15 Hottest Christmas Cosplays Ever

Tis the season for cheer, giving, and cosplay of course! Which brings me to the subject of the hottest Christmas cosplays. I know just what you are thinking… Geek Christmas on steroids, right? However

Tis the season for cheer, giving, and cosplay of course! Which brings me to the subject of the hottest Christmas cosplays. I know just what you are thinking… Geek Christmas on steroids, right? However, you couldn't be more wrong. Cosplay is constantly growing and building up attention to what men have already known all along… Beautiful women playing dress up is sooo hot! Better still, beautiful women playing dress up as your favorite characters from anime, comic, video game, and other things that you love about Christmas. Could anything possibly get any hotter than that?

Yes, I know cosplay is so much more than that, and that there are plenty of people of both sexes that love to do it. It is one thing to watch anime or be a gamer, but actually getting to be the character that you love takes fandom to a whole new level! It is true that there are a few critics who feel hot cosplays are a tad bit misogynistic, however these ladies love to dress as their favorite characters. Many, have in fact made a job of it. Christmas is no exception, and is when cosplay can get its hottest.

15 Hatsune Miku


Hatsune Miku looks extra hot and festive in her Christmas gear! She is one of the biggest virtual pop idols that Japan has to offer. She is not only a Vocaliod, but she is the Vocaliod. She was created as both the idol and voice of Vocaliod 2, but has since become insanely popular around the globe. This of course means that cosplayers love to resemble her.

14 Super Sonico

Via Pinterest

Super Sonico is a super sexy anime character, who is known for her headphones, pink hair, and really large bust. Sonico's character is very descriptive unlike Hatsune, whose character's image has been left to be implemented by her adoring fans. She has been displayed in Christmas dresses that are very short and further amplify her bust! Sonico is also said to be a very heavy sleeper that fails to wake up on her own and loves macaroons.

13 Ino Yamanaka


What better way to kick off your holiday than with the hottest Christmas Ino Yamanaka around? Ino is from Naruto and is a member of Team Asuma. Naruto is a popular anime that has sparked interest around the globe. She struggles with the desire to be a ninja versus working in the flower shop of her parents. Ino is also very popular with cosplay as is the case with many Naruto Anime characters.

12 Miki Hoshii

Via ZiFunny

Could anything possibly be hotter than a Christmas Miki Hoshii?! Kitty Honey is another popular cosplayer and it's easy to see why. Her sexy hot Christmas Cosplay is the bomb! She even has the Santa cap and black hose on, although that most likely isn't your favorite part of the image. She looks really sexy in her short Christmas dress that leaves plenty of room for imagination.

11 Candy Cane Miss Fortune


This has got to be the hottest Candy Cane Miss Fortune that could ever exist! Miss Fortune is an infamous bounty hunter from League of Legends. Her profile gloats “Beauty and Danger: There are few who can match Miss Fortune in either,” which the beauty is apparent as you can see in this cosplayer's image of her. People run from bounty hunters in most cases, but I can't imagine too many people running from this one!

10 Lina the Slayer

Just when you thought this list couldn't get any hotter, in pops a Christmas Cosplay of Lina, the Slayer from Dota 2. She has been known to destroy enemy heroes with bursts of magical damage. She casts fiery spells with lots of malice. It’s no wonder that she is extra hot, both in the game and yes also when being the object of a hot cosplayer's obsession! Lina has curves that could kill, with a rather ample bust. She actually seems pretty tame, that is once she trades her armor for undies and a Santa cap.

9 Slay Belle Katarina

Via Pinterest

League of Legends' Christmas cosplay is most definitely the hottest. Now here we are with a Katarina, but not just any Katarina. This is actually a Slay Belle Katarina, which is an extremely sought after Christmas-time skin for the original Katarina. She is an assassin for the glory of Noxus and was once left with a scar after getting carried away during her first assignment. She is quite vicious as an assassin, yet she is also very hot as seen in this cosplay.

8 Krampus

Via Joy Reacter

Krampus is out every year just like Santa. Only he (or in this case, she) is the one who visits those who have misbehaved all year. So… you better watch out, you better not cry because if so, you might get a visit from Krampus this year. Or you could misbehave on purpose if it was this Krampus. She may not really be half-goat, half demon, but she might give a really nice spanking.

7 Boba Fett

Via Tumblr

Kitty Honey is definitely one of the hottest Christmas cosplayers! In fact, she is so hot that she made the list not once, but twice! Mostly because she is one out of a couple who pull off only the best Christmas cosplays around. You might recall her earlier as Miki Hoshii, but this time she is Boba Fett from Star Wars. Is there any other way to get in the holiday spirit, than to mix Star Wars, Kitty Honey and Christmas?

6 LaBlanc

eBaum's World

It's getting pretty obvious that League of Legends furnishes us with the hottest Christmas Cosplays that one could hope for. Maybe it is the sexy characters that makes it fun to cosplay, but when it comes to the holidays there is always a Christmas skin. This creates a certain appeal to both us, as viewers and the cosplayers. So what could be sexier than a steamy hot LeBlanc? In League of Legends she is The Deceiver, which presides over the black rose. To cosplayers she is the hot black magic that whispers to your soul.

5 Snowbunny Nidalee


Nidalee is another character from League of Legends. She was lost with her parents in the Kumungu Jungle and watched them die from disease, while she was only a child. She became a protector of her jungle home. She normally has dark hair and is surrounded by green, but just as with all of the League of Legends' characters, she also has a holiday skin. In hers she becomes Snow Bunny Nidalee.

4 Harley Quinn

via:Cosplay Girls League

Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn! Is there really a need for an introduction to the infamous Harley Quinn? Most likely not. That is, if you are a fan of Batman or Joker, but here is a little backstory… Just in case. She is a villain from DC Comics, who is both Joker's accomplice and lover. To put it mildly she is also the hottest villain from any type of Batman series and also the recent blockbuster hit Suicide Squad. She originally was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, but she met Joker and joined him on his crime sprees.

3 Bayonetta

Via Deviantart

A Christmas Cosplay Bayonetta is just what is needed to spread Christmas cheer! Bayonetta was a new type of feminine hero when her game first came out, in 2010. She is tall, shockingly sexy, and a really hot witch. She can shoot guns with her feet and her moves are fantastic! Bayonetta usually wears a really snug suit, which is actually made of her own hair. One of the hottest things about her was the way some of her spells were done using her hair. This of course meant that her hair spun itself off of her body.

2 Christmas Pirate

Via Pinterest

Even pirates celebrate Christmas, but in a really hot way. Can you imagine what Christmas would be like if all women dressed like this? The kids probably wouldn't ever get to open their presents because the dads would be too busy opening theirs! This cosplayer made her pirate look extra sexy, with the hottest green eye and low cut blouse. It almost looks as though she is waiting for someone. Be careful though, there are quite a few female pirates from history that are known as being bad to the bone.

1 Christmas Evelynn


Here are four of the hottest Christmas Cosplays in one. First up is Cassiopeia, who is quite terrifying, yet also very hot as half-woman/half-snake. She was once a great temptress, although now her stare only brings death. Evelyn is both the deadliest and most expensive assassin in Runeterra, who loves to blend in with the shadows to stalk her prey. Zyra was once a plant who wrapped her thorns around a human woman as food, but decided to change her fate by becoming the woman instead. Vayne sought revenge after her entire family was murdered and became the first ever Night Hunter.

These four very hot women really outdid themselves with their Christmas adaption for League of Legends characters. From top left to bottom right you have the sexy, yet menacing Christmas Cassiopeia. The ruthless and heartbreakingly beautiful Christmas Vayne. The stunning and flawless Christmas Eve, Evelynn and last, but not least a hot, yet very lethal Mistletoe Zyra. So, if you weren't into Cosplay before, then some of these hottest Christmas Cosplays should have definitely changed your mind.

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15 Hottest Christmas Cosplays Ever