat, and has the looks and a gorgeous body to match. Of course, people come to her shows, buy her DVDs primarily because of her comedy routine, but the fact that she’s a stunner must have something to do with it too.

11 Sarah Silverman

Stand-up comic Sarah Silverman is another comic, one of a few, that dares to touch on controversial topics. Most of her routines are about social taboos, stuff that could bring a lot of heat on her if taken the wrong way, but thankfully most people see it for what it is – comedy. Racism, sexism, religion – she’s gone there, and many think that with her sarcastic approach, she’s handled those topics superbly, and of course hilariously.

Sarah’s also a pretty prominent actress and has accumulated a wide-ranging and extensive filmography. A lot of her film roles have suited her down to the ground – they're naughty and controversial, just like her. One film that had people flocking to the movie theatres, was Take This Waltz, mainly because of Sarah’s nude scene in the movie. From that film, we can gauge that Sarah’s certainly not your shy and retiring type; well, it doesn’t actually take that film to be able to tell that – just look at the numerous pics of her out there and you can tell she’s certainly not shy about showing off her assets, which incidentally are pretty massive.

10 Whitney Cummings

Seriously, I know this could apply to a lot of those on this list, but Whitney’s someone who looks like she should be walking the catwalk, not walking up on stage and performing stand-up. She’s an absolute stunner, and is rated as being one of the best and hottest comedians out there by pretty much everyone. In the mid-2000s, she was considered to be a rising star, but after a number of recent successes, she is THE star. A lot of people know her for being the star character, and incidentally the brains behind the sitcom, in the series Whitney, but most recently she’s achieved a great deal of fame for being the co-creator of the hugely successful CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Whitney’s only in her mid-30s but has a body of a 20-year-old. She’s gorgeous in every which way, and it’s something that’s held her in good stead right throughout her career. We just wish she’d spend more time in front of the camera, not most of it behind the scenes writing and creating. Her face is meant for the screen – you get brains and beauty with Whitney.

9 Natasha Leggero

Standing in at just over five feet tall, you’d think that Natasha would get lost in the competitive world of comedy. But she stands tall, head and shoulders above the rest because of what else she’s able to offer. Sure, Natasha’s petite, but she commands a massive presence, and that’s not only because of her skills as an actress and comedian, but because she’s incredibly cute and super sexy. She’s one comedian who knows she’s hot too and never tires of flaunting her assets, her beauty, much to her fans’ delight. Natasha’s made a name for herself as being one of the most glamorous comics around. That hot and sultry onstage persona gets the audiences eating out of the palm of her hand, and she dresses to impress when off stage too. There are tons of pics out there – here come all those Internet searches – of Natasha posing in racy photos, with statement jewellery, sexy outfits, and in bikinis, and she looks absolutely stunning in every last one of them.

8 Rachel Feinstein

As far stand-up comedians go, there aren’t many hotter than Rachel Feinstein. She’s a brunette bombshell if ever there was one – she has the looks, that smile – oh that smile – and the body to match, making her without doubt one of the hottest comedians on stage.

Her character-driven stand-up has captured her audience’s attention over the years, and she’s now at the point where she’s considered to be one of the best. Rachel also addresses racy topics, much to her fans’ delight, and regularly talks about sex and relationships, which, coming from Rachel, has got to get the audience’s hearts racing.

Aside from her stand-up career – actually many people would consider this to be part of her stand-up – she’s recently begun starring in films, her most recent one being Her Composition, in which she plays herself. She doesn’t really need to do anything else, because in a lot of people’s eyes, she’s perfect just the way she is, and will no doubt continue to take the comedy world by storm.

7 Yasmine Akram

Born in the UAE of Pakistani origin, Yasmine came to British shores at the age of 18 months, when she settled in Ireland. It was a decision – not that she’d have had much say in the matter! – that would change her life, because it allowed her to pursue acting and comedy, and somehow I don’t think she’d have blossomed in the same way had her parents decided to stay in the conservative country of the UAE.

Yasmine’s known primarily for her acting, but it’s after she graduated from drama school that she began to get involved with comedy. She became a comedy writer, started presenting shows, and starring in a number of her owns shows. She’s now at the point where she’s up there as being one of the best, and her looks have definitely had a part to play, first in her getting acting gigs, but also in her comedy shows being so successful.

Yasmine really does have perfect features. She’s incredibly pretty, but if somehow her looks don’t do it for you, that accent, wow that accent, is sure to be something that you find titillating. The Irish accent is renowned for being one of the sexiest, and when it’s coming out of Yasmine’s mouth, it’s just divine.

6 Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler’s someone who’s got plenty of strings to her bow. She’s made a name for herself in the world of entertainment as a talk show host, actress, comedian, author, producer, writer, and director, but for the sake of this article, let’s discuss her comedic prowess.

Aisha began to pursue a comedy career way back in the early 90s, and eventually began getting roles. Acting soon took precedence, however, she managed to blend her comedy with her acting and this has made for a hugely successful career. She really has done a lot for the comedy scene by breaking through plenty of barriers. She’s one of the first black female comics and – this is a total contrast from Natasha, the last person on this list – she’s really staggeringly beautiful. Many have described her as having an Amazonian stature. Take one look at her and you’d probably agree that that’s an apt description. She’s beautiful, stands in at over six feet tall, has endlessly long legs, and just towers over her colleagues, and everyone else in the industry for that matter, as one of the best and hottest comedians on the scene.

5 Nikki Cox

Do I really need to offer an explanation as to why you wouldn’t mind getting up to funny business with Nikki Cox? This pic should be the only explanation, the only reasoning you’d need, and if you’ve heard about her, you shouldn’t even be needing this pic to twist your arm. Anyway, it’s all hypothetical of course, because – and I’m not being mean here, just going by the fact she’s a huge star and incredibly beautiful – if any of you manage to get with Nikki in any capacity, you’d better go and buy a lottery ticket.

Nikki started out young, having her first stint in the limelight at the age just four. She’s since blossomed into a beautiful woman – boy what a beautiful woman. She’s hot, but she has a couple of very obvious assets, a massive set of twins you can’t help but stare at. Those puppies are absolutely massive, and are a huge part of the reason why she’s gained such an almighty fan following over the years.

4 Aisling Bea

I’ve already mentioned how a proper Irish accent can make guys go weak at the knees. The Irish accent alone is super sexy, but if it’s coming out of the mouth of a sultry brunette babe like Aisling, the sex appeal scale just increases tenfold. Aisling Bea is just that – sexy and gorgeous in every which way. She’s been around on the comedy scene for quite some time, but her career’s reached new heights in recent years. Now you can turn on a comedy show in the UK and pretty much expect Aisling to be a part of it – and if she’s not it’s definitely a cause for disappointment. People have become Bea-sotted with this Irish comic, and understandably so. That accent, her lovely smile, her beauty – she’s just cuteness personified, and something else that’s also really attractive about her, is that she’s very down-to-earth. Although we’d love her to dress up in racy outfits and flaunt her assets a bit more, she doesn’t really do that and is very comfortable in her own skin, being who she is, which is absolutely perfect by the way.

3 Ronni Ancona

Scottish actress and impressionist Ronni Ancona has achieved her fame on British shores and probably won’t be familiar to U.S. audiences, although I’m sure this will spark a lot of you to begin typing her name into your Internet search engines.

Born and brought up in Scotland, at the age of 17, she upped sticks and relocated to London where she completed her studies, got a job as a teacher, and started doing stand-up comedy in the meantime. She started making waves on the comedy circuit, and stand-up progressed to radio and TV shows, most famously as an impressionist on the show The Big Impression, and she’s now a familiar face on British TV. Brits are glad she is too, because she’s an absolute stunner, a brunette bombshell. She’s approaching her 50s now, but some would say she’s gotten ever more beautiful with age – her looks haven’t diminished in any way, have only blossomed with age.

2 Katherine Ryan

Putting Katherine Ryan on this list, and that too at number two, is going to divide opinion. There’s going to be some of you who don’t find her the least bit attractive – I must say, I don’t know what’s wrong with you people! – but the others will be thinking that she’s one of the most gorgeous women walking the planet. That’s pretty much the consensus about Katherine in the UK, a place that she’s made home after emigrating to UK shores from Canada. Canada’s loss is the UK’s gain, because today Katherine’s probably established herself as being the best female comic in the UK. She’s someone who addresses controversial issues, and aims to shock as a means to impress, and has been hugely successful at doing that right throughout her career.

Katherine stands out as a comic, but also because of her racy attire. She upstaged some major stars at the NME Awards last years with her racy leather outfit, and regularly dresses to impress when the cameras are out and about. A lot of you would therefore want to get up to some sort of funny business with Katherine. But if you hit the jackpot and you do, make sure you don’t mess her about. Quite a few of her ex-bfs have faced her wrath and have been ridiculed in her comedy routines, so she gives off the impression of being quite a fiery character but someone who just want to be loved; there’d be quite a few people out there willing to do just that!

1 April Macie

April Macie is without doubt America’s hottest comedian. She’s basically known for, well, for being hot. Let’s do this stereotyping again; look at April and what comes to mind? Certainly not a comedian. You’d think glamor model, or something of that sort, but getting up on stage and telling gags? It wouldn’t be the first thing that crosses your mind. But April does just that, although when she does, it’s fair to say a lot of people aren’t really paying attention to anything she’s saying – they’d be doing a lot of looking, not a lot of listening. But for those of you who have listened to April, you’d know that as well as being stunning, she’s a kick-ass comedian too. She’s performed stand-up in many different countries, and unsurprisingly, has appeared on plenty of TV shows over the years. She’s gorgeous and a side-splitter too, and that’s a combination that ensures people just lap her up when she’s doing her thing.

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