15 Hottest 90s Singers You Forgot Existed

Hit songs from the nineties were being played all over the airwaves. From the boy bands to the breakout solo artists, nineties songs are definitely in a class of their own. But it's also the decade wh

Hit songs from the nineties were being played all over the airwaves. From the boy bands to the breakout solo artists, nineties songs are definitely in a class of their own. But it's also the decade where tons of songs were released from artists who many might have forgotten about today. That's probably why the phrase "one hit wonder" was coined to describe an artist who is known for one mega-hit throughout their career.

While some of the other artists had a handful of popular songs in what is arguably the best decade ever (who doesn't love the nineties?!), considering we just landed in 2017, it's not surprising that many of them are the perfect subjects for a "Where Are They Now?" special on VH1, which doesn't even air that show anymore, along with other greats like "Pop Up Video," but that's another story. We can agree that nineties songs brought about a feel-good feeling even if it was about a breakup. Cue NSync's "Tearing Up My Heart."

It was the time when pop music reigned supreme and R&B wasn't too far behind at all. And we haven't even considered the soft rock songs that brought out the rock star in all of us. But it definitely can stop to make you think about what happened to all of these artists? Well look no further. We're bringing back the nineties singers who we used to love, but might have forgotten about.

15 Natalie Imbruglia

Let's be honest, Natalie Imbruglia had us wanting to lie naked on the floor back in the nineties. But we nearly forgot about her years after she released her hit single “Torn” back in 1997 (20 years ago!). The song definitely gave listeners the emo feeling and it certainly brings us a familiar sense of nostalgia. Now, she has taken her causes to protect animals against cruelty and fighting for women’s rights on social media.

There’s no word on if we’ll get another hit single from Natalie. But we can at least still jam to “Torn” whenever we hear it blasting on the radio in the grocery store.

14 Monica

Monica certainly has not been out of sight or out of mind. But if you’re not still a super fan, it might be easy to forget her. She first came on the scene in 1995 with her album Miss Thang that featured hit singles “Don’t Take It Personal” and “Before You Walk Out My Life.”

It’s been awhile since Monica dropped a single but she’s definitely been on the move. She is married to NBA star Shannon Brown. Her name was also reportedly tossed into the hat to possibly become the new co-host for the talk show The Real. One thing that’s still going on from the nineties is her beef with Brandy, despite their Grammy Award winning hit single “The Boy Is Mine,” which also reigned supreme in the nineties.

13 Brandy

Speaking of Brandy, she is in a similar position as Monica. She’s definitely still working but those who don’t necessarily pay attention might not know it. She released the Full Moon album in 2002  and followed up with a Best Of Brandy three years later. Human hit shelves in 2008 and her latest album Two Eleven dropped in 2012.

She and Monica attempted to have another breakout hit when they released It All Belongs to Me in 2012 but it looks like they still couldn’t get over their issues that were sparked almost twenty years ago. Brandy is also a mother and recently won the coveted Lady of Soul award at the Soul Train Awards.

12 Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore’s teeny bopper hit “Candy” topped the charts in the nineties. While she had singles after that one, it’s safe to say “Candy” is an all-time favorite. You might have forgotten about her but she’s taken her talents from behind the microphone to in front of the television cameras and traded in her bleach blonde hair for brunette.

She plays the matriarch character Rebecca on NBC’s breakout series This Is Us. She also lent her soft and sweet voice to Rapunzel in Disney’s animated film Tangled back in 2010. And of course we couldn't forget about her role as a mean, popular girl back in the 2001 classic The Princess Diaries.

11 LeAnn Rimes

Singer LeAnn Rimes might have been a hit in the nineties but her personal life drama was at an all-time high in the late 2000s.

She fell in love with her now husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, while filming the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. The only problem is that he was currently married to Brandi Glanville, who starred in Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. LeAnn was also unavailable herself at the time and married to her former backup dancer Dean Sheremet. Both LeAnn and Ed left their marriages and tied the knot in 2011 after their splits were official. Guess you can’t fight the moonlight, right LeAnn?

10 Jewel

Remember, Jewel?!

Her songs brought out the emotional side in all of us; even if we couldn’t relate to what she had to say, we found a way. Her lyrics, “I brush my teeth and put the cap back on…” in 1995’s “You Were Meant for Me” had fans thinking, “Oh my gosh, I do that too!” She also had popular singles like “Foolish Games,” “Who Will Save Your Soul” and “Hands.” The singer saw huge mainstream success with her 2003 single "Intuition," which showcased her move towards a more pop sound.

Now, fans can learn more about Jewel's story in her memoir "Never Broken." And she even has new music out, with her latest album Picking Up The Pieces. She's recently divorced from rodeo cowboy Ty Murray but it's safe to say they've had a peaceful split. Would you expect anything else?

9 Alanis Morisette

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Canada's Alanis Morisette was definitely in a class of her own in the nineties. Her melodic hits caused listeners to turn the radio all the way up and belt out the witty lyrics to songs like “Ironic” that pointed out situations that we have all faced. “Traffic jam when you’re already late… A no smoking sign on your cigarette break… It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife… It’s like meeting the man of your dreams, then meeting his beautiful wife.”

Her Instagram shows that she has embraced family life but still looks amazing. Can we get new music, please?

8 Hanson

Hanson was the epitome of boy bands and girl crushes back in the nineties. Whether you were swooning over baby Zack (the drummer) or the middle-child, lead singer, and keyboardist Taylor, or were feeling the guitar player and oldest brother Isaac, Hanson was the band to love after their hit “MMMbop” put them on the map in 1997. Plus, we have to mention that their golden blonde locks that millions envied.

The group, that hailed from Tulsa, attempted to make a comeback in 2010. While it wasn’t nearly as big as the nineties level, they definitely created some buzz.

7 Montell Jordan

“This is how we do it, it’s Friday night, and I feel alright…The party’s here on the West Side” was just the beginning of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” hit that become a party anthem for years. Whether you were into pop music or rap, everyone could vibe out to this song.

While we might have forgotten about Montell Jordan, we didn’t forget about “This Is How We Do It.” Now, he has definitely made a turnaround in his life as he describes himself as a husband, father, pastor, artist, and author. He tells his story in his new book called “Becoming Unfamous.”

6 98 Degrees

While 98 Degrees lead singer Nick Lachey might still be the ruler of our hearts, we might have forgotten about the group as a whole. They had lots of competition in the nineties with groups like NSync and Backstreet Boys already topping the charts, but they were still able to come on in and make a name for themselves and leave their own mark with hits like “Because of You,” “Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Do” and “This Gift.”

Nick lived his life in the spotlight after his quick marriage to singer Jessica Simpson (another nineties favorite). Their romance ended after it was showcased as one of the first reality shows ever on MTV. He is now married to TV personality Vanessa Minnillo. Jeff Timmons is a father and music producer, Justin Jeffre is on tour with other nineties favorites OTown, Dream, and Ryan Cabrera. As for Nick's brother Drew, he is a family man with a wife and kids.

5 Lauryn Hill

“It’s been three weeks since you’ve been looking for your friend,” kicked off the “Doo Wop (That Thing)” hit that pretty much dominated the airwaves after it was released in 1998. It was the breakout single for Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album. Interestingly enough, we didn’t hear much from Lauryn after that.

But she resurfaced in the early 2010s after her tax issues became a topic of conversation. She has six children and was previously married to Rohan Marley, son of reggae icon Bob Marley. The two have five children together. Lauryn also has another child from a previoussrelationship. It might be safe to say that’s what’s been keeping her busy. But she still performs a few shows here and there.

4 Robyn

This Swedish beauty made her way to being a household name in the United States with tunes like “Show Me Love,” “Do You Really Want Me,” and “Do You Know” in 1995.

She came back ten years later with songs like, “Who’s That Girl,” and “With Every Heart Beat,” but didn’t make nearly as big of a splash as she did in the nineties. She also released new music in 2010, including the hit single "Dancing On My Own." She’s still rocking a short blonde cut so she doesn’t look too different. It might be one of those situations where you see her walking down the street and think, “She looks familiar!”

3 Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin had us all living la vida loca with no fear. His hip-swaying moves and intriguing vocals made us all fall in love with him. His hit “Livin La Vida Loca” put him on the map here in the United States in 1999. Martin followed it up with another dance track, “She Bangs” the next year.

He seemed to disappear from the spotlight for quite some time but resurfaced after his sexuality became a topic of conversation. He came out as homosexual in September 2016 following years of rumors. He is father to twin sons who were born in 2008.

2 Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple’s name alone has a ring to it. Still, it might not be on the forefront of our brains since she topped the charts in the nineties. Some fan favorites were, “Fast As You Can,” “Get Gone,” and “I Know” from her album The Pawn. She showed her vocal skills were all natural when she released The Idler Wheel about five years ago.

She returned to the music scene with a bang in the form of a special song to protest President Donald Trump. She performed it at the Women’s March on Washington just one day after he was sworn into office.

1 Meredith Brooks

Speaking of girl power, Meredith Brooks gave it all to us long before Beyonce’s “Who Run The World.” From being a bitch, to a lover to a mother and a sinner and saint, to a dream, and nothing in between, Meredith was unapologetic in her hit song whose title alone is NSFW. Still, it was something that made women embrace every side of themselves whether it was “an angel underneath” or “innocent and sweet,” Meredith challenged the world to, “take me as I am.” And if any man had a problem with it, that was an indication, “You’ll have to be a stronger man.” Meredith is still performing the 1997 song today.

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15 Hottest 90s Singers You Forgot Existed