15 Hottest Canadian Celebs On The Planet

It used to be the case that the biggest celebs originated from America. That is, after all, where Hollywood is, where the paparazzi get their fix by tracking various stars as they go about their glamorous lives out in L.A. or The Big Apple. Not that other countries don’t have glamorous hotspots, it’s just that certain regions in the U.S. is where it’s all happening. These stars, when they were growing up, probably wanted to get into the limelight and follow in the footsteps of their favorite celeb figures and make the trip to U.S. shores, as most of the people on this list have done; not that they’re just famous in the U.S. and in their home country of Canada – these celebs are now world famous figures.

It certainly helps, as a celeb or aspiring celeb, if you’ve got the looks; it helps you get picked up and get your face out there and known to the masses. These people certainly don’t have any problems in that – the looks – department. These 15 Canadian celebs are super hot, not to mention uber talented in their respected fields. They really do have the complete package, and help to do away with the unjust stereotype that Canada only produces hockey stars and is famous for brewskis.

The Great White North is on par, or perhaps surpasses, the rest of the world when it comes to producing hot and talented celebs. Go down this list and you’ll surely agree. There are plenty to choose from, but these are the 15 hottest Canadian celebs on the planet:


15 Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard is the darling of Canadian tennis. People were spellbound when she burst onto the scene, not only because of her prowess on the court, but because she’s super hot and has a certain gracefulness about her as she goes about decimating opponents.

Genie made her debut way back in 2009, she’s been around for years, but amazingly is only 23! She’s achieved a lot in a relatively short space of time, and has earned a lot in terms of her prize money too, although ever since she blossomed into a beautiful young woman, she’s earned the majority of her cash through sponsorship deals and endorsements. There are no shortage of companies wanting to get Genie on board.

Genie was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and is proud to fly the flag for her country, despite now residing in Miami. She’s Canadian through and through and is certainly one of the hottest entities to have come out of the Great White North.

14 Carly Rae Jepsen


Carly Rae Jepsen’s music is an acquired taste. Most people love her, but there are plenty out there that find her songs incredibly annoying; whether her music tickles your fancy or makes you reach for the earplugs, there’s one thing that you can’t deny, and that’s that she’s super hot.

Carly’s been around in the limelight for over a decade, although she’s only recently gained mainstream popularity, which skyrocketed after that "Call Me Maybe" song.

Like her or loathe her, Canada’s really proud to have her. Canadian people are proud to be able to call her their own. It all started for Carly in Mission, British Columbia. She went to college in Mission too, and that’s where her creative juices began to flow and she began getting involved in musical theatre, which led her to appearing on Canadian Idol, which set the stage for the rest of her career.

13 Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev may not sound like a Canadian name. That’s because she was born in Bulgaria before making the move to Toronto with her parents at the age of two and being brought up in Canada. It’s a move her parents made so her and her other siblings could get more opportunities, and when Nina was growing up, boy did she grab those opportunities with both her hands.

As a teen, Nina took ballet, jazz, and gymnastic classes, but then acting took her fancy, and it’s something that made her drop out of college to pursue it full-time. The decision to put her education on hold was vindicated, as she began getting roles in feature films and TV series, including her breakout role on the popular Canadian teen drama Degrassi.

Amazingly, Nina only moved to L.A. in 2015 – she must enjoy a commute! But she’s made it work for herself, and is today regarded to be one of the hottest entities in Hollywood.

12 Ellen Page


Canadian actress Ellen Page is a prominent actress on the Hollywood scene, getting major roles and plenty of accolades in the process. The 2007 film Juno is the film that propelled her into the limelight as a teenager, and she’s since risen to the occasion, getting better and better with every role she stars in.

Ellen was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and got bit by the acting bug at a very young age. By the age of ten she was already getting used to being in front of the cameras, and subsequently started to become a regular on Canadian television. As she got older, she knew acting was something she wanted to pursue full-time, so she moved to Toronto to make it happen. She studied at the Vaughan Road Academy, and after her studies, the movie and TV roles kept on coming.

Ellen’s certainly one of the hottest actresses around, sexy to both guys and girls, and the fact that she’s a lesbian just adds to that sex appeal.

11 Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne doesn’t possess that stereotypical model, blonde bombshell kind of look, but it certainly doesn’t mean she’s any less attractive. She’s hot in her own way – and in a lot of other’s too – and has found her own look, her own style to match that rock chick personality of hers, and has stuck with it. She’s made that trashy rock chick persona her own, and we just love it, and other guy’s just love everything about Avril and lap it all up.

When she first rose into the limelight and her music and, subsequently, her face began getting picked up, Avril was known for her tomboy style. She was a skater girl, and wasn’t one to get dolled up and plaster her face with makeup and sparkling jewels. It earned her the nickname "anti-Britney" but the pop-punk princess didn’t mind one bit, and evidently neither did the fans, as her popularity and sex appeal has just continued to increase over the years.

10 Coco Rocha


Born in Toronto, Coco got into modeling by chance; she was in a dance competition, where she was spotted by a model scout. She hadn’t considered it as a profession before and had no knowledge about the industry, but saw it as an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, and we’re certainly delighted she grabbed it with both her hands.

Coco Rocha has a name that suits her down to the ground, that’s as glamorous as she is and is a perfect fit for life walking down runways and taking on catwalks. Coco is one of the most famous models around, in the world, period, but certainly the biggest name from the modeling industry to have come out of Canada. As a model, it’s no surprise that she’s stunningly beautiful, and can pull off pretty much any look, which she does as she struts her stuff on catwalks around the globe. She’s received plenty of accolades for her work as a model, but also for her other ventures, into film and TV, her writing, and her philanthropic endeavours, for which she’s gained a ton of praise. Canada’s certainly proud to have her.

9 Jessica Lowndes

I think it’s fair to say that everyone fell in love with Jessica Lowndes when she portrayed Adrianna Tate-Duncan on the teen drama series 90210. She had done plenty before then, and has done a ton of stuff since, but that show’s always going to be the one that made Jessica known to the masses and started off her rise to stardom.

She was actually one of the few cast members who was a teen in 90210, and even then, her acting ability was evident for all to see. She shone during the course of that drama series, not only because she was one of the hottest cast members, not just because of her acting ability, but because we got to see her singing and songwriting skills. She sang a lot of her own songs in the series, and she’s a very successful singer-songwriter in her own right.

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, she made the decision to move to L.A. to pursue her dream of becoming an actress at the age of 16, and we’re all glad she took that momentous leap, and that her parents allowed her to do so.


8 Trish Stratus


Starting out in Ontario, Trish was stunning even as she was growing up. It’s no surprise she got into modeling, and we’re all thankful that her hot pics caught the attention of those at the helm of WWE – thus a wrestling superstar was born.

There are a ton of super hot, sultry divas on the rosters of some of the world’s top wrestling promotions at the moment, and there always has been, but for those of you who know your wrestling, there’s one name that’s going to stand out, and that’s Trish Stratus.

You’ve got to be glamorous to be a wrestling diva, there’s no two ways about it. Female wrestlers have gradually started to get recognition for actually being pretty decent wrestlers and have decent ring skills, when once upon a time, the only criteria you had to meet to get a gig in the ring  was that you had to be hot. Some of the stuff former divas were subjected to, and some of the things they were made to do – well, it just shows how far women’s wrestling has come on since then, let me put it that way. Trish was around during those times, but she didn’t create a fuss, embraced everything that came her way, looked stunning doing it, and was one of the best wrestlers around. Her six years in the industry were some of the best years in female wrestling, and it’s all because of Trish.

7 Elisha Cuthbert

This blonde bombshell rose out of Calgary, and then Quebec where she grew up, to take over L.A. and become one of the biggest stars around on the Hollywood scene. But before moving to L.A., Elisha Cuthbert started her career in Canada, modeling, then starring in a number of Canadian family films and TV movies. She did this for around six years before getting her big break in Hollywood. From that moment on, the roles just kept on coming, including the one that would propel her to superstardom - Kim Bauer in the series 24. The Girl Next Door was her first big break in Hollywood, and from that moment on, her film career’s just continued to gain momentum.

Because of these roles, Elisha has become a permanent fixture on hottest women lists, so including her name in this article was a no-brainer, as I’m sure all of you would agree.

6 Cobie Smulders


Cobie Smulders achieved worldwide fame for being a main character on the hit series How I Met Your Mother. On the show, she played a Canadian who emigrated to America, and that’s pretty much a take on her real life. Cobie was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and, as you do, got into modeling at a pretty young age. She actually hated the whole modeling thing, which seriously put doubts in her mind about pursuing a career in acting. But she eventually made the transition, and started appearing in a number of TV films, before getting her big break on How I Met Your Mother. From that moment on, her career reached new heights, and she’s also become a big name as an actress in theatre too.

Cobie has also appeared on many “hottest women lists” during her nine seasons on the hit CBS show. What’s even more remarkable about Cobie, being a model, prominent actress and all, is that she’s a bare-faced beauty, and absolutely hates wearing makeup; kind of refreshing in today’s day and age, and she certainly doesn’t need any anyway.

5 Celine Dion

Singer-songwriter Celine Dion has a voice that just mesmerizes audiences and gives people goosebumps. She has created a legacy for herself and is regarded to be one of the most influential singers of all time. Celine can also be credited for influencing a number of other pop icons, all of whom grew up listening to her songs and wanting to emulate her success.

Celine was born into a very large family in Charlemagne, Quebec. She became a teen star, and actually started releasing French albums, before starting her English singing career and achieving worldwide fame and popularity. She first gained international recognition in the 1980s, and has since gone on to become a global megastar, one of the most amazing voices of the century.

Today she’s regarded to be the reigning queen of music, and is certainly deserving of her stars on both the Hollywood and Canadian Walks of Fame.

4 Shania Twain


From one Canadian music queen to another, Shania Twain has made the country-pop music scene her own since bursting onto the scene in the 80s. She’s one of the best-selling music artists of all time, has sold a remarkable 85 million records, and is regarded to be one of the greatest singers ever, across all genres, period.

Like Celine, Shania’s achievements have been recognized with a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. That is the country, after all, where it all began for Shania. She was born and raised in Ontario, and had a pretty difficult childhood, but she survived and kept on going due to her passion for music, and eventually blossomed into the singer we all know and love today.

Shania’s got an amazing singing voice, but is also incredibly beautiful. Even now that she’s in her 50s, she looks as good as she did, if not better than she looked two decades ago, and is just absolutely stunning. She is without a doubt one of Canada’s hottest celebs.

3 Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer might be one of the lesser known names on this list, but boy is she gorgeous. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that she’s a model, but over the years she’s made a successful transition to acting too.

Tricia was born and raised in the rural area of Donalda, Alberta, living on a grain farm, before being spotted as a teen, as she stood in line at the local movie theatre. That marked the start of her modeling career. It wasn’t just a small career either; she rose to fame modeling for some prominent brands and walking for top fashion shows around the world, and really was one of the best models around. Then, while her modeling was gaining momentum, she wanted to try her hand at acting, and so moved to L.A. and we’re all mightily glad she did - anything that means we get to see more of Tricia is a damn good thing!

2 Sarah Chalke


Sarah Chalke was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She began her acting career at the tender age of eight, and it was essentially all she considered doing.

It’s always awesome when you have a hot actress playing an onscreen doctor, especially if that character is a pretty, ditzy, young-ish intern fresh out of college. It’s safe to say that pretty much every guy out there has fantasized about Dr. Elliot Reid on the comedy series Scrubs at one point or another. That series was unlike any other medical comedy series – and there’s been a lot – and it was the show’s hottest character, portrayed by Canadian actress, Sarah, that contributed to it being a huge success.

You’ve probably seen Sarah around here and there in one film or TV series or other, but it was Scrubs that made her career, and made her hot in everyone else’s eyes. She’ll forever be associated with that doctor, although she has done plenty since then.

1 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, and is of Dutch and Russian ancestry. She had a tough childhood, but eventually she put her focus into modeling, and this progressed to acting and her entertainment career taking off.

It’s amazing to think that Pamela Anderson’s almost 50! Well, she certainly doesn’t look like someone who’s approaching her half century, and still looks as gorgeous as ever.

Since Pamela’s Canadian, and since she’s one of the hottest, most sultry women on the planet, putting her at the helm of this list was a no-brainer. She fits the criteria more than any other person, because, well, she essentially rose to fame for being hot. During her modeling days, and in her many roles as a film and TV actress too, Pamela has never been shy about flaunting her assets and showing off her hot bod for the whole world to see, and you bet your bottom dollar that plenty around the world have.

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