15 Sexiest Celebs We Can’t Wait To See In Bikinis This Summer

There doesn’t seem to be any real changing of seasons for celebrities since they have the ability to travel all over the world or live in the most beautiful regions imaginable. While there are others that have to brave the winds and snowstorms every year, celebrities have the option of throwing on a bikini whenever they like while jet setting (or yachting) all over the globe. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t celebrities out there, just waiting for the summer in order to flaunt their bodies in the sun.

The interesting part of the summer of 2017 is the fact that there seems to be a changing of the guard when it comes to who the public is hoping to see. While it was once the likes of Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston, young Hollywood has started to take over. There is still a fascination with some of the older Hollywood celebrities (especially those that have been able to maintain rock hard beach bodies). However, that fascination is nothing compared to some of the newest “It” girls taking over. From the runway to the big screen, it seems like a whole new batch of hotties are positioning themselves to make their mark on the world. This is also true for some of the actresses that have been around for awhile but their most recent successes have allowed the world to sit up and take notice in a whole new way. Check out our list of the 15 sexiest celebs the world can’t wait to see in bikinis for the 2017 summer and see which of your favorites may have been bumped off of the list.


15 Margot Robbie

Aussie actress, Margot Robbie, had a moderate amount of experience as an actress prior to being cast to some of Hollywood’s hottest big budget films. Yet, her time on Australian television in Neighbors proved to be small fries compared to her career as a film star. From starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street to the impeccable portrayal of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, Robbie has proven that she has what it takes to make it as a true movie star. While her acting chops probably needed proving, no one could deny that she had the look of a Hollywood actress. This stunning Aussie beauty has made headlines over the fact that she refused to lose weight for her portrayal of Jane Porter in The Legend of Tarzan and the public appreciates her womanly curves.

14 Kaley Cuoco


When Kaley Cuoco’s Penny character was first introduced in The Big Bang Theory, there was a particular expectation for her to portray the beautiful blonde neighbor that was aspiring to be an actress. Those early seasons were filled with Cuoco wearing barely-there ensembles, low cut tank tops and various shots wearing her underclothes. As the series progressed, her character began to evolve. Now, Penny is one of the most successful pharmaceutical sales consultants at her firm and she no longer wears the same scantily clad ensembles like before. It’s a good thing that she has a tendency to post bikini pics online because the world would have to settle for just her simple sweaters and boyfriend jeans on the show. Hopefully, she will get some fun in the sun this summer and there will be a few more online photos to show off why the world fell in love with Cuoco in the first place.

13 Blake Lively

Blake Lively was once only thought of as a television actress and even her memorable role on Gossip Girl was overlooked by those that weren’t loyal fans of the series. It wasn’t until she transitioned onto the big screen that people started sitting up and taking notice of this beautiful blonde actress. Just as her professional career was beginning to soar, Lively became romantically linked to one of the hottest male actors in Hollywood. Once her and Ryan Reynolds were married, they were thought of as Hollywood’s new “It” couple, with both having huge successes at the box office. Her fame really came to a head when she starred in the 2016 shark film, The Shallows. She basically carried the entire film on her own and the world got to see way more of her beautiful bikini body. Yet, Reynolds has been quite vocal about the strain put upon her through childbirth and the public remains curious as to whether or not she has been able to maintain that same beach-ready physique.

12 Kylie Jenner


When Kylie Jenner was first featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she was the youngest of the clan and no one could have ever guessed what she would become. There was quite some time when she was criticized for being “the least attractive” of all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. Just as much as they currently criticize her for her plastic surgery enhancements, the previous statements were all about how she still looks so young and isn’t as glamorous as her sisters. Now the world seems to have received what they wished for and she looks much more similar to her sister, Kim Kardashian. While you may not agree with all that she’s had done to her body, there’s no denying that she is a beautiful young lady with a smokin’ hot look.

11 Selena Gomez

With Selena Gomez being best known as a Disney channel darling, there were already a few strikes against her. While there were those that hoped she would be able to escape the same old Disney curse that made Britney Spears go into a downward spiral, there were others that felt it was just a matter of time before she would end up like another Lindsay Lohan. Instead, she seems to be handling her fame quite well, even though there are some that think her personal life antics are just a ploy for free publicity. From her relationship with Justin Bieber to her new romance with The Weeknd, Gomez stays in the headlines even if it’s not about her music. Although she’s been able to hang onto her baby-faced good looks, she has definitely proven that she has the body of a woman. With her new relationship with The Weeknd picking up steam, there’s no doubt that the world will get to see some summer beach photos with the new happy couple.

10 Jennifer Lawrence


It’s sometimes hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence got her start as a television actress since she’s been able to build her career into that of a full-on movie star. After her incredible success through The Hunger Games franchise, she seemed to have hit after hit at the box office. She even won an Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook and the film roles don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. From becoming the new Mystique in the X-Men films to soaring through space in The Passengers, Lawrence is at the top of her game in Hollywood. Lawrence has the ability to transform her look as she evolves in her career and people are really loving her new blonde look. As the 2017 summer approaches, the world is definitely excited to see how she will debut her bikini look at the beach.

9 Emilia Clarke

When HBO began seeking out young actresses to play the role of Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke wasn’t actually their first pick. Yet, now that she’s claimed the role as her own, audiences can’t imagine the character being played by anyone else. The success of the series has led to a number of new opportunities for Clarke on the big screen and it seems like she’s more than just the silver-haired queen on television. When she’s not dressing up like the Dragon Queen, her actual look is quite stunning. The auburn hair is far more alluring than the white blonde locks she has to wear on the show. While anyone that has seen Game of Thrones has already seen every inch of Clarke there is to see, it’s definitely more appealing to see the real person behind the beautiful physique. Still just as stunning, Clarke will undoubtedly wow beachgoers for this upcoming 2017 summer.


8 Gigi Hadid


When Gigi Hadid was first introduced to the world, she was seen as a budding model aspiring to make it big in the modeling industry. Yolanda Foster had already been heralded for her beauty, so it shouldn’t have surprised the world that Gigi would follow in her mother’s modeling footsteps. While Foster was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the world got their first look at Gigi during the beginning stages of her career. Yet, a lot has changed since she first appeared in the series and now she is known for being one of the hottest young models in the industry. From lucrative endorsement deals to walking fashion shows around the world, Gigi Hadid has proven time and time again that she knows how to rock a swimsuit. While Sports Illustrated is known for some super steamy shoots, hers did its best to top them all.

7 Bella Hadid

When Gigi Hadid became the breakout star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there really wasn’t much talk about her sister, Bella. Gigi had just come off of a lucrative endorsement deal with GUESS and her runway career was really taking off. Yet, Bella had a dramatically different look, not just in her dark brown locks. There was talk about plastic surgery and some dramatic before and after photos but it didn’t seem to matter once Bella emerged as a model herself. She also gained a lot of notoriety through her personal relationship with The Weeknd and even starred in one of his music videos. Bella Hadid has become equally as prestigious in the modeling world and has even starred alongside her sister on some of the hottest runways around the world.

6 Sofia Richie


Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie and sister to Nicole Richie, was already making a name for herself in the modeling world when she was attacked on social media for dating Justin Bieber. It would seem harmless enough for Bieber to post a photo of his new love interest to social media but it turned ugly once his fans got involved. A huge firestorm of back-and-forth comments was made, including some by his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Yet, none of that brought down this blonde beauty and she was often photographed partying with her young celebrity friends at Hollywood hotspots or yachts around the globe. When vacationing in St. Tropez with some of her supermodel friends, Richie was photographed indulging, dancing and living the life of luxury on a yacht. The photos proved that she doesn’t need model lighting to look amazing in a bikini and the world can’t wait to see more.

5 Cara Delevingne

There aren’t many models that have been able to make a name for themselves outside of the occasional magazine cover or fashion runway. Yet, there is something extra special about Cara Delevingne. She has a signature look that translates well on camera and her beauty is undeniable. She proved that she can act in the hit film, Suicide Squad, and she’s super popular amongst all the other top models in the industry. While former supermodels have been infamous for their feuds and rivalry with other models, Delevingne has created a reputation of being everyone’s best friend. She’s been photographed alongside a number of other superstar models like Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. Although she may be known for her eyebrows, her bikini body definitely comes in at a close second.

4 Amber Heard


Amber Heard had appeared in a number of different roles but it wasn’t until she became romantically linked to Johnny Depp that people began actively researching who this stunning beauty was and where she came from. She had previously dated women so it seemed a bit strange that she was now getting married to this iconic male film star. Some saw her as an opportunist and the accusations became even worse when she filed for divorce. She claimed that Depp was abusive during the marriage and there were numerous accusations going back and forth. Now that the dust has settled, the world wants to see how Heard will wind up and whether she’ll once again debut her beach body over the summer. She’s hidden behind closed doors for long enough and now it’s her time to shine again.

3 Kendall Jenner

The Kardashian clan is known for a particular look and in recent years, even Kylie has gone the route of enhancing certain physical features. From the blown out lips to the massive derriere, there is an expectation of what a Kardashian looks like. Yet, Kendall Jenner has embraced her natural look and has made quite a career for herself in the modeling world. From lucrative endorsement deals to walking the most prestigious runway shows during Fashion Week, Jenner has quickly shed her Kardashian stigma in order to excel in her career. While the big butt trend is still alive and well, Kendall has proven that a much slimmer frame can be just as sexy as the Jessica Rabbit physique. She’s never been shy to show off her bikini body and the world is hoping that the summer of 2017 will be no different.

2 Lauren Cohan


Lauren Cohan had already appeared in a number of roles prior to being cast as Maggie Greene in the hit television series, The Walking Dead. Cohan has always been seen as one of the most attractive characters on the series but viewers still don’t see her in all her glory. There’s not many glamorous moments that can happen during the zombie apocalypse, so the series does well not to make her look too stunningly beautiful. Yet, nothing can be done to hold back her beauty on the red carpet or through the various magazine spreads she’s done over the years. Cohan is a stunning beauty that has such an amazing body that she has even been featured in Shape magazine. There is no doubt that she will want to take the summer by storm and show off that bikini body of hers, even if it’s just to prove that she’s not always sad and dirty.

1 Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander started her acting career on the big screen, starring in films that weren’t instantly recognized by filmgoers. Yet, she eventually began getting parts in big budget films, even if it was a smaller role. She starred alongside Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina and Jeff Bridges in Seventh Son. Yet, her career really started to explode in 2015, where she had four hit films released in a single year. Her career only blossomed after this breakout year and she even got a role in the Bourne film series in 2016. There is already talk about the future films that audiences will be seeing her in and expectations are high for this Swedish beauty. Her film, Ex Machina, proved that she could even make a robot body look hot so there will inevitably be many that will be anticipating her bikini body for the 2017 summer.

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