15 Hottest Disney Sitcom Sisters

It almost seems self-evident at this point but in case any of you don’t realize it we’re going to explicitly say it, Disney is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. With their finge

It almost seems self-evident at this point but in case any of you don’t realize it we’re going to explicitly say it, Disney is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. With their fingers in every pie, the industry has to offer, movies, theme parks, books and merchandise, for instance, it makes perfect sense that they also have a long history when it comes to television. Whether it is in the form of owning networks and channels or producing content for other entities, Disney has done both on many, many occasions.

With some level of involvement in so many series over the years, the company has paid a long list of actors to perform for their television products. Considering media is such a visual entity, there is an obvious bias towards hiring people who are attractive because people, in general, enjoy looking at others that are visually appealing more. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together a list of the hottest Disney Sitcom moms which turned out to be a hit with our readers. Noting that it was a list people liked, it occurred to us that our work was hardly done as there have been many beautiful women who’ve been cast as the sisters on Disney shows. In that vein, we present to you our list of the fifteen hottest Disney sitcom sisters.

In order for a television sister to qualify for consideration on this list, the series they were involved with needs to have been connected to Disney in some way. As a result, we will only be looking at shows that Disney either had a hand in producing or those that aired on a Disney-owned channel during their initial airing. When it comes to the characters they play the only requirement is that they have a sibling on the show that appears regularly. That means that supporting players that are the sister of the main character and the female star of the show that has a regularly featured sibling both qualified for consideration. We also limited the series we looked at to ones that were produced in 1980 or later and only looked at actresses that were eighteen years of age or older by the end of the series in question. Other than that, the only criteria is that the sister in question has to have been a regular of the series, thus people who had a guest appearance on a series as a random child’s parent didn’t qualify.

15 Jordan Hinson – Kevin From Work

An ABC family sitcom that disappeared after ten episodes aired in 2015, it is safe to say that Kevin From Work didn’t make a huge impact in the entertainment world. That said, it still featured one of hottest stars in the history of Disney affiliated sitcoms. According to her Wikipedia page, Jordan Hinson has four films in the can that have yet to come out and hosted an episode of a show called Life in Pieces in 2016. Still, her career hasn’t exactly taken off and we’re pretty shocked that is the case considering how beauty obsessed Hollywood is and how great she looks. Somebody who looks stunning in virtually anything she wears, if she walks into a room there is no question in our minds that all eyes will turn towards her and appreciate her on a physical level.

14 Bridgit Mendler – Good Luck Charlie

A sitcom that ran from 2010 to 2014, Good Luck Charlie focuses on a family as they transition with the arrival of a fourth and fifth child. Deriving its title from a series of video diaries that are recorded in each episode to impart advice for one of the youngest children, it serves as an excellent framing device. One of the series stars, Bridgit Mendler, played Teddy, the only female child the family has serves as the de facto main character. A long-standing star of Wizards of Waverly Place before joining the cast of this show, it is safe to say that the Disney higher-ups appreciate her acting skills. A slender girl with a tight figure, she combines a nice body with a sweet smile which makes her a fantastically hot combination.

13 Essence Atkins – Smart Guy

A sitcom that aired on The WB from 1997 to 1999, one of the most remarkable elements of Smart Guy was the immense age gap between the children in the family at the center of it. Starring Tahj Mowry, he would have been thirteen at the time the show ended but his oldest sister on the show was twenty-seven. There certainly haven’t been too many shows that featured a fourteen-year difference between siblings at the time. Focused on a genius fourth grader that is skipped all the way to the tenth grade overnight, we guess it is a good thing he had an older sibling to help him with advice about his new environment. That older sister was played by Essence Atkins, an accomplished actress who has appeared in a long list of movies and TV shows. An alluring woman who has a body to die for, the fact that Essence isn’t higher on this list only serves to underline that the competition was truly fierce.

12 Eliza Coupe - Happy Endings

An actress that has been involved in a couple of shows that have hugely devoted followings, Happy Endings and Scrubs, Eliza has earned a lot of fans over the years. Playing an older sister on the aforementioned show Happy Endings, her character is a control freak who consistently tries to fix her little sister’s troubles. Also, one-half of a devoted couple with on-screen husband Brad, played by Damon Wayans Jr., despite her intense nature on the show she seems like someone anyone would be happy to marry. A blonde with an energy that makes it seem like she will get exactly what she wants whenever she wants it, it makes it seems as though she would be marvelous in the sack and it can’t get much hotter than that.

11 Lindsey Shaw - 10 Things I Hate About You

One of the best-remembered teen romantic comedy movies made in the nineties, 10 Things I Hate about You is remembered for the chemistry and charisma its stars showed off. Starring Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Larisa Oleynik, when the decision was made to make a television version of the story none of the movie's main cast made the transition. That meant it necessitated recasting and Lindsey Shaw was lucky enough to be cast as Kat Stratford, the character played by Julia Stiles in the movie, her character was the one that needed to be seduced. All we can say is that is a task that we would have been all too happy to be given.

10 Shawnee Smith - Brand New Life

A series that took over The Magical World of Disney’s timeslot in the 1989-90 season, Brand New Life did not last long on television. Starting out with a two-hour pilot, its success compelled the powers to be into thinking that an ongoing series would be a wise investment. Starring Barbara Eden as a divorced mother of three teenagers who takes a job as a waitress to support them before meeting and marrying a wealthy lawyer with three kids, it is another series to use Brady Bunch’s concept. One of the kids, Shawnee Smith, is best-known today as Amanda Young in the horror franchise Saw, she has a truly impressive resume. Adept at playing fearsome characters, to our eyes she’ll always be intensely good-looking.

9 Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana

These days Miley has one of the most overtly sexual images of any major celebrities, but at one time her image was a sticky sweet one. That is why she was a great fit to star in a Disney Channel sitcom during her teen years. Cast in the titular role in Hannah Montana, the series’ title came from the alter-ego her character used whenever she was taking part in her career as a pop star. Successful enough to result in a spin-off film that was released theatrically and three separate soundtracks, it turned the young songstress into a star. Whether you prefer her looks at the end of the series when she was old enough to vote and looked like the ultimate girl next door or her current sexpot image, there is no question she is a looker.

8 Selena Gomez - Wizards of Waverly Place

A fantasy sitcom that was a mainstay of the Disney Channel from 2007 to 2012, it starred Selena Gomez who probably has more people crushing on her than most celebrities of her generation. A series that not surprisingly focuses on a group of youngsters with wizarding abilities, the concept made perfect sense in a world that was obsessed with the stories of Harry Potter. Named after the famous singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, this young actress followed in her namesake's footsteps as a truly stunning woman. A brunette who seems to have embraced her fit body, she has shown a great deal of confidence in her figure as evidenced by her tendency to wear revealing clothes, something we totally support.

7 Zendaya - K.C. Undercover

This is an ongoing series that focuses on a young math genius named K.C. Cooper, played by Zendaya, who discovers that her parents are actually secret spies that are undercover and joins them. Co-starring her fictional brother Ernie, who is much more of a stereotypical nerd type, he helps out his spy family despite lacking the skills and this relationship is what qualifies Zendaya for inclusion here. Coming up in the typical Disney child star factory that has supplied us with many stars over the years, Zendaya has been a mainstay of their television product for years, including a show called Shake It Up. Set to make a huge leap into the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this year, she has already filmed a part for the highly anticipated film Spider-Man: Homecoming. A very pretty young woman who is absolutely gorgeous and seems to have flawless skin, there is no doubt that she belongs on this list.

6 Naomi Sequeira - The Evermoor Chronicles

A Disney Channel fantasy sitcom, The Evermoor Chronicles is set to return soon and focuses on an American teen that moves across the world and has to adjust to life in an English village. Joined by her brother and British step-siblings that help her find her way in her new home, she is also aided by her overactive imagination and the mysteries it creates for her to solve. Naomi Sequeira, the star of the show is a woman in her early twenties who previously co-hosted a show on Australia’s version of the Disney Channel. A gorgeous brunette that has to have one of the most attractive faces in the entertainment industry, she looks like she’d be perfectly cast as a character everyone develops a crush on.

5 Ashley Leggat - Life with Derek

A Canadian sitcom that was co-produced by Disney, Life with Derek focuses on a Brady Bunch-style family that comes together when the parents of two separate clans marry. Taking place in London, Ontario, it shows the two families as they move from the much larger city of Toronto and learn to live as one big unit. Co-starring Ashley Leggat, she started out her acting career on the stage before getting her biggest role on this series. Still making occasional appearances on television and in movies, it is a shame that she hasn’t received more opportunities because we know that watching her more would be great. A buxom blonde with a chest that practically demands you stare at it, that may be her hottest attribute but she is also blessed with a beautiful face too.

4 Nikki Cox - Unhappily Ever After

A sitcom that aired on The WB, we’re just as surprised as you are that Touchstone Television, a company owned by Disney was involved in the production of this show. Clearly piggybacking off the immense success of Married with Children, Unhappily Ever After featured a similar sense of humor, a beleaguered dad, an outspoken mom, an outcast son, and a sexpot daughter. Nikki Cox who brought Tiffany Malloy, the aforementioned daughter, to life was one of the most lusted after young women on TV at the time. A redhead that regularly appeared in form fitting clothing that revealed all of her curves to the world, her figure rose and fell in all of the best ways possible.

3 Amy Davidson – 8 Simple Rules

TV's 8 Simple Rules, or 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter as it was originally called, is a sitcom that is mostly remembered for one thing, being the show John Ritter was starring in when he died. While that is what first comes to our minds too, as he is one of the most beloved comedic actors ever, it doesn’t take us too long to think about something else, it featured two super hot young actresses. Amy Davidson is one of those young ladies as she starred as Kerry "Care Bear" Hennessy, the middle child in the show's central family. Cast as the more studious sibling in the group, she is shown as more of a social outcast but she is attractive enough that she could have played the cheerleader in another show. A fiery redhead with a sparkling smile and nice body, it is amazing that in modern media, they cast someone that attractive to play the misfit of the group.

2 Elisha Cuthbert – Happy Endings

When it came to deciding the ranking on this list, Elisha and our number one choice were neck and neck. Losing out just barely on taking home the gold medal, the fact that she stands in second place is no reflection on just how hot we find her as somebody had to be the runner-up. Playing arguably the main character on this ensemble show, she is the younger sister of Eliza Coupe’s character that was featured earlier on this list. A much more easy going person that leaves her betrothed at the altar in the show’s opening moments, it is impressive that the audience still grows to love her as that is a pretty dastardly deed. A blonde with a seriously curvaceous body, Elisha has the type of body that looks designed to be featured on a poster adorning a teenaged boy’s bedroom wall.

1 Kaley Cuoco - 8 Simple Rules

We mentioned that there were two hotties on the show 8 Simple Rules and we weren’t kidding. While our previous entry, Amy Davidson, was cast as the bookworm character there was no getting around Kaley Cuoco’s looks so she plays the popular and ditzy blonde. While she became a lot more famous after starring in The Big Bang Theory, fans of this show will tell you the sitcom she is on now is not the first in which she regularly wore form fitting clothing. One of the most famous TV actors in the world today, we probably don’t have to tell you that her body is insanely nice to look at, do we? You already know that her derriere is to die for and her chest is a marvel to look at which is why you probably completely understand our choice to put her in our top slot.

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