15 Hottest Asians From The Other Industry

Do you have an Asian fetish? Well, you're not alone, and you've come to the right place. So if you're suffering from "yellow fever", have no fear, we're here to help, or make it worse, depending on how you look at it.  For some reason men just can't get enough of that exotic look and/or the submissive stereotype associated with Asian women. This is perhaps why Asian women make up a such a huge part of the adult industry. A business worth an estimated $10 billion to $14 billion in annual sales, and climbing. What used to be considered an underground industry is now very much mainstream.

There are basically 3 different types of Asian women we find applying their trade in the business. There are those from Northern Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan. Then we have the Southern Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines And finally, the Western Asians from the United States and Europe who have roots from the old country that their parents, or grand-parents immigrated from.

Whatever 'floats your boat' you can find it somewhere, somehow. Having said that, it's extremely difficult to make a list and pick just 15 of the hottest Asian stars when there are so many out there to choose from. However, we've come up with a few of the more popular ladies in the industry to help you narrow down your search. So without further ado, here's our list of 15 of the sexiest Asian women from the adult industry.


15 Charmane Star

First up is the Filipino legend, known for the trademark circle tattoo on her upper-right arm. This little spinner (yes- that's what they call tiny Asian women in that part of the world) has been in the industry for well over a decade, and is still looking as hot as ever.

According to Wikipedia, Star moved to the United States from her native Philippines when she was barely two years old, and went to school in Sacramento. She started out in print modeling before joining the adult industry at the tender age of 19. She then got into "soft-core" movies before working her way up in the business. She's also done shoots for popular magazines such as Hustler and Penthouse. In 2011, Complex magazine ranked her at #8 in their list of “The Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time," according to Wikipedia. She was also recently awarded as a 2017 AVN Hall of Fame inductee.

14 Fujiko Kano


The first Japanese actress on our list. Fujiko in English means "One of a kind" and Kano means "Dream come true". Not to be confused with Kano in Tagalog (Philippine language), which means "American".  After working as a hostess at a nightclub and as a golf caddie (how awesome would it be to have her as a caddie? Doubt you could focus on your back-swing with her around), she joined the adult industry at the age of 26. She usually wears 6-7 inch heels, since she considers herself short and she also refuses to get tattoos or breast implants. Au natural!

Fujiko, whose ancestors are from Mongolia,  also worked in the entertaining Women's Extreme Wrestling organization, where her finishing move was known as the "Bonzai tongue drop." No joke.

13 London Keyes

This gorgeous brunette was born Cora Birdwell in Seattle, Washington. She's  half Japanese and half Caucasian. It really is the perfect mix. According to Kingley International, she began performing in hardcore movies in her late teens in 2008. The stunning brunette has also featured in movies produced by Vivid and Penthouse. Those are some top players in the industry. Based on videos, she has some really cool tattoos, as well as piercings in her tongue, navel, right nostril, left bottom lip, and both nipples.

Keyes is so talented she's been nominated for countless awards including an AVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2010.

12 Saori Hara


This Japanese beauty might not be well known in the US, but she is famous in her native Japan. Before joining the AV industry, she did tons of mainstream work including modeling, acting and singing. Lucky for us, she decided to add one more career to her resume.

According to Wikipedia, she was born in Hiroshima to a Japanese mother and a father of mixed German-Japanese parentage, Saori began as a singer for Japanese animated TV shows. Her list of accomplishments is far too long to include here, but they range from acting, to singing, to modeling, to basically everything you can think of. Unfortunately, Hara reportedly went through a nervous breakdown following the March 2011 earthquake that devastated Japan and decided to retire from the business.

11 Jade Marcela

Time to add an Indonesian flavour to the list. Anyone who has been following adult films over the years has heard the name , or seen her in action (not that I'd know). Jade has a massive list of movie appearances and is such a veteran of the industry that she even started directing her own movies - she's that talented.

The slender, sexy Indonesian made her parents proud when she joined the biz at 19 years old in 1999. At 5'3 and 90 pounds, this seductress has a motor that won't quit, which is probably the reason why she's had such a long, successful career. And if that isn't hot enough for you, then check out her twin sister Nyomi. Wow.

10 Katsuni


The artist formerly known as 'Katsumi' had to officially change her name after a court ruling against her, but this didn't stop the French-Vietnamese star from doing what she does best, which is just about everything you can think of. According to, after collecting 29 international awards, this savvy vet turned to more mainstream work like dancing and doing TV (including her own show) back in her native France.

After studying for a year at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, she went on to study literature in hopes of becoming a teacher, before becoming a go-go dancer (man, she's talented). She was spotted by a talent agent for Penthouse and began her modeling career before joining the adult film industry, and the rest is history. She's done over 350 films in France, before moving her God-given talents to the United States market. Merci beaucoup Katsuni!

9 Lucy Lee

This little vixen of Korean descent is known for many things including her sexy, seductive stare into the camera and whoever she is working with. Born in South Korea, she was an orphan who was adopted by a white American couple and raised in Torrance, California. Lee started in 2002 and is the recipient of many AVN awards throughout a lengthy career. She's done tons of movies, but some of the more popular ones include Amateur Angels 12, Asia Noir 4, Me Luv U Long Time 5 and many more. You may have heard of them, or want to check them out. Just saying.  Anyways, she might not be in the business anymore, but she's definitely left her mark in society. Well worthy of a top 15 pick. Well done, LL. Legend. Kimchi!


8 Evelyn Lin


This Chinese-born cutie is the epitome of Asian schoolgirl (as is our number 1 choice on the list). She plays the innocent student that has an erotic dark side that drives her fans crazy. Nothing like fantasizing about a shy honors student doing very bad things, is there? That's part of her aura and she's used it to her advantage, helping to pay her way through college.

This hot little number from Hunan province in China started when she was 18 and has been in the business for 11 years. If you're into pigtails and plaid skirts, you might want to check out her work. So the next time you're day dreaming about a nerdy sexy schoolgirl who also happens to also be a total nympho, we suggest you look up Evelyn Lin(not that I have).

7 Nautica Thorn

The beautiful Hawaiian islands brought us this next Asian delight. The Japanese, Hawaiian/Puerto Rican adult star has done over 350+ movies in just 7 short years. That's a lot She parlayed her success in the industry to land jobs on Playboy and Spice TV. Her seductive eyes are her main asset, along with her killer body, of course. She also plays the sweet, innocent role to her advantage, as she playfully stirs up everyone's hormones. She knows what she's doing(not that I'd know).

From a young age, she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up and had dreams of one day fulfilling her destiny, claiming  "When I was a little kid, I already knew I wanted to be a stripper."

6 Miko Lee


Another Californian of Vietnamese and Chinese descent, Miko was in the game for a 'me love you' long time. Her list of movies is endless and culminated in Adult Video News nominating her for Best New Starlet back in 2000. After so many films, she later transitioned to the role of filmmaker by starting Miko Lee Productions and served as executive producer for several movies including the epic Spartacus XXX, in which she also made a cameo. That's some serious game.

Over the years, Miko changed her look by getting a boob job, slimming down her face and dying her hair blonde, which is how she'll be remembered most. Her scintillating work with adult film legend Lexington Steele really helped her jump start her career and put her on the map forever. She kicked some serious ass for a long time.

5 Lana Croft

No, this isn't the tomb raider. In fact, she is the complete opposite. However, this 5'1 flat-chested Asian-American with Filipino heritage, also packs a powerful punch. Although she has a very friendly demeanor, she isn't afraid to get down and dirty, just how we like it.  Her weapon of choice is the timeless art of seduction, and she's damn good at it.

Lana Croft was born on February 25, 1985 in the USA as Lilaine Camu, according to IMDB. She did everyone a favor by joining the adult movie scene before recently retiring to attend med school.  You have to admit, she would make one hell of a nurse and would certainly know how to make her patients' stay in the hospital a pleasant one. People would have no problem getting  a routine check up from her. Thanks for the memories, LC.

4 Jazmine Leih


The last Filipina on the list, Jazmine was born and raised in the Philippines before making a career move to the United States. Another petite Asian, blessed with a nice rack and super cute face, Jaz was in the biz for 4 years from 2006-2010. At 4'11, you'd think it's physically impossible to do some of the things she's done on camera (not that I'd know), but she can definitely take anything that comes her way, literally.

Another actress known for her eyes and that seductive stare, which almost makes you forget about that 34C-24-34 figure.  She made the most of her short  career, producing a long list of quality films, which usually revolve around her taste for the dark side of the force.

3 Hitomi Tanaka

Konnichiwa!!!! If you have a fetish for Japanese women and large chests, than Hitomi is your dream girl. Her breasts are huge.  46JJ, to be exact. And they are natural. There's something about Japanese adult films that put them on another level and that is why they are so popular and the reason why people keep coming back for more. And Hitomi  is one of the most famous in a super competitive industry in her native Japan, and that's saying a lot.

She started out as a model, before making the transition, and now has a cult following from around the world. Not only is she soft-spoken (such a turn on when they speak Japanese), sweet and innocent type, but her breasts...Unreal.  If that isn't hot enough for you, she's also a  karateka, and a black belt of the Gōjū-ryū style. Whatever that means, you know you want to find out more.  Hitomi is a Goddess. Enjoy.

2 Mika Tan


Mika is like the Michael Jordan of the adult film industry. Not only has she been around for a long time, but she can do it all. Anything that you're into, she's into.  Been there, done that and still looking hot as hell and kicking serious ass. Not only is she rocking hot, but she has a personality that sets her apart from the rest. Mika has a very outgoing, silly personality and always seems to be in a good mood.  The combination of that pretty face and her boisterous, confident attitude, really separates her from the rest of the pack.

This Hawaiian is actually a Japanese, Taiwanese and Samoan mix.  She describes herself as an "Asian mutt" and that's probably why she's so attractive.  Honestly, there is so much info about Mika that we don't even know where to begin. It's better if you just check out her bio on Wikipedia or her website to get a better idea of just how talented she is.   Take a bow, Mika. You deserve it.

1 Tia Tanaka

About that Asian schoolgirl fetish....Tia is another tiny package that keeps on going like the energizer bunny.  It's not easy to beat out the top contenders from this list, especially Mika, but Tia is just so cute, you can't help wanting  more. Her innocent look, combined with her lustful taste for the extreme sets her apart. In a career that didn't last long, Tia definitely left her mark on the industry.

This Vietnamese-French sensation was actually born in Indonesia before moving to the US when she was just a year old. She got into the industry at the tender age of 18 and was an instant success, winning many awards for her efforts. Tanaka retired from the adult film industry in 2008 and now primarily focuses on modeling for various adult websites.  She's so ridiculously hot, that I can't even write anymore. I need to go spend time with my girlfriend before I get in trouble. Congrats, Tia!

Sources: Wikipedia; IMDB

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