15 Hottest Britneys In Hollywood

A name is just a name, but we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that certain ones don’t seem like they should be associated with more attractive people than some others. For instance, when you picture someone named Gwen, we bet they are probably a lot hotter than when you imagine someone with the name Gertrude. Sure, in all reality, you could have completely made up two people that do not exist or never have existed. But, unless you force yourself to think otherwise, there is likely a marked difference between their looks. It may be silly, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

One name that a lot of people probably think of being an attractive one, especially due to it being related to a certain s*x symbol/singer, is ‘Britney’. We find that to be true despite the fact that there really aren’t very many famous people with that name, which made us curious about those that are out there and may be flying under the radar for one reason or another. That thought is what inspired us to buckle down and put together this list of the fifteen hottest Britneys in Hollywood. A somewhat difficult task due to it not being the most common name out there, still, when we got to work, we found plenty of ladies for you who we feel just fit the bill.

In order for someone to be considered for inclusion on this list, she first needs to be named Britney or an obvious derivation of that. As such, you could find people named Britney, Brittany, Brittney, Britt, Brittny, or any other kind of spelling of the name that seems to exist. Additionally, for the purposes of this list, we are giving Hollywood a wide definition that isn’t necessarily limited to the movie scene. Although a premium was given to people that have had some acting experience, as long as someone goes by that name and is a part of the entertainment field, we considered them. Now, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Brittany Booker

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A former beauty pageant queen in 2012, Brittany Booker competed for Miss USA as Miss Texas, and we’re quite certain that her home state was pleased to have a beauty like her representing them. A statuesque blonde with a shining smile, she didn’t take home the crown that night. But considering how much she was learning to work with special needs kids, it is clear that she had already accomplished a lot. Also, someone who has tried her hand at acting, as evidenced by her appearance in the show I Should Be on TV and a short film called Till Human Voices Wake Us, she certainly looks amazing on film. Arguably an alluring woman who looks amazing in pretty much every situation and outfit, if she was in the spotlight a little bit more, she could have taken our top slot here.

14 Brittany Ross

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Another actress with a very youthful feel to her, Brittany Ross has appeared in a number of high-profile films and series. In fact, she has been seen in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Smosh: The Movie, on top of shows like Pair of Kings, 2 Broke Girls, Girl Meets World, and Throwing Shade. However, to date, her highest profile role, without a doubt, was as part of The Middle, a sitcom starring Neil Flynn and Patricia Heaton, where she played a character named Courtney in several episodes. A blonde that looks like she could play the sticky-sweet best friend, hated cheerleader, or lead role to equal effect, it seems like the best days in her career are yet to come. That should be great news to anyone who appreciates beautiful women.

13 Brittney Powell

A German-American actress who was the star of a series–called Safety Geeks: SVI–that was released online, it was nominated for a “Streamy” web series award, but is unfortunately no longer running. Chosen to represent that show at San Diego Comic-Con in the year 2009, she also helped to promote the series by posing for the Safety Pin-Up Calendar more than once. Seen in an extensive list of other shows, she appeared as part of California Dreams, Saved by the Bell: the College Years, Weird Science, Friends, and Beverly Hills, 90210, to name a few. On top of that, her resume includes movies like Airborne, The Unborn II, Dragonworld, The Thing You Do, Fled, and Stacy’s Mom, as the titular character. A former Playboy model who passed its rigorous screening process, this blonde bombshell that you can’t look away from has curves in all the right places to drive us wild.

12 Brittany Curran

One of the most successful young actresses in the world today, Brittany Curran may not be a household name, but at only 27 years old, she has several high-profile roles under her belt. Cast as the female lead in the independent comedy film The Adventures of Food Boy, which won awards including Best Family Film, it was a well-received movie. That said, she has found her greatest success on TV including a show called Twisted, where she played a rather unique and entertaining character. A part of the main cast of Men of a Certain Age, alongside actors Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher, she was a part of the series throughout its run. A pretty young woman that is most likely to appeal to people in her age range, twenty-seven years old today, as she matures, she becomes all the more attractive each day.

11 Britney Katelyn Miller

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You probably don’t know who Britney Katelyn Miller is yet, but considering that she chose to appear in a comedy short film called Half Naked Raccoon Chase, she seems like she has lots of potential. Principally known for working in other short films with less colorful names than that, unfortunately, we have to forgive that as outdoing that title would be nigh impossible. Able to land small roles in the movie Eadweard and the series Supernatural in the past, we should all hope that more casting agents become acquainted with her skills soon. After all, she looks like she could blow our minds looking elegant in a fancy dress and then turn us on by kicking a*s from one scene to another.

10 Brittney Barlow

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Born with an Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Indian ancestry, Brittney Barlow has the type of look that could inspire great works of art in the songwriters and authors of yore. Not content to simply inspire lust and adoration in others, however, she is an artist herself. Seen in a number of recognizable films in like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, 13 Sins, Furious 7, and the latest Fantastic Four flick, when she appears in a movie, it becomes hotter immediately. Also seen in more than one episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that makes it clear that she can get down and dirty with the best of them too. Someone who seems like she would have to put work into looking anything other than incredibly sexy, she has to be one of the most seductive performers around.

9 Brit Marling

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An actress that some may think came out of nowhere to be the star, writer, and creator of the much talked-about Netflix sci-fi drama, The OA, some people may be surprised by her filmography. First seen in a notable short film back in 2007, her first celebrated gig came as the co-writer, producer, and star of a pair of award-winning independent films called Another Earth and Sound of My Voice. Also a TV veteran, she has appeared in seven episodes of the show Babylon, as well as in an episode of the much-beloved comedy series Community. Clearly an extremely talented artist in a number of ways, Brit Marling seems to be good at many of the skills that make creating compelling and thought-provoking entertainment possible. A woman who has an almost otherworldly beauty to her, which is one reason why her role in The OA worked so great, she is hot in a way that makes people want to rise to her level both physically and emotionally.

8 Brittney Rogers

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From one former Beauty pageant competitor to another. Brittney Rogers reigned supreme as Miss Louisiana USA in 2003 after taking the second runner-up spot at Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2000. She may not have placed at Miss USA when she made her way there (much to our shock), but anyone who likes to look at hot women would likely struggle to understand such an oversight. Going on to compete on reality shows like The Amazing Race 8 and a Miss USA edition of Fear Factor, in the latter case, she was crowned Miss Fear Factor. A brunette beauty who has a tight stomach that can be aptly described as fantastic, whoever gets the opportunity to spend time with this world-class looker, should thank their lucky stars.

7 Brit Morgan

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Only twenty-nine years old at the time of this writing, Brit Morgan is an actress on the rise. Seen in a handful of films, including She Wants Me, Freeloaders, Free Ride, and Friend Request, she has made some forays into that world but has yet to score a blockbuster. On the other hand, there are a number of shows whose sets she has lit up, including Supergirl, Criminal Minds, Two and a Half Men, Shameless, Southland, and The Mentalist, to name a few. On top of all that, True Blood and Graceland were both series in which she was a part of more than ten episodes, which is the sign of her playing a pivotal part for at least a while. Somebody who always makes any scene she is in brighter, due to her looks alone, when you then throw in her acting skills, she becomes a true knockout in our books.

6 Brittany Mason

Another former beauty pageant competitor who has made the jump into the acting world, in our view, Brittany Mason is the sexiest of the bunch. Also an accomplished model in her own right, she signed her first contract at the young age of sixteen, and it seems as though she hasn’t looked back since. Someone who seems to take whatever she works at very seriously, she learned the acting craft from the famous acting teacher, Lee Strasberg. Cast to appear in shows like Witless Protection, The Beast, CSI: NY, Two and a Half Men, and Dexter among others, we can only hope she receives more work going forward. Someone who seems to have no qualms with showing off her figure, looking that good would inspire a similar confidence in anyone, on top of being what earned her place on this list.

5 Britt Robertson

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Sometimes, it just seems like an actor comes out of the woodwork to become someone that everyone wants to work with. And, based on the work Britt Robertson has gotten of late, she is that actor as she was cast in a number of shows, including CSI, Life Unexpected, The Secret Circle, and most notably, Under the Dome, where she was one of the series’ leads. Not a stranger to films either, in the past, she played a part in movies like Scream 4, White Rabbit, Delivery Man, and Cake. However, her career went to another level after 2015, with her landing parts in Tomorrowland, The Longest Ride, Mother’s Day, Mr. Church, A Dog’s Purpose, and The Space Between Us. A blonde with a petite body that is going to especially appeal to certain audiences in the looks department, when she dresses up, she is quite capable of blowing people away.

4 Brittany Daniel

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If you were coming of age at the time when the series Sweet Valley High aired, you may not have watched the show. But, if you are attracted to women, then the twin stars of it blew you away. Cynthia and Brittany Daniel were a pair of young women who had previously appeared in The Basketball Diaries. But over time, it was the latter twin that became the bigger star of the pair. Seen in movies like Joe Dirt, White Chicks, Little Man, Skyline, and Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, to name a few, Brittany always added a great deal of s*x appeal to everything she has appeared in. Also, a great person to play parts in shows like Dawson’s Creek, That 70’s Show, That 80’s Show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and more, we always loved seeing her in our screen. While her acting was always appealing, there is no doubt that part of that was because she was one of the most exquisite-looking women to join the acting scene.

3 Brittney Karbowski

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An actress that is predominantly known for voice-over work, she is very good at doing her job. But, it is a bit of a shame since it means that people don’t get to see much of her. A regular contributor to Anime movies like Madlax, Parastyle, Psycho-Pass, Cross Ange, Black Bullett, and far too many more to list here, there is no doubt that millions of people enjoy hearing her. Also involved in a handful of live-action films, including Puncture, Code of Evil, and The Starving Games, when working on camera, so far, she has mostly been in small roles or little movies. A very pretty woman who’s already 30 years old but actually looks a lot younger, she has a great girl-next-door vibe to her that is totally endearing and attractive.

2 Brittany Snow

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There are some actors that almost always manage to come off as likable even when they are playing a character in pretty rotten situations. For our money, there is no doubt that Brittany Snow belongs in that category. Seen in a long list of TV shows like American Dreams, Ben and Kate, Full Circle, Workaholics, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she can be depended on to be solid whenever she makes her way to the small screen. However, it is the movie world where she has really shined, including in movies like The Pacifier, Hairspray, the Pitch Perfect franchise, Would You Rather, and The Late Bloomer. Standing less than five foot and four inches tall, this little blonde packs a whole lot of grace and appeal in her bewitching body and face.

1 Britney Spears

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You may be thinking to yourself that Britney Spears is no actress Well, you are partially right. There is no doubt that she is best known for her hugely successful music career, especially due to the fact that she released far too many hit songs to even begin listing them here. Another arrow in your quiver is that when she has acted in the past. Frankly, she has been about as bad as you can be, especially during her guest appearances on How I Met Your Mother. However, as we touched on previously, this list is for women in the entertainment industry, and even if that weren’t the case, Britney was the star of a major movie release–Crossroads. A s*x symbol almost from the moment her first single dropped, we have always been drawn in by her hot body, especially since she can be often seen in outfits that show off her bewitching assets.

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