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15 Hottest Actresses Killed In Horror Films

15 Hottest Actresses Killed In Horror Films


Horror films have been loved and hated for many years because of the same thing: the objectification of women. It’s been a talking point for ages and it’s unlikely to slow down any point soon. We’re not saying horror fans like objectifying women, but they like beautiful things, so we don’t complain when beautiful actresses are used in almost all the female roles. The actresses themselves aren’t complaining a whole lot either. Critics will say it’s misrepresentative of reality. Thankfully though, horror films don’t represent reality at all. Otherwise, every body of water, every abandoned building and every darkened room would be the scene of a crime. Horror films are visceral, instinctual, violent and savage. They’re the body not the brain. Horror films are sex. Fans want, have always wanted and will always want more sexy. Now that we’ve dealt with the awkwardness in the room, let’s move on to the list.

The structure is usually the same in each horror film. The final girl doesn’t die. She’s beautiful, but not as sexy as some of the other girls in the film. Often, the sexier a character is, the more sexual she is, and sexual almost always means a sure death. Horror films are the reckoning for the sexual. This means that the side characters that typically die in horror movies are scorching hot, most of the time. We’ve gone through a massive list of horror films, some good some bad, and picked out the hottest of all the victims, the sexiest women who are killed in films. Some of the actresses on this list are extremely talented, they just happened to play second fiddle to another actress and had to die. Others were chosen strictly because of how gorgeous they are. Both groups belong. It’s a bit of a weird list topic when you think about it. Here are the 15 hottest actresses to die in horror films.

15. Eva Mendes – Urban Legend: The Final Cut

Urban Legends Final Cut 7

via Happyotter

Two years into her acting career, Eva Medes showed up in Urban Legend: The Final Cut. The year was 2000, and this would be Mendes’ final film as an obscure actress. The year after Urban Legend, Mendes appeared in Exit Wounds and Training Day and her stock went through the roof. In Urban Legend, however, she was just another corpse. A really, really hot corpse who gets hung up on a noose dangling from a bell. It’s silly but we like it. We should say that Mendes does die in her first film Children of the Corn V as well, jumping into a flaming corn silo like an idiot, but Urban Legend: The Final Cut was more popular (which is saying something) so we went with this one.

14. Jordan Ladd – Cabin Fever



The beautiful Jordan Ladd first started to get noticed by movie fans in Never Been Kissed, but, for our purposes, it was her role in Cabin Fever that we’re most interested in. Playing the part of Karen, Ladd is the first of the group to get infected by the nasty flesh-eating virus. Before that, however, she was the eye candy. From the early stages, she was comfortable showing her body, so you just knew she was going to eat it at some point, but it still didn’t prepare for us for how disgusting her slow decline was on camera. Still, let’s not dwell on how gross she got. Let’s remember her how she was when she was amazing. If only she laid on that dock forever and never drank any water. She might have lasted a little longer. In the end, it would have been the virus that killed her, but Paul (Rider Strong) did her a solid and put her out of her misery. No, not really. That would imply it was a quick and painless death. Instead, he beat her to death with a damn shovel.

13. Theresa Palmer – The Grudge 2


via Aceshowbiz/ Fabzz

You may not have loved The Grudge, which means you definitely hated The Grudge 2, but there’s one thing we all love about that sequel: it gave us Teresa Palmer. Today, Palmer is a becoming a star, blossoming in front of eyes. We started paying attention after Warm Bodies in 2013, but her first feature film role was The Grudge 2. In that movie, Palmer played the b*tchy Vanessa, a bully who eventually gets killed in a phone booth in one of the stupidest scenes in the movie, but who cares, she’s hot and that’s what’s important. The schoolgirl outfit was slimming as well. Most recently, Palmer is getting some praise for her performance in Mel Gibson‘s Hacksaw Ridge, but here she’s getting praise strictly for being good looking, the only type of praise that matters in life.

12. Julianna Guill – Friday the 13th (2009)


via Friday the 13th Wikia/ Pinterest

Over the years, the Friday the 13 franchise has given us some beautiful actresses to stare at, so we expected more of the same when they made a new cut in 2009. In that Friday the 13th, we got Julianna Guill, the actress who played Bree, as well as Willa Ford, who played Chelsea. Outside of this film, Guill hasn’t done much else, other than a brief appearance in Captain America: Civil War as Tony Stark’s hot assistant. Like most actors in Friday the 13th films, Guill was killed by Jason. At first, it wasn’t so bad. She was stuck up on some antlers in the bathroom. But then later on, her corpse was riddled with bullets for no good reason. That’s life and death in a slasher movie.

11. Danielle Harris – Halloween 2


via Headhunter’s Horror House

Danielle Harris is one of the horror genre’s true gems. She’s been a major part of the genre since she was a wee little tyke in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. She’s taken the lead in the Hatchet trilogy and she came back to the Halloween franchise in the Rob Zombie remakes as a grown woman. Oh, and she’s insanely attractive. Harris has been in a number of horror films, but the role we want to talk about is Annie in Halloween (2007). Technically, Annie dies in this first film. She’s cut up to shreds but, magically, she lives. Well she lives only to die in the 2009 sequel, Halloween 2. Normally, we wouldn’t complain, but Annie is decidedly less attractive in the sequel. Her face is all scarred up and she’s miserable from getting her face all scarred up. In the first film though, look out! She’s a wondrous sight.

10. Angie Everheart – Bordello of Blood



If you haven’t seen this Tales from the Crypt movie in a long time or at all, stop what you’re doing and go watch it. Wait, finish reading this and then go watch. OK, so Angie Everheart might be more famous for almost marrying Sylvester Stallone and Joe Pesci than her acting, but this former model is also drop-dead gorgeous, especially 20 years ago when she played the lead vampire Lilith in Bordello of Blood. In that film, she uses every ounce of her sexuality to seduce us, both characters and viewers. In the end, Lilith dies at the hands of another beauty, Erika Eleniak, so that’s why she gets a spot on this list. Most of the women herein were victims in their films, so we though it was important to add in some sexy villains where we could. Having said that, don’t think for a second that Everheart is only here for that reason. Just look at her, would ya?

9. Hayden Panettiere – Scream 4



Scream 4 could have had several of its actresses on this list. We settled for only a couple to spread the love a bit, but we’re going to cheat. Hayden Panettiere, the bombshell who played Kirby in Scream 4 gets top billing because this is the cheerleader; she’s a true rocket. Kirby is also one of the last victims in the film, killed by the idiot Charlie even after he realized he had a legitimate chance with her. We also want to take this time to mention Shenae Grimes, Emma Roberts and Lucy Hale. There is a lot of death in this film and much of it happens to incredibly hot young women. If you’re looking for a Panettiere fix after losing her in Scream 4, she’s still on Nashville on CMT this January. Or you could just watch the same movie over again.

8. Whitney Able – All the Boys Love Mandy Lane


via movie clips

Most of you won’t know who Whitney Able is, but if you’ve ever seen the Gareth Edwards’ film, Monsters, you probably already love her. Seriously, there is something magical about this woman. Able got her big break on the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Sure, having to share the screen with Amber Heard might have taken away some of her shine, but Able is her own masterpiece. Plus, Heard doesn’t even die in the film. Interestingly enough, Able dies in the exact same way that Panettiere dies in Scream 4. They’re like sisters. Supremely hot sisters that are killed during a warm embrace.

7. Sheri Moon Zombie – House of 1000 Corpses/Devil’s Rejects


via movie clips

Like Angie Everheart, Sheri Moon is one of the few villains on this list… kind of. Technically, Sheri Moon Zombie is mostly all ragged and gross in Devil’s Rejects, the film that her character, Baby, dies. But, we liked Baby so much in House of 1000 Corpses, that we just had to include her in this list (we are certain that you see why when looking at the picture above). The best thing about Rob Zombie movies is that he always puts his wife, Sheri, in them. She’s simply astounding. In her own words, Moon Zombie’s character in House of 1000 Corpses, Baby, “is the angelic-looking bait to get the victims.” And boy-howdy is she ever angelic. There is no doubt about that.

6. Kelly Brook – Piranha 3D



Kelly Brook’s character in Piranha 3D, Danni, was an actress/model who was being used as eye candy in the film they’re making. Kelly Brook, the actress, was used in Piranha 3D for those exact same reasons. It worked. The film was a success and Brook was perfect in her role. For approximately 95% of the movie, Brook wears only a red bikini, if not less, and she’s in top shape. Sadly, Danni dies while trying to scale a rope in between two boats. When the fish latch onto her hair, she’s pulled into the water. This death gets a very small and therefore hysterical reaction from her co-stars. The model turned actress hasn’t done a whole lot since Piranha 3D, but that’s okay. We’ll always have Danni.

5. Tara Reid – Urban Legend



We’re talking old Tara Reid here, like in-the-prime-of-her-looks Tara Reid, before-the-botched-plastic-surgery Tara Reid. Back then, this actress was out of control hot. Before she got hacked to pieces in Urban Legend, Reid was the raspy-voiced eye candy. Remember, Urban Legend came out the same year as The Big Lebowski, the year before American Pie, so Reid was at the top of her game here. She was in her early 20s, everything was where it should be and she was beautiful. Things have changed and the mighty have fallen. Nowadays, Reid is pretty much only in Sharknado movies, but at least she’s working.

4. Jessica Lucas – Evil Dead


via youtube

Jessica Lucas may not be the biggest name in the industry, but she’s so incredibly good-looking that you’ll almost certainly recognize her. She’s been in She’s the Man, The Covenant and Cloverfield, but it was her character Olivia in the Evil Dead remake that we’re looking at. In this film, Lucas started out looking as amazing as ever but things went downhill after she was barfed on by a demon. The last time we saw her looking somewhat normal, she went to the bathroom to clean herself up. Next thing we know, she’s cutting her face in half. Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) then kills her with a toilet lid. Despite being killed off in this film, fans of Gotham still get to look at this beauty, where she plays Tabitha Galavan/Tigress.

3. Diora Baird – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

via zorgzoon

via zorgzoon

Diora Baird is a bit of an obscure name in the film industry, but she’s been around and has died in a few horror films, namely The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Night of the Demons (2009). In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Baird played Bailey, the bustiest of Leatherface’s kills in the film. In every role that Baird has played, her bustiness has been a focal point of her character. She’s not shy about it and she’s not ashamed of it. We’re glad for that. In Night of the Demons, Baird plays Lily and Lily is a spectacle. She may not have the best Halloween costume, but she uses her assets to her advantage and the redone lipstick scene (if you haven’t seen it you should) is well worth the price of admission. It’s both revolting and awesome.

2. Megan Fox – Jennifer’s Body


via Pinterest

The last of the villains to make the list, Megan Fox is a no-brainer, both in terms of the decision to add her to this list and what’s inside her skull. No, that’s not nice. She could be wildly intelligent, but, since she’s so damn hot, people automatically assume that she’s not smart. That would be just unfair. Well, in the underrated horror film Jennifer’s Body, Fox plays the seductress Jennifer and she does it well. Not only because she’s so seductive, but it’s just a good role for her overall. There are so many moments in the film that she takes our breath away, but we’ve always got to bring up her make-out scene with co-star Amanda Seyfried; it’s one of the monumental scenes in cinematic history. Obviously, by making this list, you now know, if you didn’t already, that Fox dies in the end. Don’t be sad. She’s on New Girl now.

1. Alison Brie – Scream 4


via movie clips/mens health

The second entry from Scream 4, is one of the most loved women on the Internet. This is Alison Brie we’re talking about. She’s a wonder, a piece of art. It doesn’t matter that her character, Rebecca, was painfully annoying; we know what she’s like deep down and, deep down, she’s super hot. Brie was sort of sprung on the world all at once and people fell in love, but it was mostly from her part in Community that got our attention. Since then and since Scream 4, Brie has exploded onto the major film and TV scene. In Scream 4, she played Sidney Prescott’s (Neve Campbell) publicist. She was killed in a parking garage. It was uneventful but she died in a horror film and she’s one of the hottest women on the planet, so let’s celebrate.

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