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15 Hottest Bella Thorne Pictures You’ve Ever Seen

15 Hottest Bella Thorne Pictures You’ve Ever Seen

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Over the years there have been a lot of celebrities that turn out to be adept at a number of things. From athletes who dabble in acting, actors who become successful directors, comedians that star in comedies and so on, it seems like a lot of celebrities are talented in a lot of ways. However, over the last several years there seems to be a steady stream of younger stars that started out releasing music and movies but have since concentrated on the latter. Bella Thorne is a member of that illustrious group.

A former child star that is breaking out in the adult acting world of late, you may know her for her roles on television. If so, that could involve being a fan of series like Dirty Sexy Money, My Own Worst Enemy, Big Love, Shake It Up, Famous in Love, or a long list of other shows in which she made guest appearances. However, she has also made several successful forays into film including in movies like Blended, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Duff, Big Sky, and several more. Whatever the reason you’ve become aware of this popular American actress and singer, one thing that is pretty much universally agreed on, is an appreciation of the fact that she is a very attractive young woman. That is what inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen hottest photos of Bella Thorne you’ve ever seen.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that Bella Thorne can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the tabloid queen will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from her media appearances and music videos are fair game as they some of her most memorable moments. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15. Seeing Through

When Glamour magazine published their December 2015 issue it featured the focus of this article, Bella Thorne, on its cover and as such, a large amount of pictures of her were taken (we’re glad). While this specific one wasn’t chosen to make the cover, it was released as well and boy are we happy that happened. Taken by photographer Frankie Batista, it is a fairly simple and straightforward image that shows her lying on a couch and looking towards the camera. Of course, that isn’t what earned its place here as it is the fact that they made her face look pitch perfect and the choice of clothes she is wearing here that we love. A slightly see-through shirt that allows us to see a hint of the bra she has on underneath, it also means that we get a great view of her impressive cleavage.

14. Elegance

The second photo that was taken from the previously mentioned 2015 Glamour magazine, this time around Bella and the photographer went for a much more elegant look than last time. This is the ultimate proof that sometimes people look more attractive when they are actually more covered up which is an idea a lot of people may initially scoff at. Wearing a dress that would grab people’s attention wherever she went, it still is small enough to provide a great view of her magnificent legs which look like they are begging to be touched. Additionally, her cleavage is a treasure to the eyes that is far more valuable than any ruby we’ve ever seen. That said, the flesh that is on display isn’t what is really doing it for us as it is her energy here which we find awfully tantalizing. After all, there isn’t much that we find sexier than a girl who looks like she’d make the world jealous while on our arm, while also knowing what she wants in the bedroom.

13. Hot Dress

When Bella Thorne showed up at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards people really didn’t have any reason to pay attention to her. She wasn’t there as a nominee, she wasn’t set to perform, hell, she wasn’t even there to present an award. In fact, she was only there as an attendee so by all rights she should have been mostly ignored. Instead, because she wore the dress you see here, people didn’t just take note but they stood up and stared. A relatively simple garment, the key to its success in catching our eyes is the strategic places in which cuts were made into it. As a result, when you look at her from the chest up it almost looks like she is topless since it is cut so low and simultaneously the slit in the bottom of it has allowed her one leg to escape the covering.

12. Blended Scene

When the movie Blended came out in 2014 the thing that audiences were focused on was that the film featured the reunion of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. A film that failed with critics, it did solid business at the box office, taking in one hundred twenty-eight million dollars. The fact that it did so well and was seen by so many people means that it is likely the first place that lots of people first discovered one of the supporting actors, Bella Thorne. Playing the daughter of Drew Barrymore’s character, she spends part of the movie as a tomboy before undergoing a dramatic makeover. This screengrab was taken from the scene in which her new look is revealed and shows the moment where legions of new people realized just how attractive she actually is.

11. On The Beach

A single picture of a photoshoot that Bella took part in back in March of 2016, it marks a departure for the actress who is regularly seen on beaches but almost always wearing bikinis. Donning a one-piece swimsuit instead, it proves that she should embrace similar swimwear more often as it looks glorious on her. Sure, there is bound to be similar pieces of clothing that would look a lot worse on her, if it was baggy or the cut was less flattering for instance but with results like this we’re happy to take that risk. Made up of vertical stripes of white and gray or something similar, the color scheme manages to make us look over almost every part of her body. The fact that the pose she is striking makes it so her rear end is sticking out just makes this whole thing even better too.

10. Sporty 

Over the years we’ve seen people wear a lot of different kinds of outfits to play sports. From the old school track suit, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, or even someone who wasn’t prepared wearing jeans or some other kind of clothes that doesn’t stretch and move with their movement. This is the first time, however, that we’ve looked at a photo like this of someone wearing a short skirt and tight shirt while playing basketball and we’ve concluded that what Bella is wearing is perfect. Of course, a little bit of research later we realized this was an on-set photo from the movie Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? but that doesn’t diminish our love of this choice. After all, we’ve never seen so much sex appeal on the court before.

9. Mean Girl

In Bella’s short career it could easily be argued that The Duff is the most beloved film that she has been a part of so far. A movie that is named after the acronym, designated ugly fat friend, the star of the movie, Mae Whitman, learns that is how she is seen by some and strives to break free of that image. A teen movie, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there is an evil ringleader of the other teen girls that doesn’t want to see her rise in the social classes for fear of what it will do to her own positioning. A gorgeous girl, Bella seems to be breed to take on roles like that one and that is exactly what she did in that film, which this screengrab is taken from. Despite the somewhat patronizing look on her face and our distaste for bullying, we have to admit that when we were in school someone that looked that good would have gotten a lot of attention too.

8. Nice SnapChat 

Snapchat is an app that is designed to send images to people that essentially have a time released self-destruct embedded into them but thankfully for this list, there are ways around the programming. An image that was sent out to followers of her bellathorendab account, it provided a look at her body that is much rarer. That is because typically when photos of her are taken it shows her from the front and here we get a gander at her shockingly under-appreciated derriere. On top of that, while you can see a bit of fabric that no doubt is a piece of her bikini top near her face, when we look at her back we don’t see anything other than flesh which gets out imagination going.

7. Blowing Kisses

In this paparazzi photo of Bella on the set of the movie, You Get Me which is expected to come out sometime in 2017, we get to see her bending over the side of what appears to be a lifeguard tower. Looking like she is trying to seduce whoever it is that is standing in front of her, that makes sense as the plot seems to have her taking on a role similar to Glenn Close’s in Fatal Attraction. While it may sound like a scary situation to have a woman become obsessed with making herself a part of your life when you don’t really want her there, she looks extremely irresistible here. We could all agree that no matter what, we’d still be attracted to her.

6. Cap and Dress

Imagine this for one minute: you’re strolling around one fine afternoon just doing your thing, and then all of a sudden you come across a woman as hot as Bella wearing an outfit that is this tight and revealing. That is likely going to be a day you never forget, isn’t it? We’re not quite sure what you call that piece of clothes she has on, it looks like a dress made up of material we associate with shirts, but the important thing is that Bella looks absolutely ravishing in it. Also wearing leg coverings that would otherwise have been even more visible, the most attractive part of this photo, if you ask us, is that she looks like she had naughty plans when she got dressed.

5. Candid Spa Visit

One of three things is going on here. Either Bella is the type of person to wear her sunglasses inside, she just arrived to get a mani-pedi, or she knew there were photographers outside looking in and wanted to look her best. No matter which of those options is an accurate depiction of things, or some other circumstance we didn’t think of, the thing that matters for this list is that she truly does look amazing. Wearing a t-shirt that she has tied off which gives those lucky enough to see her the opportunity to gaze upon her midriff, that is one reason we enjoyed this picture so much. The other is that her slightly turned body position really makes her chest look awe-inspiring.

4. Peach Bikini

In this photo of Bella, there is a real clash of the generations going on. Wearing a headpiece that practically screams retro and a hairdo that compliments it, from the neck up she looks old school but there is no way they’d be caught dead in a bikini that revealing back then. Another striking feature of this picture is the fact that her peach colored suit looks so close in tone to her skin that it almost makes it look like she isn’t wearing much at all on first glance. Giving us a look at her from a perspective that means we get to see a bit of her chest and butt at the same time, if you don’t enjoy the results then you need to learn to appreciate the human form more.

3. Texting By The Pool

Netflix Scream is arguably one of the best slasher films of the last several decades and a very creatively made movie that had a few hallmarks that continued on in sequels and the television adaptation. Casting a well-known actress in the role of a person that in typical horror fare may have ended up being a lead character but in this series is quickly dispatched. When it came to the series Bella Thorne was cast in the role of Nina Patterson who was swiftly killed in her home and tossed into her pool to bleed out. A grisly fate to be sure, there was one dividend for the audience aside from a fun kill, we got to see her wearing a bikini and looking great on national television.

2. Cut Off Shirt

A paparazzi photo of Bella in the midst of a photoshoot on a beach, it is a location that seems to be her natural habitat judging by the slew of photos in front of the waves you’ll find of her. Wearing skin-tight bottoms, a matching bra that you can’t quite see here, and a cut-off shirt, the items she is wearing were obviously designed to show off her body to the maximum. In fact, in this particular moment in time that was photographed it actually looks like she may not be wearing a bra at all, though trust us she is, because of the hint of underboob that is on display. Taking place in Malibu on a beautiful day, the actress who was involved in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip at the time was anything but family friendly and we’re extremely happy with that.

1. Curves

Apparently, if you ask us, Bella looks her best when she is seen on a beach in a city which has a name that starts with the letter m as we love this snap taken in Miami. Wearing a simple but skimpy bikini set that covers up her naughty bits but nothing else, a slew of jewelry that she may want to take off before she gets in the water, and nothing else, her curves look magnificent. Not a typical pose that people think of as the most flattering, anyone who considers that idea would have to be missing the point of just what her positioning is doing for her body here. With her figure slightly bent, both her rear end and boobs are being thrust out in an alluring way but there is something nice about the fact that she isn’t trying overly hard to seduce the camera.

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