15 Hottest Doctors In Sitcom History

Any time of night, you flick on your TV and you'll find doctors mulling about on some TV show. People love medical drama. For whatever reason, the formula used in these TV shows is completely addictiv

Any time of night, you flick on your TV and you'll find doctors mulling about on some TV show. People love medical drama. For whatever reason, the formula used in these TV shows is completely addictive and never gets tired. There's another mystery with the medical dramas on TV as well. Look at Grey's Anatomy, ER, Chicago Hope, or any of the other 50 other shows on TV at any given time. In nearly every one of them, the entire staff of the hospital is filled to the brim with sexy women and hunky males. It’s so constant that we've now come to expect that all doctors are good looking in real life. It's actually kind of disappointing when that doesn't come true. But scattered about amidst all the serious shows about misdiagnoses and inconceivably rare diseases that all seem to get properly treated right before the show's end, there are funny doctors too, or at least, doctors in sitcoms. This is the category of doctor we're most interested in.

It would be easy to go through the cast of ER and Grey's Anatomy and select all the attractive doctors, but looking at sitcom doctors reveals something tragic. Not only are there not that many sitcom doctors on television, but, out of those that do exist, most aren't attractive. It's almost as if hotness isn’t a qualification for being a doctor in a comedy. Still, they're out there. We've found them. We've gone through and picked out all hot doctor characters from sitcom history and put them into a list for you to inspect. We call it: 15 Hottest Doctors in Sitcom History.

16 Dr. Denise Mahoney

Dr. Denise Mahoney (Eliza Coupe) might not have the most likable personality on Scrubs, but boy oh boy, the physical package she comes in is damn hot. Mahoney is incredibly opinionated and bit crazy in the show. She refuses to hold back anything, even from dying patients. J.D. takes Denise under his wing, but, being the compassionate doctor he is, he has a difficult time accepting Denise's blunt tactics. For a very brief time, Turk and Denise become best friends after J.D. leaves the hospital, but it doesn't last because, as he says, "Denise, you're scary! Sure you seem cute at first but then you eat after midnight or get some water on you and then boom! You turn into this monster and I gotta throw you into the microwave and explode you!"

15 Dr. Mindy Kuhel Lahiri

Dr. Mindy Kuhel Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) from The Mindy Project doesn't get enough love for her looks. Mindy is hot. We'll admit that she's not exactly traditional-TV hot, but dammit it's time we change that narrative. Dr. Lahiri grows on you. She's overly confident in her looks; she's a tad annoying; and she's super clingy, but, for some reason, none of those are really negatives. But then she's also smart, funny and accomplished. That's sexy. Plus, OB/GYN's have been silenced too long, especially female ones. In The Mindy Project, Mindy's character is rarely seen as sexy by others right off the hop, obviously something Kaling herself has written in, but her personality seems to be the thing that wins men over. Sometimes it takes a while, but she weakens their will and then pounces. In real life, Mindy would be considered hot from the drop, but we can suspend disbelief a bit for TV.

14 Dr. Charlie Wheeler

We can't remember if it's ever actually verified in Friends that Charlie Wheeler (Aisha Tyler) has her Ph.D. Either way, we're including her because she is a professor of Paleontology at NYU. It's clear that she has it even if they don't say it. She's a professional and well-respected in the industry and she has money, so she's obviously not a grad student. Charlie's character is a bit of a strange character on the show, so many fans never took to her. She didn't like Joey because he wasn't intelligent enough for her and, with Ross, she was just in the way of the magic that was him and Rachel. She never really had a chance. Yet, none of that matters because Dr. Charlie Wheeler is hot. Monica even yells that at one point.


12 Dr. Sheila Flomm 

Dr. Sheila Flomm (Brenda Strong) is a small character from Curb Your Enthusiasm, like one episode small, but she makes the list because, well, look at her. This is a woman in her then-late-40s. Plus, the one episode she shows up in, "The N Word," is hilarious, so she gets bonus points. Dr. Flomm is a doctor by profession, but she's also a stereotypical doctor full time. She's got a waiting room in her home for crying out loud. If for no other reason, Dr. Flomm makes the list because this character is a call back to Sue Ellen "The Braless Wonder" from Seinfeld. Just seeing her reminds you of how incredibly sexy she was in her heyday.

11 Dr. Tim Whatley

In Seinfeld, Bryan Cranston plays the handsome Dr. Tim Whatley, "Dentist to the Stars." Dr. Whatley and Jerry Seinfeld have a long-running feud in the show for several different reasons. This is a man who Jerry accuses of being a "re-gifter," "violating" him while he was unconscious in the dentist's chair and converting to Judaism strictly for the jokes. After all of these accusations, Jerry himself is accused of being an "anti-dentite." Dentists catch a lot of flack from medical doctors, so it's nice to see one of them get to make this list. At age 60, Cranston still looks pretty sharp, but he was a true looker back in the mid-90s.

10 Dr. Hester Crane

This one is easily the most obscure character on the list, but Rita Wilson's Dr. Hester Crane in Frasier is hot enough to be included. For those who don't remember, which may well be everyone, Dr. Hester Crane was Frasier's and Niles' mother, both on Cheers and Frasier. In Frasier, she was already dead but she appeared in dreams in a couple of episodes. At one point, Fraser even dates a woman (Rita Wilson) who, apparently, looks just like his mom. Hester was a psychiatrist and was originally played by Nancy Marchand in Cheers, who is not hot, but she was changed to Wilson, who is hot, for the spin-off. We don't know much about her character in Frasier, but at one point, Niles tells that Hester had a saying, "a handshake's as good as a hug." She sounds like a lovely woman.

9 Dr. John "J.D." Dorian/Dr. Christopher Turk

Although Scrubs was technically not a sitcom, it was a comedy, so we're including it. Quite simply, this list could not exist without this show, if only because it was full of sexy doctors like medical dramas. J.D. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison) each probably deserve their own entry, but splitting up these bros would be a crime. Both men are handsome in their own way, but it's their love for each other that makes them so appealing. It doesn't matter who you are; everyone wants to be loved the way these two love and are loved. Their bromance game is so strong it makes you want to go out and hug make your a best friend. Both have a childishness about them that might make them more cute than hot, but we're all adults here. We know those are the same things. They are the same thing right?

8 Dr. Sara Sitarides

Played by Marcia Cross, Dr. Sara Sitarides is a dermatologist that Jerry briefly dates on Seinfeld. At first Jerry feels worthless next to Sara because he doesn't save lives like she does as a doctor, but when he finds out that she's only a skin-doctor, he begins to mock her. Jerry even goes on a second date with the beautiful Dr. Sitarides just to tell her off, but, during the dinner, he meets a former patient of hers who had his life saved by her when she treated his skin cancer. Even today, at age 54, Cross is very attractive, but back 20 years ago when this episode aired, she was super hot. It probably wasn’t until Desperate Housewives that people started to pay attention to her looks, but clearly, as we can see with Dr. Sitarides, the great looks were always there.

7 Dr. Drake Ramoray/Dr. Ross Geller

OK, so Joey Tribiani (Matt LeBlanc) isn't a doctor, but he plays one on TV. The character is Dr. Drake Ramoray, Joey's big claim to fame in the acting world. Drake Ramoray is a handsome doctor from Days of Our Lives who falls down an elevator shaft, falls into a coma and is brought back to life after a brain transplant. As Dr. Drake Ramoray, Joey is a lady-killer. His allure even leaks into real life, gaining the attention of an obsessive stalker in the shape of Brooke Shields. While Joey was always the handsome one of the three male "friends," we also felt it necessary to include Dr. Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), if only to help boost his ego. It seems like the people around Ross go out of their way to ignore his Ph.D., forcing him to have to remind them from time to time. It's not desperation. He just wants a little recognition for his accomplishments. Furthermore, including him in a list of hot doctors might counteract all the jabs at his looks in the show, all those jokes about "wet-head." For a guy who's looks never get talked about, he sure has had some attractive women in his life, like, say, Rachel Green.

6 Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Melissa Rauch's Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory is one of those sleeper hotties. She plays the geek well, and, for whatever reason, that seems to camouflage sex appeal, but make no mistake, she's sexy. When she was first introduced in the show, Bernadette was working toward her Ph.D. in microbiology while waitressing at The Cheesecake Factory. She and Howard began dating and then broke up and then married and then became parents to a daughter Halley. The show expends a lot of effort trying to mask Bernadette's looks, but she still reels in advances from other men. In real life, Rauch has done quite a few sexy photoshoots, playing on the nerd fetish. We aren’t complaining. We just thought you might be interested.

5 Dr. Zoe Hart

Dr. Zoe Hart is the sexy general practitioner in Hart of Dixie, played by the stunning Rachel Bilson. For four seasons, this sitcom was on the air and Bilson was really the only draw. Even if her fast-talking shtick grinds your gears after a while, Dr. Hart was sexy enough to keep at least half the viewers tuned in. Outside of the fact that Bilson plays a hot doctor, we honestly don’t know anything else about the show. Just look at how cute she is though. From the show stills, it seems like they tried to keep Bilson out of scrubs and boring doctor gear as often as possible, which makes sense considering how good she looks in street clothes.

4 Dr. Jeremy Reed

Played by Ed Weeks, Dr. Jeremy Reed in The Mindy Project is the English stud doctor who charms his way through an incredible amount of women in the early seasons of the show. As the show progresses, Reed goes through some physical and emotional changes for laughs, but he always looks sharp. Reed has a brief fling with pretty much every female on the show, including Mindy, but nothing ever lasts with him. He's seen as a constant womanizer, especially early on, but his good looks and charm keep him in everyone's good books. Truth be told, Reed is by far the least funny character on the show, so he's lucky that he's attractive or he wouldn't have lasted as long.

3 Dr. Molly Clock

The first of the holy trifecta. Scrubs had a great knack for bringing in wildly attractive actresses and dressing them up as doctors. The beautiful Heather Graham's Dr. Molly Clock is living proof of this. Clock came in to the hospital as a psychiatrist, which made her a bit of an enemy to some of the doctors on the show. Despite how hot she is, Clock never had much a sexy storyline in the show, other than the intense sexual fantasies that J.D. had about her. Come to think of it, that was one of the sexiest storylines there was on the show. Even still, the two only had a small kiss and that was it. It was a bigtime regret of J.D.'s that he never got to sleep with her. Dr. Clock was a bit of an airhead, but she was sweet and honest and really, really hot. Did we already mention that?

2 Dr. Kim Briggs

Surprise. Surprise. Another hot doctor from Scrubs. Elizabeth Banks plays Dr. Kim Briggs on the show, a sexy urologist and J.D.'s baby mama. The show makes amazing use of this character, playing it off like she had worked at the hospital even longer than J.D., but, because she wore a wedding ring (even though she was divorced), she was invisible to J.D. and the audience. When he finally notices her several seasons in, he falls for her instantly (as did the audience). Eventually they get together and magically have a baby without even having sex. They have an odd relationship from then on, but Dr. Briggs never loses her sexiness even when she was pregnant, er, especially when she was pregnant. Ugh. Is that worse? Let's just leave it at: she's a winner and winners are attractive.

1 Dr. Elliot Reid

Ok. We promise that we watch other shows not named Scrubs, but can anyone out there name a hotter doctor from a sitcom than these last three? It's not favoritism. It's science. Sarah Chalke's Dr. Elliot Reid is Scrubs' number one sexy woman. From season one episode one to the very last minute, it's Elliot's hotness that keeps us going. OK, maybe not, but Jesus this is one hot doctor. The truth is, Elliot is so much more than her looks in the show, which only add to her sex appeal, which makes it about her looks again, but you get where we're trying to get to. Elliot is a goofball and, at times, awkward, but she always looks amazing doing whatever the hell she wants to do. Her on-again-off-again love story with J.D. is tiresome but sweet, and the two have an on-screen chemistry that most dramas wish they come close to. Naming Elliot as the hottest doctor in sitcom history was easy. She's not a one-off character or a sexy afterthought; she's one of Scrubs' main arteries. She just also happens to be incredibly beautiful as well.

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15 Hottest Doctors In Sitcom History