15 Hottest Daenerys Targaryen Cosplays

There are almost too many beautiful female characters on Game of Thrones to name. There's Sansa Stark, who is a gorgeous modelesque creature. I mean, she's basically a human swan, or human flamingo, or human swan-flamingo hybrid. Margaery Tyrell was unbelievably sexy during her run on the show. (RIP, Marg. We’ll always miss your sexy smirk.) There’s also Melisandre, who is sometimes evil, but always hot. And obviously, there’s Daenerys Targaryen, who may possibly be the hottest character on the show.

Actually, Daenerys is sometimes, quite literally, the hottest character on the show... you know, when she's standing in fire. (Ha-ha. Such a dad joke, but I had to make it.)

Why is Daenerys Targaryen so hot? Girlfriend is the Mother of Dragons, guys! This is a character who can walk through fire. She regularly delivers some of the strongest speeches on the show. She flies away on dragons. Everything about her is hot. And it obviously helps that Daenerys is played by Emilia Clarke, who Esquire named the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2015. That’s a title with which most Game of Thrones fans would gladly agree.

The only thing hotter than the actual Daenerys Targaryen may be Daenerys Targaryen cosplays. Just how hot are these cosplays? Find out for yourself! Below we have the 15 hottest Daenerys Targaryen cosplays ever.

Oh, and some of these women look so much like Emilia Clarke, it’s kind of creepy. You’ve been warned.


15 Guys, That Is NOT Emilia Clarke

At first glance, you may think this is a photo of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen way back in season one, but it’s not. Seriously, it's not. This is just someone cosplaying, even though it literally looks just like Daenerys Targaryen during her Khaleesi days. MIND BLOWN.

Obviously, the costume is spot on. The scrappy clothes are the same exact thing Daenerys was wearing way back in season one and for a bit in season two. What's impressive is that it’s so down to the detail. I mean, this cosplayer is even wearing the gloves Daenerys wore back then for who knows what reason?

Wait but really, why did she wear these gloves? Did it help with riding horses? Was it a Dothraki thing or was Daenerys the only one rocking these gloves? I need some answers.

More so than just the costume, this woman’s features look very similar to Emilia Clarke, so much so that it's actually kind of creepy.

14 Again, That Is Not Emilia Clarke


Again, this is NOT Emilia Clarke. I repeat, this is NOT Emilia Clarke.

Is your head just exploding from the knowledge that there are apparently a ton of random women walking around who look JUST LIKE Emilia Clarke? Okay, obviously the magic of makeup has helped these women look more like Emilia Clarke than they may naturally look. For example, it's likely this woman colored in her lips and eyebrows to make them seem fuller and thicker, contoured her cheeks, and defined her eyes. Even with the help of makeup though, I'm still pretty blown away by how much these cosplayers look like Emilia Clarke.

This cosplayer is rocking a Daenerys dress from season two, which was given to her as a gift from Xaro Xhoan Daxos, aka the idiot who tried to steal her dragons. Daenerys ended up locking him and Doreah, the handmaiden who betrayed Daenerys, in his empty vault. Lesson learned, NO ONE steals Dany’s dragons.

13 She's Even Rocking The Purple Eyes

This cosplayer dressed up as Daenerys in Yunkai, which was just one of the many places in Essos Daenerys conquered. By the way, did anyone else not keep track of the geography of Essos at all? I mean, I feel like I know a bunch of places in Westeros, like King’s Landing, Winterfell, Dorne, Highgarden and everything else mentioned on the show. When it comes to Essos, I pretty much know nothing about anything, even though Daenerys was in Essos until season seven.

Okay, enough of geography. This is the dress Daenerys wears after she sets up camp at Yunkai. At this point, a slave trader meets with Daenerys and offers her ships and gold. Instead Daenerys wants him – and really everyone – to free his slaves. Turning down ships in order to free slaves? Um, Daenerys is such a queen. It's really no surprise that so many women want to cosplay her.

In terms of this particular cosplayer, she's gorgeous and also looks a lot like Daenerys. Oh, and bonus points to her for rocking the purple eyes that Targaryens are said to have. Cosplayers really nail their costumes down to every last detail. That kind of attention to detail is truly impressive.

12 A Look Fit For A Khaleesi


I could take some points off here, since this cosplayer is wearing a dress that Daenerys never actually wore herself. But the dress is hot, so I’ll let it slide.

In this cosplayer's defense, Daenerys wore a few similar dresses during season one, but never this exact dress. Both the pink dress in which we first see her in and the sheer dress she wears when she meets Khal Drogo resemble this one in a way.

Dress aside, this cosplayer is rocking Daenerys Targaryen’s signature long, platinum-blonde hair. Oddly enough, Daenerys doesn’t have this hair in the books. In the books all her hair burned off when she stepped into the fire to birth the dragons, so her hair is more similar to Cersei’s hair right about now.

There’s no word on why they didn’t have Dany’s hair burn off in this scene on the show, but I’m sure Emilia Clarke is happy she didn’t have to play a bald character.

11 Eat Your Heart Out...

I give this cosplayer so much credit for having fun with the character. I mean, dressing up as Daenerys pretty much means looking hot, right? You could go with her Dothraki look or one of the midriff-bearing dresses, but either way it’s hot. That said, it’s always fun when someone doesn’t take themselves too seriously and has fun while dressing hot, y'know just like this cosplayer did.

This cosplayer recreated the moment in which Daenerys eats a stallion’s heart, which was some weird Dothraki ritual. Supposedly if a pregnant woman can eat a stallion’s heart, it means her child will be strong. On the show, Daenerys swallowed down the whole heart in one of the grossest scenes to date.

The prop used in the actual scene was described as a 3-pound gummy bear. No word on what this cosplayer used, but again props to her for recreating this gross moment.

10 Eat Your Heart Out, Part II


This is our last shout out to cosplayers who recreated the stallion heart scene. I just couldn’t not include this cosplayer because she looks SO MUCH like Emilia Clarke. In fact, I might genuinely believe someone if they told me this was Emilia Clarke between takes. That’s how much she looks like Emilia Clarke. The brows, the eyes, the nose, the lips – everything is spot on. Also, all of these cosplayers who naturally look like Emilia Clarke probably get mistaken as the actress all the time. I mean, this woman probably has random people walking up to her and asking for an autograph, right?

Anyway, I’ll talk about this cosplay now. She didn’t rock a fake heart like the previous cosplayer, but she did smear fake blood all over herself, so points to her for embracing all the fake blood.

9 The Mother Of Dragons

Unlike some of the previous cosplayers, this woman doesn’t look that much like Emilia Clarke. Had she filled her eyebrows in, she may look a little bit more like the actress, but as it stands, she doesn’t resemble Clarke. That' cool though, since she's still a total smokeshow.

This cosplayer earned a spot on this list for her super hot costume. She’s rocking an early series look, as this is what Daenerys wore when she was among the Dothraki. Like the very first cosplayer, she’s also rocking the gloves, which Daenerys wore for no apparent reason. Someone give me some answers on this!

Oh, and this cosplayer obviously has the curves to rock this costume. Va-va-voom!

The fact that this cosplayer even sat a tiny dragon on her shoulder is an awesome nod to the Mother of Dragons. In fact, this fake dragon is probably about the size of her dragons when she wore this outfit on the show, as Daenerys wore this outfit immediately after the dragon eggs hatched.


8 You Have To Applaud Anyone Who Uses A Dragon


Again, I’ll give it up to anyone who uses a prop dragon. Slay, queen!

This cosplayer, much like the last cosplayer, seems to also be rocking a Red Waste look, as this is what Daenerys looked like when walking through the Red Waste on her way to Qarth. This look is probably a popular cosplay look because it’s easy to make. I mean, you literally just wear rags and throw a dragon on your shoulder. BOOM, you’re Daenerys Targaryen in the Red Waste.

Also like the last cosplayer, this woman doesn’t look much like Emilia Clarke. But hey, it’s not technically a rule that ONLY women who look like a character can cosplay them. And pretty much every woman wants to cosplay Daenerys, right? I mean, Daenerys gives the best speeches and wears the hottest outfits.

Oh, and if you’re wearing a Daenerys cosplay, you have an opening line with someone wearing a Khal Drogo cosplay. So, what is there not to love about cosplaying Daenerys?

7 Okay, But How Is This Not Emilia Clarke?

Since the last few cosplayers I included looked nothing like Daenerys, I figured I’d include someone who could pretty much be Emilia Clarke’s twin.

Honestly, I’m kind of shocked that there are so many random women out there that look so much like Emilia Clarke. Sure, every one of us normal people usually receives comparisons to a celebrity. You’ll be told you look like this celebrity or that celebrity, mostly because you probably have a definitive feature that is similar to that celebrity, like squinty eyes, a bump on your nose, or whatever else. The thing with a few Emilia Clarke lookalikes is that it’s not just one feature. It’s ALL the features. This woman’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, and even cheekbones look just like Emilia Clarke’s.

Sure, you can use makeup to make yourself look even more like Emilia Clarke, but the cosplayer naturally looks like Emilia Clarke’s long lost twin.

6 Purple Eyes For The Win


Okay, I’ll point out the obvious first: that is a bad wig. Like, a really, really bad wig. It’s the type of wig that you know she bought from Party City on a whim, right? Also, on the top right, you can see the bobby pin peeking out. It's all pretty bad.

I’ll stop focusing on the sub-par wig now, since the rest of the costume is actually really good. She’s doing a season three Daenerys look. During season three, Daenerys most notably took control of the Unsullied army and took Missandei under her wing.

Also, I have to give bonus points to this cosplayer, since she is rocking Dany's signature purple eyes that not even Emilia Clarke rocks. That's right, in the books Daenerys has purple eyes, but the show opted out of the purple eyes. The creators of the show said the contacts effected the amount the actors could emote from their eyes, which is pretty much at the heart of acting.

I’m not sure if the purple contact lenses make up for the wig flop, but she’s hot either way.

5 No, This Isn't A Still From The Show

No, this is not a still from the show. I’m serious, this is NOT a still from the end of season one, even though it looks identical to the end of season one. When you look closely, it’s obvious that this isn’t a still from the show, as this is not Emilia Clarke. Sure, this cosplayer looks similar to Emilia Clarke, but you can tell it’s not actually Emilia Clarke.

The dragon in this photo is actually a sculpture of Drogo that the cosplayer made herself. The ashes on Daenerys are all done with makeup, but the rest of the effects – like the background – were done with Photoshop.

This cosplayer may not be the most spot on lookalike, but this seriously looks like an image straight from the show. It's super impressive.

By the way, I'm suddenly feeling like all of my Halloween costumes ever were complete sh*t.

4 She Is Slayin' That White Dress


Daenerys rocked this particular white dress during her time in Meereen, when she actually rocked a lot of white dresses. I don’t know if that’s like part of Meereen culture, but again I could hardly keep up with the different Essos places so don't ask me.

This dress may not have been the most revealing of Dany’s dresses, but it is completely beautiful. Also, look at those sleeves! It’s like a cape! Daenerys may now be rocking outfits that make her look like a commander, but this dress was a little superhero-esque and I love it.

In terms of this cosplayer, she has the teeniest, tiniest waist ever. Like, is she wearing Spanx under that dress? Because girlfriend is thin! All we can see of her face is a side profile, in which she looks gorgeous but not so much like Emilia Clarke. At least, not as much like Emilia Clarke as some of the other cosplayers who look more like Emilia Clarke than Emilia Clarke.

3 Daenerys Stormborn Of The House Targaryen, Y'all!

Ah, and this is yet another cape dress Daenerys wore on the show. Oddly enough, both this cape dress and the previous cape dress were worn in season five. Maybe that’s simply the Meereen style or maybe they were trying to make Daenerys look more like the superhero she is. The cape dresses could also be an Easter egg, as the first time Daenerys flew on Drogo came in season five. Whatever the reason for the cape dresses, they're hot.

This particular cosplayer doesn't look exactly like Emilia Clarke, but she could totally pass as Emilia Clarke's little sister. Honestly, where are all of these Emilia Clarke lookalikes coming from? I think it must simply be that Daenerys is so well-loved that anyone who remotely looks like her wants to dress up like her. I mean, if I looked anything like the Mother of Dragons, I’d dress up like her every single day. I'd have a dragon on my shoulder while standing in line at Starbucks.

On that note, it's probably for the best that I don't look like Daenerys.

2 This Girl Should Probably Just Tell People She's Emilia Clarke


I have to wonder if some of these Emilia Clarke lookalikes just pretend they are Emilia Clarke. I'm not saying that they sneak into Hollywood parties as "Emilia Clarke," though they should totally try that. I'm just wondering if when people stop them on the street, they go along with it sometimes? After a while, it must get pretty annoying always being confused with Emilia Clarke, right? Wait. What am I talking about? Esquire named Emilia Clarke the Sexiest Woman Alive. I’m pretty sure no one ever gets tired of being confused with the sexiest woman alive.

Because this cosplayer is pretty much an Emilia Clarke clone, I also have to wonder if guys approach her more because of that. Like, if a guy has a huge crush on Daenerys Targaryen, will he then ask out a girl who looks like her to try to live out his little fantasy?

On a cosplay level, this cosplayer looks like Daenerys Targaryen, but we’ll give her some bonus points for rocking the purple eyes. Way to stay true to the character.

1 The Best Accessory Of All

Not only is this a HOT Daenerys cosplay, but she also has the hottest accessory of all: her very own Khal Drogo.

This Khal Drogo and Daenerys cosplay looks so spot on that it’s weird. Okay, she actually looks more like Daenerys than he looks like Khal Drogo. But, we should all cut him some slack in that department since it’s impossible to really look like Khal Drogo. I mean, Jason Momoa is HUGE. He’s really just a gigantic human being.

On a cosplay level, the dress this cosplayer is rocking actually isn’t a dress Daenerys wore. It seems like she’s trying to go for the dress Daenerys wore when she first meant Khal Drogo, but that dress was completely sheer. And, you obviously can't go completely sheer.

Also, I want to know more about these two people. Do they date in real life? If so, did they get together solely because they looked so much like Daenerys and Khal Drogo?


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