15 Hottest Big-Boned Women From Men's Favorite Industry

When it comes to our favorite industry, everyone has their own preferences. Some like certain hair color, such as blondes, brunettes, and redheads, while others prefer certain ethnicities, like Asians, Caucasians, and Latinas, just to name a few. For others, they prefer a certain body type, and nowadays, the big girls are making a 'bigger' impact on the industry than ever before.

Beauty truly comes in all shapes and sizes, and with this in mind, the BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) are becoming more and more popular in the industry. Before, the bigger women were almost exclusively for particular fetishes, but over the last decade or so, they've been noticed for their own beauty and sensuality.

From North America to Japan, BBWs are finally getting the recognition they deserve. They've become so popular that they even have their own categories, which are among the most commonly searched online. Before, their type was more taboo, but in today's society, they're more accepted than you can ever imagine.

This should come as no surprise, especially in the United States (and probably England too), since there are so many 'big-boned' women out there. The US has the most obese population on earth, and these BBW's are everywhere. Before, men would be embarrassed or mocked for dating or 'hooking up' with larger women, but that's definitely changed -- and not because of alcohol.

And we're not talking about 'chubby' women, who are, perhaps, a couple of waist sizes below BBWs. Chubby women are not BBWs; they're in between regular-sized women and BBWs. And if BBWs aren't enough for you, perhaps an SSBBW (SuperSized Big Beautiful Woman) will do the trick. That's an entirely different level, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

So if you're into big butts (and you cannot lie), or you're a breast guy, BBWs have something for both. They even have an added bonus if you're into big bellies, too. Some people prefer squeezing a good belly over the other options. There's a reason why they're called 'love handles,' in case you were wondering.

There's nothing wrong with curves and something to grab onto, especially if you don't like things like hipbones and collarbones sticking out and getting in your way. Let's now have a look at 15 of the hottest BBWs from our favorite industry. With so many choices, it really wasn't easy. It never is, anyway.


15 Marilyn M.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, this cowgirl also started her illustrious career in 2012, which seems to be a common theme here. What's the deal with all these BBWs joining in 2012? Did they watch the movie 2012 and assume it was going to be the end of the world, so they wanted to get a start on their bucket lists or fulfill a lifelong dream?

Anyways, this sexy, bodacious brunette spent 5 years in the business where her 38H-36-50 was extremely suitable for producers and co-workers alike. At a solid 200 pounds -- which seems to be the average here -- Marilyn easily fits into the BBW scene with her voluptuous frame and colorful tattoos. Yeehaw!

14 Dani A


It's time to go international and take a trip over the pond to lovely England for our next BBW star, and make no mistake -- the UK has plenty of BBW talent to boast of. Case in point: Ms. Dani Amour. This plump, busty Brit is well known for doing her fair share of films for our viewing pleasure.

After making her debut in 2009, Dani can be seen in countless productions, according to IMDb. Her tongue ring and tattoos add another dimension to her seductive look, which she uses to perfection. Can't forget that sexy British accent, which puts her over the top. A surefire top 10 BBW.

13 Kelly S.

While we're overseas, let's keep to the international theme and make our way to Japan for the next BBW superstar, Kelly Shibari. Well, she's now based out of New York, and this BBW is probably the most successful of the bunch. Not only has Kelly been nominated for tons of awards, but she's also managed to win the 'Best BBW Performer' twice.

Her last name, Shibari, which is her 'stage name,' means 'Japanese rope bondage.' Seriously. And with her body covered in tattoos, she looks more like a sexy version of a Japanese Yakuza. Regardless, Kelly is very skilled and does her best to give herself that added flair of sexiness that keeps her at the top of the business, which she's been in for a long time now. Konnichi wa!!!!!

12 Bunny D.


It's hard to believe that Ms. De La Cruz is only 5'1, considering she has a pair of 42JJ breasts. That's a lot of women for such a small frame, although her frame is anything but small.

This big-little Californian burst (no pun intended) onto the scene in 2007 and has been rocking the industry's world ever since her arrival. She got her start as a cam-girl, which she still enjoys doing, and has been the center of attention for many videos since her debut.

Blessed with a very laid back attitude and beautiful green eyes, this hottie is a fan favorite. She's definitely one of the top BBW performers in our favorite industry. Who needs to celebrate Easter when we have Bunny D?

11 Mazzaratie M.

Well, she's built like a Maserati with all the sleek curves and a body that'll get your engine revved up. This Texan (everything's bigger in Texas, right?) made her entrance to stardom in 2012, and since then, all the major production companies have been booking her services. For some reason, she keeps people coming back for more. Perhaps her 38DDD-32-50 frame is the main reason for her consistent popularity.

Mazzaratie has a huge following, and like most of these big-time BBWs, she has her own cam-modeling gig to ensure her fanbase gets as much of her as possible. No need to be discrete when it comes to this thick blonde bombshell.

10 Klaudia 


Another blonde Californian who made her debut in 2012, Klaudia continues to skyrocket in popularity as all the top companies line up to acquire her services. Plenty of repeat customers here.

Blessed with 34E in the front and 42 in the back, she's very in demand these days, making movies at a record pace and has become one of the most popular BBWs in the industry. She's larger than life, literally, and probably the hottest BBW out there. It doesn't get any better than Klaudia Kelly. Just have a look at those curves!

9 Samantha 

Yes, Samantha 38G is her stage name/moniker. Bet you can't guess what her bust size is. All jokes aside, Samantha is a legend. This veteran of over 100 films is probably the most popular of the voluptuous BBW stars out there. It's no wonder why this top performer has been nominated for so many BBW awards. Her resume speaks for itself, and not only is she the most crowd-pleasing of the BBWs out there; she's also the most successful cam model with regular shows for her massive fanbase who can't seem to get enough of her.

Don't be shy. Go check her out, and see for yourself why Samantha 38G is a true Hall of Famer. If you're not into the BBW scene, perhaps a little Samantha 38G can make you turn. She'll definitely make you do something...


8 Dawn Davenport


Whether she's a blonde or a redhead, Dawn Davenport is one sexy BBW. Although we all love blondes, there's something about that deep red hairstyle that Dawn is famous for that really is a turn on. Damn, it's hot!

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Dawn stands at 5'2, 190 pounds of pure woman -- especially with that 38E-37-50 measurement. There's enough to go around in the front and in the back. And when you have that cute face and that sexy hair to go along with those curves, you get a BBW that has no problem finding work -- or boys, for that matter. An actress, model, and cam girl, it's the Dawn of a new era -- the BBW era.

7 Sadie B.

We're off to Detroit now for another true BBW sensation. Standing at 5'8, 195 pounds, boasting all-natural body measurements of 52-40-48, Ms. Sadie certainly doesn't disappoint all the BBW fans out there -- even the closeted ones.

From her modeling photos to her lovely movies, you can find links to Sadie's work all over the internet -- not that we know; we just heard about it. Sadie most definitely has the figure of a true top 15 BBW. Her height gives her that full-body BBW feel that fans crave. Her immaculate chest and cute face obviously add to the full package. Motown may produce good cars and music, but they can also pump out the sexy plumpers too.

6 Kandi K


Another BBW from the heartland -- Texas, to be more precise. Kandi is another top notch BBW star as she has the proper dimensions for the job. At 5'6, 235 pounds, Kandy also boasts a super voluptuous 36G-38-46 frame. Not too big and not too small in the world of BBWs.

Kandi has plenty of movies on her resume, including a lot of work with fellow BBW superstars already listed. For the hardcore BBW fans, Kandi is not only a common name in the industry but also one that many search for.  She loves her big belly and doesn't mind having it grabbed as often as possible. For all you belly-loving belly-grabbers out there, Kandi is your girl.

5 Ms. L

For those of you who are into Asians and BBWs, we give you Ms. LingLing, who provides all of that and more. She's the best of both worlds. Based out of Portland, Oregon, LingLing is of Filipino, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian decent. Quite a deadly mix.

Weighing in at 220 pounds with 36G-38-46 measurements and a 38O cup size, LingLing probably has the biggest and most impressive chest you can find. Those puppies have gotten her a lot of attention; she loves to show off the goods.

4 Shyla S


One thing is for sure: Shyla Shy is clearly not shy. As we tour the globe and the 50 states, we finally add one from the sunny state of Florida. Shyla has been in the business for over ten years now, so it's safe to assume that she knows what she's doing and that she has a solid core of supporters.

At 5'5, 167 with a 38H-30-38 body and typical Floridian blonde hair, Shyla surely is a favorite in the BBW movie-making business. Add a few tattoos and piercings, and it's not a shock that she's been in the industry for so long with an incredibly long list of movies. Happy surfing, y'all!

3 Constance D.

Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, a country known for great beer, ice hockey, and hot blondes. Constance Devil unquestionably fits the mold of a sexy BBW, even though she may not be as big as most of the other shapely women here. At 38F-33-40, she undeniably has some meat on her bones.

If you're having trouble finding her, try using one of her other aliases: Katty and Jana Pro. At 38 years of age, she has a huge list of movies where she displays plenty of skill, experience, and talent, both physical and mental.

2 Zoey Andrews


On the cusp between chubby and BBW, but she has put on a lot of weight in recent years and seems to focus on BBW websites lately. Zoey is 45 years old and covers the cougar/MILF portion of the list. As you can see, we've tried to cover all the bases from blonde, brunette, and redheads, to Asians, Americans, and Europeans.

At 5'10, 170, with a 38DD-34-40 figure, this Southern Belle from Louisiana, by way of Houston, Texas, has been in the industry since 2008. She has her own website, which mostly features the swinger lifestyle. She's a handful, literally.

1 Kacey Parker

Straight out of San Diego, California, little Ms. Kacey has been in the business for over seven years now. At only 5'2 and listed at 180 pounds (although most sites have her weight as 'unavailable', so we can only imagine her true weight), her measurements are at a whopping 38H-38-40. This is probably the reason why she won the 2013 BBW FanFest Award for Best Boobs of the Year.

Like most of our fine young (and old) ladies, Kacey has a long list of movies and appearances, which include fan favorites from all the major production companies. Kacey and the rest of the girls know what the boys want. No need to hit the gym' we like 'em just the way they are.

Source: Wikipedia


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