15 Hottest Alicia Silverstone Pics You Were Clueless Of 'Til Now

Not long ago, a girl named Alicia Silverstone ruled the minds of men and boys across America. The hot blonde with the sultry lips and wispy blonde hair dominated Aerosmith rock videos without even saying a word. She magically compelled male teens to attend Clueless, a total chick flick comedy. She always kept guys guessing with her smoky gaze and underplayed emotions. Was she angry or aroused? Didn’t matter. Dudes loved her every move.

Looking back on some of Silverstone’s earlier photos was surprisingly awesome. This girl had a charisma that was hard to beat and a body that was even better than we remembered. This list contains the most alluring pics you will ever see of Silverstone. Some images will surprise you, and other shots will bring back a shockwave of memories.

Lately, Alicia brags on her website about living a kind life, but then she disses on comic book films. She preaches about being green and frugal, but then stars in American Woman this winter. The sitcom is based on Kyle Richards, the extravagant personality on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Alicia still has us guessing, contradicting herself, driving us crazy, and looking so hot you won’t believe it.

15 The Slip

In this shot, it’s hard to believe that we’re looking at Alicia Silverstone. Her appearance has the ability to morph with her outfit and makeup from one photo shoot to the next. In some shots, she looks like a young, hot Meg Ryan; yet in others, she looks like an attractive Kristen Stewart. This is one of her younger shots from earlier in her career. You can see her personality hasn’t shone through quite yet. She still has her chin up like a model, instead of the more direct gaze of an actress. Alicia got her start as a child model. She even starred in a Domino’s Pizza commercial. Soon after, she was cast on the Wonder Years, playing the dream girl at Kevin Arnold’s school. The casting director was spot-on for that pick. Whoever picked out this sheer slip outfit also deserves an award.

14 Green Satin

This shot features Alicia looking way different than what we remember. What we remember most is the doe-eyed, plump-lipped angel, with the soft voice and the devilish behavior. This pic is consistent with the devilish angle, but that’s about it. She’s wearing dark lipstick, which is rare for her, and the body positioning is anything but graceful. What is she doing anyway? Is she going to whip one out or something? She is definitely toying with us. This is a more recent photo, and her body is still looking quite toned. She has a strict vegetarian diet to thank for that, as well as breastfeeding her son until he was about twelve. That may be a slight exaggeration. Her son is six years old.

13 Backing PETA

Here is a more recent photo of Alicia, and if you Google search this image, you may easily find the uncensored version, which involves some bare skin. The shot was taken for PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Silverstone, a devout vegetarian, is an outspoken ambassador for the PETA cause. In the uncropped shot, Silverstone stands completely in the buff and looks back at us over her shoulder. You can see her entire back side quite clearly. The ad reads, “I Would Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Wool,” which is true; that stuff is too scratchy. She is also holding a weird plastic sheep mask in one hand. Not sure why that detail was added. I think the font says it all. Not that anyone was reading.

12 Black Tassels

Alicia looks beautiful in this shot, which reveals a very wide and very deep neck line. And that is about as big of a v-neck as you can get. There are two types of clothing worn in photo shoots, though. The first type is the normal stuff you can see being modeled and can be bought in the store. The second type is the stuff that dudes like to see women wear, but there’s no chance in hell that they would ever go buy it. If they did, it would be the bedroom-only type of garb that would sit in their dresser for over 360 days a year. The body positioning here is also very seductive. Alicia is bent at the waist with her posterior slightly raised, resembling a mating position often used by the canine family.

11 Peeking Through Blinds

Do you remember the movie The Crush released in 1993? If the answer is yes, then you totally remember this screenshot. The dude doesn’t want to look, but he just has to look. The Crush is a classic obsession-rejection-revenge plot, and Silverstone plays the crazy woman scorned a bit perfectly. The film involves a 28-year-old man who rents the small guest house on the property of a rich family. The family daughter is underage, but very knowledgeable in the language of male desires. The girl is so hot and seductive, that the level of heat comes in just second to the level of crazy. Just like with Single White Female or Fatal Attraction, or lord knows how many other soft-horror flicks, the villain ends up going violent in the end. This was Alicia’s first feature film, and she had to legally emancipate herself from her parents in order to do it.

10 Beautiful Sunshine

This is another remarkable shot of Alicia in her finest hour. She looks so laid-back, and yet she has an indescribable edge to her. We know she’s a smart woman, and those eyes seem to be telling us something. This is a long way from her crazy killer role in The Crush, and it’s also a long way from regurgitating chewed food into her infant son’s mouth. That’s right. You’ve probably heard this bird-feeding-style story before. Several years back, Alicia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Bear Blue. She fed him breast milk for quite some time and then began to supplement his diet with ABC food, Already Been Chewed. And yes, she is most definitely in Hollywood’s awful baby name club. Bear is almost as bad as Gwyn Paltrow’s Apple and Jason Lee’s Pilot Inspektor (yep, that’s with a K).

9 The Batgirl

This one is a real shocker. Yes, it’s true; that’s Silverstone. And no, it’s not some second-rate cosplay. This was actually taken for a movie; a movie with a huge budget. Besides, this was before cosplay practically even existed. And yes, those do look like n*pples on her batsuit. Batman, George Clooney, had them too, and his were even more pronounced. Alicia’s bat-bum also looked pretty good in the movie. Batman and Robin was released in 1997, and man, was it awful. It’s still considered one of the worst superhero flicks ever. Silverstone recently dissed on the superhero genre, specifically Wonder Woman. She was aghast at the praise it received for “women’s rights.” She thought the bigger picture was that the film was violent and oversaturated with stimulate, stimulate, stimulate. Instead, she praised female comedies like Bridesmaids, and even Clueless, for winning the box office without men or violence years ago.

8 Tubby Time

Alicia Silverstone was in a few awful movies back in the day, which is one of the reasons why she slipped into oblivion. Not that she was ever out of work, though. The beautiful blonde has stayed busy even throughout her bird-feeding baby controversy. She has acted in many projects throughout the years–like failed TV shows–and she even played the mom in The Wimpy Kid: Long Haul movie. The problem may have been that she never had the best taste in scripts. She should have done more comedies like Clueless. Instead, she chose thrillers like The Crush, and a much worse one, The Babysitter. There were several bathtub scenes in The Babysitter. In one fantasy scene, she gets massaged by a teenage boy. In another, she is washed by a grown man, and they have a relationship. It’s a terrible no-skin-revealed tease, and then it gets worse. In yet another tub scene, there is some domestic violence, which is not cool at all.

7 Black Lingerie

Here, Alicia is looking much older; but wow, she’s still looking great. We’re not sure which project this was taken to promote, but it is well beyond the early ‘90s flicks and the Aerosmith days. Again, we were surprised to find out that this photo shoot even existed and by how marvelous Alicia looks in it. Why didn’t this make the front page of the internet? Well, maybe because the actress was considered a bit of a has-been. Her views on lifestyle, child-raising, and organic eating had somehow overshadowed her acting prowess. And the acting itself may have been considered weak. Casting directors had loved her for her looks, but you can only stay relevant looking good for so long. We disagree, though. If Alicia looks this hot, she can rise to relevance again anytime soon, and maybe she will with American Woman due out on TV Land this winter.

6 Yellow Cotton

Aside from Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Silverstone comes in second place for celebrities that get caught wearing the sheerest types of fabrics in the coldest of rooms. There are dozens of shots like this, with Alicia in various points in her career. Some shots are much hotter and more protruding than others. Alicia has adopted a hippy-chic type of persona over the years, and that attitude often goes alongside the omission of wearing a bra. Alicia’s website is called The Kind Life. It’s a life advice type of site, similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s much more successful and controversial site called Goop. The difference between Kind and Goop is mostly financially-based. While Gwyn recommends $300 scarves, Kind promotes everyday products like baby vitamins that you can find at a regular pharmacy. Also, many of the blogs are still written by Silverstone herself, while most Goop articles have been delegated to freelancers. This shot was surely taken before either site existed, back when the internet was just a baby.

5 Black Halter

Alicia is looking rather promiscuous in this photo. She has her bare legs positioned in a flirty way, and her outfit appears to be more of an undergarment than anything. Again, she has that cool look in her eye like she doesn’t give an F. She’s also an expert at propping her mouth just right, which is a hallmark of her appeal. One of her famous lines from Clueless was, “Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” Makes you wonder which came first, the actress or that line. In her own personal dating endeavors, Alicia went out with some big hitters in Hollywood. She dated Stephen Dorff, back when he was popular. She also went out with Adam Sandler, Benicio Del Toro, and had a rumored fling with Leonardo DiCaprio. She married rocker Christopher Jarecki in 2005, and they’re still together.

4 Amazing Videos

How many dudes wore out their mute buttons watching these videos over and over again? For some, the music was good; for others, not so much. Many music critics think that Steven Tyler’s high-pitched voice is about as appealing as a fire alarm, but let’s get back to Alicia. Don’t these images bring back some memories? There was something in the way that she flipped off the camera that was so attractive. She had that little danger-loving grin on her face, which made most dudes’ hearts melt. Also, in those videos, she made out with a dude on a motorcycle. She also skipped school with Liv Tyler, then visited a strip club, and then a pond, where they went skinny dipping. When Liv debuted on a stripper pole in her own father’s music video is bad parenting at its finest. But that didn’t matter. We were focused on Alicia most of the time. She appeared in three videos, for Cryin, Amazing, and Crazy. She also appeared in videos for Rob Thomas and the Beastie Boys.

3 Black Latex

Alicia is looking so hot in this black latex gown. There’s an added layer of danger here too, since she appears to be crawling on a glass coffee table. And there is a pyramid pedestal aimed directly into her business. Silverstone has always mixed risk into her allure, which goes along with all the thrillers she has starred in. Alicia has also starred in a number of staged productions. Many people pan her for her sub-par acting, but she’s actually quite the Broadway veteran. She acted in two plays by the acclaimed writer and director David Mamet. She also appeared in a staged production of the classic Dustin Hoffman film, The Graduate. Alicia played the daughter, not the infamously seductive Mrs. Robinson. With this outfit on, Silverstone could have starred as Catwoman. Yes, that is a prediction. Comic book movies are going to get out of control, and Batman will soon hit Broadway. After all, Spiderman on Broadway had some success. The Darq Night, a musical, came out in 2008, but that was awful. They’ll try again soon, don’t worry. Comic remakes poop big cash lately.

2 Those Eyes

Those big beautiful eyes are about all the heat you can handle sometimes. Alicia looks perfect in this shot with her chest leaning over, and the rest of her curves subtly included in the background. This is the type of shot that embodies the 1990’s. Those bright colors on her sweater were the very last light before the drab grunge tones took over. And what is the sweater made of? It looks like it may have been knitted, and it’s a bit of a dress. This may have been an awkward present that Alicia received at her bat mitzvah. You ever get one of those ugly homemade sweaters, where it’s like, “Um, great, um thanks.” You want to throw it away, but you can’t because your Aunt Betty took like three years to knit it. Still pretty embarrassing to wear, though, like the Ron Weasley sweaters in Harry Potter. However, if anybody can make a knit sweater look good it’s Silverstone.

1 All Out PETA

We have arrived at one of the most revealing shots in the entire Alicia Silverstone catalog. This woman has played some promiscuous roles and somehow managed to never let the naughty bits show. Even in this shot, another awesome one for PETA, Alicia managed to reveal just enough without getting an R rating. She was featured in this ad with the words, “I Am Alicia Silverstone And I Am A Vegetarian.” Some critics lampooned the ad and replaced the word “vegetarian” with “heavily airbrushed.” Silverstone isn’t the only one to bare all for PETA. Other activist stars include Pink, Olivia MunnEva Mendes, Pamela Anderson, Taraji P. Henson, and Khloe Kardashian, to name a few. There have been dozens of celebrities to bare all for PETA, and the ads get more and more revealing every time.

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