15 Hottest Celebrity Fitting Room Selfies

There are certain locations in this world that seem extremely hot in the fantasy world of our minds.

There are certain locations in this world that seem extremely sexy in the fantasy world of our minds. Places like bedrooms, showers, spas, locker rooms, and of course, changing rooms quickly come to mind as places that oftentimes feature people in the buff and at their most intimate, which of course, gets us going. Sure, in real life they are often filled with people that we may not be chomping at the bit to see in the buff, and if they are sexy when nobody is around, then they are likely all business. We can only enjoy our delusion.

Considering that it is hugely beneficial to the career of a celebrity to be seen as sexy and highly sought-after, posting attractive photos of themselves on social media has become a cottage industry. Therefore, when you combine people who are hot as hell, as celebrities often are, and are trying their hardest to look great in a location we fantasize about with a camera, the results are stupendous. Coming to this conclusion allowed us to realize how much we love a good changing room selfie, especially when someone that is well-known is involved. As a result of that epiphany, we were inspired to put together this list of the fifteen hottest celebrity fitting room selfies.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion on this list, it first needs to be a selfie taken by someone famous in a changing (including at a gym but excluding traditional locker rooms) or fitting room. It doesn’t matter what the person involved did to earn their time in the spotlight. As such, they could be anything from a musician, actor, wrestler, athlete, television host, YouTuber, or anything else, as long as a sizable part of society knows who they are. The final thing to take note of is that there may be a few instances in which we can’t be one hundred percent certain that the image is a selfie. For instance, when we can’t see their hand on the camera in question. However, in every case based on what we can see, that is a reasonable conclusion to end up at.

15 JoJo

A singer that came to prominence at an early age, according to reports, JoJo was offered a record deal at the astonishing age of six but she turned it down. Instead, she waited until she was twelve to record her album. Remembered for songs like “Disaster,” “Too Little Too Late,” “Leave (Get Out),” “When Love Hurts,” and “Say Love,” she achieved success early on but has since faded from the spotlight. An attractive young woman with an incredible body, she continues to perform on tour and record to this day and we’ll never know if she will ever make a big comeback. One thing that is for certain, however, is that she will continue to get attention as long as she posts photos as breathtaking as this one. While we can’t know for sure if she is in a changing room here, it certainly appears like she may be and looks fantastic. So we’re counting it in, especially in light of that impressive midriff.

14 Hailey Baldwin

The Baldwin family has been a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world for years now, and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. Introduced to the world via the acting chops of Alec, Stephen, William, and Daniel, things have changed of late and the next generation of the family is making a run for the spotlight. In fact, between Ireland and Hailey Baldwin, things are on the upswing and there is no telling where things will go from here. When it comes to Hailey Baldwin, aside from a few music video acting roles, she has made her name as a model including working for companies like Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Guess. Seen here in a fitting room that is stacked with mirrors, the optical effect almost takes our attention away from the legs that are on display, but not quite.

13 Nathalie Emmanuel

An actress that seemed to come out of nowhere when she was cast on Game of Thrones in 2013, her poise and s*x appeal made her stand out even on a show chocked full of gorgeous women. Becoming a film star as well over the last few years, Nathalie Emmanuel has appeared in movies like Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials but found her biggest success with the Fast and Furious franchise. A pivotal part of Furious 7, she returned for The Fate of the Furious and seems likely to continue on with the series going forward, which will keep her squarely in the spotlight. One of the most attractive women in the world in our humble opinion, we get to see her in a changing room about to perform yoga in this photo she uploaded on social media. Showing off her impressive figure, if we looked like that, mirrors would call to us too.

12 Emily Osment

The little sister of Haley Joel Osment, Emily has become a successful actor in her own right after starting out in the business from a young age. Emily is known for the Spy Kids franchise and TV shows including Hannah Montana, Family Guy, Two and A Half Men, Cleaners, Mom, and the series Young & Hungry, which she stars into this day. Also, a singer that has released two albums to date, it seems as though she is talented in a multitude of ways. Shown here in a changing room sporting some fake tattoos to get into character, she may be astonished at the pretend ink but we’re blown away by her good looks.

11 Alessandra Ambrosio

One of the best-known models in the world, Alessandra Ambrosio took part in modeling classes at twelve and they clearly paid off in a big way for her. A Victoria’s Secret Angel who also is a mainstay of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, it seems as though she is in the running for all of the most coveted gigs for people in her industry. Also tapped to represent companies like Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren, to name only a few, she has been a mainstay on lists of the highest paid models alive for years. Also a budding actress, she appeared in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows as well as the shows Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, and Gossip Girl. Appearing to be getting ready to take part in a photoshoot of some kind here, she took a second out in the fitting room to take her photo and looks absolutely angelic.

10 Kim Kardashian

The daughter of one of the men that represented O.J. Simpson at his murder trial, from a young age, Kim Kardashian saw what it was like to live in the spotlight and seems to have liked it. Becoming a star after appearing in one of the biggest s*x tapes of all time, she would go on to be a “reality” TV star alongside her entire family. Appearing in a slew of “reality” shows that focus on her family, including Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, and Kourtney and Kim Take New York, she is a huge star. Pictured here amidst a slew of clothes, we’re certainly not going to complain about the outfit she's wearing, especially since it gives us a marvelous view of her chest.

9 Kate Hudson

The daughter of Goldie Hawn, it is obvious that Kate Hudson inherited her mother’s beauty and star quality. Breaking through with her work as Penny Lane in Almost Famous, one of the most charismatic performances we’ve ever seen, since then, she has starred in many movies. Included on the list that relied on her appeal and skills are movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Skeleton Key, Nine, and Deepwater Horizon. Shown here in a bikini that shows off her stomach that looks about as tight as possible while remaining soft and supple, there seems to be a lot of clothing options around her but she found a winner.

8 Kate Beckinsale

A British actress who has proven herself capable of headlining a hit film several times in the past, Kate Beckinsale seems capable of pulling off a large variety of roles too. Whether she appears in dramas like Emma and Brokedown Palace, action horror hybrids like the Underworld series or comedies like Click, she always seems to stand out and succeed. On top of her clear talent as an actress, one of her greatest attributes without a doubt is her looks. Shown here in a room we can’t say for certain is for changing, the appearance of what could be a bench behind her makes that seem very possible. Shooting herself here in a multi-colored bikini, we will always enjoy the opportunity to get a view of a figure like that.

7 Kelly Brook

An English woman with a bountiful chest that looks amazing both in clothing and out, Kelly Brook started out her career in the public after winning a beauty contest at the age of sixteen. Going on to model either scantily clad or in various stages of undress for magazines like GQ, Loaded, and FHM, on top of being a Page Three girl for The Daily Star, she began to garner more attention. Going on to take acting roles in movies like The Italian Job and Piranha 3D, as well as shows, including Smallville, Skins, and Hotel Babylon, she has made great strides in that world too. Standing in front of a rack of clothes here, we can only presume that she is at a fitting and if they contemplated taking her out of that outfit, they’ve lost their minds. Wearing clothes that are almost skintight, they perfectly show off her curvaceous body and we love the results.

6 McKayla Maroney

Being a gymnast, McKayla Maroney garnered a great deal of attention after a photo of her looking less than impressed after winning Silver at the 2012 Olympics went viral online. Also, a gold medalist at the 2011 and 2013 World Championships, making her the first American to successfully defend a Vault title at the event, she is quite accomplished for a woman of only 21. These days, she seems to be equally well-known for her outrageous body that has some pretty desirable curves. Someone that seems to be happy to flaunt her figure online, she has clearly worked very hard for it so we don’t blame her one bit. One such example is this photo that she posted on social media in which she seems to be trying on a piece of clothing that covers up all of her naughty bits but gives us a great idea of what she is working with.

5 Serena Williams

One of the most accomplished tennis players in the world, Serena Williams has won twenty-three grand slam titles over her career, a number only Margaret Cho has surpassed. Also very successful as a doubles player, alongside her sister, Venus, the pair have won an incredible fourteen grand slam titles as a duo. The highest paid female athlete in the world in 2016, raking in nearly twenty-nine million dollars, she was named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated in 2015.

Famous for her many titles in the tennis world, she is also known for her looks and bodacious body. If you are curious in the slightest as to why, take a look at how curvy she looks here, including her round butt which blows our minds. Looking as though she is in a changing room here, we can’t say for sure, but considering that she isn’t in the bathroom she oftentimes post from, it seems like a safe assumption to us.

4 Mariah Carey

One of the bestselling musicians of all time, Mariah Carey’s amazing vocal range, clear beauty, and ability to work with the best in the business have made her a force to be reckoned with. Winning five Grammy Awards, nineteen World Music Awards, eleven American Music Awards, fourteen Billboard Music Awards, and many more, it seems like she has received every trophy some singers can only dream about. Remembered for songs like “We Belong Together,” “One Sweet Day,” “Fantasy,” “Hero,” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” she never needs to record another track to be one of the best singers ever. Pictured here in a dress that shows off the fact that she has some major cleavage, there is no question that the results are eye-popping.

3 Kate Upton

One of the biggest models in the industry today, Kate Upton has appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue many times in the past and that is probably the Holy Grail in her business. Also known for serving as the spokesperson for things like the Game of War: Fire Age and Carls Jr., she seems to have done wonders for both companies. Also able to make her mark in the acting world, to date she has been involved in several major movies, including Tower Heist, The Three Stooges, The Other Woman, and the upcoming film, The Disaster Artist. Standing out among her peers because she isn’t stick thin like many of the biggest models and has one of the biggest chests in the industry, she makes almost every outfit look glorious. Looking as though she’s in the midst of a fitting here, she doesn’t have much flesh on display but looks as cute as we’ve ever seen her.

2 Aubrey O'Day

A former member of the girl group Danity Kane which was mentored by Diddy, Aubrey O'Day has arguably managed to surpass her cohorts since it disbanded. Modeling for magazines like Blender and Playboy in the past, she has proven herself to be quite photogenic as well which you probably already know. Also a mainstay of the “reality” TV genre, she has appeared on shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Big Brother, and Famously Single. Shown here trying on a bikini, as evidenced by the tag attached to the bottoms, the frills drew our attention to her chest, not that we needed to be prompted to look there with a cleavage like that.

1 Demi Lovato

A former Disney star that made a name for herself with the Camp Rock franchise, even from the get-go, it was obvious that Demi Lovato had a real passion for singing. Going on to be a judge for the American version of The X Factor, she showed off her lovable personality. Receiving headlines because of her willingness to speak publicly about her struggles with depression and bulimia, she has shown true character and an ability to be a positive role model.

Known today for songs like “Warrior,” “Give Your Heart A Break,” “Neon Lights,” and “Really Don’t Care,” she has released a long list of songs despite only being 24. Seemingly standing in a bathroom, we can see a room that clearly seems to be designed for changing so we’re slightly bending the rules and including this image. Passionate about body positivity, she looks incredible in a photo like this one or any other one due to her impressive looks and confidence.

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