15 Hottest Bra-less Wonders In Hollywood

Some fashions are all about clothing. Just think about boots, scarves and body conscious dresses. Other fashions are all about accessories. Perfect examples would be statement jewelry, bulky handbags

Some fashions are all about clothing. Just think about boots, scarves and body conscious dresses. Other fashions are all about accessories. Perfect examples would be statement jewelry, bulky handbags and hipster glasses. And some fashions are focused on hair. Brown is the new blonde, wavy is the new curly, and thick brows have replaced pencil thin ones. But fashion also extends to our bodies themselves. Big booties and thin waists are all the rage, as are pearly white teeth and bronzed skin. However, there’s one look that trumps them all – going braless. It’s a perfect marriage between styling one’s wardrobe and styling one’s body. And of course celebrities are at the forefront of this trend.

More and more often, we see stars walking around braless. It doesn’t matter if they’re taking a selfie in their pajamas, running errands in a T-shirt, or walking the red carpet in a haute couture gown. They are all bra-less, all the time. And it’s undeniably hot. If you’re looking for an eyeful, we’ve got it here for you. This is the list you need to see in order to ogle all the braless wonders that call Hollywood home.

15 Rita Ora


Rita Ora gets more press for her fashion than whatever it is she does for a living. A perfect case in point is this get-up. She’s a beautiful girl dressed in duds that are surely worth thousands, but all anyone can focus on is her chest. She’s like the Mary Poppins of boobs – she’s practically perfect in every way! She’s got size and symmetry. No wonder she’s photographed everywhere she goes.

14 Gwyneth Paltrow

via LooMee

Gwyneth Paltrow has gone without a bra since the 90s, and she isn’t about to change any time soon. This picture is a prime example. She gives us a perfect glimpse of side boob…and front boob! As if that weren’t enough, the seam on her dress aligns perfectly with where her nipple would be, giving the illusion that we can see it poking out. Mistake? We think not! This is better than any nip slip, for sure! She was even smart in picking a light shade of satin to wear. It highlights her skin, which attracts the eye to the body underneath the dress – not the dress itself. Paltrow has mastered the art of showing off her body in a hot way, while still being classy. That’s no small feat.

13 Britney Spears


12 Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, so she must have a ton of swag (including bras). Still, she eschews support garments for the natural look as evidenced by this pic. In the frontal shot, we get to see some awesome cleavage. So often starlets wear bras that push their breasts together in an unnatural way. Here, we get to see what a real woman’s cleavage looks like – including the chest bones in between the breasts. In the side shot, fans get a bird’s eye view of her boobage. Delevingne has wonderful curvature, which is in proportion to her frame. There’s no question that she isn’t wearing a bra, but we do suspect she’s at least sporting some tape to keep everything in place.

11 Emmy Rossum


10 Dakota Johnson

via Celebrity

Dakota Johnson left her bra at home when she left the house when this pic was taken. It’s definitely refreshing to see a woman in Hollywood that is more on the small side. Many find it really alluring, or at least appreciate seeing someone who hasn’t yielded to the pressures of Hollywood conformity. Johnson has a quiet beauty in this pic, and it’s because she’s letting her more subtle features take center stage. When we aren’t distracted by a large chest, million dollar jewels or overly done makeup, we can appreciate her supple skin, high cheekbones and sparkling eyes.

9 Demi Lovato

via Box Music

8 Kendall Jenner


7 Keira Knightley


6 Sarah Hyland


5 Kate Upton


Kate Upton has one of the most talked about pairs of breasts since Pamela Anderson’s. Their size and shape fluctuate just as wildly as her body weight, sparking debate about whether or not they’re real. Still, whether she’s au naturel or nipped/tucked, it’s undeniable that her rack is head turning. People must find it hard to keep their hands to themselves when they’re around her. Upton is overexposed, but it isn’t hard to understand why. With assets like hers, she can command attention in just about anything.

4 Hailey Baldwin


Hailey Baldwin is quickly becoming an “it-girl.” She models for major brands, and has become fast friends with models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Here, she’s sporting the bra-less look for the clothing company Express. This is bra-less-ness at its best, because her shirt shows off her body’s natural shape. It leaves almost nothing to the imagination. We can see the outline of her mounds, and the peaks of her breasts. The only things we can’t see are her nipples, because she was smart and wore a textured shirt that obscures peekaboos.

3 Paris Hilton

2 Kylie Jenner

via Hot Celeb Pics

1 Kim Kardashian


When you look at as many bra-less pics as we do, you will quickly realize that Kim Kardashian is the queen. In fact, it’s almost easier to find a pic of her without a bra than it is a pic of her wearing one. And when she does something, she goes all out – so most of her bra-less pics actually show every bit of areola and nipple. This pic of hers is extra sweet because she’s definitely bra-less, but it’s hard to make out what’s poking through. Basically, this is like a Kardashian magic eye poster – stare at it long enough, and what you’re looking at will eventually appear. The cherry on top is her gorgeous face. She’s totally teasing us by licking her lips – and we love every bit of it.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, NYDailyNews

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