15 Hottest Celebrities Under The Radar

Most of us aren’t famous. But there’s no shortage of really cool, attractive and very fascinating people walking around, even without fame. Celebrity comes in many different forms. There are people that are internet famous, but haven’t been on a television show or movie. Then there are those folks that get on reality television and become household names. How about the good old fashioned television and movie stars? In any group of celebrities, there are major and minor league. Most of us have seen and heard plenty from celebs like Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Kaley Cuoco and others. But what about those up-and-coming individuals that are starting to get their name out there, but aren't constantly being hounded by paparazzi?

Whether it’s professional athletes, television commercial actors, reality television stars, or the latest internet sensation, there are plenty of super hot celebrities that aren’t a household name... yet. Some of the people on this list will become an even bigger deal over time. Some may feel the need to change their appearance to something less hot than they started. They will skyrocket their fame higher than they ever thought possible. But whether they are on the A, B or Z list, there is no disputing that they are ultra hot and worth some attention. So after scouring the world under the radar, here are the 15 hottest celebrities we could find that could easily be the next big thing!

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15 Milana Vayntrub

via:The OK Corral - WordPress.com

Who doesn’t know Lily from the AT&T commercials? She’s perky, hot and very friendly... a winning combination. But Lily is really Milana Vayntrub and she was actually born in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Milana and her family fled to the United States when she was only two. She began acting in commercials as a child and was even on the hit series ER for a period of time. In fact, she has done comedic acting and even had a large YouTube following before landing the regular AT&T commercial gig.

Milana is 29 years old and is certainly at the start of what we believe is going to be a great acting career. Not only is this young woman determined and talented, she’s quite a beauty! In the meantime, this gorgeous AT&T sales rep will capture all our hearts one phone at a time.

14 Amanda Cerny

Via: Hawtcelebs.com

There’s really no other way to say this, but Amanda Cerny is hot. That much is pretty obvious, but when you look at where this 25 year old came from, all signs point to social media. She has over 4 million followers on Vine and her YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers! Amanda posts funny Vine and YouTube videos and has quite the sense of humor. She’s been in Playboy and has in the last few years appeared in a few movies with more in the works currently.

While Amanda Cerny is certainly internet famous (she was even in the movie Internet Famous,) it’s pretty clear that she’s gaining more ground all the time. Amanda is not overly private and is happy to live her life in public view. So watch out for this beautiful brunette as she skyrockets herself into big time fame.

13 Anna Kournikova

Via: Muzul

Russian born former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova, 35 rose to more prominence for her appearance than her tennis playing. Known as perhaps the hottest tennis player to grace the sport, she spent a number of years in active competition. Since her retirement in 2007 Kournikova has become a United States Citizen. She began dating Enrique Iglesias at the end of 2001 and it is believed that the two are now married.

Anna has never stopped being a supremely hot athlete. While she’s no Venus or Serena Williams on the court, she has been named one of the “Hottest Women of All Time” by Men’s Health magazine in 2011. She lives a relatively private life these days, but she’ll always be the gorgeous knockout of the professional tennis world. She’s claimed that she’d like to get back into competing professionally if she were in peak condition. Maybe we’ll see a comeback in the future?

12 Gal Gadot

Via: Maglomaniac

This former Miss Israel winner is a model/actress and will soon be a household name. She is set to star as the new Wonder Woman, which is coming out in 2017. This steamy hot 31 year old has already starred as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and doesn’t appear to be losing any ground.

She’s the kind of girl that will turn heads anywhere, wearing anything. Having competed in the Miss Universe pageant in 2004, there’s no question that this Israeli beauty is quickly finding herself a spot on everyone’s radar. Gal is one of the highest paid models in Israel and since 2009, she’s been acting in some pretty big movies, including Fast and Furious, Date Night and now as Wonder Woman in the DC Comics Universe.

11 Max Greenfield

Via: Enstarz

Climbing ever so high on the radar is Max Greenfield. Max is a 36 year old actor who has earned multiple awards for his portrayal of the character Schmidt on the Fox series New Girl. Greenfield can deliver high energy at ease and with his perfect hair, complexion and build, there’s no question that he’s on the hot list. Sorry ladies, he’s been married since 2008 and is clearly off the market.

Max has been active in recurring roles on television since 2000 and he’s no doubt earned a lead role in the future. Setting himself apart from lots of other celebs is his natural good looks. Max seems to be pretty down to earth and keeping himself as healthy as possible. No problems putting Max on the list, but he won’t be under the radar for long.

10 Jenna Marbles

Via: Tubefilter

This 30 year old comedian has made quite a name for herself through her hilarious videos she posts on YouTube. There’s something really sexy about a girl that doesn’t take herself too seriously and can make you laugh. In addition, she’s just absolutely gorgeous. It’s hard to say that someone with over 16 million subscribers to her YouTube channel is “under the radar,” and it seems that Jenna Marbles is beginning to venture out into other projects.

What makes her so hot is that she she’s not afraid to look and act silly. She is probably the fantasy for every guy that wants a cool, goofy, low maintenance girl. She’s also very smart, having earned a Master’s in Education from Boston University in Sports Psychology and Counseling. Brains and beauty goes an awful long way. Welcome to the hot list, Jenna!

9 LeLe Pons

Via: Zimbio

LeLe Pons is known very well on the internet for her Vine and YouTube videos. She’s accomplished a lot of followers all at the young age of 20! The Venezuelan born blonde bombshell has been able to leverage her success into other areas, including authoring a book titled Surviving High School, as well as some modeling work.

LeLe has collaborated with other internet sensations and is on our list because she’s just got it all. Natural beauty and brains go a long way and every guy would give just about anything to go out with LeLe. She’s started moving into television work in addition to her amazing Vine videos and will undoubtedly continue to branch into other areas. But this gorgeous celeb is the envy of A and B list celebs the world over. What comes next for her is anyone’s guess.

8 Charlotte McKinney

Via: Huffington Post

Charlotte McKinney became known as the overly hot star of a January, 2015 Carl’s Jr. commercial that was deemed “too racy” for television. The commercial exploded on the internet, and the rest is history. Charlotte has gone on to do modeling and now a substantial amount of acting. She was cast in the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars but was eliminated early in competition.

She used Instagram as her modeling portfolio and as a result of her popularity, she has been featured in Esquire magazine. The super hot, 23 year old has said that she was bullied in school due to her dyslexia and didn’t have a lot of other girls to turn to as friends. But over time, Charlotte has done very well for herself with a modeling and acting career that are really going places.

7 Iliza Shlesinger

Via: eHarmony

Iliza Shlesinger has developed a substantial following of fans. She is a stand-up comedian that is very dedicated to her craft. She won NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2008 and currently hosts the game show Separation Anxiety on TBS. Iliza’s comedy focuses a lot on the life of the single party scene. The 33 year old has a loyal and growing fanbase and 172,000 followers on Instagram.

What makes Shlesinger so very hot is that she is so comfortable with herself and her body. She has an amazing figure and works hard to stay in great shape. But it’s her confidence and overall hilarious personality that puts this hottie over the top on the scale. Look for her to do some amazing things, because she’s working hard, making deals and taking no prisoners!

6 Felicity Jones


Felicity Jones is about to explode in cinema and that’s very exciting. Starring in the new blockbuster Rogue One, this 33 year old british actress is creating quite a buzz these days. Felicity has done a great deal of acting since childhood and she’s had no shortage of work. But she’s on her way to center stage and is even hosting Saturday Night Live!

Felicity has got the total package. She’s got a mysterious and gorgeous appearance, with talent coming out her pores. Felicity will be one of the most sought after names in Hollywood for sure. But one look at this beauty and you’ll be captivated and a lifelong fan. With a number of the right movie projects already under her belt, she’s got nowhere to go but up. Good luck Felicity... we’ll be watching!

5 Lilly Singh

Via: New York Magazine

Lilly Singh is another celebrity that rose to fame as a result of her YouTube channel. The 28 year old Canadian-born comedian, rapper, actress and even motivational speaker is taking the world by storm. She is of Indian descent and has always described herself as a tomboy. But one look at her and some of the photos shared of her on the internet and you’ll see anything but a tomboy.

Lilly has over 10 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and she loves posting funny videos about life’s observations. Lilly is proud of who she is and isn’t afraid to put herself out into the world. She’s even authored a book and made a cameo appearance in the hit movie Bad Moms. You keep being you Lilly and we’ll keep watching!

4 Rosanna Pansino

Via: The Richest

Known as a celebrity baker through her YouTube channel, Rosanna Pansino proves that there’s something incredibly hot about a little nerdiness. Her popular YouTube show Nerdy Nummies has over 1.5 billion views and over 7 million subscribers. There’s obviously no shortage of people excited about a little nerdy cooking as Rosanna has created the niche of nerdy baking.

She has expanded her reach by writing a New York Times bestselling cookbook: The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook. You will also see her collaborate with many other YouTube sensations on her show frequently. But this 31 year old nerdy baker is absolutely stunning! With her gorgeous red hair and a never-ending smile across her face, Rosanna has a unique beauty that is hard to pinpoint. But we don’t care... just keep being you, Rosanna!

3 Skylar Diggins

via:Skylar Diggins

This 26 year old professional basketball player for the WNBA team the Dallas Wings is not only a stunning beauty, but a force to be reckoned with on the court. Diggins has established herself as a serious athlete in the world of women’s basketball. But off the court, Diggins has been photographed by Sports Illustrated and is seen as an absolute beauty in the world of athletics.

Diggins hosts youth basketball camps for kids in the off season and also models for Nike. There’s no doubt that this amazing young woman has the total package and is set to skyrocket her fame. Who knows what else is in store for Skylar, but we do know that she has become engaged to her boyfriend, former University of Notre Dame football player Daniel Smith.

2 Suraj Sharma

Via: USA Today

Suraj Sharma is the 23 year old star of the movie Life of Pi. Suraj was born in India and stumbled into an audition for Life of Pi. The rest is history and as of today, he’s still doing plenty of acting. This young man is incredibly talented and has taken his new found celebrity in stride. Suraj went back to school to finish his degree in philosophy.

This young man has got a great charm and boyish good looks that will no doubt make it easy for him with the ladies. Today, with a clean cut image and a big smile, Suraj is filming the movie Burn Your Maps. It’s pretty clear that he’s working hard and enjoying celebrity. As time goes on, Suraj may well find himself as a household name with some more huge roles.

1 Sierra Blair-Coyle

Via: Writtalin

Sierra Blair-Coyle is way under the radar for many, but she may just be taking the world of professional rock climbing to new popularity. This 22 year old is still very focused on her sport and less on fame in general. She competes and has product endorsements. But it’s hard to overlook her intense appearance, because this girl is absolutely amazing!

She recently graduated with her degree in Marketing from Arizona State University and is now traveling and competing all over the world. Even in pictures of her intensely climbing, Sierra still looks gorgeous and all dolled-up. Some people have that natural level of beauty that comes without effort. That perfectly describes this spectacular young athlete, who may not be known by everyone in the world, but only because that’s not on her priority list.

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